It's Fall, all! Here's a sweater for your soul in case it was feeling a little chilly. (It has a few holes, yes, but they're in all the right places.)

180. In The Middle by: Lily & Madeleine

P.S. Lily & Madeleine have a new album coming out next month and I can't stop thinking about the cover. (See below.) And this song, which is on the album and tearing my heart out through my ear holes. 

I say the same thing every week, don't I? 180 weeks of me being like, "this song will change your life, you guys! CRANK THIS INTROSPECTIVE TRACK! IT'S ACOUSTIC AND HARMONIOUS!"

I always get dumb chills watching that scene in Garden State where Zach Braff tells Natalie Portman that The Shins' song will change her life but I just realized it's because we dislike in others what we fear in ourselves and I am totally him in that scene. 

I used to have a friend to do the mix tape thing with and he's not here anymore so maybe that's why I feel this need to shout music at you guys and be like DUUUUUUDEE. THIS SONGGGG AHHHHH HEART EJACULATION! 

Pass the sock, amirite? Pass ye olde bedside sock.