Happy Halloween! Love, The Jolie-Pitts

And it was indeed a very Happy Halloween...
At first.
Until the goddamn paparazzi showed up, the fucking bastards.
We were hoping for a (full) family portrait, but our eldest two were not having it for some reason. Apparently we embarrass them and they don't want to be seen with us in public.
Kids. They grow up too fast. Luckily for us, we have a metric ton of babies.
AHHH! The paparazzi, again! DUDES, COME ON!
Goddamm this shit! Next year we're going trick or treating at Lake Como with George.


(Pictures of the rest of the crew to come.)


Rae | 1:54 AM

I may have just died and gone to heaven. And I no longer think Derrick Pierce. :D

sarah doow | 2:17 AM

Yes. Just yes to it all. Including the part where I can now be six degrees from George.

Victorianana | 2:18 AM

Absolutely amazing! Best Halloween outfits I've seen this year!

Nev | 3:00 AM

Love.it! :D


Little Red Dog Studios | 3:16 AM

HAHAHA! I love the hospital names/birth location tattoos. So funny. Did you see this guy? http://thedailywh.at/2011/10/28/icwudt-of-the-day-18/

Blurred One | 4:59 AM

I love it!!! Omg, so friggin creative!

c is for cape town | 5:06 AM

George would so drop the real J-P's for you guys!

Luisa | 5:08 AM

Perfection. You guys are awesome. The "tattoos"!

Alaythea | 5:15 AM

This is freakin' hilarious!!!

Grumble Girl | 5:24 AM

You guys? Are my favourites.

Bella, your costume was tres "Sabbotage" which I dig on more levels than I can possibly tell you. That rocks the hard jam, yo. Hee!! Glad you had a wicked-aawesome time!!

Veronica | 5:48 AM

Love it - reminded me of this http://imgur.com/gallery/B7AL9 which is also brilliant :)

Noelle Spooner | 5:51 AM

Best costumes ever. Love it!

Eunice | 6:03 AM

Hal is smokin'!

Kris | 6:04 AM

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks for the early morning giggles - best costumes EVER!

Connie | 6:13 AM

Swoon. I love you guys.

...metric ton of babies. That's hysterical.

lonek8 | 6:23 AM

Hysterical. Happy Halloween!

flybigd | 6:31 AM

Those lips!

KAFS | 6:39 AM

LOVE IT! This is great!

Kendra | 6:41 AM

It wasn't until I got thru the first few photos that I realized HAL was Angelina Jolie! Um.....as handsome as he is....he makes a very convincing...um...woman.....:) I LOVE the themes outfits you 2 put together......very "in the now."

Heather | 6:42 AM

Holy shit, I'm laughing so hard.

I think I have a few of those same babies from my OctoMom costume a few years ago. Dollar Tree in LA, woo woo!

Becca | 6:47 AM

Awesome, that's all I can say!

Ashley | 6:52 AM

This is fabulous! Best costumes ever hands down. I do have to say that Hal is looking a little Anthony Keidis with the hair though.

Amanda C | 7:21 AM

OMG! I think I just peed in my pants from laughing so hard! BEST! EVER!

Colleen | 7:23 AM

You guys look fantastic! This was hilarious.

Anonymous | 7:26 AM

I LOVE it!!!! You two are hysterical. I love that Hal is Angelina & you're Brad. Priceless!!!

Anonymous | 7:33 AM

CPS will be greatly entertained.

Anonymous | 7:38 AM

Oh my god I love y'all. That's Genius.

Freckled | 7:38 AM

There's nothing funnier than someone holding a baby....and holding up the double finger. KICK ASS!

C | 7:46 AM

Beyond hilarious! and seriously genius as far as halloween costume ideas go.


PS Hal is WORKIN it as Jolie.

Liz | 7:51 AM

It took me a second to realize that YOU were Brad and your hubby was Angelina. Wow! Quite possibly the best costumes I've seen yet! And that's including ours - my hubby was Colonel Sanders and I was a chicken. :)

Rhonda | 8:01 AM

Ha....This is really great!! I thought, Dude..she is hairy, until I realized it was your husband!

Dont post nearly enough...but have been following your journey for some time and loving it!!

Your family is beautiful!!

Bria | 8:11 AM

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous | 8:12 AM

Holy bananas I laughed so hard looking at these pics. You guys are so. Fucking. Awesome.

JB | 8:27 AM

Ahaha these are awesome!!! :D

Ramblings of a Redhead | 8:35 AM

Hahahahahahahahah!!!! I am dying over here!!!! BEST costumes EVER!!! You guys really pulled this look off. I was dying at the picture of Brad going for the camera and Angelina reaching out and grabbing his shoulder. Hilarious. Thank you. Oh, bless you. Thank you.

Leslie | 8:49 AM

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen.... Seriously! I laughed so hard I snorted! I'm at work right now & my cubicle neighbors are wondering if I slipped some whiskey in my coffee this am. Hilarious!!!!!

LC | 8:59 AM


and angelina should be so lucky to have hal's lips.

Glenda | 9:01 AM

Love it!!! Love that Hal is Angelina. Love the babies in stroller!!!

Can't wait to see A&F B&R

NodToStyle | 9:07 AM

brilliant. seriously. day is made.
hal in drag is the most hilarious sight.

Denise | 9:10 AM

Holy crap that's awesome!

Teresa | 9:14 AM

Love it! Always look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Glad that you made it out this year with newborn fog and all!

Tasha Imajin | 9:15 AM

I do love you two in drag. Hilarious!

Red Stethoscope | 9:18 AM

Hal is way too curvy to be an effective Jolie...lol! But, those lips...oh my my. I'm cracking up that Archer and Fable are already embarrassed of you two. Wait until Bo & Rev see these pictures years from now. They're either going to think, "My parents were so ridiculous and ironic." Or, "Why? Just...why?" :)

Anonymous | 9:22 AM

Awesome! I would have loved to see Archer and Fable in there too. hehe

Taylor Alt-Mama | 9:42 AM

Love it! You guys rocked it. Too funny that Fable and Archer were embarrassed to be seen with you, too...

Pati N | 9:49 AM

You guys ROCK! Awesome x 1000000!

Chrisitna @ busybmommy | 10:02 AM

Hal LOVES dressing up as a woman hahahaha I mean that dude can serve it to the camera like face! face! face!

Happy Halloween to my absolute favorite blogger, her super awesome husband and her 37562874562347 children :)

Jen5253 | 10:05 AM

Hahaha! It also took me a few pictures to realize that you were Brad and your hubby was Angelina. Brilliant costume idea! I love it!!!!

SD | 10:20 AM

Best. Halloween. Costumes. Ever.

Anonymous | 10:40 AM

I am oddly drawn to your husband. The extreme manliness with the sexy vixen just works for him. You guys are awesome.

the weirdgirl | 11:18 AM

Ha ha! That is TOO funny! Embarrassing your kids already, huh? You're doomed.

No Mommy Brain | 11:20 AM

i feel like an ass for commenting on this post and not the one where you had two babies (sorry! and also, wow!) but this really cracked me up. your family is priceless. also, i'm curious - who do you get to take pics of the two of you? i think i've been wondering that since the elmo/katy perry photo shoot last year. : )

17 beats. | 11:41 AM

hilarious. your husband is one good looking man ! ... and ugly as shit as a woman !!

Mutt | 12:01 PM

At first I thought Hal was Octomom. Then I realized you were Brad. Nice job!!

Unknown | 12:15 PM


Cindy | 12:42 PM

I love you two so much right now. You guys are completely and totally awesome.

Carra Nicholes | 1:03 PM

God I love you two! I still laugh (at least monthly) about Hal dressed as you last year. So awesome!

Anonymous | 1:12 PM

Ever laugh so hard you peed yourself at work?

That's me.

ERIN | 1:21 PM

uh, i just laughed so hard i spit on my computer.... might be the best costume ever... the tattoos sent me over the edge, way to pay attention to the important details :)

Sarah Dubs | 1:22 PM

I fucking love you guys.

Alyssa | 2:08 PM

Aaahhh so good! I'm sitting here trying to decide if I could ever pull something like that with my husband...

Oh yeah, it can happen. It's not like cross-dressing hasn't happened between us before. Ahhhhhh life.

Kerewin | 2:28 PM

I love Hal but OH EM GEE he's scary as Angelina

Anonymous | 2:43 PM

Hahhaha! Love this

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies | 3:18 PM

Very cool, how do you have the time to do all that with so many children in tow?
Great outfits, I love the photo when you are all laughing and it seems like you are just yourselves.

Anonymous | 3:20 PM

Angelina definately has a lot of junk in her trunk!!

Wendy | 3:23 PM

Angelina is in some serious need of a waxing!

Trysha | 4:13 PM

Brad Pitt has never looked better. :)

Hal is so fucking awesome.

lisette | 4:51 PM

seriously THE BEST many a lol was had, thanks! and congrats on your beautiful family!

Elizabeth | 5:12 PM

best. costumes. ever. (why do i feel like i've left you this comment before? maybe all of your costumes have been the best costumes ever? each year trumps the last?)
love the international baby dolls. and love love your babes all nicely incorporated. god, this was genius.

Beck | 5:18 PM


Why Girls Are Weird | 5:29 PM

lol! That is too funny!

Shana | 5:36 PM

Um. This is simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

Beth | 6:24 PM


wingsofwax | 6:36 PM

I was laughing my ass off the moment I saw these pictures. You guys are hilarious!

Barbara | 8:08 PM

best costume 2011 hands down! so so good

Anonymous | 9:06 PM

Holy shit, that was awesome. Nothing else to say really, just wow. :)

Rebecca | 10:05 PM

You are insane and I fucking love these crazy ass photos.

I'm a long time reader and love watching your journey. Thanks for being so real and so FUNNY!


Cathy | 10:33 PM

That's scary good. You guys work really well in drag!

stef | 4:59 AM

holy crap. died. laughing. the one where you are holding your hand to your mouth and hal is guarding the babies with his hands is my fave.
well done.

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

My husband and I were going to do this one year I was preggo. Love it! Also, don't forget to tell his the story behind the names of Reverie and Boheme! -AA

Jessica | 12:15 PM

omg i was so confused for a minute there! hahaha hilarious!

Alex | 1:27 PM

Clever idea :-) I especially love the tattoo on Hal's back :-)

Kana | 2:24 PM

Re: the paparazzi, don't you mean 'basterds'? :)

Shannon | 2:45 PM

Hahaha...Hal looks almost too good as a woman lol.
God you guys look like you have fun together!
Pity about mo'-gate ;)

kittenpie | 2:48 PM

I love you people. But dude, is that SHARPIE on Hal's arm?! That's committing to your costume.

valarie | 3:52 PM

I love you guys!!!!

Lil Muse Lily | 4:22 PM


Erin | 7:39 PM

I laughed a lot!

Unknown | 8:30 PM

oh my word i cannot stop laughing! this is genius! you two are troopers...i can't even get my husband to dress up at all!

Anonymous | 11:16 AM

oh shit. im sitting at my desk at work litterally crying tears of hysterical (silent) laughter hoping my boss doesnt come over and ask me whats so funny. you guys kill. me. freaking amazing!

oh, jenny mae | 2:01 PM

i love hal in lipstick. seriously, that last pic of him on the right of the photo is to die for. you guys are funneh

Ray | 12:38 AM

Boheme and Reverie are going to look at this when they're older and think: "What the hell were our parent's thinking?! Oh, yeah. Sleep deprivation."

LOL! Just kidding! =D

Love how you got dressed up as the Jolie-Pitts.

You're so much hotter than Brad Pitt, Rebecca!! And I love how Hal doesn't mind getting dolled up. =P You guys rock! And you definitely need to make one of these in black and white, and hang it up at your new house (hoping you find the right one for all six of you). ;o)

Anonymous | 10:23 AM

Just when I got done laughing about "Angelina's" lipstick application, I noticed all the racially different children in the stroller.


Schmutzie | 7:18 AM