Last Days of Zero

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Tomorrow Boheme and Reverie turn one but today they're still zero. They're still babies. They're still eleven months old. Here are some photos from the last few days of their first year. Of Revi learning to walk and Bo playing peek-a-Bo and Archer and Fable taking care:
IMG_9714 IMG_0211 IMG_9856 IMG_9869 IMG_9702 IMG_0192 IMG_9901 IMG_9968
IMG_9870 IMG_0082 IMG_0212 IMG_9852 IMG_9889 IMG_0205
Hal is always saying to the kids, "Will you stay this age forever, please?" and the kids are always like, "Daaaaaaaahhhhaaaad!"
IMG_9893 IMG_0111 Meanwhile, I take stills. I take a hundred thousand stills...
IMG_9874 IMG_9705
IMG_9948 IMG_9864 IMG_9706 IMG_0213 (It's the only way I know how to freeze time.)


CallieAnnie | 2:16 PM

Happy (early) birthday to your beautiful babes! You are all lucky to have one another.

I was on a business trip one year ago, checking my phone in a hotel lobby, when I was so happy to see that picture, you know which one, of two tiny babies in your arms. I was four months pregnant with a child I didn't yet know would be a boy and his name is Isaac now and he learned to crawl last week. They really stop, spin and connect the world somehow.

Generations of kids within months or years of each other are so strange to consider. I always think of new babies in incubator boxes and what it would be like if we could summarize their futures on little placards at each swaddled bundle. It's a whole population of new people.
This one will meet that one again. He willl love and
marry that one. Push down this one. Work for that one. Cross our fingers they don't hurt each other. No wars or bullies or the bullied from within our nurseries.

Blank slate, sort of. Hope, always.
In every one. In everyone.

J from Ireland | 3:59 PM

It's so hard to believe that's the first year older. It's been like a gift getting to watch these two babies grow up. Love all your fabulous photos, everything looks so tasteful. Best wishes.

Meg | 7:07 PM

I remember a year ago looking over your postings about R&B and quietly sobbing, hoping that my husband didn't hear, because I was so happy for you yet heartbroken for myself. We had just been told that after four miscarriages the likelihood of a pregnancy making it to term was less than 20%. I cannot tell you how much getting to see and read about your beautiful family helped during that time. I would have never believed that I would be coming out from the dark shadows of lurking today to share that I am currently in the early stages of labor with my little girl, Willow, and that there is a very real possibility that she may share a birthday with your gorgeous babies. Thank you so much for sharing your family with me and with so many others, you help me feel a little less alone. :-)

Megatron | 11:18 PM

Best of luck with your labor, Meg! Your story made me all teary. :)

Megatron | 11:26 PM

I can't believe it has already been a year. I too was pregnant at the same time as you, but my sweet babe doesn't turn one for a couple more months. It's interesting, when Bo and Revi wear the same outfit they look so different to me. Otherwise I see the siblingness more clearly. Congratulations on the big birthdays tomorrow! It somehow didn't register to me before that you have two Virgos. Awesome!

Wow, scattered thoughts haha. That's why YOU'RE the writer. :)

Anonymous | 11:39 AM

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating one year of your gorgeous girls being here!