Boheme & Reverie, One Month

As of yesterday R&B are one-month old. Out of their preemie diapers and into the world of above-average-sized infants. Reverie tipped the scales at 7lbs on Tuesday and Boheme, a hearty 8 lbs 10oz. Pretty incredible considering my forty-week due date is still a week away and three weeks ago Rev weighed four and a half pounds.
Every day they become more uniquely themselves. Reverie is the calm and Boheme is the storm, Serenity and Strength.
Rev is independent and alert with wandering eyes and hands that dance, Bo holds tight to fingers, vigorous and focused. She is spirited and feisty, loud and loving...
...Reverie feels like Archer did at this age: wide eyes gazing, always open. She is wisdom and quiet, a daydream like her name suggests, soft, accommodating, easy.
At night I flick the lights in the nursery to tend to Boheme and find Reverie by her side, still and blinking, her hands at her cheeks.
Both girls sing in their sleep, they hum and purr when rocked like little kittens. They lock eyes and see through me, night owls in clashing receiving blankets batting at each other's faces, sneezing simultaneously and then... a duet of hiccups.
I still can't believe that there are two of them. It's a completely different experience, caring for infantS. Like navigating a new planet with double-vision and not nearly enough arms to go around. Luckily love is not an appendage.
Happy one-month, beautiful girls.


Bo & Rev's sandals c/o Auntie Skampy, purchased, here. Headbands are Lou & Lee.


Breathe Gently | 2:35 AM

Your wee ones are precious - all four of them! Love that their personalities are already showing. :)

Abi | 2:41 AM

Happy one month, Bo & Rev! I can;t believe how much they've grown!

And yay you for having WWW & having 6 hrs of sleep. I've been living on 2 hr blocks and lots and lots of coffee.

Anonymous | 2:57 AM

Oh my god I can't believe they're a month already! They are so beautiful.

Man, I thought I was done with 2 but everytime I read your blog I start getting all broody.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 3:00 AM

Oh my goodness I'm just in awe. They are impressive! Incredible! I love your new header, too.


Anonymous | 3:12 AM

congratulations supermum. you are doing an amazing job - i only have one child (18month). I can't imagine life with 4. YOu are amazing.

Silvy | 3:54 AM

LOVE the photo with archer and fable!!

Mrs.T | 4:00 AM

They are precious! I ADORE those shoes and the Thing 1 & 2 hats!

Margie | 4:14 AM

Beautiful, just beautiful. Fable and Archer look like giants compared to R&B. They look so proud sitting with them. Well done. X

Luisa | 4:29 AM

That photo of the four of them is the best thing ever. Congratulations!

KaliLove | 4:53 AM

They're beautiful! And look at your feet in the last pict. Welcome back ankles!

I swelled up like Violet Beauregarde so I know what a happy day it is when you can wear something other than flipflops.

Alaythea | 4:57 AM

I love the picture where Rev's hand is in Bo's mouth! Too funny!

Aliesha | 5:07 AM

I don't know if it's the beautiful writing or the beautiful babes, probably a combination of the two--but am I going to cry during every single post from now on??

Congrats on making it through month one--they look like they are thriving. My daughter was 8lbs10oz when she was born--I can just perfectly picture that size! Love those cheeks!

Blair Stephens | 5:42 AM


That photo of the four is miraculous.

Happy One Month GGC Family. :-)

Emily Elizabeth | 5:43 AM

Oh my, they are all so gorgeous! Amazing that they are already one month old. So sweet!

Anonymous | 5:53 AM

1 month?! I'm sorry, but that is simply impossible. They were only born days ago... right?!

Just beautiful.

Suzanne | 5:55 AM

Congrats! R &B (and Archer & Fable) are so perfect. Thanks for sharing this mind blowing journey with us, I have enjoyed every post.

I recently had the same concern about not having enough arms to go around before we welcomed our third (a boy) to the fam. But you are so right, "love is not an appendage". With all of the family, siblings and pure goodness babies bring it is possible to give out the love everyone needs, I am sure even with four.

Congrats, again, and many blessings to your family.

margosita | 5:58 AM

Those babies! Those shoes! Those incredible kids! Too, too cute.

Connie | 6:17 AM

Oh my goodness. My heart exploded when I scrolled down to the photo of Fable and Archer staring at each other with the babygirls at their feet.

Dangit. Now my heart's laying all over my office.


You have one amazing family of kiddos, that's for sure.

Anabelle | 6:22 AM

They are so so so cute! Love the outfits and the pics :)
By the way, your new banner is great:)

Have a lovely weekend with your lovely family!

Anonymous | 6:28 AM

Adorable. I can't get over how much Reverie looks like your husband.

Tasha | 6:30 AM

I can't believe it's been a month already. They are more beautiful every time I see them.

I'm having my first baby girl in a couple months and at first I was nervous about having a girl (my first is a rough and tumble very boyish boy)but seeing how cute and precious these little ones are (and Fable in all her glorious girlness) helps so much!

DIane | 7:01 AM

preciously beautiful.....if that is a word!!!!!!!!!

oh, jenny mae | 7:08 AM


sarah doow | 7:09 AM

How wonderful that they're so different and yet so similar in many ways.

robyn L. | 7:10 AM

Reverie looks a lot like Fable!

Unknown | 7:10 AM

I love those synchronized-dancing babies shots at the end. Never have I cared so much about a stranger's babies! Best to you all.

The Dalai Mama | 7:20 AM

happy one month girls!!!!

What a beautiful family you have.

Bekka Ross Russell | 7:51 AM

So, so stunning - and I love to see them chunking up, getting big and strong and healthy! Such a blessing to have them thrive. Enjoy every moment, mama!


I feel like Superman around kryptonite over here! Babies...too...SWEET...!!!

Rae | 8:15 AM

Wow, way to go with chubbing up the babies! Amazing. They are so beautiful. I love the way you seem to be soaking it in, though it must be crazy sometimes.

Anonymous | 8:15 AM

Okay, the pic of the 4 of them made me cry. You are living the dream sister.

Anonymous | 8:20 AM

they are precious. wondering how your holding up tho. would love a post on how your doing with four young angels. love your blog.

Anonymous | 8:21 AM

i mean, when you have time, haha

Steph(anie) | 8:37 AM

It doesn't seem possible that it's been a month already! The picture of the four of them together is magic. Perfection. Wonderful.

AndreaB | 9:04 AM

This is my favorite post yet. In the midst of my manic morning, I found myself stopping to just stare and take in the sweetness of these shows... how B&R seem to mirror one another with their hand gestures. And the photo of Fable and Archer in the shot with the twins is beautiful. Congrats Rebecca!

A Brilliant Life | 9:06 AM

Ok - I have loved your blog for a while but I just realized that I get to love it EVEN MORE because it is going to be the re-live your twin babies site for me. I am so happy for you, they are perfect. I think they will change in spirit but always kind of remain the same. They will be nothing like each other but very see where I am going? For me two twin girls has been total wonderful unpredicatbale contradiction land. They are so so perfect and I won't bore you to death with why bo reminds me of sophia and rev reminds me of Mae but just know that I am out there reading, enjoying, comparing and supporting you!!!!! XOXO

Erin | 9:23 AM

Cuteness overload. Really, with all those hormones, I'd be a crying mess for no reason other than they are all so stinkin' cute.

Anonymous | 9:34 AM

Can I ask why you tend to dress Reverie is the darker, slightly teeny bit less girly outfits (at least in the pictures we've seen)? My sister is blonde and pale and my mom always dressed her in pinks and flowers and ruffles. I'm brunette and tan and she dressed me in blues and less flowers and more stripes and still in dresses and girly things...just less girly. The older I got the more it annoyed me and now I"m a 23 year old pink, ruffled, lace, pearl mess. And my sister is more plain Jane American Apparel basics kind of girl....Anyway, it might just be one of those weird things...but I'm just wondering bc when I asked my mom she said she didnt know...But your girls (and boy) are precious and cute and seem to have great personalities so I guess their clothes are just clothes :)

wonderchris | 9:49 AM

Love is not an appendage...I love that.

Lick | 9:54 AM

You are quite the writer, makin' me all teary-eyed and whatnot. They are lucky children. Beautiful and lucky.

Shay | 9:56 AM

So sweet. Archer has his work cut out for him being big brother to 3 little sisters. Awesome.

Elizabeth | 10:33 AM

I love how they look like little dance partners in a series of shots. So unbelievably cute!

Glenda | 10:33 AM

Happy 1 month Bo & Rev!
Love the pictures. Totally different and in sync. LOVE! x2 Beauties!!

And Love the picture of the 4 of them! Adorable!

Red Stethoscope | 10:56 AM

This is one of my favorite posts to date. And, I love that you drew a parallel between Rev and Archer. I didn't want to be that creepy commenter making comparisons, but Rev looks just like Archer; Bo, like Fable.

Christina @ busybmommy | 11:00 AM

OhMyGod...the picture of the 4 of them. I just died.

Margaret | 11:21 AM

They are amazing and so are those quilts! I love them. Also, can you tell me where you got that rug? I'm trying to find a rug just like that for my son's room. Again, beautiful babies!

Rachel Z | 11:26 AM

This question just occurred to me - I know you had picked out their names before birth, and now it seems like they each so well suited to each name it's inconceivable that they would be named otherwise. But how did you pick which got which name? Was it in vitro? When they were born?

Bless with a Boy | 12:03 PM

I love baby's. My arms ache when I hear one cry in the store. I want to go cuddle them and sooth them. The girls look so happy. So do Archer and Fabel. Rev looks like her brother and sister. I think Bo looks like your mom. I'm sure they are ever changing and everyone has an oppionon on who they look like.

So glad your mom is there to give you some rest.

Megg | 12:08 PM


Motherhood and Me | 12:15 PM

love the pic of all four of your babes. adorable.

stephanie | 1:02 PM

AAHH the photo of all four of them SLAYS ME! So precious. Your family, your family. You guys are the most precious beings.

Amanda | 1:04 PM

Holy crap! A month?! When? How did this happen?!

Complete terror over how time movers so fast aside, I loved this. So excited to see their personalities form more as well as theirs relationships with Archer and Fable because man...that pic of the fours of them is worth a billion and one words.

doahleigh | 1:26 PM

My goodness you have adorable children. All four of them. Seriously, your life blows me away.

krista | 1:34 PM

you can see your toes again! yay!

Biberologio | 2:20 PM

oh wow the photo with all four children is so beautiful and moving

Kim | 2:25 PM

I love the pics of all four of them together and how excited Archer and Fable are to be BIG. (And don't you realize how BIG they are now?) It's also awesome that you already know them so well.

tinyparticlesoflight | 2:42 PM

Bo & Rev are amazing! I so remember taking so so many "blanket on the ground" pics of my twin boys when they were just babies....time flyes. I remember the hiccups too!


Unknown | 3:21 PM

Simply amazing.

(In a weird random aside, you & your family were in my dream the other night. I needed a place to crash in LA for the night and you let me sleep on your couch.)

I swear I'm not a stalker.

Amy | 3:56 PM

I love this! The girls are beautiful & I can't believe it's been a month already! Happy Birthday R&B!!

Amanda | 4:02 PM

Happy one month, sweet babies!

Karen | 4:41 PM

To think... you got to this point, after accidently getting pregnant and then creating this incredible family! It's been a joy to follow along and read about your journey. Thank you for sharing your words, and those pictures. (the twins are just deliousness!!!)

Anna | 5:01 PM

The shot of the FOUR of them together is fantastic! Also, how has it been an entire month already???

Allison the Meep | 6:27 PM

Jeebus. Have I said yet that I love them? Because I do. I love them.

Seriously, they are so cute that I just felt a physical ache in my chest from it. The kind of ache that only a new baby can cause.

Robbie K | 6:45 PM

beautiful! How do you find time to take such amazing pics with four kids?

Unknown | 7:12 PM

that is a beautiful linen the babes are photographed one. where is that from?

Anonymous | 7:29 PM

They are so cute. Like you haven't heard that before, right?

Lucy McBees | 2:56 PM

Oh my goodness, so cute, that photo of the four of them is the best!

KatBouska | 4:34 PM

It's just astounding how big your family just got! They are all beautiful...I'm so excited to watch them all grow up together. Keep all those photos coming! They never get old!

Clandestine Road | 7:53 PM

What a wonderful post! Happy one month, dear girls! I love that photo of the four of them.

Anonymous | 8:40 PM

Oh they are pure sweetness! It must be a misplaced perception but Ive always imagined Bohome to be the more dreamy / relaxed baby and Reverie to be more alert etc.. Also, how do you pronounce Boheme? At first I thought it was the same as the beginning of Bohemian and then I read on some blog that it was like Poem. Im hoping you will clarify that on your next post (I probably wont check back through the comments to see if you answer, who has the time to weed through all the comments, right?) I love, love, love the blankets with their names. Also I am wondering, do you look down on people who use common names, Im always curious about people who use one of a kind names, they are obviously name lovers and creative, do they look down on trendy/popular names?

liz | 10:57 AM

Those are two of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid eyes on- and they don't look alike at all. This was an incredible post. I love following your family's journey.

Liz | 5:03 PM

I seriously love Rev's little baby leg warmers. They're too cute!

Ray | 10:56 PM

Ohmygoodness! How is it possible that these girls are ONE MONTH & 5 DAYS already?! Crazy.

"Luckily love is not an appendage."

Loved this.

I've said this many times and I'll say it again: I LOVE the way you write about your children. It's amazing.

Love hearing about these new babes, and seeing the photos (the one with Reverie and Archer is especially cute). Can I take all four of them home with me...? LOL!

God Bless your children! <3

Ray | 10:58 PM

Oh and: I simply adore their outfits! Cute sandals, headbands, and legwarmers. Love. ;D

annabelvita | 3:18 AM

Archer and Fable look so pleased with themselves! I would be too, with two teensy baby sisters...

Hena Tayeb | 11:09 AM

OMG.. they are precious. Love the shoes. You could watch them all day..

robin | 3:59 PM

i heart your babies! they are beautiful (all 4 of them!). i love that reverie has "hands that dance." my boy has had what i call "dancing hands" since he was born (he's 8 months now) :)

Wendi | 7:42 AM

You really do write beautifully! Your my only blog that always brings a tear to my eye.

writermom | 8:30 AM

OMG!!!!! That is all.

P.S. Is it just me or are they looking more alike?!

Anonymous | 3:30 PM

So fun! The twin bond is so pure and amazing and to watch them interact is a whole different universe. I look at them and think back to when Q and E were that tiny and how Q always used to reach out and touch E, even in the NICU. Amazing. And that you can love them so overwhelming at the same time but completely different.

Your big and littles are so precious, glad everything worked out and the babes are growing, healthy and thriving.

Maya | 6:45 PM

"Love is not an appendage"--LOVE this. Such a great reminder.

I'm a few months ahead of you with four and I'm with you--I still can't believe there are two babies! But I'm also here to tell you it gets a little easier! The first few months with twins are a bit of a blurry, magical fog. You're doing great and the babies (and the bigs!) are beautiful.