Bo & Revi's Birthday Weekend. In Pictures.

This weekend was full of so many magical moments, I can't even...  The joy these two bring me and us and our entire family is so beyond anything I could ever...  Bo and Revi are pure magic. Silly, loving clap-happy magic. Puppy and kitten. Pixie and Cupid. Rhythm and Blues.
IMG_0457 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0462
I have never felt so blessed as I did these last few days, in this hotasshitweneedtogetcentralairconditioningbeforenextsummer house, full of screaming children and schvitzing parents and great-grandmothers holding hands in the rooms with the window units.
IMG_0818 IMG_0827 IMG_0909 with nanana IMG_0922 and great grandpa IMG_0925 IMG_0924
and papa
IMG_0456 and grandma
IMG_0285 IMG_0284
and grandpa
and great grandpa and gigi and nanana.
IMG_0930 and gooey and papa
IMG_0895 IMG_0723
Four generations celebrating the birth of two incredible little friends.
IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0731
IMG_0730 IMG_0728 (dresses were homemade by WWW/Gooey. pattern, here. fabrics are here and here.)
IMG_0901 IMG_0899
They ate the cake but I'm still high on the sugar.
IMG_0916 IMG_0921



keight dukes | 4:34 PM

That last photo. How do you even cope? Those dresses are so stunningly perfect (even to a non-artsy anti-poetic such as me) because of the awesome symbolism of twins each being unique but always carrying a chunk of the other's heart around. Thanks for sharing your magic with us.

glenda | 11:32 PM

Love the pictures. Love all the generations hanging with the kiddos. Love the dresses. Love!!!