Spare Some Change: Nkaoranga, Tanzania

Updated 10/20: Thank you all SO much for donating and helping Becka and Nkaoranga reach their goal! Because of your generous donations, Stevie and Dainessi will be heading off to school in January AND Nkaoranga can afford to hire a new staff "mama" for an entire year! Thank you, Becka for doing what you do and thank YOU, dear readers for supporting her. You're amazing, all of you. Keep on.
Last week a lovely reader named Becka introduced me to the orphanage where she works in Tanzania. It's called Nkaoranga. Becka's website The Small Things was founded after Becka realized "what great strides could be made with comparatively little investment..."

She asked that I help get the word out about the education project in partnership with The Foundation for Tomorrow and her fundraising efforts to send two of her (Stevie and Dainessi) children to school. In Becka's email she writes:
We are $1530 away from getting all three of this year's kids into school - if we raise any more specifically for education, it goes to next year's group of kids, and if we raise any more in general, our next big goal is hiring more staff. That costs about $100 per month, which has a great double effect in terms of providing employment for (amazing) local women, as well as increasing the care for the kids. It's especially important for the babies - the big kids stimulate each other a lot, but below about a year, they can get pretty badly delayed because there isn't enough attention to go around from the mamas (the job name is mama!). There's some more info on that here.
So! They still need to raise $1530 in the next few weeks to send two children, Stevie and Dainessi to school.

...I feel confident that with our help we can help her reach her goal. So what do you say, guys? Show some support for an incredible woman and her incredible kids?

For more information on the Nkaoranga orphanage go here. You can also find other ways to get involved, here. All donations can be made via paypal, here. No sum is too small. Our change = their change. Let's give it up, people. On behalf of Becka, Stevie and Dainessi, thank you in advance.