Househunters H-wood #2: Steve, is that you?

It's early in the search, yes, but sometimes when you know you know. And after stalking the same house for the last two weeks, we finally looked at it on Saturday and fell in love. It has the exact same layout as ours (1920's Spanish) with huge windows, high (beamed) ceilings and light flooding every room. Its original details include light fixtures, a chandelier, old Hollywood style vanities in the closets and french doors. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a guest house out back with its own separate bathroom and plenty of room to double as an office and guest space.
The backyard is smaller than ours, yes, but it has it a jacuzzi built into the deck, tile fountain on the back wall, fruit trees and lots of lovely nooks and crannies for the kids to explore. (The backyard was Archer's favorite part.)
It also has a roomy courtyard + outdoor fireplace in the front of the house, gated with a sky-high hedge, ideal for (as they LOVE to say on House Hunters) "entertaining"... Not that we'll be entertaining anyone besides ourselves but still... kumbaya with the fam beside an outdoor fireplace sounds like a pretty dreamy Friday night.
The house is located about a mile away from where we live now but is still pretty close to both kids' schools and has plenty of lovely places in walking distance. And? It's gorgeous, within our budget...ish, full of lovely vibes, giant windows and happy ghosts.
Time will tell if there will be an episode three. In the meantime, we'll be right here waiting for you, Steve. Richard Marx accompanied beach-sunset-slideshow style.

There's more where this came from, Steve. So much more.



Jody | 6:34 AM

I love that the fireplace is on the side of the house, and I don't know why!
Beautiful house.

Lies | 6:36 AM

If you love this house so much, aren't you supposed to jump on it, to make sure nobody else signs the contract? I don't know anything about the American real estate market, it's just a question from a genuinely interested follower...


We're in the process of jumping on it, Lies. Fingers crossed!

bluejeanamy | 6:45 AM

weeee! that sounds perfect. hope you get!!

and yes yes, why dear gods, is entertaining a main criteria of every hh house? (right after double sinks and stainless steel appliances)... i don't even know what it means. but sweet lord is it important.

*hosts world series and holiday cookie making and super bowl and american idol and random pizza nights and cocktail parties and dies happy i guess*


Amy - YES OMG. And marble kitchen countertops! The house could be a complete and total dump but if marble countertops are involved well then, by golly, SOLD!

agirlnamedmel | 6:56 AM

I am all about that house! Good luck!

Abi | 7:06 AM


I love Steve's gigantic, sun-drenched windows and the courtyard is AWESOME! That light fixture is beautiful! I so hope that this is YOUR Steve!

I've used way too many exclamation points on this reply!!!

johnmayersquare | 7:07 AM

It is perfect...I agree! I'd be jumping on it too, except I live in RAINY Washington just outside Seattle! One day when the kids are grown, we'll move to to a place where there is day! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

Mammy P | 7:11 AM

I know fine well that you are trying hard to lose your baby weight, and far be it from me to be a food enabler, but:


(phew! I'm done now. Sorry about that little outburst.)

Kayla | 7:16 AM

Hoping that everything works out.. LOTSA LOTSA LOTSA WELL wishes and good vibes!!!

Alli Arnold | 7:20 AM

It's gorgeous. I just moved twice in one month (long story) and I am a firm believer in holding out for the right place. This looks like the right place!

Can't wait to see more.

(The girl who tweeted you the leggings drawing)

Minimalist Mom | 7:22 AM


You mentioned in budget-ish. I know you are looking for long term rental, are savvy renters, etc but have you considered negotiating a lower rental rate for a 2-3 year lease? Just a thought. We rent our place out and were thrilled when our awesome tenants wanted to sign on for a 2nd year after being there just a few months. They are so great that we probably would have reduced the rent if they asked.

Hope you get that house. Dreamy.

Kimberly | 7:23 AM

That house is *gorgeous*. My fingers are crossed for you. There's little I find more draining than house hunting, so I hope you find the right place soon.

Liz | 7:34 AM

Wow, that place is gorgeous! I'm so excited for you!

Clandestine Road | 7:57 AM

It looks as though you stumbled upon heaven! That is just so lovely. Fingers crossed!

Nothing But Bonfires | 8:11 AM

But Rebecca, did you go into the closet and say "Wow, look at this closet!" and then Hal said "Rebecca, I bet you like that closet, huh?" and then YOU said "well, this closet is all mine, buddy--I don't know where you're going to put YOUR stuff!" and then Hal laughed affably and the realtor looked uncomfortable? Because that, along with the entertaining comments and someone screwing up their nose about the color of paint, happens on EVERY SINGLE HOUSE HUNTERS.

Steve looks wonderful! I am crossing everything for good luck!

DIANE | 8:14 AM

omg gorgeous!

Stef | 8:47 AM

That Steve looks uh-MAY-zing!

(The "MAY" was trilled at a higher pitch.)

So much good luck to you!


HOLLY! YES! The closet thing KILLS ME! And the paint!!!??? The paint!!! OMG.

That and every dude is looking for a room he can make his man cave. I mean...


And thanks for your well wishes, guys! Will keep you posted!

claudia | 8:58 AM

Come on, Steve! You know you want this!

Glenda | 9:12 AM

Looks beautiful. Sounds amazing. Best of luck to your family!

Liz | 9:15 AM

It looks amazing! Here's hoping you get it!

Marisa | 9:25 AM

great post and gorgeous house! Crossing fingers for ya'll. The Richard Marx video at the end was definitely awesome :)

Shannon | 9:27 AM

Pre-kids we rented a 1940's spanish bungalow a block from the beach in Belmont shore. It was 2 bedrooms and maybe 1200 square feet on a postage stamp of a lot. I loved it more than the house we own which is twice the size, brand new and on a half acre.(but our mortgage is less than the rent we paid on that house 10 years ago!) Something about the arched windows and creaking hardwood floors made it feel like a house I never wanted to leave. Sadly, to find a house like that in the area of Norcal we live in, you have to buy in a part of town that leaves you with meth addicts as neighbors. I hope you get it! It is beautiful!

whoorl | 9:46 AM

Fingers crossed big time.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:49 AM

HOORAY! steve's lovely - that backyard is a DREAM.

Karen | 9:56 AM

Love the house! Those windows are heaven.

And I'm laughing my butt off about Holly's closet comment. "Where are you going to keep YOUR clothes, honey?" Oh, man, that just never gets old. If I'm ever on House Hunters, I'm going to say that EXACT THING and then wink theatrically at the camera for all y'all.

Stainless steel appliances are such a pain to keep clean.

Kris | 9:57 AM

Wow. Just wow. Those windows are to die for. And I want to haul a ratty old quilt under those fruit trees & daydream an entire day away.

My everything is crossed for you to getcha some Steve.

My Bottle's Up! | 10:07 AM

duuuuuuude, this is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! and fantastic and happy times for all. crossing fingers and toes for you. finding a lovely nest is such a fun feeling. xoxo!

Kristen | 10:33 AM

Gorgeous! I hope you get it!

Anonymous | 10:53 AM

This is my dream house, not so easy to be found in nyc or the five boroughs at any kind of near affordable price. So hoping that it will be yours!

Sarah | 11:08 AM

That house is workin' the bedroom eyes pretty damn hard, Steve or not! :)

Fingers crossed, it certainly has "you" written all over it and I know it will be a massive relief.

writermom | 11:09 AM

It's beautiful, I hope you get it!! Also, this is really strange, but I seriously just posted something about Richard Marx on my Facebook page ... "Angelia" played on the retro car ride at noon and now all I can think about is his kick ass 80s mullet. But back to the house...yay!!

Steph(anie) | 11:11 AM


Suzanne | 11:17 AM

Ohhhh -- SWOOOOOON! I hope you get it. And wouldn't that be a great example of how things turn out for the best even though initially you don't think they will (when you were told you would need to move from your current --and much beloved-- home)? I call this life's "Plan B". Although speaking for myself, I think I'm on Plan E5c rev. A right now. :^)

Sarah | 12:01 PM

Everytime my mom and I watch house hunters together we jinx eachother once they hit the bathroom - and dear Lord...."no double sinks"! And oye with the's the easiest thing to change. This house looks beautiful! Really hoping you guys get it!

KAFS | 12:43 PM

This STEVE is AWESOME. Best of luck. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Maybe since Mom will have her own little area you can convince her to stay a while longer and help! ;)

rachel | 12:49 PM

I'm sending you good house vibes... LOVE that place! Good luck!

Molly | 1:01 PM

Gorgeous! Get them to give you a two-year lease!!

The Beckster | 1:08 PM

Nothing But Bonfires --

Seriously, the closet conversation happens in every HH episode! My husband and I are addicted to that show. And, everyone either gets upset about the wall color or the wall paper!

Rebecca -- the house looks awesome - good luck!

NodToStyle | 1:10 PM

dear god, that's a lovely steve.

Jen | 3:33 PM

Absolutely beautiful! Love the windows and the courtyard!
Love it! Fingers crossed!

lisafoose | 3:43 PM

AACK!!!!! it's gorgeous and I'm so happy you found such a great place and (fairly) quickly. Good for the sanity factor!!!! The front and back yards rock! Congrats!!!

KateFitz | 5:53 PM

Steve is one hot mofo.

kittenpie | 6:36 PM

omg it's amazing. I can see you there. Hell, I can see ME there, but, you know, wrong country. Keeping fingers crossed for you. What a wonderful place that would be.

LJ | 7:58 PM

looks beautiful!

Vanessa | 8:02 PM

This place looks amazing! Which of your children would share a room?


Alex | 8:54 PM

Oh my gosh!!! That is AMAZING!

Rebecca | 9:16 PM

Oh lovely, I hope you get it!!!

Shelly... | 9:17 PM

Man there are some cool looking houses in Cali (well certain parts anyway as we were just in Temecula Saturday and didn't see anything like that). When I think of California, I think of lush backyards with lots of fruit trees and cozy backyards. Hope it works out for you all!

Shelly... | 9:18 PM

Man there are some cool looking houses in Cali (well certain parts anyway as we were just in Temecula Saturday and didn't see anything like that). When I think of California, I think of lush backyards with lots of fruit trees and cozy backyards. Hope it works out for you all!

Kath | 5:03 AM

We're living in a Steve in Australia - so guess that makes 'him' a Stevo. We sign 2 year leases for peace of mind.
More I wanted to say that the backyard studio screamed "Child-friendly international student accommodation" to me. I have friends who have wonderful Japanese homestay students who help with rent and become extended family. And LOVE their kids and teach them that there are other lands and cultures...


Hal said the same thing, Kath. He's been trying to talk me into an au pair since I became pregnant. We have a really amazing part-time nanny right now who helps me three days a week. She was a nun in Guatemala, has amazing stories, and is like a grandmother to my kids. And me, too. I'l likely have to hire someone younger to help ad well. (Francisca's in her 70's.) But I'm not quite ready for a live-in! Although when my mom leaves that might change.

Adrianne | 7:40 AM

That Steve fellow is awfully charming! Seriously gorgeous house!!
And Kath's idea is awesome, especially if the place is a tad bit over budget. My cousins had a live-in nanny from France when we were growing up and I was so jealous. She drove them around and spoke French to them. So cool! Good luck with the house; we're all cheering for you guys!

Daniella | 7:52 AM

I live in Australia and even I am hoping this is Steve! Please let this be Steve.

Manda | 9:57 AM

I hope you get it! What a relief it will be to have found a place to go!!

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 3:28 PM

My GAWD! How did you find that place?! Its gorgeous!! I might be moving from Seattle to LA soon (negotiating the job offer) and can I hire you to find me a house that beautiful? We'll be looking at renting too. My husband's 21 year daughter is moving in with us and that guest house would perfect for her. I hope you get the house!!

Jessica Peck | 4:19 PM

i love this style of architecture. the natural light it offers is to die for! goodluck

bbgHappY1 | 8:04 AM

I love love love love this place!

If you decide to live in this place I could see you turning this house in to a home..

Good luck with this.

Mel | 1:32 AM

That outdoor fireplace is beautiful. We've got a tall pottery one, which is wonderful but I'd love one actually built into the wall.

It's nice that it has a nice atmosphere too. I love how you described it as full of "happy ghosts". :) Because even if a house is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, if you don't feel comfortable in there, it's not right for you. And that's something that the house valuation can never tell you. You'll only find that out by standing in the house and seeing how it makes you feel.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this works out for you.

Nicole | 10:40 AM

ooo I want you to have this one! It definitely feels like you guys to me. I LOVE the fireplace outside! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!