A Birth Story in Three Acts (Two)



Andrea | 1:38 PM

This was the conic relief that this seven day postpartum lady with a mad case of baby blues needed. Thank you!

Glenda | 1:39 PM

LOVE it...you guys are so cute and funny together!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Steph(anie) | 1:40 PM

You guys are adorable.

Anonymous | 1:44 PM

The "Hava Nagila" playing in the background is so funny!

Clandestine Road | 1:46 PM

I love it! You two are a great pair.

My daughter was dancing her heart out with the music.

Andi | 1:47 PM

you guys are so freaking hilarious. So calm in the eye of the storm! Love it, can't wait for part 3 xx

Amber | 1:55 PM

OMG! Too funny! "What's she hiding in there? Oh, I dunno. HUMANS." I LOL'd here at work! TFS! :o)

Cave Momma | 2:05 PM

Love it. And impressed that there was video. There was no way video was gonna be taken when I was awaiting the kids.

Vicky | 2:10 PM

Yea that was awesome.

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby | 2:16 PM

Oh wow. I almost cried from laughter.

Two best moments where "What's she hiding in there.. I dunno? Humans?"

and the pictures of the boy catching the babies with this horrified look on his face... and like he was catching a football!

Susan | 2:20 PM

I am super impressed! And the video was hilarious, so thank you for sharing. My fave = when you say "they're gonna slice my shit open"!

Anonymous | 2:29 PM

Hahahaha... I was watching this at work with headphones on and almost totally outed myself by laughing out loud... loudly. I can't imagine being that calm and funny moment before adding two children to my family. You guys are amazing.

Becky | 2:53 PM

Too funny! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on your beautiful baby girls.

Amanda | 2:56 PM

"They're gonna slice my shit open."
"Spoken like a true medical professional."

I'm glad you two procreate together. Beautiful babies and one awesome couple? Rock on with yo' bad selves!

Christine | 2:56 PM

You and Hal CRACK me up. I am still not over the Halloween where you dressed as each other.

Molly | 3:12 PM


KatBouska | 3:13 PM

You guys are really pretty in this video...I'm thinking blue doctor garb needs to make a comeback.

Unknown | 3:40 PM

You guys are kind of my favorite people right now. Too. Funny.

Shiri | 4:09 PM

All birth videos should be accompanied by hava nagila. And Hal looks hot in the booties!

mGk | 4:13 PM

What birth story isn't complete with out "Hava Nagila"? Right?

Single Mom Seeking | 4:28 PM

Add me to the laughing-so-hard-I-cried crowd.
You two are so sweet.


So, so awesome. You guys are a great match.

ashwitt | 5:20 PM

You guys are hilarious. LOVED this!

Lauren Knight | 5:33 PM

This totally made my day. And I see so much of Fable in your husband! Wow!

Can't wait to read about part three!

candace | 5:54 PM

OK I freaking LOVE this!

Life's a Potty | 6:39 PM

Love this! You make having twins, look fun!

Anonymous | 7:29 PM

When you cut to Hava Nagila I lost my shit

Unknown | 7:46 PM

I also have found that some of the tensest (is that a word?) moments in life have resulted in some great humor. Great video!

Whitney | 8:04 PM

Oh my goodness I loved it! My 2 month old twin boys had their first round of vaccines yesterday and have been crying and fussy all day....I sure needed that laugh! Thank you!!

Rae | 8:08 PM

I just died giggling at the music and some of the comments. :D

Very Bloggy Beth | 8:09 PM

Oh girl, I adore you.

Anonymous | 8:12 PM

That was hilarious and adorable! You two really are cute together! And tell Hal that the medical term really *is* "slice my sh*t open". Everyone knows that.

Hope you're doing well!


scottlandyard | 8:16 PM

I seriously just snorted. OMG. hilarious.

vickichristine | 8:25 PM

that was hilarious. ha! can't wait for the third installment.

heather... | 9:18 PM

you two fucking kill me.

Virginia-Ann | 9:55 PM

You and your family bring such joy to all us outsiders with each and every post. Have to admit this 3 part birth drama is the best so far! Thanks for including us in your lives.

Jayme | 11:47 PM

My doctor asked me if I wanted her to "slice my shit open" or just tear. No joke. She's a dear friend, but still. Haunts me till this day. And this is too adorable for words.

Ray | 12:42 AM


-“Look at that belly. What could she be hiding under there? Oh, I don’t know. Humans.”
-“We dyed her hair blue. Oh, wait. That’s a hat.”
- “I get to make the ceremonial incision. The doctor told me.”


Love the humor before the girls’ arrival. ;o)

Anabelle | 1:08 AM

So funny! You guys remind me so much of me and my man 7 months ago! These blue hats are the new trend :)

And the music makes the movie hillarious, love it! Can't wait for Part III

French Kate | 3:13 AM

2 comments in 2 days: you're going to think I'm stalking you. But that was the funniest birth video in history... HTF did you manage to stay calm let alone find a sense of humour?!

Anonymous | 4:38 AM

So funny! So cute you two are ! I'm looking forward to three!

Sarah | 4:55 AM

OMG hilarious .. I love that you guys are so relaxed 3rd time around ha ha ha!!!

Denise | 6:09 AM

How in the WORLD are you finding time to make a fun video...let alone post at all?

Count me impressed.

Connie | 6:16 AM

Oh no you didn't play Hava Nagila. Jeez. That's amazing.

"What's she hiding in there?" Nice. Very Tom Waits.

Can't wait for part 3!

Bria | 6:38 AM

Great video! You guys really are so funny together. :)

Grumble Girl | 6:49 AM

You are made of Awesome. I know that for certain now. xox

Paula P. | 6:49 AM

I'm telling you...I laughed so very hard at the "nice Jewish boy that could have been" shots. Hilarious. Thank you for that...much needed.

Mandy | 7:22 AM

Pure Amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! You and Hal are awesome! I can't believe that you were so calm and chilled before that, you're one amazing woman!
P.S. More videos are a must!

Anonymous | 7:42 AM

I have never really laughed out loud at something unexpected on the internet- until Hal the nice Jewish boy. I wish I could have babies with him too- any chance he is coming to the Midwest soon- Ha. You guys are the best couple evah.

Althea | 8:05 AM


love it.

Robyn....but call me Rob | 9:02 AM

That made me laugh out loud. Really loud. You guys are so clever. Can't wait for the next installment.

Dana | 9:14 AM


Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:44 AM

Now I really need to have another baby, just for the sake of playing Hava Nagila afterwards!

Awesome vid. And you look great going into surgery!

BlesstheFunk | 1:03 PM

I just laughed so much, thank you! I also cannot fathom how you keep up the posting, and the video editing, and all this - and then also have 4 (four!!) kids! You are amazing, I am deeply impressed. You show-off.

Thank you for letting us in on how you are together. Will never forget Hal with his teeth at Fable's birth, and now this. Hava Nagila, rejoice and be happy, indeed!

Danielle Rose | 1:45 PM

"What's she hiding in there? Humans?"

Kendra | 2:00 PM


Shay | 2:35 PM

Glad there really were humans in there.

jessica | 3:28 PM

when i went in to have my son (i had contractions 5 in apart) the nurses thought they'd send me home with gas since i was so happy and calm. When they finally checked after being so non-chalant they found that i was 7cm and almost wasn't able to get the epidural!! they apologized and said no one has ever come in joking around as much as i did. I see you and i have much in common!

Anonymous | 4:53 PM

You illicit a strange reaction in me. Your husband is a sexy beast, funny as all get out, and musical. Perfection. You- breathtaking, wicked sense of humor, gifted writer, and an earth mama. Jealous. You all make me want to throw up, and be your besties. Best of luck with those sweet bambinos.

Anonymous | 6:10 PM

That was effing hilarious! Best way to ward off pre-surgery jitters/boredom ever!!

Jenny | 6:44 AM

Definitely my favorite two and a half minutes of the day so far. I laughed especially hard since my nice Jewish husband was pre-med when I met him, took the MCAT, got into med school and then decided, "Naaaaah, I don't want to be a doctor." I think my parents cried for days.

Anonymous | 7:55 AM

You two are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Abbey | 11:21 AM

You guys are awesome!

Kate | 11:35 AM

you guys are too cute. love it!

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 4:42 PM

I love how SO FREAKING EXCITED Hal is in this video!

Emsxiety | 8:46 PM

I love the whole,' slice my shit open'. No better way to describe it.

SaraMinerva | 6:45 AM

"Ceremonial incision" almost made me spit my coffee on the head of the 2 y/o sitting in my lap.

Anonymous | 12:49 PM

Love, love this! The babies are beautiful - just love looking at their photos. Think it's time to start planning for my own!

agirlnamedmel | 4:43 AM

Love you two! love this. Congrats, again.

Nicole | 7:36 PM

LOVE it!!! you guys crack me up