A Tale of Three Boxes (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post was sponsored by Wittlebee kids clothing club. Thanks, Wittlebee! photo-1
orchid c/o Nana, shirt and pants c/o "floral box" for Fall


Since my first Wittlebee post a few months back, we've received three more boxes of awesome. Here are their stories:

Box #1: Styled by Fable
The picks (in the above box) were Wittlebee's doing but I may have mentioned in a style profile or two that tutus are always in season at casa de GGC (nudge, nudge) and sure enough: BAM: 
IMG_9336 IMG_9338
A headband? Amaze. A shirt that could also be worn like a dress? Perfection. Leggings to layer? I mean... do you know my kid, Bee to the Wittle, or am I just really great at style profile quizzes thanks to all those years spent reading Seventeen Magazine with my friends?
Regardless, Fable went right to work, styling what would soon replace the outfit she had on. 
IMG_9346 IMG_9349 IMG_9351
One of my favorite photos of Fable (and one I've posted here before) is this, which I took of her newly styled creation. All pieces I would have never thought to put together. All pieces that look PERFECTLY FABLE AMAZING on. 
Box #2: Essentials + Ensemble
When I filled out the Wittlebee style profile for the twins, I asked for more essentials. Onesies, leggings, long-sleeved tops. We're good on dresses thanks to Fable's hand-me-downs and our trade-ins at the local consignment shop. (When the twins outgrow their clothes I trade them all in for new and gently used clothes and so on... It's worked out really great so far for dresses and cute little outfits but essentials aren't usually for sale/trade on consignment.) So! Wittlebee heeded my call and sent out a box of onesies and leggings:
IMG_9396 Revi + her new leggings and AA onesie, leotard style.
IMG_9402 Bo + her new (organic) bear onesie.
Wittlebee also included this sassy two-piece number which fits Bo perfectly and soon enough, will fit Revi as well. (Bo has four pounds and half an inch on her sister.) 
Bo + one of our favorite books. 
*** Box #3: Florals for (F)all!
IMG_1232 IMG_1235
Last week our newest box arrived with an outfit for each girl. (Archer's too big for Wittlebee's service, hence the lack of boy clothes in the mix, here.)
Fable wore her new dress and leggings (above) to school the other day and Bo and Revi rocked their new tops and leggings earlier this week:
photo-3 Oh hello, Fall. 
photo ***
Once again Wittlebee's offering $15 off coupons for first-time buyers/subscribers (you can cancel at any time!) with code GGC1. (Offer expires Oct 31st.) I also have a free box to give away, today. Just leave your comment below with your "style profile" a la Wittlebee style quiz action. Or, if you're not in the mood to take a quiz right now, you can just leave a comment and that's okay, too. I'll choose a winner via disqus comment randomizer next Friday, Oct. 5th. Don't forget to leave your contact info and good luck! 


Updated: Congrats to disqus randomizer winner, Liz! And thanks to all who participated! 



Tara Vuono | 12:21 PM

Love these and would love to try them out for my little guys!

Tarableone | 12:37 PM

I also have twin girls. My ladies are 4 months. Do they do boxes for my little littles?

Unknown | 1:52 PM

What a great idea! I have a 2year-old boy so this would be great!

May Gunsul Photography | 2:04 PM

My daughter would LOVE this! Thank you for the giveaway :)

Kelsey Geist | 2:48 PM

Oh my gosh! This is a fabulous service. Would love to win it for my little guy!


The woman behind the desk... | 3:52 PM

Wholly wonderful! Love it.


Anonymous | 4:56 PM

Wow....we would love these! My twin girls are 16 months old and I always think we are set with clothes and then someone goes and grows. This is such a great idea. By the way, moo baa la la la is a crowd fav around here too!
Thanks for the giveaway!


Anonymous | 4:57 PM

Wow....we would love these! My twin girls are 16 months old and I always think we are set with clothes and then someone goes and grows. This is such a great idea. By the way, moo baa la la la is a crowd fav around here too!
Thanks for the giveaway!


Anonymous | 6:14 PM

Super cute! Would love to try!

colleen | 8:28 PM

I love the floral themed box! My daughter would rock the tutus as well!


J | 4:43 AM

I've so wanted to try this but haven't yet. My youngest son is completely different size at this age than my oldest was so all new wardrobes required even though their birthdays are only two months apart.

Noelle's Mommy | 7:32 AM

So, so cute and awesome idea! My 3yr old would love some rockin new clothes! Thank you!


Unknown | 7:46 AM

Love it. I have. 13 month old gal (not too much older than the twins!). Would love this, thanks

L.L. | 10:47 AM

I have a 9 month old girl that I love to dress up.

Hyatt | 10:49 AM

Hope to win - gotta a new baby on the way we could use some basics for!

RSilvies | 5:11 PM

Yes! This looks so fun!


Betsey | 7:31 AM

Had no idea this service existed! I love it, and so would my suddenly fashion conscious three year old!

Melodeep | 10:36 AM

My buggy girl would love a wittle box!

Nicole H | 7:30 PM

Yes please, this is such a cool service!

Sara Campbell | 11:51 AM

We love basics and a little bit of the preppy style.

Lisa | 12:24 PM

We love wittlebee!! Preppy is sooo our style! lisa_mann2006@hotmail.com

Anonymous | 4:51 PM


Love this idea!

Mae Bryan | 2:31 AM

I am pregnant, due in December, and my s.i.l. is due in February. This is all so cute, so the question is, if I win, should I keep it for myself or share? :)

Heather. | 10:40 AM

Adorable clothes and fabulous narrative!

Carolie | 11:57 AM

Loooove Wittlebee! Wish I could afford a box every month. Would love to win for Bess!