Gratuitous Wakeful Babies Video, etc

Most of the time, this is what our nights look like. The babies wake, eat and then we all stare at one another for an hour or so until one and then all of us falls asleep .We turn on the TV and watch bad television and good television, the beginnings of old movies, the ends of new ones. I nurse one baby and she falls asleep, mix bottles for the other. In the kitchen there's an assembly line of of pre-measured formula powder and clean Dr. Browns. My mom worked in a biology lab in college and has her bottle prep down to a science. She kisses me goodnight and away we go...

Someday all of this will be a blur. I know that because I've been down this road before. And even though it's after 4am and I'm typing this through glazed eyes, surrounded by two dueling three-hour alarm clocks, I'm kind of enjoying these first weeks. Because for every two tiny babies keeping me up all night are two seemingly humongous children standing over them in the morning.
Because soon this will be this and I'll be watching Project Hannah and Her Pretty Shore while the babes are tucked away in beds of their own. Beds that aren't my lap or my chest or a Boppy pillow on the couch in a living room surrounded by burp cloths, bottles and Tim Gunn and that will be a little bit sad.



Sarah VM | 4:34 AM

They grow up too fast!! Soak in every second of that tiny infant stage, even at 4 in the morning. You can always sleep when they are older!! :)

Mammy P | 4:34 AM

Ah, I sort of miss those nights. Those night time baby noises, especially. They squeak and sigh and do little wee teeny-weeny baby grunts. Luscious!

i am here | 4:39 AM

Umm, adorable per usual. My twin sister gave birth to a little boy 6 weeks ago and I was lucky enough to pack up and move to Australia to be here for the birth, life, growing, staring contests. He tends to enjoy ceilings right now, ceilings at home, at the shops, in the car. Can't wait to find out what he'll like to stare at next!

Beverly | 4:42 AM

Utterly scrumptious!

Abi | 4:53 AM

So adorable! My 4AMs are a mix of staring, cooing, and catching up with friends of FB and Twitter. Perhaps TV is the secret to 3-hr blocks of sleep? My 1-month old alarm clock currently goes off every 2 hours.

Red Stethoscope | 4:56 AM

Great how intense Rev's stare is.

Kris | 5:15 AM

I swear I saw a look of annoyance pass over Bo's face when you uttered the phrase "Jersey Shore".

I share your sentiment, Sweet Pea. That show kinda bewilders us all.

(I miss those moments of early morning wonder & amazement. Your girls are so dreamy.)

Anabelle | 5:16 AM

Ah ah! I love Reverie's huge eyes, they remind me of my son!!! They are both adorable :)

Arnebya | 5:59 AM

Whenever I think of the newborn days filled with sleep deprivation, lack of showers, overall tiredness, good/bad TV, etc., I miss it. As tiring as it was, I knew it'd be a thing of the past before I wanted it to be. Glad you're reveling in it even though eye glaze.

Sabrina | 6:05 AM

They are so damn adorable. And I'd take 4am wake up calls if my son was as chilled as them.

Molly | 6:07 AM

Bo's total disinterest in "Pretty Woman" is evident. Rev seems like she's down for anything, though.

Lesley | 7:00 AM

I drink so much water, I would sink straight to the bottom of any pool. This giveaway would be awesome!

Oh! And I LOVELOVELOVE your new look. Rock it!


Kate | 7:00 AM

Nice 4am Tim Gunn impression.

Barbara | 7:03 AM

Love that video!

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby | 7:26 AM

Super adorable!!

Whitney | 7:26 AM

They grow so fast!! My twin boys will be 12 weeks old Sunday and I can't believe it! Mine still eat every 3 hours all night long, but I'm loving the snuggles while I get them!

Whitney | 7:33 AM

I just got to watch your video and I loved it! My recorded show list is exactly the same! Lol! But you are right, it is way more fun to just watch the babies....and project runway did suck...


I know they're a month old, but every time I see Bo and Rev I'm all, "OMG, she had TWO BABIES!" Being pregnant with twins is one thing, but having two babies? Beyond amazing. And awesome.

Those girls are pure sweetness. Kiss them all over for me.

Liz | 7:45 AM

Love the video! And I can't believe I'm saying this but you kind of make me wish I could have twins. You just make it look so...wonderful.

Sullivan Family Blog | 7:50 AM

It sounds like you might not be done with the baby making??? Hmmmm?!?!

Unknown | 7:58 AM

I cannot handle the cuteness!! I'm loving the nights with my newborn too...although I'm tired, I love the bonding that goes on during these first few weeks/ is so precious!

Bless with a Boy | 8:06 AM

Love the pictures and the video. I'm with you. I think I would rather stare at those to gorg. baby's than watch anything that was recorded.

Glad you are not too tired to try and enjoy the newness.


Jos | 8:42 AM

I love love love this post. I'm 31w pregnant with my first, and I can only hope that I'll be a Mommy like you (and remember to record the little moments like this!).

Borderless Imaginings | 8:44 AM

Bessesd are you, Rebecca Woolf.

sarah doow | 9:15 AM

Sweet Rev is going to rock staring contests when she's bigger.

Carly | 9:31 AM

Did Reverie blink at all?

bbgHappY1 | 9:56 AM

I love this video.
Thanks for making my day.!

Desiree | 10:40 AM

Ohmigaaaaawwd! CUTENESS to the max. I wanna squeeze them so much ;)

Rachel | 1:02 PM

Hannah and Her Sisters second only to Annie Halll, although Hannah has one of the best soundtracks ever!

Bo and Rev are lovely! My daughter is going to be 3 tomorrow and I don't know how that happened?!

Glenda | 1:29 PM

Rev is wide eyed and intense staring. Bo is like uhm yea whatever mom! :)

Beautiful x2
Enjoy your time with them beautiful girls.

t. | 1:56 PM

Oh my god. I just ovulated looking at them. How do you get anything done? Oh wait. You don't. I get that soooo much.

Anonymous | 3:22 PM

Oh, I watched a lot of television when my son was that little...your entry brought that all back to me (as well as the bit about the perfectly measured formula in the bottles on the counter).

Thank you (seriously, thank you) for writing your heart out. I used to read a lot of 'mom blogs' when my son was smaller but didn't really relate to many (any) of them. Yours, though. Totally. Completely. xoxooxoxo

Kelli | 4:47 PM

This just made me remember so much about those early days. We didn't have cable, so I was convinced that My Baby Could Read, I was going to be rich by selling my gold, and thanks to Bowflex, and hip-hop aerobics, I would have my pre-baby body back in no time. Emily is 3 now, and I am longing for those days again. And she can't read, I'm not rich, and I am convinced that my body will NEVER return.

Those babies make me swoon.....

Erin | 8:52 PM

Those two sure have "quiet alert" done! What a couple of sweeties!

Krystal | 9:26 PM

ADORABLE!!!! Look how wide eyed Rev is!!! Ahhh, so stinkin beautiful!!! All your children are beautiful!!! Can I just say it again? Bea-u-t-i-ful!!!!

AlishaLoren | 2:09 AM

Oh my goodness, this video is so cute! But I'm dying to know how you knew which baby would be which name - Rev especially for me really seems to be so true to her name. As well for Bo. I've known both times exactly what my children's name's were meant to be from about 20 weeks or so into pregnancy. But how on earth do you tell which name was for which baby after they were born?? Did you just kind of sense it or was it more scientific? Either way, I am truly astounded, again by a mother's (and father's!) intuition to know your babies so well in utero, to be able to pick such well suited names for each. Their names seem to so perfectly fit their personalities, even at this young (and wakeful!!) age.
Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best in these long, but beautiful times.

Anonymous | 12:39 PM

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Anonymous | 12:56 PM

Awesome. Awesome.

chesapeake | 2:43 PM

So we all know by now that Rev looks like Archer.

But seriously? Rev is like Archer's twin from a separate pregnancy. I can't get over it. And Bo looks like you. :-D

Kate | 8:05 PM

they look so cozy!

Alt-Mama | 9:31 PM

They're beautiful (all four of them!).

The room, too (+ crib etc)... Super cool to see the babies in it after watching it come together slow-mo on the site (such rad styling efforts on your part, btw). I remember carefully crafting Kaspar's (my kiddo) space in a corner of our Brooklyn bedroom before he arrived. Couldn't quite imagine what it'd be like with him in it until he was actually there.

Glad you're blissing out on babies what with all the sleep dep!

Taylor Alt-Mama

Ray | 11:52 PM

Sigh, at that last photo. Beautiful babes you got there (all four of them). Yes, enjoy these "infant" days. ;o)

Unknown | 5:43 AM

Just be so grateful they are just staring at you and not SCREAMING! Mine hardly ever just sit there content! <3 they are so beautiful!

Leslie | 8:02 AM

Gosh, I love them. It makes my ovaries hurt. I hope your bigger babies are doing well, too. :) I would like gratuitous big siblings holding baby siblings and being adorable photos and/or videos. Gratuitous adorable babies (and larger babies) for all!

Reclaim your wedding | 12:42 PM

I know exactly how you feel, it is extremely hard. My twins will be three this week and its an absolute joy now! It will get easier I promise :)

Anonymous | 8:17 PM

So awesome...they are getting bigger! Love seeing them as they grow. I can relate to the everyone being up and just looking at one another, but there is something sweet, serene and special about it. In reading your formula station line, you can also make 24 hours worth in large Rubbermaid containers (from Target) which is awesome so you don't have to make the bottles individually each's kind of a nice treat in the night or in the day. I also have great scheduling documents if you are ever interested for when they come off 3 hours and go to 4. A little Type A but oh well, you are who you are:) I might be annoying you, so I will stop leaving you unrequested advice! Just excited you had twins and I suppose the NICU experience is one that is near and dear to my heart so I can't help myself, but I promise I will now stop. In my defense, I am from Oregon, it's just what we do, if you were next door I would probably bring you some cookies to welcome you to the neighborhood:)

mai | 6:17 PM

Can you give me the details on the all white crib? I have baby #1 on the way and love the look of it!

tyKa | 2:57 PM

so are you nursing and doing formula for both babies? Just curious...