Liner Notes 6/18

IMG_5284 ***
IMG_5157 IMG_5162 IMG_5158 curls gone child
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Let me start by saying this. I'm a year older than I was on Friday so this post might read slightly more maturely than the last one. And these pictures might have more depth to them because of my more experienced eye. But first, can we talk about Bo's new signature stance?
IMG_5132 IMG_5150 IMG_5163 IMG_5144
I believe it's the greatest of all signature stances.
For the last year I have very much looked forward to thirty-one. Thirty seems like a fake age. Like twenty-one and one hundred. When someone turns one-hundred they probably feel weird about it because saying "I'm 100" almost sounds braggy. That's how I feel about thirty. Like I was supposed to be someone by the time I turned thirty. Or do thirty things before I turned thirty. Or take myself seriously and be a woman and grow up and act more thirty-ish. Also, round numbers have always freaked me out hence my fear of turning 100 someday. So tidy and contained and divisible. So perfectly in line. When I had night terrors as a child it was always the same dream that had me clawing at my parents and kicking the walls: little men in perfectly-pressed uniforms marching in a row. Even now, the only parades I can watch are sloppy ones. People marching in perfect order make me want to hide in a bush. We all have our weirds, right?

Anyway. All of this is to say, it feels really good to be thirty-one. Also thirty-one rhymes with wordy fun which is what I plan to do this year. Lots of wordplay, guys. Lots of good clean wordplay fun. 

Not only was yesterday my birthday, it was also Father's Day of course, which was awesome because I got to spend the day with my dad, who is as lovely as his W(ife)WWW and spent much of his/our day helping me shlep flea market finds into my van which was very kind of him. Also, dude is one ripped Papa. 
Operation Shop for New the House has officially kicked off. First purchases? A dresser for Archer and Fable's room and a giant old locker I plan to DIY out into a pillowed storage bench. All I need is a hacksaw, spray paint and some plush pillow action and BAM! Pew pew!
photo IMG_5268
My birthday gift to myself was also the perfect father's day gift for Hal: a shiny new Paragard (NO MIRENA!) IUD, which somehow hurt zero going in and yielded no cramping in the hours afterward (My last IUD insertion experience was painful and very uncomfortable for several hours. This time around? Cakewalk. The only explanation I can think of is that my uterus is pretty down for things inside of it at this point. It spent the last nine months lonely and now it has a cool T-shaped roommate and a ten year lease!) You're welcome Ute!

Anyway. For those planning Father's Day Gift Guides for 2013, for your consideration, Paragard, an Intrauterine Device.
IMG_5285 IMG_5276
And while Sunday was lovely and Sunday night was fabulously condom-free, Saturday won the prize for thrilling(estest) day of the week. Our final approval from the bank came through along with our closing date. Which means? In two Mondays from now, I'll be blogging from the office in our new house. That is ours. THAT IS OUR NEW HOUSE!

Esteban, you can call us "Paragard" because WE ARE STAYING INSIDE OF YOU FOR TEN YEARS!  (Or more!)
IMG_5262 IMG_5256 Gird your loins, sir.



Anonymous | 9:07 PM

Yes!!!! Congrats. So exciting. All of the above.

Erica | 9:07 PM

Congrats! (I mean on the house, but hey, condom free is worth congratulating too!)

The Kellys | 9:10 PM

Beautiful! And so happy about all of your new developments! ;)

We also have the cat piano and the songs that it plays crack me up! Almost inappropriate! :)

Unknown | 9:15 PM

paragard rulez. :)

Diana (BlesstheFunk) | 9:25 PM

Yay, yowza, and hoorah! Birthday, hot husband Sunday evenings, and house! Oh Esteban, you don't know how lucky you are...

Re: Paraguard. Got mine 3 weeks ago. Not so comfy, but now unnoticable. Plus: Hormone free, can I get a hell yeah! Only sad thing for me is that I don't feel "done" - but husband does. But ah well, things can change!

EvilCleopatra | 9:26 PM

me and my guy are still a few years off from being able to buy a house, so i'm gonna go ahead and continue living vicariously through you. SO EFFING EXCITED!

Red Stethoscope | 9:59 PM

Congrats on the house!!! So exciting!



Aga | 10:12 PM

Conrats!!! I've had my Paraguard for 7 years now and I loooove it. Hormone-free, maintainance-free and it made my periods shorter, lighter, and more regular. If 'death' wasn't listed as one of the possible side effects, I'd say it's the perfect birth-control method.
So excited about the house!!! Are you hiring movers and/or extra nannies?

Mama Smith | 10:13 PM

Too funny! So exciting to have a new house- congrats. I'm interested to see how things work out with paraguard, I'm still trying to figure out something but am a little afraid of iud after reading so many horror stories. Sounds like it's working out well for you.


@Aga Hiring movers and a sitter AND my parents will come up to help as well. Because this is going to be a JOB. But soon it will be over! Phew!

Roksalanna | 10:17 PM

Happy Birthday Rebecca!
I love your blog.
Bo and Revi are so grown up now!


@Mama Smith - The Mirena was not my friend. Hal could feel it during sex, my hair fell out, I had zero sex drive (because of the hormones)... it was a disaster. I'm actually on my period now (sorry TMI) and it's lighter than normal which I was not expecting at all. So far? I give ye old paragard an A+! Will keep you posted if that changes. :)

Ellie D | 10:37 PM

Love the 'call us Paragard' comment!

Stef | 10:59 PM

I love how you and Hal have the same stance in the last photos. Congrats on Esteban finally becoming yours!

glenda | 11:11 PM

Hope you had a very happy birthday and congrats on your new home.

Bria | 11:28 PM

Happy belated birthday....and OMG, you got the house!!! Congratulations!!!

Tove | 11:47 PM

Congratulations on Esteban, so excited for you all to begin a new adventure there!

Anonymous | 11:54 PM

Wonderful news. Love from New Zealand down under - yes next door( 3000 miles) to Australia. Nana Lin

el-ni | 12:57 AM

Congrats :)

Virginia-Ann | 1:00 AM

Congrats on so many fronts! You indeed seem upon reading to be on cloud nine... Good luck with everything, I can not think of any family more deserving.

mauimermaid | 1:02 AM

Happy Birthday- Love it- we share the same birthday. I read your words often. Totally relate. So often your post are right on target for what is going on in my crazy, infant and toddler nutty nut house of an amazingly beautiful life. Thanks for the honest window into your world.

Rebecca @ Sink or Swim | 1:21 AM

What an exciting weekend! So very, very, VERY happy that the house is yours, I am sure it is a huge weight of your shoulders knowing that you have somewhere to live.
(and yay for long term birth control)

Rebecca @ Sink or Swim | 1:21 AM

What an exciting weekend! So very, very, VERY happy that the house is yours, I am sure it is a huge weight of your shoulders knowing that you have somewhere to live.
(and yay for long term birth control)

carrie fudickar | 1:27 AM

What a lovely family pic! And also, "the little kitty, the little kitty, forgot how to meow. And all he can say now is woof, woof and bow wow".

Katie | 1:35 AM


Elly | 3:03 AM

Oh, those baby grins! Also, woo! Congratulations on Estaban, that's brilliant news :)

supertiff | 3:26 AM

i never ever comment, but i check in all the time and now i need to say those last two pics are the most gorgeous family photos i've ever seen and also congratulations x four million. and infinity. and beyond.

steffi | 4:01 AM

i LOVED this post for so many reasons! i am SO happy for you and your new house!! i can't wait to see pictures of it! :)

JenAHM | 5:20 AM

Congratulations on the house, your birthday, the IUD and everything else!

Lordy, I thought my baby girl had some magnificent thighs....but Bo's are beyond marvelous. Love them!

DiJe | 5:57 AM

Congratulations on all counts!

Mia | 5:58 AM

Oh my God, congratulations! Can't wait to see the house!

Cindy | 6:07 AM

You got a house for your birthday! That's an awesome gift. Happy Belated Birthday.

anna | 6:11 AM

YAY! HOORAY! WAHOO! congratulations, i wish you a happy packing and moving time. can't wait to see pics. AND happy IUD! xo!

dgm | 6:15 AM

Everything, all of it--yaaay and congratulations! Archer reading Shel Silverstein harkens me back to my kids and their time spent poring over SS. (I'm not sure which volume it is in, but "The Bagpipe Who Didn't Say No" is a must-read.) Your family is beautiful; your pictures always have such a mood to them.

BTW, I also get weirded out if things are too uniform and matchy. I have a compulsion to muss things up just a bit, or to make sure something is a little "off" (at least by others' standards). WTH is that all about?

Anonymous | 6:15 AM

Gave the hubs Paraguard for our 9 year anniversary! Had to buy a grill for Fathers Day.

Anonymous | 6:19 AM

Congrats! Archer looks so much like your Dad! Happy moving- Happy Birthday!

mary e

court | 6:37 AM

Congratulations on the new house!

Re: fear of order/numbers. I totally get that, except my fear is of the number 9. I can't take anything being on a 9 or dealing with a 9. Volume, I have to move it up a notch to 10 or whatever. I think it's a form of synesthesia.

I absolutely love your writing, and being we are the same age, I feel I can somewhat relate. I have a 5 month old boy... and when I feel like I'm having a tough day, I think how you have 4 and you still look fabulous and it is possible to handle. :)

Candace | 6:37 AM

Happy Birthday, Happy House-Day and Happy condom free day!

Paragard sucked ass but hopefully nice for you. Had it for 18 months and the massacre every month and killer back pain made me say bye bye. I miss those condom free days though :(

Jess | 6:48 AM

woohooo to no pregnancy scares!

Alt-Mama | 7:10 AM

Hooray for Estaban and Paragard, united at last!

Fyi, I think a fear of men marching in rows whilst wearing neatly pressed clothing/uniforms reflects highly evolved instincts, as - historically speaking - cultures that produce that kind of marching tend to produce a certain brand of misery and madness immediately thereafter. Go you, and your intuition!

Unknown | 7:28 AM

Yay!! I'm so thrilled for you guys! Can't wait to see your new place in pics and also hear all the stories coming from it :) congrats!!!

Brandy | 7:33 AM

You can stop making my ovaries ache right now, you mature vixen!

Lauren | 7:44 AM

Congratulations on the house!!! Soooo exciting :)

L.L. | 7:50 AM

I had my 2nd baby last December and was looking into getting an IUD but found out my insurance didn't cover it, soon after I got knocked up, in much the same way you conceived your twins - a time when you would think it would be safe! When baby is born, I'll have 3 under 3...gonna be quite an adventure. Love the blog!

Congratulations on the house! Thats amazing!

Clandestine Road | 7:54 AM

AHHHHHHHH! Congratulations! Happy birthday, happy house day, happy IUD day, happy, happy, happy!

Arnebya | 8:21 AM

Yay! For the birthday, Estaban, fathers on Father's Day, and the locker I can't wait to see because COME ON, SON! I wish I could find cool things to DIY like that (although yes, yes, I am much better at watching shows that do such than I am at actually doing it myself). Still. Cool.

Y'all some cute Paragards.

Entwined Essentials | 9:01 AM

Yay, Congratulations on EVERYTHING! What a fun and full weekend!

Ashley Austrew | 9:02 AM

Yay!!! Congratulations! I have Paragard, too, and it is AWESOME.

Lindsay - Shop Ella Lou | 10:02 AM

Yay, Rebecca! That is absolutely, positively wonderful news! A house of your own (or, that you own) - it's such an amazing feeling! And, I love all your DIY projects already. I cannot wait to see more of your amazing decorating!

P.s. I'll keep that Paragard in mind when we are done having kiddos. Very good to know!

Mia | 10:05 AM

Hurray! Congrats on the big new purchase!

Unknown | 10:20 AM

Happy birthday and congratulations!

I would say home ownership makes you all adult and womanly - like, whoa.

Christina | 10:52 AM

The Paragard is by far the best thing that has happended to my uterus since it last hosted a child. I had super cramps after insertion and what not and then tortured myself with reading Google testaments about non-stop flows and copper scented vaginas but truly it's been a dream. I'm a terrible pill taker (hello sons o' mine) so this has been fantab!

Happy birthday and welcome to the family Esteban.

Connie | 11:51 AM

Aahhhhhhh! YAY!!!!!!!

(What's sort of funny/ironic/interesting/perfect is that your family was one of three different families whom I know who were waiting on news of closing on their homes...and guess what? All THREE of you found out your closing dates this week! Crazy!?!?)

Congrats. And can I just say...that last photo? You have the most gorgeous zen face on. I am WILD about that as a family photo. Just the right amount of candid and truth.). :) Go you guys, go.

Elizabeth | 12:36 PM

Something about those full family portraits just seem so RIGHT. You and Hal, each with one arm devoted to a child. It looks so complete. | 1:08 PM

Where did you get that gorgeous black dress (or skirt) with the bright flowers? LOVE!

Tricia | 1:28 PM

Congratulations on Esteban! How exciting and wonderful! Also, happy 31st b-day! Lots of good stuff going on for you guys-- that's awesome. Hope the move is quick and easy-- even though I'm sure that's not remotely possible, with 2 bigs, 4 littles and the 394857 metric tons of shit that comes with being alive these days. But I'm hoping for the best for you! ;)

Re: Paragard- I hope you have a better experience than I did! I tried it and chose to ditch it after a year when I was up to two long periods every single month (wtf?). Also noticed that I wanted to murder and/or divorce my husband for the 3-4 days before each of those multiple periods... which basically means that every day of my life I was either a) bleeding and not in the mood for love or b) wanting to kill my husband. Not ideal. :)

Brooke | 2:56 PM

I like that Austin, Texas shirt that Archer is sporting! A shout out to my hometown! And as always, your family is adorable!

CP | 3:30 PM

Congrats on the house! I got my paragard yesterday - first IUD ever and first time using a reliable birth control method in a long time. It was a rather terrifying experience even after having two children without medical intervention. Then as fate would have it you posted this just hours after I got mine and it made me feel 100x better! Thanks so much for your wit and humor!

Laura | 5:45 PM

Congrats on the new house! Can't wait to see what you do with the lockers! On a different note: condom-free Sunday nights are the gift that keeps on giving, so Happy Father's Day to that!

linuxgrl | 6:24 PM

Congrats, so happy for you all! Love the group pic of your family at the end, so nice to see all of you together!

Ray | 7:13 PM

“Esteban, you can call us "Paragard" because WE ARE STAYING INSIDE OF YOU FOR TEN YEARS! (Or more!)”

Totally made me lol! =P

Big congratulations, on the new house! Awesome!!!!!

Love the family photos. You're so blessed. =o)

SarahC | 7:35 PM

I turned 30 on Sunday. (can I get a hell yea for June 17th?!) It feels weird. Just weird. I think 31 will feel much more comfortable. I love your words. Congrats on the house, the new year and the worry free sexing!

Carrie | 10:26 PM

Love it! Congratulations on all fronts. Love the signature stance and I'm so getting that cat piano - I admired it all the time when my son was teeny, why do I not own it yet?

Tracy | 4:47 AM

Congratulations, happy birthday and love the locker plan! There are two lockers getting all rusted up in a soccer field near my house. I've been trying to convince my husband to go on a midnight stealth mission to "claim" them but he is too chicken.

freckletree | 6:23 AM

Happy Birthday beautiful mama, it sounds like thirty-one is going to be a good year for you! And congrats on the house, that is so freaking exciting. Crazy, I just read about you sister in Brevard, which happens to be where much of my family is from (I am about 2 hours away now). Make sure that you convince her to hang out in the Pisgah National Forest a bit, it's one of my very favorite places. I'm checking out the ticket info now! Mwah!

Pretzel Thief | 7:09 AM



Esteban is su casa, freakin' FINALLY. ¡Fabuloso! (Okay, I'll shuttie uppeth with the Spanish...nnnnnnow. :P)

Also, happy birthday, yay!

(Finally, wherever did you get that adorable cat-keyboard? I wanna! Well, rather, I wanna buy it for my gorgeous nephew.)

~Kristina | 8:29 AM

SWEET!! Happy belated and way high fives on Esteban! Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

The woman behind the desk... | 6:22 PM

Happy belated, ye who shares my birthday. Isn't it lovely that we share our day with Barry Manilow and the anniversary of the OJ Simpson car chase? :)

Anonymous | 11:19 PM

He creepy

the flashbulb | 6:52 AM

Hoory! So much happy news in one post - congrats to your family

Unknown | 7:29 AM

Whoo-hoo! Oh, I'm so happy for you guys. You're going to look great in Esteban. Congratulations!

Anonymous | 2:08 PM

This is random, but you should really show this video or this episode of PBS's America Revealed to Archer! It's all about traffic and there is specifically a part about LA traffic (linked in this youtube video).


@Anon He's seen it! We tape them all (America Revealed) for him! Thank you, though, for thinking of us/him!

BonJoey | 12:25 AM

I die for these pictures. Your babies, all of them, could not be more beautiful. aaaand what a hilarious post! There has never been a family more fun to read about, love and root for than yours. Thank you for sharing! btw - happy belated birthday!

Gwen | 11:58 AM

Fantastic! So glad to hear the house worked out.

amyunicorn | 1:22 PM

Congrats! Poor archer, it appears someone had a fistful of his hair in the last picture! :(

nicole | 7:43 AM

Happy belated birthday! And CONGRATS on the house! I need to look into this Spermaguard that you speak of; thanks for the recommendation. I stopped taking my birth control, so we're playing uterine roulette, and I'm praying to Mother Mary for my period each month, you know, like the good Catholic that I am. ;)

Sophie Lesher | 7:51 PM

hey, birthday buddy! congrats on your everything.

much love <3