Scents and Sensibility #2

Do you guys remember when Gap carried those little pocket fragrances in tall little tins? We used to carry them around with us in our backpacks and we all wore different ones and mine was Grass. And it really did smell like freshly cut grass after the rain--and dirt--and when they discontinued Grass, I wrote letters. (Others have gone so far as facebook groups. Dig it.) 

I spent the last twenty years not smelling like grass and now that I can again, in the form of Dirt by Demeter, I feel like I can once again navigate life as I did in those days, with wild abandon and poorly fit bras. As you all probably know, it's QUITE difficult to find smells that mesh with one's natural pheromones that do not overwhelm the masses and/or the self. I've been wearing the same essential oil on my wrists since the cold war. (Demeter also sells Grass which I have not experienced so cannot recommend. It seems to be popular among users however.)

ED: Hal gets sent a lot of strange things at work and he recently came home with a dozen of Demeter's  fragrances after he produced a little story about Zombie (which is no longer available) a la The Walking Dead. (Zombie actually smells pretty decent. It's no Dirt, but it's still diggable.)

P.S. I just stumbled upon this piece about "what your gap fragrance said about you" and oh my god, yes.
At some point in the mid-1990s, The Gap decided two things were very important: 1) convincing the world that swing dancing in dad khakis was fun; and 2) providing middle-school girls with the illusion of individuality.
Thank you for joining me this week at Girl's Gone Nostalgia - the blog formerly known as Girl's Gone Child. Feel free to write about YOUR Gap fragrance if you had one. Or maybe you were more of a CKI girl.