Bath Time, Party of Two

*updated, below*
There are few things cuter than watching the look on a baby's face when she becomes submerged in a tub of water, or in our case atop a giant floral sponge. Baths are via Blooming Bath and I'm obsessed with them. Especially after struggling with Bo who HATED her baby bath tub. Thanks to Eric for sending them along!

Updated: Blooming Bath has offered (3) flower baths for giveaway. Just leave a comment below to win! And remember to please leave your contact info! I'll choose three commenters at random via next Monday, November 7th. Good luck!


Updated: Congratulations to commenter #225 "Great Googely Moodely" #239 "Grapplesauce" and #289, Diane! Thanks to all for participating! And Blooming Bath for the hook-up! xoxox!



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Natalie | 10:24 AM

Cutest pictures and bathtubs ever!

Bobbie | 10:31 AM

Those are so awesome! Cute and practical - and the babies really sell it. :)

Jesse | 10:34 AM

i've been obsessed with these since you posted about them!

Hannah Jane | 10:34 AM

those are adorable! we're expecting our twins any day now and would love to have one of those baths :)

Sarah | 10:42 AM

as soon as I saw these, I knew I needed one for baby boy in January!

Courtney | 10:49 AM

love. those tubs are fantastic

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 10:49 AM

Cutest tubs ever! Here's my post to win one! ;)

Gaby | 10:50 AM

I would love one of those tubs for baby #2, due in April!

Natalie Lyalin | 10:52 AM

Love this. Would love to win one for my pal who is due any minute! I'll be putting one on my baby registry as well!

Elleng | 10:54 AM

Would love to win a beautiful bath for our granddaughter arriving in February!

Christie | 10:58 AM

Those are so adorable.

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

Finally a good solution to the infant bath problem? Love!

Gianna Kelly | 11:02 AM

These baths are the best idea I have seen in a long time. Love them. giannakelly(at)yahoo(dot)com

Macaire | 11:05 AM

We have the puj tub, which is a great invention but my six week old seems to hate it. These soft flower baths would make bath time much more enjoyable for the both of us!

Baby Kyle | 11:06 AM

Love these tubs! So cute. Hoping to get one for my newborn!

elisa | 11:07 AM

Yes, the tubs are gorgeous, but they've got nothin' on your girls! Just amazing :)

Amber | 11:15 AM

Seriously, those bathtubs are AWESOME. (The insanely adorable babies inside them maybe be biasing my opinion just a bit though).

Raychelle | 11:19 AM

Love those Blooming Bath sponges :) Definitely going to get one (if I don't win here!) - for my baby boy coming in Feb :)

Rhiannon | 11:21 AM

OH! I would love to have one of these baths for our baby!

Aaron & Cassie | 11:24 AM

Darling! aaronandcass at

LiciaLee | 11:27 AM

I adore those bathtubs. And the babies. As always. Can't wait for my next!

Erin | 11:30 AM

Those are genius!! I wish I had seen this with my first 2, but we are expecting again in March, so I would love one!

And, your babies could NOT be any cuter.

erinalt @ hotmail

Jessi | 11:45 AM

The babies and flower tubs are so cute! My daughter is too big for these now, but I would love one for a friend who is having a baby soon!

Leah Fannon | 11:47 AM

These tubs (and the sweeties in them) are so cute! I would love to get one for my three-week old!

Kalyn | 11:47 AM

Those are so so cute!

Great Googely Moogely | 11:51 AM

Gotta have me one of those lovely bath flowers so I have an excuse to get knocked up again. I love it.

thisismomma at gmail dot com

Liz | 11:55 AM

I love those baths! What an innovative idea.

Jessi | 11:55 AM

I love this! I wish I'd had them with my first three babies. Perfect baby shower gift!

Megan | 11:58 AM

i love the blooming baths! so cozy for the babes.

rach | 12:01 PM

I have been swooning over these since I saw the post last week! I have been dying to tell my sister-in-law who is due in April, but I want to get her one for a shower gift & want to surprise her. They are so amazingly cute and practical! :)

Amber | 12:02 PM

I am in love with these. My daughter is 6 weeks today and I am thinking I need to invest! =)

Jennifer O'Halloran | 12:09 PM

Love those bath flowers!!! So cool!

Melt Momma's Heart | 12:19 PM

One of my best friends is prego for the first time. She wants to be minimalist in terms of baby gear, but I KNOW she NEEDS one of these! :)

Jenny | 12:19 PM

Awesome bath flowers. It still amazes me that babies are small enough to take a bath in the sink.

Susan | 12:22 PM

Those bath tubs are fantastic. Enough with the hard plastic! The girls look adorable and cozy in their flowers.

Andrea | 12:37 PM

So jealous that I never got one for my babies, but this is a perfect gift for my sister due with her first girl in January.

Trial Runner | 12:38 PM

Your girls are perfection. Congratulations.

Also, thanks for the chance to win...I would love a blooming bath for #2 due in January!

Anonymous | 12:41 PM

I just threw away my cold, hard, plastic tub in hopes of receiving one of these! P.s. could your babies possibly get any cuter?

Stephanie Collins
Sncollins0528 at hotmail dot com

Justine B | 12:44 PM

Oh my goodness those baths are adorable! I've never seen anything like it. I want!

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

I am completely in love with these flower tubs and am trying to decide whether we could justify adding this to the list of things to buy before our little guy arrives in February. Winning one would, of course, be very nice also =)

Lisa B | 12:50 PM

The blooming baths are adorable. Expecting my first in 5 weeks...and actually took written notes on how to bathe an infant at the newborn basics class I I need help.

Jamie | 12:50 PM

These are so cute! And I love the idea of cloth instead of plastic - so much easier to stow.

VlogMom | 12:51 PM

Omgosh, adorbs! Your babies are precious. I pinned the baby bath to my pinterest acct!

Steph | 12:52 PM

So adorable!

nicole s. | 12:54 PM

my best friend just had her a baby and was remarking how much she hated her first bath! i'd love to treat her with one of these.

shannon waugh kowalski | 1:03 PM

This is zee best thing ever! I will def be purchasing one for my twin girls!

Emily B | 1:23 PM

Love the baths--I have my eye on one for an upcoming arrival in our family.

Alta Marie | 1:34 PM

Those tubs are adorable and I would love to win one for my baby girl due in February :)

kelli(q) | 1:42 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
JMill | 1:45 PM

Love those sweet baby cheeks and snuggles after bath time! We're due with our first in May, seems like the flower would be the perfect space saving bath helper.

Tricia | 1:46 PM

What cute pictures! And what a great idea! Would love one for a friend's baby shower gift.

JMill | 1:46 PM

Love the baby cheeks and snuggles after bath time. We are expecting our first in May, this would make for the perfect comfy/space saving bath tool.

sawyer | 1:56 PM

They are so adorable!

Those baths seem so comfortable.

Anonymous | 1:57 PM

the blooming bath is adorable - not nearly adorable as the babies in them!

neej12 @

LauraLowe | 2:12 PM

Those are so amazing! As soon as I saw your adorable babies in these, I immediately showed my husband and told him we had to get one

Sue | 2:19 PM

These baths are absolutely adorable! I hope to win!

Unknown | 2:28 PM

Blooming baths are perfect! Those babes are looking good! They both have some much to say in their eyes.

CP | 2:30 PM

I giggled and giggled when I saw this post and sent my mom a link right away saying we had to get one of these for my soon to be born babe. Love them!

Dranrab | 2:33 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dranrab | 2:34 PM

So if you're ever in the St. Louis area and need a babysitter......I'm just sayin'! You and Hal could go out, I could watch alllll of your kids, and then you could come pick them up and we could try on/create new fun outfits.

: )


Kerry | 2:55 PM

I'd love a tub for my little girl! She's a squirmer and keeps trying to sink below the water line :/ What a great idea.

Jasmine | 3:10 PM

These are outstanding! I would love to get one for my sister, who is due in January.


project whore | 3:10 PM

LOVE the flowers - so cute!

Jess | 3:12 PM

My baby is due in April! I would love one of these!

KellyDove | 3:26 PM

Ooh! I want one for my baby (who is not here yet). :)

Annie | 3:45 PM

Cutest bathing gear ever. My first baby is due in January and I will have to have one.


lydia johnson | 3:49 PM

These are just AMAZING! We're due with bubba #3 in feb, this would be perfect!!!

atout | 3:50 PM

These are so cute! Babies and the tubs!

raisel | 4:03 PM

Oh yes, please, for my little guy due in March!

Alison | 4:06 PM

Wow those are amazing! I pinned for future baby usage :) - of course winning one would be fabulous too!

Deb and Mike | 4:25 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blooming baths. The babes look so happy! Ria

Anonymous | 4:29 PM

Loving! these tub creations!!! Bo and Rev are really starting to resemble each other. So amazing!

Heather R. | 4:31 PM

Those baths looks so much comfier than the plastic tubs! I would love one for my baby (due 12/3)!

~april | 4:37 PM

I. would love love love one of these for my babydue in jan! Way nicer than a cold plastic tub which I gave away after our 1st baby!

bethie | 4:42 PM

I'm pregnant right now and I want this soooo bad!

Funky Mama Bird | 4:45 PM

I don't know what was cuter - the tubs or the babies!

Lauren | 4:50 PM

Those are so cute! I'm due in February and I so want one!

Nana Markus | 5:14 PM

those flower tubs are amazing. Would be so awesome tobe a lucky winner of one.

Nana Markus | 5:16 PM

These bathtubs are adorable. My granddaughter would look so cute in it!!

annafly | 5:16 PM

So cute!! Both of them!! And I love those flower tubs!

Mama Times Two | 5:29 PM

They are so adorable! And the baths are very cool.

jla | 5:59 PM

oooh! These are just adorable! (The babies, too!)

jla | 6:01 PM

oooh! These are just adorable! (The babies, too!)

jla | 6:01 PM

oooh! these are just adorable! (The babies, too!)

Laura | 6:06 PM

Really really cute! Clever idea for a baby tub.

Anonymous | 6:07 PM

I want one! A baby or a flower bath, either will work for me. Both are adorable! :)

RSilvies | 6:15 PM

Oooh, these babies look sublime in their baths! I want one for my babe set to arrive in December!

Lane | 6:18 PM

love these, the babes loo so peaceful :)

Diane. | 7:00 PM

I would love to win one of these baths for my 7 week old, Margot.

Amy | 7:07 PM

LOVE those tubs! I would love to give my sister one - she's pregnant with her first.

Cute babies!!

BruizerMom | 7:34 PM

I need those bath flowers!!!

Katie | 7:38 PM

Love these! Brilliant! Your babies are just beautiful.

Amy Elizabeth Berg Powell | 7:38 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
e-z aim | 7:42 PM

Beautiful! Like bathing in raindrops collected in a flower :-D

Anonymous | 7:59 PM

As the decided mother of one, it is instances such as these that I kind of sort of wish there would be a little one teeny enough to bathe in one of those beautiful flowers... But my lovely friend is due in March and the turquoise blossom is calling out to me! Your babies are delightful!

SoulFull Mama | 8:14 PM

oh my goodness, those bath pillows are cute 9 and those girls are even cuter). I already saved the website with plans to buy one for my own upcoming baby number 4... I already have less hands than i need around here, and with another one on the way, anything to help make something as slippery as bathtime a little bit easier...sign me up :)

Anonymous | 8:23 PM

These baths are genius!!! Love them!

Anonymous | 8:23 PM

These tubs are so awesome!

Anonymous | 8:24 PM


lacy | 8:28 PM

Want one so bad! We had a horrible time with out previous bath and this would be perfect for the new babe!

kaylacolburn | 8:55 PM

I would love to win a blooming bath!! Love the pics of your little ones in them :)

team_alec | 8:55 PM

I would love one! To be ready for the next babe, after my twins. ;) Glad everything is going so well, Rebecca.

Lady | 9:12 PM

I'd love to have one of these to try...My first baby was a bath screamer until he was 6 months old. Baby number 2 is 6 months but still hasn't stopped screaming in the bath...

Caley | 9:28 PM

Oh, I want one of these so bad for this next babe, but trying to justify it in my very slim budget...

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Melissa Berberena | 10:11 PM

Freaking adorable...I want one too!

Kristen | 10:37 PM

Absolutely adorable - the babies AND the blooms. Who knew a bath accessory could be so cute?

Megan | 11:12 PM

I so need one of those baths for this baby I am currently gestating! With my daughter we used the typical plastic thing that goes in the sink, and it never seemed comfortable. Plus, it came with a weird net thing for newborns that I always expected her to flip out of. AND! The flower bath is super adorable.

Rebecca | 11:51 PM

Love love love those tubs

Mia | 12:37 AM

Would love one Of these for my friend who's having her baby soon!! (Mia.cupcake at yahoo!)

Lydia | 1:14 AM

Oh my goodness! I would LOVE a blooming 5 week-old son HATES bathtime in his traditional baby bath tub with infant insert. After reading this post I realized maybe he wouldn't hate it so much if he was propped up, instead of lying nearly horizontal as the infant tub is designed. Last night I tried lowering him into the water in a sitting position and....voila! No instant crying! I've been trying to justify buying a blooming bath (funds are very, very tight these days) and this giveaway would solve that problem! Crossing fingers....

Kelley | 1:49 AM

amazing, LOVE it! :)

Abbé | 4:16 AM

My 6week old doesn't have the pulkes (sp?) like your girls yet but he hopes to when he grows up. Abbesol at hotmail dot com

Katie | 5:58 AM

These are the best tubs I have ever seen.

Christy | 6:24 AM

Super cute! Could use one right now!

Anne Leigh | 6:55 AM

Love, love, LOVE these blooming baths!

Anne Leigh | 6:55 AM

Love, love, LOVE these blooming baths!

Erin | 7:33 AM

Those tubs are so cute! Makes me wish this baby in my belly didn't need the next 30 more weeks to cook. : )

Elisabeth | 7:50 AM

They are adorable! The tubs and the babes.

Elisabeth | 7:52 AM

They are adorable! Both the babes and the tubs.

Abbey | 8:05 AM

So gorgeous. So want one for our next babe.

Jess | 8:19 AM

Man I would love one of these for my upcoming twin girls. These looks so cozy and comfortable what a great idea!

ona | 8:25 AM

love these! The bath sponges are pretty cool too:)

Ashley | 8:30 AM

I kinda can't handle it! I love it. If I don't win, I am still going to get myself one for baby #2.

Amanda Angert | 8:30 AM

SO CUTE!!! I wish I would have had one when my girls were little....

Moon Whaler | 9:25 AM

LOVE these blooming baths!! So cute. I need to get one for my baby-- out tub in our 1940s era home is so scratchy on the bottom I end up putting towels underneath her to keep her from getting scratched!

Ashley | 10:05 AM

Your babies are just lovely. And so are they blooming baths! I would love to have one for #2 on the way. If I don't win, I'm going to have to spoil myself. :) ashwarre at gmail dot com.

Lisa C. | 10:31 AM

Love those baths. I would have liked to have one for our newborn. It would have been especially helpful for when I was bathing the baby alone. The had plastic tub we had seemed a bit too hard for such a tiny boy.

Nicole and Robert | 10:39 AM

THose are adorable

Meghan | 11:15 AM

Love that bathtub!!! The babies are so sweet.

Ashley | 11:24 AM

My friend is expecting a little girl in early March and I'd love to get this for her! So precious.

akgayda | 11:49 AM

OMG I absolutly love these

Sarah | 12:13 PM

Darling! This sure would help with my impending baby ladies!

Anonymous | 12:19 PM

Love love love it. Why didn't someone think of it sooner?

Kayte | 12:53 PM

I LOVE these bathtubs! My husband's aunt and uncle are due in December with their fourth little one and this would be a fantastic present!

Kellie | 1:43 PM

Wow, I have never seen anything like that! It looks so comfy for baby! I'm due any day now with my third baby and I totally want one now!

kateypie35 | 1:44 PM

Ooooo, I would love to win, my l'il girl hates our plastic tub.

chisparoja | 1:50 PM

absolutely adorable bath tubs.

Blaine Family | 2:13 PM

I am going to get one of these no matter what. I can't wait to wash my newborn... in, like, 18 more weeks or so...

Word Sorcery / Emily Kischell | 2:14 PM

I'll be running not walking to the internet to get my own blooming bath sponge for baby on the way!

(Unless I win the giveaway here that is! wordcake at gmail dot come)


Emily | 2:41 PM

November 7 is my birthday so it would be super sweet to win!

b*schus | 2:49 PM

Ahh! so excited you're giving these away. I'm due in Feb and have already pinned these as one of my top must haves for baby girl.

Angela | 2:53 PM

Gorgeous babies in squishable flower baths- heavenly! My dude-to-be would love to bathe in a flower I'm sure. Angela- ajdepner at gmail.

Alexis | 3:02 PM

Those tubs are the cutest ever!!! That goes for the babies as well :)

golriz lucina | 3:48 PM

totally reminds me of thumbelina. i love these!

Pegasaurus | 4:02 PM

I'm due with our first in Jan and these tubs are so cozy looking, they totally lower my first-time-mom anxiety levels about bath time!

romina | 7:18 PM

Who wouldn'twant to bathe their baby Thumbelina in a flower?

Jennifer H. | 8:09 PM

Oooh! Those babies! Those tubs! The combination is almost too much.

sahrabara | 8:15 PM

Those tubs are amazing (and the babies are adorable). I'd love to have one for my little girl.

Mary S | 8:37 PM

They look so comfy and fun, do they come in adult size?? ;)

TeeRish | 10:52 PM

rev and bo are ADORABLE!

and those blooming baths are awesome! i'd love to win!

Anonymous | 7:01 AM

that idea is genius!!! I need one for my next coming soon...

Tricia | 8:07 AM

So, so cute your twinsies. I'm preggo with a boy and I still think those would work for us. I e-mailed a link to my husband as soon as I saw the pics. I love sink baths and those would make it so much easier and more comfy for the baby. :)

lindsay | 8:14 AM

Those baths are awesome! Such a change from cold hard plastic

Mama D | 9:37 AM

How perfect are these??! I've always been freaked out by the prospect of sink-bathing. Kids are slippery and sinks have hard edges, ya know? So I have a little bath chair that sits in the regular tub, but then I have cold, shivering babies, which is just SAD. Love them!

Jeanentt | 10:04 AM

Love, love, love these!

tyKa | 12:25 PM

I would love one of these for my next baby!

Barb @ getupandplay | 1:25 PM

brilliantly designed bathtubs and completely adorable babes!

Maranda | 1:25 PM

These bath flowers are awesome. I think my little girl (3 months!) would rock one quite nicely.
Your babes seem to enjoy bath time much more than mine, though.

Athena | 2:04 PM

They are too cute! The babies AND the tubs. I'm expecting twin girls as well!

Robin | 3:41 PM

Love Love Love. Totally buying these if I don't win.

erohde | 3:53 PM

these are so cute and what great timing my sister in law is due in a couple months. ekrfree at hotmail dot com.

Kimberly | 5:21 PM

What a really cool idea. It would make an awesome baby shower gift!

Alaina698 | 5:38 PM

What cute baths! I want one for my 3 month-old! He screams bloody murder during baths!

BananaramafoFin | 7:42 PM

I'd love one of these for my twins!


Andi | 8:58 PM

I would be tempted to use that on my dog, too, because the dog doesnt like the non-traction of the sink.... I mean, I use dog stuff on our baby and baby stuff on our dog... so why not? :D

Heathrow's World | 11:09 PM

These are adorable! Love it!

Brooke | 6:11 AM

Love these! Wish I had known about them before now. Off to their site I go...

pepperdove | 9:07 AM

I pinned this right away bc these are adorable!

Sarah of the Jones family | 10:10 AM

I so wish I had ones of those when my kiddos were still babies!! I guess if I win then I'll just have to have another bambino so I can try it out!!! :)

barb | 2:42 PM

I would love this instead of the terrible plastic one we have!

bbstevenson at gmail dot com

Stephanie | 2:59 PM

Oh my, how cute!! Been trying to get a bun in my oven for a few months now - I know it's early days, but I'm just so excited! Would love to have one of those cute flower thingies. (stefpie at gmail dot com)

Overanalyzer: | 3:15 PM

Oh my goodness I would love to win one of these for my son, due on 11/8!

queenbreedesigns | 6:47 PM

Wow those are super cute, and I just found out I was pregs:) so perfect!!! Love the pics.

Matthew and Carrie Ward | 7:03 PM

Those are genius! Who thinks of this stuff?!? Love!

Virginia-Ann | 6:08 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virginia-Ann | 6:09 AM

Nothing I love more than watching a baby's face while in the bath. The range of emotion is hard to believe! I can not get over how big the kids are all getting... Watch out blink again and Bo & Rev will be shopping for prom dresses!
Thanks for the contest (

kelli(q) | 8:32 AM

Love these so hard. Pictures mostly, but the product... awesome. My sister-in-law's first baby is on the way and this would be perfect for him.


erica | 8:45 AM

now that we live in a house with a washer and dryer, something like this would actually work for baby no. 2! love the idea of a non-slippery infant bathtub.

allisonm.hunt | 8:57 AM

This would be amazing! Please pick me!!

FSURia | 11:22 AM

Would love to win one for my baby boy!

Quirky Girl | 12:59 PM

I saw this post and HAD to have my own. My baby isn't due till June, but I already have a yellow flower to bathe the baby in. I just got in yesterday! Love.

Jessica | 1:51 PM

Just did my first round of ivf last week and awaiting the results. Hopefully I will have a need for this soon:)

verilium | 7:25 PM

Sooo cute. I want to pick one up for my uncle who just had his first boy!

Tab | 9:03 PM

So freakin' adorable! Please enter me in the give away...hopefully my twin girls (due in January) will love it just as much!

Whitney Laine | 9:23 PM

Those baby girls are so adorable, but those blooming baths are too! What a genius idea! I'd love to win one, but if not I'll definetly be putting this on baby's Christmas list.

Ray | 12:00 AM

You're right! They are few cuter things than bath time with babies. ;o) Those floral sponges are SO CUTE! ^o^

TwinCitiesLynn | 6:36 AM

I recently got laid off from my job after 18 years due to site closure - ugh. My last day of work I got home, still in shock as to what in the world I was going to do now, I mean, who wants to start over at 52? I walked in the house, on the table were two cards from my grandbabies (1yr & 2.5yr - my husband retired when the oldest was born to be the daycare provider) letting me know that their mom was expecting twins (!!!) due in March. They say everything happens for a reason, so that day I totally saw the reason that I should be out of work at this time! I'm so excited, and now seeing your little cuties in these tubs, I can picture myself doing the same!

TwinCitiesLynn | 6:42 AM

grrr - hit send too soon


Melissa | 9:37 AM

this would be wonderful for our 3rd coming soon!

Meredith Louise | 12:52 PM

The babies are SO adorable!

jussayin | 2:18 PM

Adorable, one of these would def let my 3 y/o help with bath time!

Kiki | 6:32 PM

Those are the best things ever! Adorable!

Melissa | 10:04 PM

Oh man-my 6 week old HATES the baby bath tub with a passion. These look awesome.

Tracy | 10:57 PM

What a great idea for bath time!

Tracy | 7:01 AM

I'd really like to try this thing. Perfect for out little girl coming on the 21st.
Thanks! Tracy

Christine | 4:59 PM

LOVE these bath flowers...I'm due in Feb. with my first little one!

Hot Stuff | 6:41 PM

These are amazing! Wish I had known of these - I would have purchased one instead of the Puj tub. My little girl was due two days ago... maybe I'll win this in time for her first bath. :) :)

Christina | 1:06 AM

I'd like to throw my name in if you're still accepting submissions! I've been fantasizing about them since you posted, don't know what took me so long :)
christinajg AT gmail

Laura | 5:46 PM

hope I'm not too late to enter... those flowers are soooo adorable, and so are your babes!

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