welcome to the 90's, mr banks.

Hey, everyone! Today Girl's Gone Child is being fitted for a brand new shiny comments section (thanks, disqus!) so for the next day or two, all (past) comments made via blogger will be invisible.

Ah, but fret not! They will reappear this weekend along with a far more dynamic comments section where we can comment (without spending 78789423 dealing with CAPTCHA) and converse without @ing each other ten comments down.

Also, my icon will no longer be a picture of Archer as an infant. Because he is now seven.

In the meantime, feel free to comment as per usual but don't worry if your past comments are MIA for the next day or two. I've been assured that ALL (2000+ posts worth) will be back asap!

Thanks for understanding! Go advancements in technology!



shaina | 6:32 PM

Seriously my favorite movie. I just watched the clip so I could laugh and laugh. It made my horrible day about a million times better! Thanks for that.