a post-birthday weekend... post

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We didn't throw them a party, although we did think about it. We decided long ago that we'd wait until the kids were four before we celebrated with an actual party. Archer's first party was his fourth and Fable's first party was her fourth and even though two years plus two years equals four years (I am SUPER good at math) we decided to be fair and wait until Bo and Revi turn four as well. Which is a huge relief because parties are not my favorite thing to throw. I'd rather be throwing up, honestly. Heyyyyaaaa! 

That being said, I just sent out the evite For Fable's fifth birthday party and know only two of the kids we're inviting and one of the parents. #newschoollyf

Anyway, we have two kids who aren't old enough for a birthday party and one who refuses to have one so I am sucking it up and hosting a full on four course birthday party with a petting zoo and a cake made out of dairy-free quinoa for Fable's five. It's going to be seriously epic. (Not really.)

Meanwhile Bo and Revi got a half a dozen balloons to hold for an entire day before they deflated:
And a Pee-pee Hermie marathon. (Pee-wee Herman is called Pee-pee Hermie in our house for obvious reasons.)
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And two plastic shopping carts I bought at Target but didn't have enough paper to wrap. So I was just, like, "HERE!" and "HERE!" as I pushed them down the hallway with their price tags still on. 
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And it was perfect. My mom made birthday dresses for Bo and Revi. (Thanks, mom!) Which she did last year as well. (Those dresses are now shirts. Sigh.) My parents also brought up TWO Cozy Coupes which blew their ever-loving minds because they have been fighting over the one at my parents' house since always and didn't even know what to do with two cozy coupes! (They totally did actually.)
My aunt bought the girls gorgeous dresses as well and Hal's parents sent a care package of goodies which included the favorite gift of the weekend: "da baday cake."
And then we played with bubbles for, like, twenty minutes because that was how long it took before the entire bubble thing spilled everywhere and everyone became hysterical.
Who needs a party, am I right? Especially when the best things in life are hoses to water while barefoot and covered with bubble soap. 
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P.S. This was last year. Whoa with the growth.




Leslie | 7:04 AM

Love love love.

Also, whenever I hear "Try" by Pink, I think of you and Fable. This has happened twice this week. :)