Boheme & Reverie, Nine Months

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As of yesterday, Bo and Revi are nine months old, three-quarters of a year, one and a half if you combine them. They slept through the night last night AND the night before. And the night before that and the night before that which is a world record in our house and as I type this I have Guinness holding on the other line.

So this morning, for the fourth day in a row, I woke to the sound of two baby voices babbling at each other from across their room, Bo with high squeels, Revi with her signature rasp. And then they saw me Bo clapped and Revi got so excited she fell down and hit her head and cried.
(But only for a minute.)

Both girls have all but weaned in the last week. They're taking three bottles a day, in the morning, before their afternoon "naps" and then once more before bed, but other than that they're100% on board with solids. And screw purees. These chicks want textured things to smash all over their faces, highchairs (and occasionally) put in their mouths. 
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Revi's hair continues to be awesome, doing things I didn't even know were possible. Do you remember the "bop chop" that was popular in the late 90's? Revi's totally bringing it back. 
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Meanwhile, Bo's hair is getting curly. Hal (when he had it) and my hair are pretty straight and Revi, Archer and Fable have zero wave to their hair. But Bo's going FULL ON different-from-everybody-else and it's awesome. 
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Revi is going through serious stranger anxiety right now. She is suspicious of all new sounds and sights and if she hasn't seen you at least a dozen times, she will at once become hysterical if you so much as acknowledge her. So in most public places I carry her around with a blanket over her head to keep her anxiety at bay. Kind of like those early months with Bo. Exactly like those early months with Bo.
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Meanwhile I can put Bo down in any public place and she will crawl to strangers and hug them. Literally. She will clap her hands around their necks and hug. I helped out at Archer's school the other day and she crawled around and got everyone's phone number. She claps when people smile at her. Makes faces at anything remotely alive. Scrunches her nose. Giggles uncontrollably at nothing.
IMG_4928 They both also really like dogs. photo-2 photo-7
It's funny, reading back on the previous monthly posts. I thought I knew Rev in the beginning. I thought I had her all sorted out. I don't. I don't have either of them anything. They keep swapping personalities. And for all their distinct differences there's something inexplicable about twins, a sort of symmetrical chaos. They're like two different cars changing lanes at the same time. And suddenly you're like, "That's Bo screaming, right? No. It's Revi. Bo's over there laughing at the wall with Revi's voice." AHHHH I'm so confused this is awesome.
photo Happy Nine Months, flowers.
IMG_4920 Keep growing. photo But not too fast. photo-1
About a month ago I filmed the girls with the intention of editing and posting it weeks ago and I never got around to it. Because. I didn't. So I'm posting it here, today, even though, it might as well be footage from another lifetime. Revi is barely sitting up and Bo is doing her "seal" crawl. In less than a month, the girls have turned toddler. And, I know I say it all too often, but at this age every moment is ten years. You turn on a camera to film them flopping around and by the time you turn the thing off, they're standing up.
Just like that. 

Anyway. Here's Bo and Revi circa four weeks ago (warning: the video is totally long and the vocals are really loud and you might want to turn down the volume a lot): 

And here are Bo and Revi yesterday:

...And then they slept through the night forevermore. The end.



glenda | 1:35 PM

Happy 9 mos Bo and Rev.
Beautiful x2
Keep growing!
Love it! xo

Kim | 1:42 PM

Love babies. Love Beau Reves. Very cute and crawly. You are so lucky that you get to be home and tackle them and run after them and they can exhaust you and you get to stare into those lovely big eyes.

You are a wonderful mommy. Thank you for sharing your times with them.

Zoƫ | 2:02 PM

Love Bo's scrunchy nose and Revi's hair.

Your comment about these moments being like years really rings true for me. My third and youngest is exactly one year older than the twins, and I was looking at her yesterday, her 21 month birthday, and realized she is becoming a little girl. What happened to my baby? It's sad, but exciting at the same time.

JC | 2:26 PM

Must stop watching! This makes me want more babies...
They are just crazy-beautiful and life in your house looks like so much fun! :)

Samantha | 3:01 PM

This post is beautiful. Your girls are beautiful. Many future blessing to you and yours.

Elizabeth | 3:35 PM

Bo looks like you when she smiles.

Red Stethoscope | 4:01 PM

I love the videos. The part where Revi reaches out and grabs Cooper and his face is just like, "Really, guys? Really?" Yeah, that was the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Kammy | 4:48 PM

I'm just sitting here thinking how much fun it must be for them to have each other.

Christina | 4:53 PM

The scrunchy nose is gonna kill me dead. And Revi's face in the video when she hears Fable and Hal!!!! I laughed out loud. She looked as though she'd explode from the excitement. What a magical time.

Big love to your family always and always and after that too.

Cindy | 5:31 PM

I was having a melancholy moment and then I watched those videos. Thank you. Your family is so awesome. Here's to the adventure!

Lisa Y | 6:37 PM

They are so different and each so uniquely beautiful! I'm an identical twin and have to check what my mom wrote on the back of my baby pictures to figure out which one is me! How wonderful that your two are each so THEIR OWN! Even if they do switch personalities! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous girls!

Mama Smith | 6:52 PM

I love how they are looking more and more different all the time. Beautiful babies! It's going so fast, my son is one year older than the girls and when I found your blog he was just starting to walk and you were (very) pregnant. I feel like I blinked and now they're little mobile people- nuts.

Entwined Essentials | 8:50 PM

I love your family and your pictures and your beautiful words. I just can't get enough. I love Bo's little scrunchy face and Revi's face of wonder. And it sounds weird but I think that picture of them crying together is pretty awesome because just yesterday I was looking at your Instagram pics and thought, I don't think your kids ever cry. Your family is perfect and I love that you share.

Prasti | 3:43 AM

precious babes. they are beautiful and growing so quickly!

Sarah Jane | 4:45 AM

Your babies are devine!

Kim S. | 6:41 AM

My twins switched personalities all the time. Now, at 5, they are a little more solid in who they are, but if someone asks "who is the dominant one?" Or "who is more shy?" I'm always at a loss for words. Uh. Both? Sometimes? Always? Huh?

Prepare yourself for their mobility. Deep breaths...

Aymesee | 6:51 AM

They look alike when they are both crying! That the only picture I've seen where they resemble one another so closely. I find that really sweet for some reason.

Sabina | 7:29 AM

I thought the chub on Bo was amazing in pictures but my god in the video it's even more amazing!! I love her chubby legs. Happy nine months ladies!!

Emily | 8:35 AM

Awww, happy 9 months! I can't believe how totally different they look, so awesome. Those two will grow-up being the best of friends.

Stella | 10:34 AM

Have been reading your blog for a while now from the UK. Your twins are so sweet, their individuality is amazing!

Rebecca | 11:48 AM

The look on Bo's face when she sees Hal at 1:46 is ELECTRIC.

Alt-Mama | 12:23 PM

Priceless footage. I was actually laughing. Love the little Cooper-the-dog scene. Guessing your translation was perfect ("It's overwhelming sometimes.") What a sweet dog. And what sweet babies! Congrats, mama, and keep rockin' it.

Bobbie | 12:35 PM

I love your updates on the girls. They are so cute! I totally feel you on the switching personalities thing. Our boys will be 13 mos. next week and have switched identities at least 3 times, I swear. In the beginning I thought Sam would be the quiet, friendly, contemplative one, and Zac the terror. But now, Sam is go-go-go and get into EVERYTHING while Zac is more methodical and turns things over in his hands to study them. Sam is wary of strangers while Zac is smiley, stares into your eyes to read your soul, and is happy with anyone as long as he's being held. Zac also claps when he's happy, like Bo. Both love music and dance a lot. It's so fun to watch them interact and develop into little people. Do Bo and Revi have a specific sound they make when looking for or seeing Archer or Fable? When Sam and Zac see their older brother or are looking for him, they make a very specific sound/word that is unique only to him. It's interesting to me...

Amber S | 6:46 PM

You are an amazing mama! My first thought was "oh shit!" because that's what I have to look forward to in a few months. Please share your wisdom on how you manage two crawling babes :) Your family is to see you guys in action.

Bethany | 8:27 PM

How the HELL did this happen...?

Sascha lacoss | 2:52 PM

Yes oi totally get the switching thing. Twins must do to keep us on our toes! Our twin boys are 3 and as soon as we think that we've figured them out, they switch. I liked how you described the cars changing lanes at same time- that's what it's like!