Thing Person of the Week: Jack Andraka, Superhero of Material Science

This might be one of the greatest moments ever recorded. I feel like MY dream just came true through him. Go, Jack!

And this from Huffington Post last week:
Like Jack, another group of teen scientists was able to develop a low-cost and high-accuracy development in health research. After learning that drinking unpasteurized milk was leading to greater rates of disease and miscarriage among Nicaraguan women, four girl scounts from Rochester, New York who call themselves the "Hippie Pandas" created a viable milk pasteurization system using beeswax. And earlier this year, 17-year-old Angela Zhang won $100,000 in the national Siemens Science Competition for devising a potential cure for cancer. "I'm excited to learn just everything possible," she told CBS News. "Everything in the sciences -- biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, even computer science -- to make new innovations possible."