Out of the Box (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post + giveaway is sponsored by Wittlebee. Thanks, Wittlebee!
You know when things appear on your radar and you wish you thought of them first? And then you're kicking yourself because OH, WHAT!? GENIUS IDEA. SIMPLE GENIUS.

Yeah. That's pretty much what I said when monthly kids clothes company Wittlebee approached and asked me to check out their service. Genius of the wish-I-thought-of-it-first variety because lordy knows, I love me some kids ensembles with flare. I mean, I live with this girl hello:
Not that Fable would ever in a million years let me dress her. Or even have an opinion on her ensembles. I buy things in stores that I think might suit her and watch her "Fabes" them out with rainbow leggings, layered tank tops, two different shoes...

Style subscription clubs are all the rage as we know. But until now, I hadn't heard of any for kids which makes LOADS of sense considering how fast they grow and how difficult it can be to find well-made essentials that are equal parts adorable, especially for boys. (Wittlebee sent me a box of boy clothes to check out as well and THANK YOU, YES. Every single piece was a keeper. Lots of faded blues and forrest greens, earthy graphics. Very cool stuff. (Brands for both boys and girls include Tea and American Apparel.)

Here's how it works. You subscribe for $40 a month, choose a style that best suits your kid (you can create your style profile here) and Wittlebee puts together a box full of lovely things sized appropriately. Here are some photos of some of the sample boxes and here is the box I received for my girls. (The sizes only go up to 5T, hence the lack of stuff for Archer.)
Here's a picture I took of Fable moments after she plucked a pink tank out of the box and immediately put it on. (Peace out, butterfly shirt!)
And here are Bo and Revi in their Wittlebee hand-selected styles looking very delicious for (not) a change. (Bo's shorts match Revi's dress.)
photo-2 ...which, they share.
photo-6 photo-1 photo-7

Wittlebee has offered one GGC reader a box of Wittlebee goodsTo win? Leave a comment below and please don't forget to leave your email address! I'll pick one winner at random next Tuesday, June 12th.

For more information on Wittlebee go here. Or you join them on facebook here.  Use discount code RW15 to get $15 dollars off the first month. Good luck and happy dressing! 


UPDATED: Congratulations to commenter #525, Allison! And thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! More to come! 



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Alyson Jenkins | 12:08 PM

I LOVE your kiddos style and always wonder where you find all of their pieces. Guessing it's not Carters and OshKosh!

kelli | 12:08 PM

Simple genius for realz! I want! :)

Courtney | 12:08 PM

Love the idea of boxes like these! I would definitely try it for my 2-year-old, who still lets me pick her clothes most of the time. ;)


Megatron | 12:09 PM

What a fantastic idea! Wish I had thought of that...dang. Bluehypernova@hotmail.com

Elissa L. | 12:10 PM

What a great idea! my two year old would really benefit from this. I am a horrible shopper!


Unknown | 12:11 PM

oh my, I could spend a fortune on cute clothes like these. I love the idea of a shipment once in a while!

Unknown | 12:14 PM

Such a great idea! I'd love to try it out for my little man.

Nikki | 12:15 PM

I wish I had fable's sense of style!


Kristen | 12:15 PM

Such a great idea! And such cute things.

Amelia | 12:16 PM

So cute! We have limited clothes options for boys around here...they're either a kajillion dollars or have really ridiculous things like, "mommy's lil slugger" on them which...just, no. I refuse.

Great idea :)

kateypie35 | 12:17 PM

adorable! I would love to try this! turtletink@yahoo.com

Unknown | 12:18 PM

I've been hearing about this, but hesitant since boys clothes seem to be so much harder to find cute things that aren't emblazoned with sports or guitars - I mean, my husband plays guitar and we are like "enough already!" It would be great to see what they offer svgreen at gmail dot com

Fun Mama | 12:19 PM

Too cute!

Christy | 12:19 PM

This is such a great idea and your girls are so so cute.

jinxy112 at gmail dot com

Laura V | 12:20 PM

I love this idea!! I would love to try this for my 1 and 3 year olds!


Anonymous | 12:21 PM

These clothes are adorable! I'd love to see what they have for my toddler boy.

Jen | 12:21 PM

This is such a good idea. Boys clothes are the worst to find.

Jenski | 12:24 PM

Great idea, good looking clothes.

Melt Momma's Heart | 12:26 PM

Yes on cute boy clothes!


April Genung | 12:27 PM

What cute clothes!

ThatGirlRuns | 12:27 PM

Love Fable's style! It is second to none, for sure.


Melinda | 12:28 PM

Brilliant idea!!

Amy K | 12:28 PM

I love this idea!

h | 12:30 PM

Love the outfits! My daughter is just at the top of their size range and would love the styles. tk0421 at gmail dot com

Becky Stephens | 12:30 PM

I LOVE this idea!


Annie | 12:31 PM

Ahhh!! I would love this! I live with a two year old that changes outfits every five minutes!


Dranrab | 12:31 PM

Fun idea!


Unknown | 12:33 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candace | 12:33 PM

Yes please, I would like a box of adorable clothes!


Megan | 12:34 PM

My kids are just like Fable as DIY fashionistas. They would LOVE this!. welsh.megan@gmail.com

Unknown | 12:34 PM

love it...what a great idea!


Anonymous | 12:34 PM

Those outfits are adorable!

Valspam at gmail dot com

Erin | 12:35 PM

Love this, would love to try it! greensol93@yahoo.com

Robyn Devine | 12:36 PM

how great! i'd love to have this for Owen!


The Kellys | 12:36 PM

Fantastic idea!! And your kids...ridiculously cute!


Elise Bryant | 12:36 PM

I love this idea!

mommaruthsays | 12:36 PM

How adorable! And appropriate, seeing as how I enjoy dressing up my girls 10x more than I enjoy dressing up myself :)


eec | 12:37 PM

Wow! So Cool! This would be perfect for my little boy!

Anonymous | 12:38 PM

I totally adore Fable's style. t.valentinawalz@gmail.com

Anna Jolley | 12:38 PM

My girls would love this!!!


muffy | 12:38 PM

oh man.


Anonymous | 12:39 PM

This is great! andreascobie@hotmail.com

Melissa | 12:39 PM

I would love to dress my little girl like this!

Vanessa | 12:40 PM

Omg that's a lot of cuteness right there!

Anonymous | 12:40 PM

This is such a great idea, especially for boys. It's not so hard to find great clothes for my girls but it's much more of a challenge for my two-year-old son.

FSURia | 12:41 PM

So cute! Love!

LB | 12:42 PM

What a genius idea! My 2 year old son would look so cute in these outfits. rosenlin@hotmail.com

Anonymous | 12:42 PM

What an amazing idea.
Am always looking for new inspiration for my son.
Thanks for this giveaway.

frankath (at) lino (dot) sympatico (dot) ca

Alana | 12:45 PM

What a great idea! Would love a box for my little man!

Kait | 12:47 PM

This looks like an awesome idea for my little boys! I might have to sign on for this!


katie | 12:48 PM

So cool! My step-daughter would love this. katiewalton (at) gmail (dot) come

Liz | 12:50 PM

So cute! I love this idea. lizworking at gmail.

Caitlin | 12:51 PM

Awesomely clever.


Unknown | 12:52 PM

so cute - I would love this!

abbymrozen at gmail

Alyssa | 12:52 PM

Wow, what a neat idea! I always have a hard time finding affordable and stylish options for my daughter-- love this! anremington (at) gmail (dot) com

aw | 12:52 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
kelli | 12:54 PM

What a neat idea! I see some of my favorite brands!!

aw | 12:56 PM

I would love if my daughter had some non-Carters clothes!
wolfe dot alicia at gmail dot com

Amanda | 12:58 PM

Adorable clothes! Wish I had a girl to doll up, but I know my little boy would love some new clothes. :)

Martha | 12:59 PM

That is a pretty wonderful idea! marthaenvsci AT gmail DOT com

Kristen | 12:59 PM

Love love love this! I tried to go and sign up, but, like all good things, they won't accept my Canadian visa address. I have an American shipping address because I live right on the boarder, but it still wouldn't let me. :(

I would love this box for my little dude!

kfinnsson at gmail dot com

sonja | 1:01 PM

Fantastic! I would so love a box for my little dude. It's really quite hard finding boys' clothes that don't involve young-golfer-plaid.

sonja.alves @ gmail.com

Yoga Susie | 1:02 PM

Ooh! I have a toddler and a baby on the way, both boys. It's so hard to dress them stylishly, I LOVE this concept! susiefishleder at gmail dot com

Lisa | 1:02 PM

It's hard to find stuff for little boys that has good style! I'd love to try out a box for my little man.

Laura | 1:03 PM

I tried this servie for a month because there was a 1/2 off discount from another blogger. It was okay, but I didn't think it was worth $39.99 per month. It was basic stuff - American Apparel, etc. I got 2 pairs of leggings, 3 solid t-shirts, 2 pair of socks, and a pair of panties for my 3 year old. For $20(my price) it was fine, but not worth $40. That is just my opinion based on my taste and my budget. I'm sure it could be great for others.


Megan | 1:04 PM

That's an awesome idea!! And adorable clothes too!

Jenny O | 1:06 PM

Sweet! It's so hard to find cute, unusual clothes for my girl. Love this.
melarossa at gmail dot com

Unknown | 1:06 PM

It looks lovely! And I have such a limited selection for Tea brand stuff here in town (Lawrence, KS)... also, once they hit the big time (that is 2T), I feel like I'm stuck trying to find recycled stuff or Target specials. Not interesting! I hope I win :)

Anonymous | 1:06 PM

SO fun! It would be like Christmas every month! :)

Avalon | 1:07 PM

What a great idea. I love funky styles on kids. I love a kid with their own funky sense of style even better!

Annika | 1:07 PM

I would totally love to try this for Grace.

littlelove | 1:09 PM

Love this! My little guy Tiago is only 6 weeks, and he's already growing out of so many of my favorite outfits! mclare.connolly@gmail.com

Marie | 1:09 PM

Oooh! My three year old would love this. She dresses herself in all things rainbow and print. She is also a tomboy so no skirts/dresses.

Andreva | 1:10 PM

This looks like a great idea, and I always love the way your kids are dressed!

Entwined Essentials | 1:11 PM

I was wondering where you got that dress! entwinedessentials@gmail.com

Ericka | 1:11 PM

Such adorable clothes for even more adorable little girls! I have 8 month old twin boys and will definitely be checking into this.


Anonymous | 1:12 PM

So true that adorable baby boy clothes are awfully hard to find. (If "Mommy's Little Man!" T-shirts are not your idea of adorable. And they are not mine.)

Would love to try this out.

jeniferbraun (at) gmail (dot) com

patty | 1:12 PM

What a super idea... my daughter is too old, but my little guy would benefit greatly. It's harder to find good boys stuff in my opinion.

May Gunsul | 1:12 PM

Would love this for my kiddos! Little West June and Lane Matthew. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

Aliesha | 1:13 PM

This is awesome!!! My daughter already has more clothes than she can wear - but I might not be able to resist.


Awesome Mom | 1:13 PM

Cute stuff!!! One of the funnest things about finally having a girl is all the fun clothing there is for girls.

sucker4acoustic | 1:15 PM

love love love this idea.

kate at letkelly.com

Anonymous | 1:17 PM

this would work out well since my 4 year old takes a suitcase with her everywhere we go for "ensemble changes" a la mariah carey. thanks ggc! amy.putman@gmail.com

Stacey B | 1:19 PM

This is awesome. I'm definitely trying them out!


JenAHM | 1:20 PM

Love this! The idea of not knowing what could come in the box is so fun.


Allyssa | 1:21 PM

Wow! I could do it for both my boys--I'm always in search of cute stuff for them. aallyyssaa@yahoo.com

Mary | 1:22 PM

I'll take it, 2T boy please!!

Melissa | 1:23 PM

Amazing idea!

Tasha | 1:23 PM

Gah! My baby girl is almost 5 months and I never thought I would have this much fun dressing her. This box of fun would be amazing..and every month too! I may have to subscribe

Melissa | 1:23 PM

Love it!

Amber S | 1:24 PM

Genious! Multiple kids in the haus to dress...6mo boy/girl twins and a 2yo girl! adslama at gmail dot com

Another Bec | 1:24 PM

Lookin' good! Would love these for my kiddos!

Anonymous | 1:26 PM

Such a cute idea!! rsarrett@hotmail.com

t. | 1:27 PM

Awesome. I totally need to do this for my kids. tracy@mygippy.com

Nikki | 1:28 PM

So adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

trista | 1:29 PM

Thank you for the giveaway. The bo would be for my 2 year old daughter.

Natalie | 1:29 PM

Eek! This IS awesome. Would absolutely love to sign up for this service. The bonus of Wittlebee for me is that I often go shopping for my kids and end up spending too much because I just dont know what I want most, and then I go home feeling guilty. Having someone else pick stylish and affordable stuff for me would be a real lifesaver. Plus, with the rate at which kids grow it would save me a ton of trips out! May just have to sign up if I dont win!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway GGC! :D

amandabryce | 1:33 PM

OMG STOP THE CUTENESS! It's too much for me to handle and is making me want another kid which I don't really know if I can do another kid right now... *sigh* But, man, are those clothes cute!

Carra Nicholes | 1:33 PM

You are right - kicking myself for not thinking of this!!

DiJe | 1:36 PM

Very cool!

totalxindecision AT gmail DOT com

Ashley | 1:38 PM

Love this idea. Good boy clothes are so hard to find!


hetherington | 1:40 PM

dude! i would LOVE to win this. thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown | 1:40 PM

I'm dying to try this company! And I think Fable's style rocks. Her little outfits are always too cute and OH SO VERY original. ;)


MargieK | 1:41 PM

My kids are grown, but it would be fabulous to have a box for my 18-month-old grandson.
mak329 at yahoo dot com

Stef | 1:41 PM

I'm wondering how many pieces the boxes typically contain. It looks like 4 pieces in your box but the samples on the website showed 8. I like that you can pause or end the subscription at any time.

stefaniieee [at] yahoo [dot] com

N. | 1:46 PM

It would be so wonderful to wins box for my baby boy :) He grows out of everything so quickly. Love the clothes!

Shawna | 1:48 PM


My 2 1/2 year old wears a 4T (insane), so I don't have much time let to jump on this one.

Anonymous | 1:48 PM

This is an awesome idea!


constance blizzard | 1:49 PM

My Girl is due this Sunday, and I've been so busy BUILDING the nest (literally racing the clock to finish the cabin in time, and still at 39 weeks using a ladder to reach the upstairs, waddlingly), that I haven't had time to feather it up. Come on Wittlebee, bring feathers!

The Gandhi Life | 1:49 PM

What an awesome idea! I have been reading your blog for years and love your style! My first baby is due this Friday :)


Carrie | 1:49 PM

What a cute idea but my biggest concern is the cost. I buy 90% of my kids' clothes at consignment and second hand shops where $40 buys a lot more.

Raminta Flynn | 1:51 PM

interesting idea... i too would love to see what cool things they could find for my toddler boy.

ramintaflynn at gmaildotcom

Jenny | 1:51 PM

I love it!!


Megan | 1:52 PM

It seems like my kids outgrow clothes literally overnight. This is genius! meganberka@gmail.com

Autumn | 1:54 PM

Such an awesome idea!

Ivy Wang | 1:55 PM

That is a great idea!

Anonymous | 1:55 PM

i got 4 who love to rock their own funky style
sounds great

Anonymous | 1:57 PM

love em!

Anonymous | 1:57 PM

Awesome and adorable. I have three boys...and stylish clothes are hard to find. Can't do the horrifying cartoon/character shirts or "Mommy's little slugger" garbage. Just not happening.

Thanks for a chance to win.

Doylejh at gmail

Meghan Elaine | 2:00 PM

I love that Fable has her own style and you encourage it.


Heather Bauer | 2:01 PM

I adore Wittlebee! The name alone is darling! It would be such a treat to win!

C and B | 2:04 PM

so darling and you're right, what a freaking genius idea!

Stephanie | 2:06 PM

Genius idea. My second son, age 14 mos, is in size 3T clothing now. He has grown faster than I thought possible, and though we have hand-me-downs from his big brother (who is 4), they are only 1 size apart now. Soon little brother will be handing clothes down to "big" brother.

Tara Vuono | 2:06 PM

What a great concept! Love this!

Ellery | 2:06 PM

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!! You're right, it;s genius and none of us thought of it.

I have a 2 year old boy and am expecting a little girl in August. This would be of great benefit.


Stephanie and Matt | 2:06 PM

I love this idea!

Brooke | 2:08 PM

Love this idea! Would be ideal for my 4 month old boy.


K. S. | 2:09 PM

I would love some Wittlebee for my little girl Holly Bee!

Fibonacci at gmail dot com

christine | 2:09 PM

very cool, would love to try this! christinecheatham@gmail.com

Liz | 2:09 PM

Such a fun idea--I never have time to go shopping for my girl, so this would be awesome.

Ashley Stetson | 2:10 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Stetson | 2:11 PM


craftyashley | 2:12 PM

Well that is just awesome

Stephanie | 2:17 PM

So cool. Would love this.

Anonymous | 2:17 PM

Would love to get this for my 2 year old since I live in a place with few kid clothes options (Montana)!



Unknown | 2:17 PM

Love this!

Adina | 2:18 PM

You know, I'd actually NEVER heard of this until now, and I am RIDICulously impressed with the idea!

Molly | 2:21 PM

This is awesome!


Mama Bub | 2:25 PM

Who wouldn't love a box of cute clothes delivered directly to your door!

Unknown | 2:28 PM

i would love this for my little girl!! such a great idea..thanks for the giveaway!:)

BeP | 2:34 PM

Your kids clothes are so wonderful!

my_mystical_universe | 2:35 PM

Super cute!!

orsolya | 2:37 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Davina | 2:39 PM

This is such a great idea! I wish I had this when my daughter was growing through clothes every other month!

orsolya | 2:39 PM

oh boy, i'd love to win. please, mr rendom, please please me.

and thank you for the fab giveaway, as always.

rosorsoly at gmail dot com

Leila Gates-Wai | 2:43 PM

My 3 year old is just like Fable! She has her own style :)

K | 2:44 PM

What a fun idea! I want to be a stylist for Wittlebee!!! I have two little men, aged 3 and 10 months. I would love to see what kinds of ensembles a stylist would put them, because I think it's such a fun challenge to cutely and creatively dress little boys.

K | 2:44 PM

Oh, email: queenkeeley@hotmail.com

Mommy | 2:45 PM

Yes! Fabulous idea, and cute to boot!

Anonymous | 2:49 PM


Thank you for the opportunity.

Shera | 2:55 PM

So cute!

Tara | 3:01 PM

looks fab! would love some goods for the little man in my belly!


Heather | 3:02 PM

Such a great idea!

bmislan | 3:03 PM

Great idea, especially for boys clothes!


KateFitz | 3:06 PM

Pretty rad. Katefitz17@gmail.com

Bluevixens | 3:07 PM

So cute; I WANT!!

Also, I'm pretty sure that Fable gets her awesome sense of style from you. From what I remember, she was pretty stylin' even as a wee baby. ;-)

tbalbo19 (at) hotmail.com

Yuan San | 3:12 PM

Great idea, so clever!


Betty Becca | 3:23 PM

I'd love a box for my baby boy!

bettybecca (at) gmail (dot) com

Abby | 3:24 PM

Would love this, as my girl is currently in the last size (12 mo) we had lots of clothes for, and she's growing fast!


Nicole | 3:24 PM

What a treat to receive each month!


rachel | 3:28 PM

would love, love, love for my three...

rsgerken@gmail dot come

chantalart | 3:28 PM

What a great concept! I'm already spending a fortune on kids clothes as it is!

bethany | 3:30 PM

What a fun idea!

Crystal Arcand | 3:32 PM

I'd be thrilled to get a Wittlebee box!

crystalarcand (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous | 3:36 PM

I love this idea! I'm pregnant with a little girl (due in september) who will be joining two big brothers. This would be the perfect way to build her wardrobe without forcing her to wear all her brothers old hand-me-downs.

Hailey | 3:38 PM

You and your babies are just precious!


Liv | 3:44 PM

What a great idea! And your kids are always so well dressed! (As I send my little guy to school in the same stained tshirt week after week...)

The818 | 3:56 PM

Genius I wish I thought of for sure. Also, Delilah would love a box, since she too does not let me touch her clothing choices with a ten foot pole.

Email: morgan at the818 dot com.

Anonymous | 3:56 PM

I love this idea! Shopping with kids is tricky.
spygelf at hotmail.com

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

I love Fable's style, and I hope my Lyla is equally as stylish one day! We would love a box of goodies! Thanks! carley_burns@yahoo.com

Anonymous | 4:05 PM

oooh! love it! pick me! shannonyoungn@yahoo.com

Sam | 4:10 PM

I love it! I did not hesitate to go ahead and sign up - picking out clothes for my kiddo is one of favorite things to do! (I'm lucky - I have a boy who still lets me do that.) I think $40 a month is a great deal - can't wait to see what we get!

Lindsey | 4:11 PM

I really like the idea of these boxes. I love the dress your girls were sharing in these photos. lindsey dot hamilton at gmail dot com

Ellen Landrum | 4:13 PM

How much fun is this idea? a box of awesome surprises. I love Tea Collection, especially! Erlandrum@gmail.com

Very Bloggy Beth | 4:14 PM

What a great idea! I currently have a membership to other sites that work similarly. This seems like a lot of fun. And would help this mama of 2 boys stay on top of the boy fashions, it can be hard to escape all the skulls and monsters. beth@verybloggy.com

wren | 4:23 PM

So cute cute cute!! rlc@memebeam.org

Cory | 4:26 PM

Oh I'm in. Agree with bloggy beth - its hard to find boy clothes thay aren't SPORTS! cory at maxhat dot net

Mrs. Brightful | 4:27 PM

Very cool! anabrightful at yahoo.com

Anonymous | 4:28 PM

Love the outfits they sent this month!

katwoman24 @ bellsouth.net

Lisa A | 4:30 PM

Very cool! Always love your kids style :)

Nancy Jane | 4:34 PM

That is genius!!! My daughter's style is similar to fable's. Eclectic!

Neej12 @ yahoo.com

carrie | 4:34 PM

Darling. Fable and my eldest girl are two peas in a pod, style wise.

beyondconfessions | 4:46 PM

Oh so cute all round! Vanessaksmall@hotmail.com

fabulousmrsg | 4:54 PM

what a cool idea-love it!

Melissa | 4:55 PM

So bright and fun! My kid would rock these clothes!

Rochelle | 4:57 PM

I'm curious about the boy clothes! I have an almost 3 year old boy and it's sometimes hard to find it as much fun dressing him as it was my girl!

Jamie | 4:58 PM

That totally makes sense! If I spread out what I spend on kids clothes throughout the year to all 12 months, I'm sure I spend at least $40 per month anyway (although I have 3, but still) Great idea! I always check out what all the kids are wearing in your pics - they always look so cute!

Anonymous | 4:59 PM

So cute and fun to get a present every month! What a great idea.

calgal03 | 4:59 PM

Love! And so much more fun than a diaper subscription.


Bailey | 5:11 PM

My kid has grown out of the range, but I'm all over this for my best friend's 8 month old son. She was just lamenting the lack of cuteness for boys.


Katie G | 5:16 PM

Oh, I've been stalking them for a while, but I can't pull the trigger on $40 a month!

CO & O | 5:19 PM

What a lovely idea! Just the thrill of opening the box is worth it!

Robin | 5:26 PM

Cute!! And not a bad deal, it sounds like. But how many pieces of clothing do you get in each box? Very interested!!

Robin | 5:28 PM

Cute!! And not a bad deal, it sounds like. But how many pieces of clothing do you get in each box? Very interested!!

kristentheowl | 5:28 PM

This is such a great idea. I love it! I am always on the search for cute clothes for my baby.


Analisa McCain | 5:35 PM

You're right. Absolutely genius.


Anonymous | 5:36 PM

LOVE your blog, and will now be ordering Wittlebee :)

jannatourand at hotmail.com

cd0103 | 5:38 PM

So want for my little sister. She has two boys. cd0103@charter.net

Kristen | 5:47 PM

LOVE this. Amazing concept. (kristenheffern@gmail.com)

Jessica | 5:48 PM

What an awesome idea!


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