TOTW: Feminist Ryan Gosling & Giveaway

Once upon a time, Danielle Henderson, friend, writer and asskicker extraordinaire started a tumblr called Feminist Ryan Gosling which you can read more about here. 

Last month FRG was adapted into the book FEMINIST RYAN GOSLING: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie DudeAnd it's total fantastic fun for the whole fam.

Behold, some Goslingy goodness: 
IMG_9752 IMG_9754
IMG_9745 IMG_9747
IMG_9755 IMG_9749
I love this book. I love Danielle. I love Ryan Gosling. I want to frame every page of this book (as well as the blog) and plaster it all over my soul.
Thanks to Danielle, I have a signed copy of Feminist Ryan Gosling up for grabs. To win? Leave a comment below! Bonus points for those who include some "hey girl..." lady love in their mix...

Hey girl. Thanks for the IUD advice yesterday. And thank you for reminding me that when it comes to our bodies, there's no such thing as TMI.

...I'll pick one winner via next Friday, September 14th. Good luck and much love!



Updated: Congrats to disqus random commenter, Avery! And thank you all for participating! This was a FUN one. Much love, my sisters.


Esther | 1:57 PM

Hey girl, there's nothing wrong with the word vagina.

CarrieLives | 1:59 PM

Hey girl, I love your body and the way you make decisions about it (and nobody else gets to).


Oh, HELL YES! This is FUN! You guys are awesome! Keep em coming, ladies!

ty | 2:08 PM

Hey girl. I need :)

Rebecca N | 2:11 PM

Ryan Gosling has come so far since I swore to hate him after The Notebook.

Kim Dominguez | 2:17 PM

Hey girl, You live in Arizona? Lets runaway together!

JessicaBates | 2:24 PM
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JessicaBates | 2:24 PM

Hey girl, let's share housework responsibilities.

Suzanne | 2:24 PM

Hey girl, I do what I want with my body hair, you do what you want with yours.

ST | 2:25 PM


Sheila | 2:26 PM

Hey girl, I would tattoo all of these on my body but I already have a half sleeve of a fish riding a bicyle and the mens would REALLY start to think I hate them. Brownie points to observers who get what it means...

Unknown | 2:28 PM

Hey Girl! I respect your right to cry on a Thursday afternoon for no good reason. Can I join you?

Kristy | 2:30 PM

Hey girl. Your inability to parallel park that huge ass minivan has nothing to do with the presence of your vagina.


@patrice Can I join you? Because, hi.


@Kristy BAM.

Jen and Suki | 2:33 PM

Hey girl, thanks for making motherhood look so damn cool. Because I just found out that I'm having my first baby in May. xo, Jen

Sadie | 2:39 PM

Ryan Gosling is the other love of my life. Oh, what I would do, to spend a night with him. ;) Glad my Husband doesn't read Mommy blogs.

Amelia | 2:41 PM

Oh my god these are so awesome. I'm coming back tomorrow to read where the comments go.

Unknown | 2:50 PM

Hey girl, you make me want to holla but nice guys don't holla at girls in the street.

Feministy | 2:54 PM

As a feminist theory major way back in the day (mid-90s) and a lover of watching Ryan Gosling make a cocktail, I am uniquely positioned to appreciate this giveaway. Ahem.

Oh, and Hey Girl, yes my three kids do have hyphenated last names and "what if they all marry people with hyphenated names? gasp!" Well, then we are moving in the right direction.

Kim | 2:57 PM

Hey girl, you could walk naked in Time Square and it wouldn't give me the right to touch you. But I hope you'd consider it anyway.


@Feministy I LOVE THAT!

Ky | 3:05 PM

Hey girl, I'm buying your book whether I win the contest or not.

Amy | 3:18 PM

Hey girl, just because you're wearing a skit, it doesn't mean I'll objectify you. You look beautiful every day.

glenda | 3:19 PM

Hey girl, I think you and your family are awesome!!!

Claire | 3:24 PM

Hey girl...I don't think that short skirt is an invitation for unwanted attention. But, can I give you a hug?

Claire | 3:24 PM
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Anna K | 3:35 PM

Hey girl, I won't call you girl, because I refuse to be subject to the inherent patriarchy of language. Hey, you.

Rachel | 3:44 PM

Hey girl let's stay in bed all day. But first let me give you a massage.

Anyavieve AT yahoo DOT com

Essss | 3:48 PM

Hey girl, I get that no means no.

LOVE this book and blog!

Anonymous | 4:20 PM

I have never left a comment before, but I have been following your blogs for months now and I love it! I look forward to reading your latest entry every night once I get my kids to bed. I just wanted to say that today when my four year old daughter went to get her hair cut she told the stylist she wanted her hair cut like Fable! So I found a picture of her on your blog and now my daughter Lexie has the "Fable"!

Knit and Purl Mama | 4:20 PM

Hey girl! I'd love to win this... I've never seen this book before... how awesome!

Julie | 4:23 PM

Hey girl, come sit next to me a flip through my Lillith Fair scrapbook....those ladies really knew how to bring a message

Chef's Widow | 4:26 PM

Hey girl,

I know you and your best friend Amanda drink wine on Friday nights together and let your kids run around like crazy smurfs only so you can read FRG to each other for hours on end. It's ok girl, you gotta do what girl's gotta do.

Megan M. | 4:55 PM

Hey girl... I know having your period is rough. Let me rub your back while the brownies are in the oven.

I love everyone's answers so much!

Sarahptitiously | 5:04 PM

Hey girl. While I'm sure your vagina is a magical place, I know that it does not secrete special sperm-killing juices that prevent pregnancy during rape.

Anonymous | 5:12 PM

Hey just curious...have u read 50 shades of grey? If so, wouldn't it be AMAZING if RG played Christian???? Yes the writing sucked balls but the sexual connection between the two was gooooood. RG could bring this guy to life and satisfy my fantasies for the rest of my life if he was in the movie. I heard Focus films bought it so I think it might acually have some potential...thoughts?

Kristin | 5:18 PM

This is my favorite of all the Hey Girls!

Lauren | 5:34 PM

I'd love a signed copy of this awesome book. As a women's studies minor, I literally need this. Need. Hey girl, don't forget that women's votes can dictate this election! Women fought hard for the right to vote, use it!

Kris | 5:40 PM

Hey girl,
All mothers are working mothers. Don't compete. Support.

Lindsey @ I Run in Heels | 6:19 PM

Hey girl, I want to move across the country for your job. I love your Drive.

Anonymous | 6:31 PM

Hey girl, nothing hotter than a lady raising FOUR fine feminists!

Shiri | 6:32 PM

Hey girl, I know you can be a feminist and still wear makeup, but I'd think you were just as fine without it.

Casey | 6:38 PM

Hey's cool to be friends with other girls. You shouldn't feel threatened by them. Girl Power!

Amanda | 6:38 PM

Hey girl,
I'm fine with you wanting to wear maxi dresses to avoid shaving. What should I pick up for dinner? I know you have to be tired from your job and dealing with that mad PMS.

Anonymous | 7:07 PM

hey girl, you had 4 pregnancies and 4 natural births i can never even touch that toughness, you are a goddess how about i do the dishes and give you a massage before bed

Anonymous | 7:09 PM

hey girl, you do so much to make this house run smoothly. i appreciate you so much. How about I make the school lunches in the morning while you sleep in?

patty | 7:13 PM

Hey Girl, it's okay if you order this book off of amazon instead of trucking out to your local independent live in the suburbs and are on a budget after all. Just promise me you'll buy 2 copies.

Amy | 7:37 PM

Love her blog - and thanks for linking to the profile because I'd never taken the time to read it. She sounds fantastic and fun and smart.

Zoë | 7:42 PM

Hey Girl, who remembers scrawny teenaged Ryan Gosling on Breaker High? Google it! So good!

he's such a heart throb now! I would love this! Thanks Rebecca!!

waiting for kittenheart

Rachel | 8:12 PM

I love every 'hey girl' meme out there, including Paul Ryan Gosling, NPR Ryan Gosling, and Librarian Hey Girl.

My personal favorite: Hey girl , you must listen to Terry Gross a lot because you're a breath of Fresh Air.

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:23 PM

Hey Girl,

Sign me up!

Unknown | 8:36 PM

Hey girl, I'd love to win this!!

Samantha J. Bird | 8:38 PM

These comments are the best!

Did you know that there is a video on YouTube of Mr Gosling reading out some Hey Girl memes in an interview he did?? It is so great to see!

Hey girl, I know you find those CAPCHTA codes difficult and are on your fourth try, so I'm going to patiently help you without laughing.

Bunny | 8:38 PM

Hey girl, you've been so busy at home with the kids today. Why don't you sit down and put your feet up. I'll wash the dishes and then come give you a foot rub.

Lindsay Ann | 8:44 PM

Hey girl, don't worry about coming up with a clever line. You don't have to prove yourself.

The Kellys | 9:05 PM

Hey girl, quit comparing yourself to all those crafts on Pinterest. That frozen pizza you threw in the oven after a long day of work was delicious.

Meghan Elaine | 10:17 PM

Hey Girl,
I know you love your husband and you're all into being a Mom, but let's just do it together. If you're husbands for it, I'm all in. It won't be weird or anything, we'll all just like, hang out and appreciate all that you do.

Pattunia | 11:33 PM

Hey girl, you should never have to call your period an ellipsis. Be proud.

Anonymous | 11:42 PM

Hey girl, I know you really want to finish that term paper, but do you think you could take a break and let me give you a massage?

lucy | 12:59 AM

hey girl, is this competition open to non-Americans? Specifically, British people?

Rebe S. | 1:58 AM

Hey girl, sorry I'm in a bad mood today, but I'm just so angry that you don't get equal pay for equal work.

Kimberly Smith | 4:13 AM

Love those. My favs were Love your body and We don't call our sisters bitches.

famousamy | 5:30 AM

Hey Girl, I'd really like a copy of this book. :)

Jules | 5:32 AM

I love that tumblr. And the Gos. Sigh. yay book.

Cecilia Marzo @Sacred_Mama | 5:37 AM

Hey girl, put the baby to bed, it's time to cuddle. =) Love this man!

Rachel | 5:53 AM

Hey girl, yes your butt does look big in those jeans, but hey girl, I like it.

Michaela | 6:19 AM

Hey girl, my pants are too tight and my shirt is too low, and I say what's on my mind at work instead of cowering in the corner - who cares. Go girl.

Hillary | 6:36 AM

Hey girl...I wish I had this book when I was studying feminist theory and feminist theatre in grad school--it would have made studying way more fun!

WJ | 6:36 AM

Hey girl, I'd be happier than a bird with a french fry if I could look at this book every day :)

AMS | 6:40 AM

Hey girl ... You know what your body CAN legitimately shut down? The Republican party. Vote!

Unknown | 6:52 AM

Hey Girl,
I would love to have a copy of this to use as a discussion tool in the Women's Studies courses I teach.

Unknown | 6:53 AM

Hey Girl,
I would love to have a copy of this to use as a discussion prompt in the women's studies classes I teach.

jujubird | 7:15 AM

I need this book! Love me some Gosling...

Allen | 7:19 AM

Hey don't have a guy's name, you've got your name.

ericka.erwin | 7:36 AM

Hey girl, I appreciate your correct use of grammar and strong spelling skills. Intelligence is attractive. Would you like a margarita? ;)

Stephanie | 8:06 AM

Hey girl, I know you were home all day with a sick toddler, so why don't you sleep in the basement and I will deal with all of his middle of the night wake ups. Let me get you extra blankets and a glass of wine to help you sleep.

Ashley | 8:15 AM

Hey girl. I won't let the patriarchal obstetrical hierarchy mess with your midwife. Not that you need my help.

P.S. Let's take turns reading chapters from the Feminine Mystique. I need to brush up on my feminist history.

BlackberryGirl | 8:21 AM

Hey girl, a girl without curves is like a pair of jeans without pockets, I don't know what to do with my hands.

Ryan's hands??! Oh.My. (And I'm married to a Canadian myself with the best accent EVER. Tall too.)


Lauren | 8:45 AM

Hey Girl. Don't worry about giving up your last name when we're married. I'll take your name instead.

(Currently about to be married and facing this dilemma at the moment...)

EricaLynn | 8:46 AM

Hey girl, I would read this book every day!

Emma | 9:15 AM

Hey girl,
I'm totally behind you when you say that in order to make our relationship more equal, you'll shave your legs when I shave mine.

Elise | 9:15 AM

Hey girl, I would really love to own this book.

Thanks! :)

Elise | 9:16 AM

Hey girl, I would really love to own this book.


Christy | 9:20 AM

Hey girl, let me love YOU long time.

Anonymous | 9:22 AM

Hey Girl, Michelle Obama for President 2016!

Cortney | 9:42 AM

Hey girl, I need this book on my coffee table asap.

AimeeDesiree | 5:40 PM

Hey girl, you need me like a fish needs a bike, but I'll take you on the ride of your life.

AimeeDesiree | 5:47 PM

This one is my favorite!

Girl Knits | 8:25 PM

Hey girl, have a great weekend. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Ann Lienemann | 7:13 PM

Anyone read paul ryan gosling? Hilarious!

JuneBug | 12:14 PM

Hey girl, meme books are awesome. And so are you.

Christina | 11:47 AM

Hey girl...I know you've been feeling very Talking Heads "this is NOT my beautiful house" and blah and restless so I planned a ladies night with all of your friends.