a few quick things

1. I updated my Brita post with the two winners! Thanks so much for participating, all! I'll continue to post about my weight-loss "journey" as soon as I step foot on a scale and have a bonafide update to share. (I refuse to purchase a scale for the house relying instead on the scales in doctor's offices and friends' houses to keep me abreast.)
2. Erik at Blooming Bath has offered three Blooming Baths to give away. To win? Leave a comment on this post! P.S. BB is offering a 10% discount to GGC readers with code GGC10OFF at checkout. Thanks, Erik!
3. As promising as "Steve" seemed last week, we decided to dump his ass. His jacuzzi was giving me anxiety (and nightmares) and Archer didn't think he was the one. "Something out there is better," he said. Moments later Hal was on the phone to pull our application from the pile. (We know better not to question Archer, ahem.) Someday our prince will come. Until then, we'll continue a huntin'.
4. Here's a last minute costume idea via my friend, Dana who over the weekend Halloween'd it up as a Lichtenstein painting. So totally genius I die.
5. My friend Michele took some pictures of the babes a few weeks ago and sent me these:
Bo & Rev 2011-0331b
Bo & Rev 2011-0345b
... Pretty incredible how fast an infant's looks change. Reverie has bulked up significantly and Boheme's cheeks have tripled in size. (Boheme looks exactly like I did as a baby and Reverie is an Archer + Fable fusion creature.) Aren't genetics fascinating? "Indeed they are," I say.
5. Happy Halloweeve, all! Until tomorrow...