Make Film, Not War

This post is brought to you by the new Santa Fe from Hyundai 

I realize most of us don't have animators at our fingertips so I wanted today's post to be a resource for those of you who want to make a family film yourselves. Because thanks to technology most of us have access to the tools to make our own films. Which is pretty mind blowing I think. Welcome to the future WHERE STORYTELLING KNOWS NO BOUNDS!

Here are five resources based on recommendations from friends and/or our own experience making things.

1. xtranormal storytelling studio - Hal and I once spent an entire evening arguing with each other with xtranormal which is kind of weird but also, really helpful in turning a fight into an x-rated romantic comedy? Anyway, xtranormal is GENIUS for kids/adults of all ages who want to write for characters that are already designed and scenes that are already created. It's like choose your own adventure and you can be as G or R rated as you like. Here's a how-to that is hysterical because everything on xtranormal is hysterical by default.

"This is where you can do things like..." "Air quotes."

This one's pretty solid: 

(I could post these all day. Moving on...)

2. Stop Motion Studio App- Designed for iPhone and iPad, this app seems to be the most popular stop motion app for, well, iPhone and iPad. It's .99. Here's a how-to video a high school teacher made that is awesome.

This is for those of you who want to make movies longer than 6 seconds (vine) or 15 seconds (instagram). It also allows for easy VO which rocks.

3. Toon Boom - This animation software is popular with kids and adults, novices and professionals, students and teachers. But mostly adults and professionals. (I have friends whose older kids use this software but it seems a bit advanced for little kids/parents who are easily overwhelmed by things.) I watched half of this video before closing my computer and running into a wall. And now I'm just sitting here crying and typing because why is everything so complicated I am old.

4. Animation Desk - There's an Animation Desk for iPhone and iPad and both are highly regarded/reviewed. There's also Animation Desk for kids Ages 4+.


You can read more about Animation Desk for Kids here.

5. Animation Studio - This app for iPad is definitely for parents AND children to do together because much like with Toon Boom there's a lot going on. However, it's affordable and everyone seems to really like it. Here's a how-to video to see if it's the right app for you.

If anyone out there has recommendations, feel free to share them. I just downloaded the stop motion studio app for Archer and will let you guys know how he does with it. (He's been using my old canon digital elph to take his photos/make his movies, for those who asked in the previous posts.) 


P.S. Thanks for all your comments on The Grocery Store. Archer and Fable were blown away by your words (and the pictures you sent of your kids watching! So incredibly cool.) and now they're all excited to make more movies which is really all I could ever ask for in life. HOORAY FOR CREATING THINGS THAT MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH! You guys are the best ever. Love and happy weekend to all. x!