Ghoul's Gone Child: Halloween Makeup Ideas

Today I present a video playlist of makeup tutorial vids that might inspire you to actually dress up this year. Because it's Halloween, dammit, and you deserve some sugar... skull.

Good stuff, am I right?

ED: I borrowed the veil from Hal. We tend to share clothes this time of year. And makeup. And facial hair. And yeah. Hooray for Halloween!



Miss Leach | 11:42 AM

Love these! I am fascinated by the Anime one! Super cool!

mpotter | 11:56 AM

absolutely awesome!
i love your halloween posts!

Missy | 12:09 PM

That was friggen amazing!!!!!!!!!! i am going to try that this weekend! Better get to practicing tonight!

Miranda | 3:37 PM

Those? Are amazing. I was riveted the entire time, and I'm so not a tutorial kind of person.

Courtney | 12:47 PM

LOVELY you need to check out this chica's channel! She has an entire playlist of AMAZING Halloween make up ideas!! Plus I personally love her take on the Queen of Hearts even more than the Mac guy's ;)

wonderchris | 3:20 PM

WHOA, I loved all of those!!! LOVED them!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:59 PM

Okay, so seriously, I just watched that whole entire thing. Can you tell I'm on a deadline? Wow. I wish I could do even one of those. That anime one was awesome.


Bless with a Boy | 9:52 AM

These girls are true makeup ARTISTS! I don't think I could sit and learn to do that. Makeup just isn't my thing. But Thanks for the supper cool in expensive Halloween tips. I will be sure to pass this on to the younger women in our family. I'm sure this would be right up their alley.

LouEffie | 10:41 AM

Amazing!! This is my favorite that I've seen. I may be a tad biased though b/c I LOVE everything BeautyCrush puts out.

Unknown | 5:03 PM

Love the Black Swan one! I wish I had the time/patience/skill for that. Black Swan is such a cool costume idea and pretty easy. Now where in the world did I put my Rodarte tutu?