Bath Time, Party of Two

*updated, below*
There are few things cuter than watching the look on a baby's face when she becomes submerged in a tub of water, or in our case atop a giant floral sponge. Baths are via Blooming Bath and I'm obsessed with them. Especially after struggling with Bo who HATED her baby bath tub. Thanks to Eric for sending them along!

Updated: Blooming Bath has offered (3) flower baths for giveaway. Just leave a comment below to win! And remember to please leave your contact info! I'll choose three commenters at random via next Monday, November 7th. Good luck!


Updated: Congratulations to commenter #225 "Great Googely Moodely" #239 "Grapplesauce" and #289, Diane! Thanks to all for participating! And Blooming Bath for the hook-up! xoxox!



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Elan Morgan | 2:19 PM

Their bellies are fantastic.

Unknown | 2:20 PM

those are amazing- definitely getting one for next babe.

Entwined Essentials | 2:22 PM

Those tubs and those babies are too friggin' cute.

Steph(anie) | 2:24 PM

Almost makes me want another baby :)

Unknown | 2:30 PM

Oh, I love the flower tubs. Like a PUJ on steroids as far as cuteness goes. :)

marlene | 2:34 PM

you are going to cause a population explosion with all these freakin' cute baby pictures. seriously.

Diurla | 2:41 PM

My uterus just begged for a little girl... Oh Rebecca, these little darlings are gonna be something to worry about!

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

Oh ye gods, the thighs, the thighs!!! So cute!!!
Beautiful to see how they are so obviously thriving, congratulations on all the tender loving care they're getting!
The flower bath thingies are adorable :)

Allison the Meep | 2:50 PM

Way to go on the real bellybuttons! My kids still had gross beef jerky stumps at that age. Your girls are like the Einsteins of bellybuttons.

Abi | 3:00 PM

Those are adorable! The girls looks amazing.

BTW, how do you have time or energy to do your nails? :)

Jody | 3:29 PM

Oh these babies!!

I just watched old video from 4 years ago of my 4.5 year old triplets.

Take it ALL in.
Such an exhausting, amazing time!!!!

jessicapea | 3:34 PM

Those are so cool! Naw their little tums are so squishablel!

Rebbie | 3:44 PM

Love your flower children ;)

Night | 3:56 PM

Love them! And just wanted to let you know, I think you made a mistake and said "Bo" instead of "Fable" or "Archer" in the post. You mentioned Bo hating her baby bath tub, so you got these! Thanks so much!

Lilac | 4:12 PM

They're adorable!

I'm still wandering how you decided on who got which name.....

Kayla | 4:48 PM

OMG I need to bite your children!

Glenda | 4:58 PM

Love those tubs. How freaking cute!? And Bo's chunky thighs!!! <3 cuteness x2

Sabrina | 5:22 PM

Oh my goodness those belly's. Rev is Archer's twin more then she is Bo's. So gorgeous. Love those flowers. Seem like an awesome idea!

Katie | 5:26 PM

The rolls on Bo's legs! Slap some butter on 'em and call it a meal! Delish.

Alaythea | 5:39 PM

The babies are SO cute! And those flower sponge "tubs" look amazing. If I ever have another child I'm so getting one of those!


My uterus is crooning.

Tanna | 6:19 PM

Super cool bath sponges. Wish I had one when my boys were babies. Super cute ladies too!

bbgHappY1 | 6:21 PM

You have the most amazing taste with baby stuff...
Love those bath sponges.
They look so cute and adorable even when wet.

Anonymous | 6:44 PM

Ridiculously cute. <3

beyond | 7:11 PM

so cute. those bellies! i can't believe my baby boy was this small just a few weeks ago...

Nicole | 7:21 PM

I'm in LOVE with those 'tubs!!!' ahh

Anonymous | 8:40 PM

Now why does *my* slightly pudgy belly not have that same "adorable" quality when I'm in the bath... ;-).

They are the cutest little things!!

Linda Barnier | 8:56 PM

The bath flowers are so cute and the girls are completely adorable. What a gorgeous family you have.

Whitney | 8:56 PM

Those bellies are amazing! They get big so fast! They make my 12 week old twin boys look huge! Oh I miss them being so tiny! Your girls are precious! And I adore those baths! Maybe our next baby (in a few years) will be a girl and we can bathe her in flowers!

Erin | 8:56 PM

I follow you constantly, but sometimes I just can't believe you have TWO babies! AT ONE TIME! You are amazing. Thank you for consistently reminding everyone of the small, precious, beautiful moments that happen during parenthood. You are a breathe of fresh air.

JJ LaRoux | 10:26 PM

This is what finally pushed me to comment after all of these years.
You are beautiful. Your family is beauty. The baby blossoms are OMFG!

Decor Addict | 3:25 AM

my goodness these are the cutest babes i have ever seen.

to bad my DH had a vasectomy dammit!

katie | 6:18 AM

Wow so cute!! I love the comfy flower beds for bath! Great photos, thanks for sharing. xoxoxkt<a

smileyk76 | 7:15 AM

I just have to say that I love your strategically placed washcloths and arms and such. :) I think it adds taste to the pictures. Way to go on those beautiful babes!!

KAFS | 8:13 AM

They are so adorable! I have always said I want twins on the first try so I can get it all over with at one time. The fiance has said NO NO

So, not sure if this has been mentioned to you yet...I think it is time for you to write another book! Loved your first book and I think you now have so much more to write about!

Anonymous | 9:09 AM

Oh my goodness! The girls are adorable, and I love the flower baths!

Lauren Knight | 9:12 AM

So cute! They are chubbying up quite nicely, no? And Anne Geddes, eat your heart out. Those flower tubs are spectacular.

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

those tubs are pretty much the cutest things ever. well, second to the bathing beauties, of course!

Alex | 10:12 AM

Not only is that an adorable bath tub that I have bookmarked but those little babes are heart steelers!

Bless with a Boy | 10:30 AM

My arms ache from longing to hold another baby of my own. I'm 40 and my son is 20 so it's never gonna happen.

Just looking at theses two. sigh

Love all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous | 11:39 AM

Any change that Eric would offer your readers a discount on those baby baths. I already have one baby, but would love to replace my old baby bath (and I have two friends expecting little ones that would love this as a gift!!!)

liz | 12:38 PM

EEEE!!! I just squealed at the cuteness!

Nannette | 2:39 PM

CLEARLY, I adore them both but Rev's expressions absolutely slay me. SLAY me, I tell you.

Those bath sponges are amazing. Why is all the cool baby stuff invented after I am done having babes? Sigh.

Jess | 7:20 PM

i can't even deal with how cute and amazing these are. adding to my registry now. thank you!

Anonymous | 8:05 PM

These are so cute! I am going to definitely pass these little baths along. You minis are so precious!

Anonymous | 8:40 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacey | 8:41 PM

That last picture of Reverie is my favorite favorite favorite. So adorable.

tinyparticlesoflight | 9:03 AM

I love those Blooming Bath flowers - definitely get one next time around.
The days of sink baths seem to go by so fast!


Nicole | 10:40 AM

Never seen the bath flower....too cool! You find the best baby stuff. They are too sweet :)

Anonymous | 7:28 PM

I was just looking through old posts... really happening saturday night around these parts... and i found this! too funny! i think you were always meant to be a mom of four. you totally rock at it. ok thats all, xo.

Becky | 10:39 PM

those babies are adorable and i love the baths!

mkleblanc | 10:42 PM

Oh my gosh, so happy to hear about the giveaway. We're expecting our first, and when I saw the pictures, I immediately bookmarked the site for our registry. Love them!

Carin | 10:43 PM

love these baths and would love a chance to win one!

Melanie Routhier | 10:43 PM

I LOVE these Blooming Baths! I'm due in December and this would be perfect. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Anonymous | 10:44 PM

Those are amazing! We're having twins any day now and those look perfect!

Nanette | 10:47 PM

So cute! (The bay-bays AND the tubs!) I wish they made the tubs in MY size!

S i a | 10:50 PM

Those flower tubs! Oh! do they come in adult size too? Everyone should be able to lay in the center of a dewy flower!

Jasmine | 10:50 PM

I see so much Archer in Rev!

k | 10:52 PM

I'd love one for our new baby due next year! Looks a lot better than the hard plastic infant tub we used with our daughter.

Maile | 10:52 PM

Those flower baths are soo cute(the babies aren't too shabby either ;)

Mama | 10:57 PM

love those babies!! I showed my friend the flowers and she loved them! I hope she has a girl in Jan (they want to be surprised) so we can give her one!

Vanessa | 10:57 PM

Rev has an outie! So cute. I love the tubs, but I'm not sure how much of that is the actual tubs or your squishes looking so cute in them :)

Charlotte Anne | 11:00 PM

These baths are SO cute!

Kat Jefferson | 11:21 PM

They are adorable and look so serene! congrats!

Ashleigh | 11:26 PM

Oh, I love these! Im about to have baby number 4 and I definitely need an easy, no stress way for bathing. These are genius! (and gorgeous too!) yay! your babies are all so beautiful, by the way. :)

Angella | 12:51 AM

I would LOVE one of these baths. My second baby is due to arrive early December and this would be perfect for a recovering c-section mom :)

Lies | 2:17 AM

When I saw this post a couple of days ago, I immediately went to the website to see if I could buy one. I'm totally in love with them. But bummer, shipment is 60 dollars to Belgium, for a total of 100 dollars, that's a bit too much, even for such an adorable bath flower... But if I win one, I'll pay the shipment costs, okay?

Anonymous | 2:39 AM

I am absolutely in LOVE with these bath sponge/flower/seats. How brilliant, seriously. Solves all the problems that go along with trying to bathe a squirmy, wet, slippery mini person (or two) with zero head or body control. And they are gorgeous to look at. Am spreading the word about these, but in the meantime...

(libbyrowen at hotmail dot com)

Rachel | 3:02 AM

I love the flower baths. I am hoping they deliver to the UK as I would love to get one for our baby next year.

Ariel | 3:14 AM

Those two are just the cutest...and the baby bellies just kill me!

centeredmommy | 3:25 AM

It is gift to see the babies grow. It has inspired me to work on documenting my babies adventures. It all happens so fast. You truly stay in the moment!

Jamie Kasprovitz | 3:33 AM

Those bathtubs are genius! Also, your girls are absolutely beautiful!

The FragJohnsons | 3:44 AM

What a great idea for a baby bath! I love it and those pictures are painfully cute!!!

Chantel | 3:45 AM

What an awesome idea! Those look amazingly cute! Plus, I think the babies feel more safe and secure in them compared to traditional baby baths.

Meghan | 4:04 AM

OMG.. i am in love. def getting for baby number 3

Kayley Maybe | 4:25 AM

Totally want one of those for the baby boy that is in my belly (due to appear in T-minus 2 weeks). My daughter HATED the bath when she was that age, so anything to make it better would help!

CRUARK | 4:30 AM

The twins are gorgeous, and their bath facial expressions are priceless!

I'd love to have one of the baths for our first who arrives at the end of January. Thanks again for sharing your story and the baby items that work for you!

Heidi | 4:37 AM

Oh my! Those bloom baths are fantastic! My 6 week old isn't a fan of his current tub so this would be awesome.

Congrats, Bo and Rev are adorable.

end | 4:38 AM

beautiful babes and that tub is genius, wish i had one for our next!

Whitney | 4:41 AM

Your girls are adorable and those tubs are amazing! Do you think I could get away with bathing my twin boys in one of them? :) seriously though, your girls have gotten so big! They are just perfect!

MGS4783 | 4:48 AM

You're babies are gorgeous! Love the tubs. Would love one for my new little boy arriving in March.

Vanessa | 4:53 AM

these are sooooo cute.. I would love one for baby # 2..
Vanessa smiletoday85[at]hotmail[dot]com

fabulousmrsg | 4:55 AM

I have a little one coming in January, this would be perfect!!!

cdisab | 5:08 AM

these are awesome. My new baby shower go-to gift for sure.

Katherine Vargas | 5:09 AM

these are so cute! thank you for the opportunity

scharfhunter | 5:09 AM

I posted the link to these bath flowers on my FB page because I love them so much! I just found out, 4 months into my pregnancy with my third child, that baby #3 is really baby # 3 and #4...sound familiar?!

erniebufflo | 5:28 AM

I would love to win a blooming bath for my impending twins. And is there some way to guarantee that my twins are as cute as yours, because I'd like to win that too.

Kristie | 5:31 AM

I checked ou the bath blossoms and they are so awesome! Love them!

Veronica | 5:33 AM

No babies here - but I would love to give one as a gift - thanks!

Lauren | 5:37 AM

The petal baths are absolutely perfect! Functional but not bulky or too babyish! I would use one very proudly! And can I just say, your bambinos are absolutely adorable! Love your blog!

Becky Stephens | 5:37 AM

Adorable pictures! I would LOVE to have one of these for when my baby arrives!

Megan | 5:44 AM

So cute. I want an adult-sized petal bath for myself! Imagine sitting back on a soft flower with bubbles and a good book.

ChristinaD | 5:44 AM

I would love to get one of these for my close friends that are expecting their first baby!!

Ashley | 5:47 AM

How super is this bath invention and adorable with your two babes in it!


RockabillyBebe | 5:49 AM

I don't know which is cuter...the babies or the bloom...Babies, hands down! I would love one of each.

Carrie | 5:55 AM

The flowers for the sink are beyond awesome. I love sink baths, especially after having a c-section! We're expecting #3 in January (planned c-section) and would love to win one to prevent this baby from sliding around in the cold stainless sink like the first two! Even if I don't win, I'll be taking advantage of that coupon to purchase one. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Carrie | 5:55 AM

The flowers for the sink are beyond awesome. I love sink baths, especially after having a c-section! We're expecting #3 in January (planned c-section) and would love to win one to prevent this baby from sliding around in the cold stainless sink like the first two! Even if I don't win, I'll be taking advantage of that coupon to purchase one. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Meghan | 5:56 AM

I love the blooms!!!

Jody | 5:57 AM

Those are SO COOL that I even shouted! Wish I had those when my kids were babies.

Lacey Jane | 5:58 AM

Oh those are the sweetest baths!!! <3 them!!

(laceyjane413 at hotmail dot com)

heather | 6:01 AM

Bo and Rev are just beautiful, and I love those baths!

Anonymous | 6:02 AM

Too cute! I got rid of my baby bath when we moved from Beijing to Canada (too bulky to pack) and I didn't like it much to begin with, so I think one of these is definitely going on my registry for baby # 2 (due in May!)

Annie | 6:07 AM

Awesome product, and you've got the sweetest looking models! I'd love one of these for ourselves - I hate our current setup.

Andrea | 6:13 AM

These are the cutest baths I've ever seen. The babes are pretty darn cute too!

Unknown | 6:13 AM

Ahhh, those might be the sweetest pictures EVER. I wish I would have had something like this with #1!! He hated baths with a screaming passion...

Nikki | 6:14 AM

These are adorable! Would love one for my little twins due to arrive in April :)

allip | 6:15 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
allip | 6:18 AM

I love these tubs! Would come in so handy for my girls due Dec 23.

Liesel | 6:19 AM

I love these! What a great idea! I have two little beans in me that these would be great for!

J | 6:19 AM

So cute! Genius idea for baby bathtubs!

~Kristina | 6:20 AM

Not only do these look super fun, they also look really user friendly. What a cool funky gift to give!

Faye Craven | 6:21 AM

The blooming baths are wonderful! I wish ihad had one when my 8 month old was born in march...but she's still tiny enough to take sink baths so we would love one for her and the next little one in the future!

Kaitlin | 6:25 AM

These are so sweet!

Kacy | 6:27 AM

These are amazing!! I have a 2 month old that is not fond of bath time. I think this might work!!

frankathwork | 6:29 AM

Such an ingenious idea! This would be perfect for my brother-in-law ... Thank you !

kara | 6:30 AM

So, so cute!

Tasha | 6:33 AM

Such cuties...those baths are great too. I need a bath for baby girl to come, still on the fence about the puj. This one looks good!

Fat Bottomed Girl | 6:34 AM

This is Genius!!!! I want one!

Cassie | 6:39 AM

Love them! (both the babies and the baths!)

C | 6:39 AM

SERIOUSLY ADORABLE! Your babies make my ovaries ACHE. *sigh*

I hope I win a tub!

(cswilks at yahoo dot com)

Whitney and Steve | 6:41 AM

Would love to win a bath!

Meg | 6:42 AM

I love these! One of my close friends is having a baby in December and I would love to give this to her.

KatDinsmore | 6:48 AM

I love those tubs! The girls look so big, love the bellies :)

Lara | 6:54 AM

These tubs are amazing. They are super smart for babies!

SKhan | 6:54 AM

Those flowers are awesome! I am sitting here waiting for the arrival of my twins any day and those flowers would be great!

Michaela | 6:55 AM

Those bath seats are the absolute cutest! (Except for the babies in them of course!)

Mia | 6:58 AM

Those tubs are adorable, and your girls are doing an excellent job modeling them. Well done! I'm miascamp (at) gmail

Anonymous | 7:00 AM

Adorable! I have twins coming in December and I am going to have to get my hands on that tub. Love!

Kathryn | 7:00 AM

Most adorable sink baths ever!!!

ste | 7:04 AM

These are beautiful. My baby boy has outgrown them but I would LOVE to give them to a friend who is expecting soon.

Stephanie | 7:04 AM

Those tubs (and babies) are the cutest thing EVER. I'd love to win one for my sister, due in June. Love them! :)

Mel | 7:07 AM

Adorable. Would love one of these!

Amy | 7:08 AM

I cannot believe how adorable & practical those tubs are! Storing & cleaning our current tub is such a drag. I am totally getting one of these even if I don't win. :D (blovdprincess at gmail dot com)

elizabeth | 7:09 AM

my 5 week old, iris, would love this bath! your babves are gorgeous!

K. | 7:11 AM

Thank you for posting this, I'm due in April with my first and book marked the link to add to my registry/to buy. So freaking cute and practical!!!

Awesome Mom | 7:16 AM

That is an awesome idea for a baby bath!

K | 7:22 AM

Love that baby bath!

Unknown | 7:23 AM

I want one! No, two! No, four--the baths and the adorable babies. Too cute, as always.

Lindsay | 7:24 AM

Love love love!

ayesha | 7:28 AM

They are so pretty. I wish they made them in my size. But, I'll have a new baby next spring, so I guess I can share...

Jme | 7:28 AM

I LOVE those!! I've been drooling over them for months now!

Amy | 7:28 AM

I would love one of those baths for our upcoming baby!

BAM | 7:29 AM

Oh I know exactly who I would give one of those to! Too adorable!

Heather | 7:29 AM

I would love one of those blooming baths! Those are sooooo cute!

Anonymous | 7:42 AM

I would love to win one of those blooming baths. Thanks for the opportunity!

Overflowing Brain | 7:46 AM

Though we're only 12 weeks pregnant, I would LOVE to have one of those when the baby comes. It is probably the first baby bath that has ever seemed not totally uncomfortable and awkward to me.

Those babies are just way too cute.

Alisha | 7:53 AM

The babies are so adorable, and I love love love those blooming baths. I have been drooling after them since I read this post. Yay for the giveaway!

Tyler | 8:00 AM

Those babies are to die for!! I need one of these tubs, my two year old is dangerous to my newborn in the regular tub

Erica | 8:00 AM

Love the blooming baths! So does my daughter...she's kicking me from the inside in excitement.

A & L | 8:02 AM

This is genius! Looks so comfy, wish they made them for adults too.

Cranky Toddler | 8:05 AM

This is one of those items that I kick myself for not finding for my first three kids! Maybe for the fourth!

eggonit | 8:07 AM

My new baby hates baths so far. Maybe this would help!

Ellen | 8:08 AM

Oh, these are too precious - the babes and the flower sponge bath things! How cute! I bet my babe (to come in January) would love one!

Dianne | 8:16 AM

My sweet baby James is due is 18 days (aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!) Not freaking out....yet!! These look absolutely wonderful and I would be blessed to wash my baby in one :)


Anonymous | 8:17 AM

These things are awesome!!!!!! I would love to win one for our little girl (coming in January). I can't wait to see what your kids are dressing up as for Halloween!

Tina C. | 8:19 AM

those are so awesome!

Emily | 8:22 AM

In love with your blog, your babes' & those bloomin' flower tubs. SO CUTE!

Rachel | 8:25 AM

These are brilliant! So much better than those plastic yellow tubs!

Readiness | 8:31 AM

Yes please! My friend is having twins this morning. I would love one for her!

kristofer and ivy | 8:35 AM

Yes, please! These are brilliant; I've got a baby girl at home who would very much appreciate one for her baths. And thanks for the photos. I can't get enough of adorable babies!


Ali | 8:42 AM

Yay! I would love to win one. My sister-in-law is expecting twin nieces in a month or so, so I'll be using the discount for at least one more, too! | 8:45 AM

Looking at Bo & Rev make me want to have another baby! Even though Lila is only 9 weeks old & Evan us not yet two (he will be in 3 weeks!)...

I'd love to win a Blooming Bath!

Melissa | 8:46 AM

i kind of need one of these. first baby is due late april / early may.

Berit | 8:50 AM

Those are so adorable! (Flower sponges AND babies.) We could sure use one for our impending girl, due to arrive January-ish.

berit at beritwrites dot com

momsobo | 8:52 AM

Love the babies and the tub!

aw | 8:56 AM

Ooh I would love to win one of these for my March arrival!

Captain Underpants | 9:02 AM

I'm due in April and think a spring baby coming out of a bloom is pretty poetic!

These are awesome and one is on my list. Awesome babies!

e-mail is marianne.gregoire at gmail

AlliCAT | 9:03 AM

I love those blooming baths! Genius. I'd love to win one.

PS. Babies are too cute for their own good.

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

These are super cute!! One of these would be perfect for my new baby coming!!

Mary | 9:06 AM

So adorable! I am not currently with child (though I hope to be sometime next year), but my sister is expecting her first this April.


Laura | 9:07 AM

I would love one of these to give to a friend whose due date is coming up in the next week or so!

Alyssa | 9:10 AM

I love the tub! I'm going to buy one for our new baby coming in April, unless I win one first!

Vancouvermom | 9:12 AM

I am pregnant with my second and would love something like this - maybe this one won't scream like a banshee over having their hair washed like my first if they bathed in beautiful soft petals!

kerrie | 9:16 AM

Billion dollar if they would make them in adult size..

The Moms | 9:19 AM

So excited you are giving away a Blooming Bath!!! This would be PERFECT for my little girl!!!

Souphead | 9:22 AM

i want to squeeze those baby bellehs!
so sweet :)
thanks, eric for doing a giveaway. i wish i had discovered the blooming bath earlier, but i would still love to have one!

Lori L. | 9:26 AM

Way too cute for words!

addie | 9:27 AM

Oh my holy poopoo!! You make beautifully adorable babies!!!

Angie | 9:30 AM

Those tubs are so cute. My kids are too big, but I'd love one for my future niece!

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 9:32 AM

OMG!! As soon as I saw these things I immediately went to his web site to price them (and get more info). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

Allison | 9:33 AM

Just found out we're pregnant this month; I'd love to win one of these snuggley bath blooms for our snuggley new baby! Thanks, GGC!

Amanda M | 9:33 AM

These are fabulous.The only thing I am having trouble with is if I want the yellow or turquoise! amanda (at)

Danielle Wolfe | 9:33 AM

My niece was born in Sept and she MUST have one for her bathie time :)

Anonymous | 9:35 AM

I think Elm would LOVE one of these.

Bisbink | 9:36 AM

I absolutely adore the blooming bath. What a great idea! Definitely need one for my next bundle of joy, due March 30th.

annb1015 | 9:37 AM

So beautiful! And I'd love to try one of the bath blooms with my new little one!

KristineLacefield | 9:43 AM

These are so stinkin' cute! Officially added to my gift registry!

LauraES | 9:44 AM

I want one!

HLEure | 9:44 AM

love love love the tubs!

Ms. Molly | 9:46 AM

I was just telling my friend, a brand new mom, about these tubs after seeing this post. I would love to be able to give her one!

laura | 9:48 AM

love the flower tubs! so cute. and your girls are completely adorable.

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

Ummm.... LOVE this! And expecting my first on Nov 30. So, perfect timing!

Stephanie | 10:00 AM

LOVE the tub-such a good idea!!! And so comfy for babies:)

Mia | 10:02 AM

Baby #1 is on the way in February - would love this tub for our little man!

Heidi | 10:03 AM

The most awesome baby baths evah! I wants one!

heidifunke at gee mail dot com

C | 10:05 AM

So cute (both the baths and your babies) - and what a smart idea! Would love to win one to give to my sister for her baby due in January.

Natalie P. | 10:06 AM

So cute!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!! : )

Anonymous | 10:10 AM

Those are soooo cool. As soon as I read you post I immediately told me husband how much I wanted one for our future babe.

Warrior Woman | 10:12 AM

That is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

Natalie | 10:24 AM

These might be the cutest photos/bathtubs I've even seen!

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