Liner Notes: summer's here edition

I just dropped the big kids off at camp - it's their second week (well, half week) and they love it and they get to be there together which is just nuts. Fable is old now. She's ancient. She's so old that last week when I picked her up she was hanging out with sixth graders and I had to be like, "do those girls know you're four?"

I was actually worried about Fable going to camp with so many older kids and was shocked to learn that girlfriend is FINE. She is so fine that she didn't even care when a group of kids laughed at her hairclips. Which happened on day one and I was there to witness the whole thing and I drove home in tears thinking I made the wrong decision to send her into the lion's den and then when I went to pick the kids up...

She was fine. She was more than fine. She was so fine she had even more hairclips in her hair at pick-up than she did at drop-off because SHE MADE NEW ONES AT CAMP.
I should have known, of course. But it's hard when you remember camp as this scary thing you hated. It's hard not to project that, you know? I was so petrified of older kids. PETRIFIED. If someone would have made fun of my hair on my first day of camp I would have cried, written a poem about it in a bathroom and then called my mom to pick me up.

(I'm pretty sure I did that several times, actually.)

Not Fable.

Who loves camp.

Both kids love camp. What a relief.
IMG_8276 IMG_6136 IMG_8708 IMG_9467
IMG_6107 IMG_6152
The kids have to go back to school in early August so this "summer" of ours is extremely short so we're going to make the best of EVERY SINGLE DAY AND IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST EVER!
IMG_4381 IMG_8689 IMG_9155 IMG_6236
Meanwhile the kids are like, "Mooooohom" and they're rolling their eyes and all they want to do is watch movies and sprawl all over the couch when they get home from camp and I'm all, "but it's so beautiful outside! The birds are chirping and the sun is shining and there's a supermoon, you guys. A supermoon! Why don't we go for a nature walk instead!" and then I realize I'm my mother.
I took the big kids to see Despicable Me 2 on Saturday and we were all super crazy excited and in the beginning we were like THIS IS AWESOME. THIS IS HYSTERICAL. Fable was actually laughing so hard the row in front of us turned around because she was too loud?

And then... the movie took this turn for the WTF and Archer and Fable both turned to me and were like, "I don't like this movie." So, because I just wrote about "what films are appropriate for some families aren't appropriate for others" last week I wanted to give you guys with sensitive kids a heads up that Despicable Me 2 is no Despicable Me (which we/my kids loved) and we were hugely disappointed and a little bit pissed off by the sequel which was weak in story/moral and had some super scary/upsetting parts that may not be suitable for (sensitive) children.

In Archer's words, "I liked Ferris Bueller's Day off way better and I never want to see this movie again." So there you have it. Your kids may love this movie and think it's the greatest film ever made (the reviewers certainly thought so) but my kids were less than stoked.


I joined Pinterest over the weekend. I couldn't fight it any longer so I joined. I did the same thing with Vine a few weeks ago and then Instagram started doing video and now I'm just confused. Anyway, I'm going to start making certain images pinnable so bear with me while I go through old posts and try to make it easier for everyone. (Now that I understand how Pinterest works I see what you see when you try to pin something from my site and I want to apologize because wtf terrible Momversation-still o'clock.) Anyway. I'm working on joining the times and being less of a foot stomper because Pinterest is actually kind of fun. (Thanks to my friend, Dani for sitting with me and showing me how to do all of the things Friday afternoon. And to Hal for hours of theme song serenades as I got completely sucked in to Pinland.)

My page is here for those interested. It's obviously a work in progress don't laugh.


Anyway, summer. Summer makes me think of tan lines and bonfire-scented hair and grass rash and men playing guitarmonica by the water's edge in panama hats. Seriously though, This is awesome: 

Sing it, sir.


What about you guys? Big summer plans? Do you do summer camp? Day camp? How do you keep your kids occupied in the summer? Any go-to resources or websites you'd like to share?