Liner Notes 6/4

watching people makeout @LAX
Forgive the brevity of today's post. (Hal and I got home late last night after a whirlwind trip to the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa for a romantic weekend thanks to the lovely people at Westin and Babble's powers that be.)
Yesterday I was on a beach. Actually, I was in the ocean; the Atlantic specifically, floating around on my back marveling at the lack of waves. The last time I had myself a good old-fashioned sea-float was in Greece a hundred thousand lifetimes ago. (Our beaches are far too wild-waved for floating.) It was heaven. Even if Hal repeatedly crashed my zen-party-moment by body-slamming me mid-namaste. (I slammed him back. Oh yes.)

That's what this weekend was like, a 48 hour zen bodyslam slightly-buzzed lovefest.
I had a borderline spiritual experience on a golf course that happened to be completely empty while we played, and I don't remember (ever!) feeling physically quieter. I totally get golf now by the way. It's the holy sport of meditation and mindfulness and wouldn't you know it? For a first timer? I somehow managed to knock my balls line drive down the center. And all it took was some amateur jedi mind control action. BAM.
Anyway. The whole weekend was an incredible (and very much needed ) time of R&R and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been offered this experience. Grateful that my parents (and sister!) were able to come up to LA and take care of ALL forty of our kids while we frolicked in the Floridian sands. (And especially grateful to Babble and The Westin Diplomat for treating us like a royal pair.)

Also, my dad for taking these ridiculously delicious pictures of Fable while we were gone.
IMG_4675 IMG_4678
More on our weekend romp at a later time on a different blog. (I'll be writing a grip of posts about our trip over on Gone Childssss over the next few week(s), starting with an elated "still buzzing" post I published earlier today.)

And I am, indeed, still buzzing. Soberly. But buzzing nonetheless.



Red Stethoscope | 5:05 PM

Those pictures look DIVINE. I'm so happy that you and Hal got away! I grew up in S. Florida, so I have the same (shocked) reaction to the Pacific Ocean. "It's COLD! And, there are huge, scary waves! Gah!" :)

Tirzah | 5:20 PM

funny how the Atlantic is more pacified than the Pacific :) I loved watching your instagram feed over the weekend--glad you got some well deserved R&R&R (rest relaxation and rrrrromance) :)

Whittles Wobble | 7:17 PM

WHERE did you get those incredible '70's colorful shape-laden pants?! I NEED THEM! They're fantastical.

Sarah | 7:38 PM

Is fable wearing her baby??? Melting over here!

Joan | 10:25 PM

Please go away again, and for a whole week this time. You deserve it. And it takes awhile for your body to unwind.

p.s where did all 3 of those pants come from? Amazeballs!

Tove | 11:38 PM

Floating in the sea is the beeeest! Glad you had an awesome time!

Brooke | 8:45 AM

The Westin Diplomat is heaven on earth! I LOVED staying there!

Sarie | 8:45 AM

I agree. I LOVE those 70's style pants. I want to know where you got them also!


I found the pants in a sale bin at this store Library. They're completely see-through so they're perfect for the pool but no so much day to day. (Sometimes I wear them over a unitard. UNITARDS!)

glenda | 11:23 AM

Every couple needs alone time. I'm glad you and Hal got that time alone. Happy parents = happy kids :)

Hip-Baby Mama | 2:20 PM

I'm so glad you addressed where you got those fabulous pants!

The Slick Mom | 2:55 PM

Love the pants as well!! My husband and I just got back from a kid free trip to Hawaii. It was amazing. So glad you got time away as well.

Sally | 7:40 PM

Hey lady, just so you know, you are looking hot-to-trot. That is all.

Clandestine Road | 12:39 PM

Happy weekend to you!

bmislan | 2:02 PM

Okay, where did you get those wide leg amazing pants!?!?

Amanda Ivanov | 11:09 PM

May I say, I just love the site and so glad you got your romantic trip. It sounds divine. You deserve it!

Kara | 1:35 PM

Those pants are amazing! Where did you find them?

Grumble Girl | 2:42 PM

Jealous as hell.

But, I suppose you deserve such fine treats, lady, as hard-working as you are.

I wish for such quiet-time also. 48 hours of such ought to do the trick. One day!