Gratuitous Sleeping Baby Photos

... and a few wakeful ones
bruisers (cashews)



Elizabeth | 7:19 PM

Ho, my, whoa.... The intertwined hands are the best thing happening in the world.

bek77 | 7:27 PM

its so funny when there are two of them...the captions that can be created lol!

Unknown | 7:28 PM

Holy Mother of Pinkness are they a cute duo! Plus, sleeping at the same time--you're a miracle worker.

Kate | 7:35 PM

oh, the cuteness! holy cow.

(also, what is wrong with me, that I've been struggling to get my own 9 week old to sleep this evening, and then when I finally do (I *think*), what do I do? I get on the internet and look at your sleeping babies?) too funny - the web is a strange addiction!

Seriously, though, they are adorable. Almost as adorable as mine. ; )

Margaret | 7:40 PM

Seriously? They look like little dolls! You must sit there every five minutes going, "There are TWO of them!" I know I would! =)

Sherry Carr-Smith | 7:44 PM

They are so, so beautiful. I love the one where she's one eye cracked open, keeping watch. Sweetness!

Steph(anie) | 7:52 PM

In #5 Rev is like "what're you doing mommm, I'm sleeping."

No such thing as gratuitous when it comes to baby photos of any kind.

Red Stethoscope | 7:53 PM

They really do look like dolls! The one where Rev is peeking at you through a half-opened eye is the best!

Anonymous | 7:55 PM

Those little lips and cheeks....OMG. I just want them or something.

And the intertwined hands? Wow. Twins are amazingly lucky.

Erin | 7:59 PM

OMG. How do you stand it?! I see a picture of Bo and I think "oh, she's my favorite!" but then I see Rev and change my mind "no SHE'S my favorite!" ahhhhh they are both so cute!!!

Kenzie | 9:00 PM

Adorable. Also, in one of the ones with just Boheme... it totally looks like she's doing the Thriller dance.

Amy | 9:01 PM

My womb is aching!

Alexia | 9:06 PM

they look like dolls!

EdenSky | 9:13 PM

The cuteness was already overwhelming...and then I saw Rev's little outie belly button! OMG!

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful | 9:32 PM

Oh I remember this early, grunty, gassy, outraged, alternately angelic phase. I can almost smell their babyness through the monitor, though not in a creepy way. Maybe a little creepy. Congratulations! Now I must go read your birth story.

eponymia | 10:09 PM

Not much can make me broody but oh! They are gorgeous.

manda_panda | 10:35 PM

oh mi! first off...thanks for the ovaries aching! second, in my head all i hear is 'hey, ho.....hey, ho!!' these girls are trying to get the party started momma!

Cissyrene | 10:45 PM

Aw, little Rev is filling out! They are both so adorable! It is really creepy how excited I get about almost perfect strangers' babies. I should get checked. In the mean time, I will continue to get teary eyed about your amazing baby girls.

S i a | 11:16 PM

They are delicious indeed. And, oh! so full of personality! Thank you for sharing them with us! Is the sleep plan working out?

Nenelle | 11:42 PM

So gorgeous... But I can't get over how much Boheme looks like Fable and Reverie looks like Archer

Ray | 11:49 PM

The photo of the girls hands intertwined is awesome. And oh, my! Are you in Baby Land Heaven! You must do nothing but breathe them in all day. =o) They're so precious, Rebecca. Love their eye color. God Bless them! <3

P.S. Love the photo of Reverie with one eye semi open. Even in sleep she wants to be in the know! =P

grammargeek | 2:39 AM

The little arms! The little hands! The little feet!

Cait | 4:24 AM

No. Words. Well, a few words, if only to encourage you to keep posting as many baby pictures and stories as possible. They are so gorgeous! I swear, before I started reading your blog I had no idea how happy I could be for a complete stranger on the other side of the country. It's really nice to be able to see such love and beauty!

Allison the Meep | 4:59 AM

I love them.

And the first wakeful photo of them looks like such an awesome gangster pose, and like they're conspiring. Sweetest lil' gangstas ever.

Kacy | 5:16 AM

they are so beautiful...Rev is always looking at you like "whachu talkin bout Willis???"

The Panic Room | 5:36 AM

I've been waiting for things to calm down so I could tell you how happy I am for you all. So very excited. And hope to someday be lucky enough to photograph your family. One of these days I will make it to LA. So happy to see these photos.

KateFitz | 5:36 AM

I love the gratuitous baby shots. I also love the new mast head up there. It's so cute and funny and WHOA 2 babies.

Jessie | 6:24 AM

So adorable. Rev looks like Fable. Maybe its the eyes? Has anyone else said that?

Anonymous | 6:34 AM


I am not nearly a good enough writer to express how much I have enjoyed taking this journey with you. I started reading your blog when you had one baby boy, and I had two small boys. Not so many years later we have 8 children between us (my girls turned two in August, and the boys are almost 6 and 7 in Oct/Nov)

All your children take my breath away Rebecca. From the bottom of my heart I thank-you for letting us "out here" share in the life you have made for yourself. It's a beautiful one indeed.


PS I imagine your mom must be in paradise. Love to her also!

Jessie May | 6:42 AM

Two precious baby girls sleeping sweetly side by doesn't get any cuter, ever.

Molly | 7:08 AM

Gorgeous. Keep 'em coming. love the new banner by the way!

AAWolf | 7:11 AM

I will never get enough of these. Feel free to post gratuitous baby photos every day if you like. Adorable!

Abby | 7:17 AM

You have the cutest babies, ever. They are adorable! | 7:25 AM

They're starting to look more alike! Sweetness!

Clandestine Road | 7:33 AM

The way they have to be touching just warms my heart. They are so adorable. They look so healthy and thriving since they came home.

ChristinaD | 7:34 AM

I am gushing!! They are gorgeous, congrats again!!

Bless with a Boy | 7:37 AM

The pictures are precious. Do they sleep better when they are snuggled close together like that? I hope they always have a close relasionship.

Sweet babies. sigh.

Expat Mom | 7:41 AM

Too cute! Love the middle shot with Reverie giving you one squinty little eye . . . "seriously, Mama, stop taking pictures!"

Normally I can't tell twins apart as newborns, identical or not, but your two cuties are very different. They'll never be confused for each other, which is awesome!

nicole | 7:55 AM

Soooo precious!

P.S. Love the new blog header, too. xo.

wendy | 8:19 AM

I lurk...alot, but they are so beautiful i had to comment. my sister and i are twins and i was pure white w/ blonde peach fuzz and blue eyes and my sister was dark with a head full of black hair and big brown eyes....the nurse brought us in and my mother said "which one is mine". were old so no knowing you were having twins ahead and not awake for delivery. best wishes

writermom | 8:27 AM

The looks on Rev's face are PRICELESS. Beautiful girls, both.

kateypie35 | 8:33 AM

is it me, or are they starting to look more alike? gorgeous!

Katie B | 9:05 AM

I'm due in 6 weeks with my second and you're making me exited for cute baby hands! And making it possible to stay in denial about the sleep deprivation.

Heidi | 9:07 AM

They are just gorgeous Rebecca. Beauties. xo

Unknown | 9:30 AM

Beautiful. Keep up the gratuitous baby photos. Makes me remember Berry at that age. She's 4 now - and adorable in her own right. But there's just something about babies...
(my word verification is brastrap)

Anonymous | 9:37 AM

Omigosh, you are going to make me cry. They were even holding hands! This is exactly like the last harry potter movie where tonks and lupin were dead and almost holding hands...
yes, i relate everything to harry potter.

Jokes aside, they are adorable!


Jennifer | 9:49 AM

They are so, so sweet... gives me baby fever and mine is only 5mo old...

Michelle Nielsen MS BCBA-LBA | 9:49 AM

Oh wow. They look like dolls. Seriously. I could just look at these pictures all day!

Sabrina | 10:07 AM

Wow they are adorable I want to hug them. And it looks like you have given birth to Archer's twin (Rev) and Fable's twin (Bo)

Carra Nicholes | 10:28 AM

Wow they are so absolutely perfect they look like dolls. Sweet angels!

Victoria | 10:31 AM

Rev sure looks like Hal, doesn't she??? Your babes are gorgeous.

Glenda | 10:38 AM

Absolutely beautiful x2!!!

ann marie | 11:04 AM

Arm in arm? That is too sweet. How can you stand it? They are gorgeous.

Elissa L. | 11:15 AM

Beautiful babies!! And love the new header!

The Sentimental Suitcase | 11:48 AM

Oh those tiny misses!

Jessica | 3:03 PM

what a blessing to have a twin sister, it seems like so much fun!

Melissa | 4:45 PM

How U get ur babies so shiny in photos?

julie. | 4:57 PM

so gorgeous!

Kristina | 6:57 PM

SO adorable! Love watching babies sleep. My baby girl is only 6 1/2 months but seeing your girls makes me want another one...bad. So happy for you all. Keep the pics coming!

Edith | 1:19 PM

So adorable...makes me want to start a family...sob!

Nicole | 3:40 PM

They are absolutely precious!!