Gone Style: Jewelmint Love (& Giveaway!)

The following post was sponsored by the lovely folks at Jewelmint. Thanks, Jewelmint!
Apparently I'm the last to know that you can subscribe to a fashion (or in this case accessory) website and receive monthly accessories. Kind of like those middle-school book clubs we used to have. Remember those? I LOVED those! Anyway, fashion subscriptions do in fact exist, in this case BeachMint which is a VERY cool company with a genius concept and all-around good-peeps making it all happen.

Under the BeachMint umbrella lives JewelMint which immediately drew me in because I am TERRIBLE at shopping for my own accessories, especially jewelry. I haven't bought myself a pair of earrings since the Cold War and although I pride myself on being a great shopper, I am terrible with knowing what jewelry to buy where, when and for how much.

Here's how it works. Subscribe for $29.99 a month and every month you get to choose a new piece of jewelry. OR. If one particular month you're over it, you can skip it. ED: IF YOU'RE OVER IT, PLEASE REMEMBER TO CANCEL WITHIN THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF THE MONTH OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED AND THAT WOULD SUCK MAJOR. It's kind of like subscribing to an accessory-stylist, ideal for those looking to treat themselves to a monthly some'in-some'in. Which is important if you're like me, struggling with postpartum blahs, in need of a little pretty. (Nothing spruces up a postpartum wardrobe of spandex and more spandex than a great necklace or a cool pair of earrings.)

I digress. After joining Jewelmint and taking their "style quiz" I was recommended a page of great pieces a la my love of Alexa Chung, Isabel Marant and shoes with mohawks. From there I chose my top-five:

(Pieces can be worn separately or together.)
Jewelmint is offering 50% off your first piece with discount code CHILD (from now until November 30th.)

I also have one piece of Jewelmint jewelry (of your choice!) to offer a reader! To win? Tell me about your favorite accessory. Mine, hands down, is my ring. Winner to be chosen next Thursday, November 17th. Good luck! And thank you, Jewelmint, for letting me play dress-up with your jewels. You ladies are fun.


updated: congrats to #260, Steph! And thanks to everyone for participating with your lovely comments!


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SewPo! | 11:59 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry was a clam shell that I found on the beach. The shell already had a perfect little hole at the top, so I strung it on some hemp (it was 1996, hemp was big) and wore it every day for about 2 years.

Steph(anie) | 12:08 PM

I am all about the hoop earrings, and those Bosa Nova tings are HOT!

Melissa | 12:09 PM

My favorite is a pretty beaded bracelet my daughter made for me. It goes with everything, and my baby made it!

christina @ busybmommy | 12:09 PM

Two antique silver spoon handles engraved with my boys' names hung on a delicate silver chain.

Gorgeous pieces you chose!

K├Ąthe | 12:10 PM

Look at you! All pretty! I mean it! ALL PRETTY.

Ok, um. My wedding band. My brother made it. My husband's is an exact match, just 1.5 sizes larger. It's the only thing I always have on.

Rebecca from CO | 12:11 PM

My fav piece I own is my Tiffany & Co. pennant! It is so gorgeous!

Rebecca | 12:11 PM

Fun! My favorite accessory is a ring I bought for myself after a break-up some years ago. My finger felt naked without the ring he had given me and I found the perfect ring at an international craft market to replace it. I called it "my ring of singledom" - a symbol of my new life as an independent woman. Putting it on still makes me feel powerful.

Jackie | 12:14 PM

Hmmm...my favourite piece of jewellery right now, would have to be a faux "Tiffany"-style bracelet. Because I could never in my lifetime buy a real one. But its convincing enough to make me look the tiniest bit posh ;)

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

My favorite piece is something I only wear when pregnant. In my family, we have a necklace that was bought in Ireland and is blessed at a church(in Ireland)each time someone is expecting and then worn by that expecting mother every day during the pregnancy. I'm currently wearing the necklace and just love thinking about the women who have worn it before me and all the children in the family.

Lindsay | 12:16 PM

Mine is a ring that my mom gave me- she had it made when I was born and the stones have been in my fam for a while. I dig stuff like that.

Kimbo | 12:18 PM

My favourite piece of jewellery is definitely my Victoria Mason pencil shaving necklace. I bought it as a happy single girl gift for myself, payed for in installments and all, and it reminds me of happy schooldays.

Sadly I'm not eligible for the giveaway as it doesn't look like Jewelmint ships to Canada but I wanted to chime in because I LOVE accessories.

Martha | 12:22 PM

My favorite accessory is probably a set of two gold bracelets with black wood inlay that i bought on a business trip to Ghana. They fit my tiny wrists, go with everything, and are a reminder of one of my favorite trips!

Marie | 12:22 PM

ooh, this is a fun game. I think my favorite piece of jewelry are some pretty, dangly silver earrings that my mother brought me back from Brazil a few years ago. They always seem to brighten my face.

Kristin Baldwin | 12:25 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my mom's '70s turquoise ring. It is giant and I think she got it in Sedona.

ainsley78@gmail.com | 12:26 PM

My favorite piece? Probably the gigantic turquoise ring I bought myself for my 30th birthday.

Cindy | 12:27 PM

My wedding rings used to belong to Mamaw. Chris had all the stones replaced and put our birthstones in. I wear these rings every day.

Anonymous | 12:30 PM

My favorite is a ring that my grandfather gave to my grandmother on their first anniversary. It was given to me right after she passed, she had set it aside specifically for me. It's the most special thing that I own.

Olive | 12:32 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace I bought off Etsy a few years ago, it's a brass chain with a medallion, sparrow, and stone.

SJ | 12:34 PM

I was inspired by this post to put on some bracelets I just received for our anniversary. Thanks - I needed a pick-me-up.
My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring, a simple wide silver band with a thin gold band wrapped around it. It's the only thing I wear everyday.

KAFS | 12:36 PM

These are beautiful pieces! Hands down my favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring and wedding band.

SO | 12:36 PM

A necklace I received as a gift from a boy during the most daring little romantic little adventure(jetted cross country for two days in Manhattan) that I will likely ever have in my life.

Kim | 12:38 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band. It symbolizes so much and I'd die if anything happened to it.

Alyssa | 12:39 PM

So hard to pick just one... but my favorite piece of jewelry has to be a charm bracelet, given to me by my grandmother when I was 14. It is filled with charms that were hers as well as a few that have been in our family for over a century. They traveled with her from Germany to Israel and here to the US, as well as some charms she added just for me. It is priceless to me.

Kathryn | 12:40 PM

My favorite accessory is my claddagh ring. I haven't taken it off since I was in 8th grade!

Lindsay | 12:43 PM

I have these earrings that are tiny birds carved out of some kind of blue stone. I wear them all the time.

Leah | 12:44 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is the sapphire/diamond necklace my husband gave me on my first Mother's Day in 2004 (sapphire is my daughter's birthstone). :)My second favorite is the vintage diamond engagement ring I inherited from my grandmother, who died of a brain tumor when I was young.

erikalong | 12:45 PM

my mom, my favorite person, recently spent some quality time in the ER/ICU. it freaked us all out royally, of course, but she's fine now, recovering well at home - slowly shedding pounds of water weight gained from bags and bags of saline. before she got too puffy, we got to pry her wedding ring/bands off her finger with some sexy KY Jelly. i saved them for her until she was released, and have since kept wearing her simple gold band, amidst my own wedding rings. That band reminds me how much i freaking love my mom.

Jessi | 12:47 PM

My favorite is my engagement ring on a silver chain. My husband bought it half a size too small and we never got it sized.. then every few years we have a child which makes me bloated and fat and takes forever to lose it again.. so my engagement ring is on a chain. It's my favorite accessory.

rebecca | 12:48 PM

definitely my opal ring from australia.

Jana | 12:51 PM

I love my wedding ring, but my latest favorite is an old beat-up locket that was my grandmother's.

Kristen Mullane | 12:52 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a delicate gold necklace I wear every single day. It has a small circular gold pendant with the letter "R" stamped into it, for our family name. I love that my family is always with me.

Suzie | 12:53 PM

My favorite is a silver butterfly necklace with a Mikimoto pearl on it. It was a gift from a dear Japanese friend, and I hardly ever wear anything else! Er, jewelrywise. ;)

Rebecca Barber | 12:53 PM

Every Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I would play with this necklace my Nana had. Her parents made her a gold necklace that looks like an ark that can be opened and has a mini torah in it. I played with it every year for my entire childhood and when I turned 18, she gave it to me. I wear it every year the High Holidays come around and it just reminds me of my Nana and how special she is.

Katie | 12:54 PM

My favorite is definitely my engagement ring, too. It was my fiance's grandmother's, he made countless "domestic partnership" jokes leading up to giving it to me, and he proposed to me on the beach. So...looking at it always makes my smile.

Unknown | 12:55 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of diamond studs my husband gave me years ago, before we were married. Simple, bezel set diamonds, plain and simple. They go with everything and sparkle just so.

priscillapants | 12:56 PM
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priscillapants | 12:58 PM

sorry for the double post!
my favorite accessory..i have 3 (basically because I can't wear 2 of them).
1. the first is a gold locket that was my grandmother's that has pictures of her and my grandfather in it from when they were courting in the 1940s. she wore it with those pictures in it--it keeps me hopeful that i'll find that kind of love some day. i don't wear it for fear of losing it.
2. a texas shaped pendant that i got at a thrift store for a quarter. When I moved to Austin 5 years ago I never could have dreamed that I would love it as much as I do. It truly feels like home. I didn't have any money on me at the time, so the love of my life gave me a quarter to buy it. It was right around the time that he was promising me the moon and we were making Big Future Plans. I wore it the entire time we were together because I was so hopeful of the life that we were planning to start together. he shattered my heart 3 months ago, and i haven't been able to wear it since.
3. a silver aquamarine ring. the first (and only) piece of jewelry i spent more than 20 dollars on for myself, it's also my birthstone. It's not my style but it weirdly fits me more than any other thing I own.

Andrea | 12:59 PM

Mine is my engagement ring, hands down. A square sapphire in white gold, with small diamonds on either side. Blue and silver is my favorite color combo of all time.

gothelen | 1:00 PM

My favourite piece of jewellery is my grandma's engagement ring. 2 tiny diamonds in a twist, I coveted it from a very young age and now wear it every day with love.

Jules | 1:01 PM

My favourite accessory is my grandma's wedding band. She gave it to me when her fingers became too swollen to wear it. It has resided on the ring finger of my right hand for 6 years. Inside is engraved J & V 5.6.48. They were married for 60 years before my grandpa passed away, and I like to think of it as my love totem.

Hannah | 1:03 PM

I think I would say my nose ring, it is tiny and has been in place since my senior year college spring break. It is so tiny that little old ladies remark reluctantly that they like it. I love your ring story, I just got engaged to a man of my dreams and when my ring is done it may replace the tiny rebel nose piercing.

Emily | 1:05 PM

I have a necklace with 2 small diamonds from my grandmother's wedding ring set in a tear drop shape. It's my go to piece when I can't figure out what to wear.

Theresa | 1:06 PM

My favorite is my intertwined ring with the names of my partner and our two children. I wear it instead of a wedding band.

cora d | 1:09 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is the gold flower broach that belonged to my great grandmother that I received when she died. Along with sentimental value, it is ornate without being overdone, delicate without being fragile and antique without being dated. Thanks for the giveaway!

Perfectly Impurfect Me | 1:13 PM

My favorite accessory? My smile! Always with me, easy to share and never fails to break the ice - no matter what the occasion!

LizB | 1:14 PM

I have a tiny pair of gold earrings shaped like leaves. They're subtle and super versatile.

lonek8 | 1:17 PM

my favorite piece of jewelry is a tiny necklace I have with all three of my kids' birthstones. it is so delicate and small, and has so much personal meaning for me. I'm actually kind of sad that now I'm having another baby my necklace is obsolete - I have to figure out how to add another birthstone so I don't have to get a whole new necklace!

Dea | 1:18 PM

My favorite is a pair of earrings. They are a lacy looking print cut out of metal. I got them on clearance which makes them even better. I always get compliments on them.

Anabelle | 1:20 PM

On your selection, I like the Victorian Charmer Necklace, really pretty :)

My favorite piece of jewelry is the ring that my darling gave me, it's actually two rings linked together, with "i love you" and "je t'aime" engraved (I am French and he is American).

I also wear the jewels I make :)

Andi | 1:24 PM

I love my charm bracelet.. I got it rfrom an antique store, and all of the charms on it are like keys to unlocking some stranger's life. There was a letter from the same woman who made it, she died in 1980. I like to wear it and imagine her life.

Cynthia | 1:25 PM

my favorite accessory - a pair of earrings that my husband gave me when we first started dating that he placed in my bed at the end of a list of clues and poems that started at the front door when I walked in.

Dranrab | 1:28 PM

It's not jewelry....but I think my glasses are a darn cute accessory!


AMS | 1:29 PM

A huge sparkly, eye catching cocktail ring. Love it.

Katie | 1:34 PM

My wedding band and engagement ring. They were my grandmoms. My grandparents were married until the died which is very rare these days.

Anabelle | 1:34 PM

I just read your post linked on "your ring". Oh I am so touched by what you wrote and you have no idea how good it makes me feel... Because we've been going through so many hard times and shit my man and I but we love each other SOOO much and yes, thank you for saying that marriage is NOT easy and writing it so well and so honestly. I wish I could hug you!!!
PS: and this is not at all to get a better chance to win the giveaway :)

chisparoja | 1:35 PM

my favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band. I love it.

Courtney | 1:35 PM

I am a jewelry addict, so this is hard for me! I have tons of jewelry, but no real hand me downs or heirlooms. So for me, it's a tie between a blue chalcedony ring my dad got me as my first nice piece of jewelry, and a gold necklace that has my initial and a bird charm on it. The first is sentimental because it's from my dad, the second because my mom says she "always knew I'd fly away like her little bird."

t. | 1:38 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding rings. Love love love.

The Moms | 1:43 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring set. In 2000 my husband proposed to me with the most beautiful engagement ring, in 2003 when we finally got around to planning the wedding I saw the most beautiful wedding ring set. It was expensive and did not go with my engagement ring at all. I settled on a plain white gold band and left it at that. Every time we were in the store I admired that wedding set. Finally the day that we were married and my husband went to slip that little white gold band onto my finger but it wasn't the little band, it was the wedding band set that I had admired. - Claire

Lori and Phil | 1:44 PM

Most everyone's favorite accessory is a piece of jewelry. There might have been a day when I had one of those (and I hope to get back to that really soon!). As a new mother, I still have not figured out how best to accessorize (jewelry-wise) in a baby-friendly manner. Tips, anyone?! So I have to confess - over the last 7+ months, my favorite accessory -- that I always have with me -- is my diaper bag. ;-) You got to love a large backpack diaper bag that fits everything!

Lindsey | 1:45 PM

My fave piece is a Kate Spade bangle that says "No Sleep Till Brooklyn." My brother visited me while I lived in Brooklyn and couldn't stop singing (shouting?) it, so I put it on my Christmas list. :)

ste | 1:45 PM

I don't wear my jewelry these days lest a child decapitate me from pulling on a necklace, but I have one my friend bought me. It is an antique and has a flat pearl inside a silver circle. I love pearls.

Heather R. | 1:49 PM

Just have to say you look lovely in these photos! If you don't love your nose, you should :)

Rebecca | 1:52 PM

While I'm fond of any piece that has a story connected to someone I love, my favorite is my engagement ring. The stone was a gift to my father from his Uncle John, placed in a new band and given to my mother when my father proposed to her in 1975. My father passed away in 1999, and so when my (now) husband proposed in 2006, my mother gave him the diamond from her engagement ring, which we put into a new setting for me to wear. Whenever I wear it, I think of the family I was lucky enough to be born into, and the family member I was lucky enough to find (and fortunately, the feeling was mutual)!

drcook | 1:53 PM

My grandmother's engagement ring. Hopefully the diamond can be incorporated into my future engagement ring.

The Hojo Family | 2:05 PM

The piece of jewelry that I wear almost every day is my necklace with my kids names on it. I actually got the website from you (aj's collections) and bought one. I love love it!

patty | 2:12 PM

I love my wedding ring. Engagement ring... whatever it is. My husband to be wanted to make sure that we were getting something I liked, and so offered to take me shopping. I was worried about spending his money, and we looked at dozens of rings. The ring I chose, the first one I tried on at the MALL jewelry store on clearance of all things. Round with Blue Sapphires. I get compliments on it all the time.

Unknown | 2:14 PM

My favorite accessory is a compass necklace that I have had for a few years. It's scuffed, scratched, the glass has a crack in it, and it's fully functional. It helps me to feel a little less lost sometimes, and reminds me about the bumps in the road.

Anonymous | 2:14 PM

I have a few favorites:
1. My bentwood wedding ring from stout woodworks. It's walnut with a turquoise inlay, and awesome because it's unique and it has a good story to go along with it.
2. My single black pearl necklace I got while visiting Beijing. Simple, elegant, lovely.
3. The silver bangle my mom gave me for my 30th birthday. It's solid, unique - made by a jeweler in my hometown and totally me.
4. The necklace of the mountains I grew up under (the Grand Tetons) made by the same jeweler as #3.
4. A ruby and diamond necklace my mother-in-law gave me. Rubies are both of our birthstone and it's a special necklace (also with a good story).
5. The Tiffany Co. necklace I bought myself when I decided to leave NYC and pursue my dreams on the west coast. It's pretty, different from a lot of the Tiffany's pieces, and symbolic.

margosita | 2:15 PM

My favorite accessory is the petal drop ring I wear. There's no story, other than I needed something beautiful. I don't own much jewelry, and never have bought much for myself.

This is an exception.

Katie | 2:16 PM

My favorite jewelry accessory is a pair of beautiful earrings I bought in Vegas while there getting hitched! Everytime I wear them I feel happy!

This is such a great post & very neat idea! Thank you!

PS: You look fab, darlin'!


chantalart | 2:19 PM

My favorite accessory/ piece of jewelry is my wedding ring, a thin white-gold band with tiny diamonds that were supposed to be set all around in an "eternity" style. When I picked it up I discovered they had made an error and put all the stones on the front half but I loved it so much it didn't matter and we kept it that way!

andrea.d | 2:20 PM

Sweet giveaway! My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver charm bracelet that belonged to my mother. She gave it to me for my 21st birthday, and I have been adding my own charms to hers.

Caroline | 2:22 PM

awesome giveaway! My favorite jewelry is a pair of simple silver hoops. They are a go-to for me to dress up any outfit.

Emily Jacobsma | 2:29 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. It's vintage and says "Henry May 6, 1886". My husband's name is Bryce but I like that I'm using a piece with some soul and history.

AUSAcara | 2:32 PM

My favorite piece is a pair of earrings my husband bought when he was backpacking Bolivia. They are handmade silver, and through his broken spanish, and the artists broken english, he figured out that the pattern stood for the 3 ways you love someone: with your mind, heart & body.

Ashley | 2:34 PM

Mine is my engagement ring. No matter how crappy my outfit is, at least my ring always looks beautiful.

Meghan | 2:34 PM

My engagement ring!

Alyson | 2:35 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my new engagement ring!

Kelsy | 2:40 PM

While shopping one day with my best friend I saw earrings that I loved, but I didn't buy them. The next time I saw her, she surprised me with the earrings.

Rebecca F | 2:49 PM

My favorite is my carnelian wrap bracelet by Pretty Bird. I wore it throughout my entire pregnancy and while giving birth to my son. It is said to enhance sensuality, creativity and flow of emotion. One day I will give it to him. Can't wait to check out this site.

Greg and Alyssa | 2:51 PM

my grandmother's charm bracelet. It has a charm from every state she lived in.

Shannon | 2:52 PM

Hands down my wedding band and engagement ring. Both were husband's grandmother's. Circa 1928 beautiful antiques, and a piece of his family history.

Abbe | 3:04 PM

Currently, my fave accessory is my 7-week-old son. Before him, I loved a pair of purple dangly earrings that clink a little when i move.

The Lovely Nester | 3:08 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding/engagement ring set since it's so sentimental!

Lindserannie | 3:10 PM

I can't even see that jewelry because you are too purty. Lookin' so foooine lady!

I just got engaged but don't have my ring yet as we picked it out together after the fact and are now ordering it online...but it's the Lucky Seven Brilliant Twig Ring w/ Aquamarine instead of Diamond. I don't have it yet but it is already my favorite.

(Haha: word verification is "partion". Excellent).

Jen | 3:15 PM

My absolute favorite accessory is my wedding ring/engagement ring pairing. I have worn it for nearly nine years now, and still look at it with new eyes. And on my right ring finger I wear my grandmother's engagement ring. I've worn that for 13 years and love it every bit as much now as I did the day I came home from college on winter break and she gave it to me.

Jen | 3:15 PM

My absolute favorite accessory is my wedding ring/engagement ring pairing. I have worn it for nearly nine years now, and still look at it with new eyes. And on my right ring finger I wear my grandmother's engagement ring. I've worn that for 13 years and love it every bit as much now as I did the day I came home from college on winter break and she gave it to me.

Natalie | 3:18 PM

My favorite pice of jewelry is my engagement ring. It is a large meteor that was found in Russia set in silver. Just looking at it reminds me how special my love is!

Natalie | 3:19 PM

My engagement ring. It's a large meteor set in a silver "crater-like" setting. Just looking at it reminds me how special my love is!

Julia | 3:29 PM

My favourite piece of jewelry is my gold bunny necklace. I'm the daughter of artist/hippy parents who never cared much for anything fancy or expensive, but my great aunt in England (of course) bought it for me when I was only 4 – I was a kinda rabbit-obsessed.

I never take it off. I still love rabbits just as much as I did when I was little. Every child I've ever looked after has stared at it, mesmerized, while sitting on my lap. They seem to know instinctually how special it is.

Heidi Hope | 3:31 PM

Upon my graduation from high school, my mom gave me a gold braclet with sapphires (my birthstone) and diamonds. It's so beautiful! She'd bought it years before, and saved it until I was able to be entrusted with previous jewlery :) It reminds me of how much my parents love me and makes me happy each time I wear it!

Angela | 3:35 PM

I had wax seal monogram necklaces custom made for my bridesmaids on Etsy. As their initials were A, A, A and P, I had to round it out with another A. It's irregularly shaped, so shiny and seems to give a timeless polish to anything I wear, and I get so many compliments when I wear it!

L.L. | 3:40 PM

Its my wedding ring. I know thats probably the least original answer, but its true. I picked it out myself and its perfection. I do not even wear a wedding band because I thought it would detract from its beauty :)

Ashley | 3:47 PM

My fave for the last year has been a victorian style cream rose ring I bought from an etsy shop. It goes with everything and is just so, so pretty! BTW, I just must say you look AMAZING! Two years out from having my last baby and I'm still sporting two chins ;)

KateMc | 3:54 PM

My favorite accessory is a Claddagh band my husband got me for Christmas one year. I love Claddagh rings!

- | 3:55 PM

I'm sure this will sound cliche but mine is my engagement ring. We custom-designed it and even though the design isn't very unusual, it is just beautiful and classic. Makes me smile every day and I can't wait until I marry him next year :-)

Kim | 3:57 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry next to my wedding ring. (The hubs didn't pick no blah solitaire!) is my amythest ring that I think I got in sixth grade. I forgot I even had it, until last year when finally back to not-having-baby size, it actually fits on my right hand ring finger! Gotta love purple. (Though I wonder if it's just purple glass.)

Anonymous | 3:57 PM

You look stunning in those photos! My favorite accessory is a toss-up between five rings that mean a great deal to me.

1. When I quit smoking a looooooong time ago, I treated myself by taking a year's worth of cigarette money and I had a ring made. It is a cocktail ring with an alexandrite in the center and a spray of 14 diamonds surrounding the center stone. It's flashy so I only wear it when I'm really dressed up.
2. I have a diamond ring that was made from an original vintage mold from the 1800s. It is a gorgeous filigree setting in white gold with a large center diamond and 18 small diamonds scattered throughout the filigree work. It looks really old and I get so many compliments on it.
3. My wedding band. It was my grandmother's wedding ring and she wore it from 1920 until she died in 1985. She bequeathed it to my mom, who wore it until a week before my wedding, when I took it to a jeweler to have it sized and engraved. The inside of the ring is engraved with our wedding date and the name of a song my husband wrote while we were dating.
4. My "engagement after the fact" ring. When we got engaged, we didn't have a lot of money so he bought me a diamond band instead of a traditional engagement ring. Many years later, my father gave me a diamond ring my mother had purchased for him 25 - 30 years prior when she first started working. It was a men's pinkie ring that had long before gone out of style, and he wanted me to have the diamond. I found a vintage setting from the early 1900s and had the diamond re-set and it is absolutely beautiful. I love that the diamond came from both my mother and father (my mom died 15 years ago), and my husband who paid for the ring and side diamonds.
5. And the last one is an art deco sapphire and diamond ring that belonged to my husband's grandmother and, later, my mother-in-law. It has a square center diamond with a square sapphire on either side. Sapphire is my birthstone as well as my mother-in-law's and my twins (who just turned 12). Two years ago at Christmas my mother-in-law handed me the last gift under the tree. It was a bright, sparkly blue sequinned box and inside was a very old blue glass Christmas ornament that had belonged to her mother. Tied to the top of the ornament with a silk ribbon was the ring. I was stunned. She wore that ring all the time and it meant so much to her. I looked at her and through tears asked her if she was sure. She started crying and told me to wear it in good health and know that four generations of September babies were represented in that ring. I was blessed with an amazing mother-in-law in so many ways.

I love reading all these comments!


Rachel | 4:16 PM

My favorite accessory is my grandmothers cameo ring that I inherited after she died. It makes me feel very close to her. It's beautiful and I love catching a glimpse of it throughout my day. It makes me happy to wear it.

helmetnona | 4:24 PM

Leaf inspired earrings made of bombshell from Cambodia--they make something so horrible into beautiful

Kayla the iGirlfriend | 4:29 PM

Three or four years ago my mom gave me a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a compass, so I can always find my way home (her words, and words I treasure.) I wear it almost every day.

Ellie D | 4:50 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my locket. It's heart shaped, gold, and just waiting for a picture of my grandma and my niece to go inside!

Jess | 4:57 PM

My favorite accessory is my "love you to the moon and the back" necklace. It has my husband's and daughter's engraved on it. I think that may be my only accessory actually.

Samantha Yeung | 4:58 PM

i love the bossa nova earrings! they look great on you!

Kristen | 5:14 PM

A diamond and sapphire cocktail ring given to me by my grandmother. It was a gift to her from my late grandfather.

Rachel | 5:23 PM

This is kindof a cop out, but I can't choose a favorite accessory. I do love my engagement ring, but it's pretty run of the mill, three stone, white gold piece of jewelry. (But I love it, so that's all good :)

doahleigh | 5:24 PM

My favorite accessory is probably my engagement ring. I don't actually wear it very often, usually opting for my simple small band. BUT! My engagement ring is something I picked out - a green amethyst - and I wear it when I'm in a special mood, when I need a little sparkle.

Starkisha | 5:31 PM

By far my favorite accessory is a gorgeous antique jade bracelet that my grandmother gave me. It is a great reminder of our different cultures (she is Japanese and I am Irish) and although she is not related to me by blood, she considers me every bit her granddaughter and wanted me to have this piece that had been in her family for generations. It was very touching that she gave it to me and I will treasure it forever!

Lindsey Fyfe | 5:31 PM

lovely idea!I have a pair of earrings that are bronze and shaped like large locusts. I bought them at Luxe in Silverlake for a grammy party, and felt cool even among very cool people :)

Laura | 5:32 PM

My favorite is also my engagement ring. It's made out of a Lake Superior Agate that my dad found. My husband asked his permission to marry me, then asked for his agate collection to look through... it turned out gorgeous! (we met near Lake Superior and got married next to it) :) LOVE your ring too!

LiciaLee | 5:36 PM

love those pieces! And what a neat idea. :D. My favorite accessorry is my watch. Cute adn functional. I have to know what time it is.

Whitney | 5:46 PM

My favorite jewelry is my wedding ring. I wear them everyday and I love them. I also love these really fantastic owl earrings I own!

Lauren | 5:52 PM

Three years ago, my grandmother decided that rather than waiting for us to inherit things after she'd passed on, she wanted to give them to my brother and my cousin and me (small family!), as gifts -- to see the looks on our faces and to watch us enjoying them. My (older) cousin got what's considered the "good" ring -- the nicer one, Grandma's upgrade -- but the one I have is the one my grandfather originally proposed with, the one she wore all through World War 2, the one she was wearing when she learned he'd been captured and was wearing when against all odds, he came home to her. I think she thought when she gave it to me I'd put it aside or wear it occasionally, but I wear it every single day, and she loves that and tells me all the time how glad she is that I have it. (SORRY -- that got so long!!)

Autumn | 5:52 PM

My favorite has to be the blue stone necklace my husband bought me before we ever met. I must have been 15 at the time and he sent it to me in the mail and now, every time I wear it, we remember how long ago it was that we first started talking.

beyond | 5:55 PM

my husband gave me his grandmother's wedding ring when we got married. it's gorgeous simple platinum. it's a size too big, but held in place perfectly by my wedding ring. i love it and the meaning behind it.

Beth Martino | 6:01 PM

my favorite accessory is a necklace my husband and daughter bought for me as a 30th bday gift. it has a beautiful ruby pendant, but i love that every time i wear it, my daughter reminds me i am wearing the necklace she bought me (she is six).

eliza | 6:04 PM

My engagement ring and wedding band, never take them off. But also a beaded necklace made and given to me by my brother's wife -- it is just my style and somehow makes even a plain tee-shirt look awesome. Don't know how it does it.

Candace | 6:09 PM

I have to admit that I do not wear jewelry but would like to! I am a tomboy and do not understand how to wear jewelry and it not get in the way. I do, however, imagine someday getting a necklace with my two daughters' names on it!

Amanda | 6:11 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace I wear everyday. On it is a metal origami crane that belonged to my husband and his wedding band; he died March 18th from leukemia at the age of 36.

MAV | 6:22 PM

I go through phases with my jewelry, wearing them out like an old record before placing them in a semi-retirement state until I happen upon them and fall in love all over again. That said, I have a coral necklace/earring set from a trip to Mexico that has never gotten the bench. As many red necklaces as I own, this one just does the trick each and every time.

Ashley C. | 6:28 PM

It's hard to choose just one accessory I love the most. Most of my jewelry has great sentimental meaning to me and I love being able to cherish the moments and people in my life when I wear them.

If I had to choose one, it would be my engagement ring. After 3 (yes 3!) ring fiascos, including a lost diamond, my husband had my mother's engagement diamond put into a new setting. It's not a large stone or even a very nice one in terms of diamond ratings (that's what it's called, right?). It's just a little diamond my Dad picked out for my Mom from JcPenny's 33 years ago. But it means more to me than this short post could ever convey.

Sarah | 6:31 PM

My wedding & engagement rings! Those are pretty much the only jewelry that I wear :)

Kate | 6:50 PM

Green earrings purchased at Ballard Farmer's Market in Seattle...but I need a new pair!

Monkey | 7:07 PM

So it's like a CD of the month club, but with jewelry?? That is awesome!

Hmm..fav accessory..now that is a tough one. Lately, my most worn accessory is an amethyst crystal on a simple leather rope. It's the new age-y-ness in me. I think my fav though would be a bracelet I made with sterling silver and beads. The central point is a multi-colored star shaped bead that was a lucky find in a bead shop while I was on vacation.

Anonymous | 7:17 PM

Definitely my wedding/engagement ring. I still love it!

Alyssa | 7:23 PM

I have to cheat. I have two favorite accessories, both of which are beautiful pieces of jewelry. The first is a blue lindy star ring given to me from my parents on my 18th birthday. My dad gave it to my mom on her 17th birthday! I felt so special to have it passed on to me.

The second is a necklace purchased by my now husband, then boyfriend, when he was in Israel. It's a hand, I believe it's a "hamesh" hand. I wear it almost every day =)

Jackie | 7:32 PM

My favorite is my fleur de lis diamond necklace. My husband did good with than one!

domestiCate | 7:41 PM

I'd have to go with my wedding rings. The only thing I never take off.

Amanda | 7:48 PM

Wow! What a fantastic concept! Once I get my fundage in line I'm definitely looking into signing up.

My favorite accessory would have to be whatever has been handed down from my grandmother. I have a couple great pieces from my great-grandmother who was a flapper (long glass onyx beads and a great art deco pendant). The accessory that owns my heart though is my grandfather's ring that is a silver band with gold underneath and etched stars around the band (I used to wear it around a chain until the chain broke and I haven't found anything fitting for it yet). It was a part of a matching set he and my grandmother had. I hope to have a daughter to give it to one day.

Courtney | 7:53 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that my hubby gave me from an estate store in his college town when we first started dating.

LaurelAnne | 8:32 PM

I love wearing the necklace my kids bought me for mothers day this year!

Caitlin | 8:33 PM

my favourite is a plastic red necklace I got in Paris - sounds awful, looks AWESOME! I even sent it back for a repair once and they fixed it for free.

Caitlin | 8:34 PM

my favourite is a plastic red necklace I got in Paris - sounds awful, looks AWESOME! I even sent it back for a repair once and they fixed it for free.

Ellen | 8:35 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold ginko necklace my sister gave me. A symbol of good health.

Margie | 8:36 PM

Is there something inside the little ball on your necklace? My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring - both the original and the more practical day-to-day version :)

Mama D | 8:37 PM

My favorite piece is my 24-hour engagement ring. I knew my "real" ring was arriving soon and was POSITIVE Chris wouldn't be able to surprise me. But...we used to do these little shopping sprees as Target when we were poor(er) and needed some entertainment: $10 each, go our separate ways at the store, 20 minute time limit, each of us buying for the other person. Chris found a cute $5 ring and surprised me with a proposal that night. My mother was mortified (bonus) and, since it was close to Halloween, he got these really cool rats that stick when you throw them at a wall in return. ;-)

Kelsea | 8:52 PM

My favourite piece of jewelry is my mother's gold claddagh ring that I wear every day. If you don't know, a claddagh ring is an Irish wedding ring. The heart, hands, and crown on it represents love, friendship, and loyalty. I'm half Irish, so its a symbol of my heritage as well as my mother.
My mother received it for her 21st birthday from her best friend's parents, who had just returned from Ireland. My mother gave it to me to wear when I was 14, and I've worn it every day since. It has so much sentimental value for me, and I hope to give it to my own daughter one day.

AK | 8:59 PM

My favourite piece of jewellery is this vintage yellow milkglass brooch that I desperately wanted and that a lovely friend of mine surprised me with.

Carrie | 9:25 PM

Love all of my costume jewelry but my favorite piece is my long strand of pearls that the hubs gave me as a "push" present!

i am k.new here | 9:51 PM

My favorite pair of earrings I found at an Amish farmers market type place in rural Virginia. They were made by a man who normally makes pottery, just flat concave disks made of gritty pottery, and although they broke and he hasn't ventured to make another pair (I checked every time I went back) I still like to wear one as a necklace.

S i a | 9:57 PM

Honestly, my favorite accessory is my bright, henna'd red hair. It makes my skin look creamy and my eyes pop. It goes with silver or gold and just about every color.

Beyond that, I love my silver Ganesha ring that my sister gave me!

Lin | 10:16 PM

Oh my that Pomander Pendant is LOVELY!! I'm off to check the site out even though I'm not a big jewellery buff, I have a feeling I'll find something I really like. :)

My favourite piece right now is a necklace with my daughter's name and birthday on it. She also loves to play with it and it jingles. Totally makes me happy!

K Foxman | 10:27 PM

Other than my engagement ring, my favorite accessory is my great grandmother's ring, a delicate whirl of rose gold, with two tiny pearls and garnet.

Sarah L | 10:40 PM

Wow I would love to have a subscription to that website. Maybe when I'm a real adult haha! My favourite accessory is probably my grandma's short strand of pearls as it is the only "real" jewelry I own and wearing it makes me feel close to her. Thanks!

Alaskabetty@hotmail.com | 10:53 PM

The first time my sister came to visit me after I moved out of state she wore a lovely necklace with chunky stones on a chain. The necklace could be worn double or triple wrapped around her neck. I told her I liked it and when she returned home she left it with me along with a sweet note. Every time I wear it I'm reminded of what a great sister I have.

K | 10:57 PM

Um, are you really that skinny already? You look amazing. Can you show us how you did your hair in the pics where it's back? It looks really pretty and I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old and would love a good pulled-back-hair look - thanks!

Melissa | 12:03 AM

I like the Pomander Pendant. :) Very pretty, I would love to win that. I love my wedding ring. A simple white gold band, it means the world to me.

lola + oliver | 4:42 AM

Are those Bosa Nova hoops heavy on the ears? Because they are GORGEOUS!

My fave of all fave pieces of jewelry is a silver necklace with three charms: a little pearl, my "word of the year" charm (resilient), and my son's name :)

Lauren | 4:44 AM

My antique wedding ring, purchased at auction in Scotland!

Ariel | 5:20 AM

My favorite accessory right now is the scarf/necklace I made out of an old tshirt...it's cozy but it looks cool

Clare | 6:07 AM

I've always owned a pair of simple, small, gold hoops. They're my everyday look.

I have a vintage cluster amethyst ring that I love to rock with the occasion is right.

mclare.connolly at gmail dot com

Lindsay | 6:33 AM

My favorite accessory is a necklace I picked out but was surprised by from my husband. Simple and not that expensive, but I just love it!

Althea | 6:34 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring-but I suppose that's a pretty stock answer...
I have a multi-cabachon lapis necklace that I wore to my junior prom. It was something that I had coveted in the ONLY head shop in my area and finally broke down and bought with one of my first paychecks. I still have it, although it is now missing a cabachon-sad face.

meekasmommy | 6:34 AM

My "M" necklace that my lovely sis gifted me with at the birth of my daughter :)

Katie Jane | 6:39 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a broach made of sapphires that my grandma gave me. I had it put on a chain. It's huge and very 1960s, but I love it so much. My grandma wasn't well enough to come to my wedding, so I wore it that day to carry a piece of her with me.

oh-no-not-now | 6:47 AM

My favorite is a ring that was my grandma's - she would like me to say that she isn't dead, just kind. My grandparents are amazing -they're 88 now, and still living independently. When I was about 6 and they were in their early 70s, they went to India, simply because they had never been and wanted to go everywhere while they still could (they've been married for 65 years and by the time they hit 55 they'd been to every continent, I believe). When my grandma got back, she had bought this beautiful opal ring, and I LOVED IT. She had brought me a puppet (which I still have) but all I wanted to do was play with the ring. My grandma is a very beautiful, thin woman. I am... pretty but not by any means thin. I didn't think I could wear jewelry like that. Anyway, I have always loved the ring and she wore it every day until my 20th birthday, when she took it off and handed it to me. I wear it every day because it is beautiful, because I love my grandma and because it reminds me that you don't have to be tiny to be beautiful.

Sorry for the long!

Katie80 | 6:54 AM

My favorite accessory is malachite pendant my husband gave me one year for my birthday. It's a fairly large stone so it provides the perfect pop of color to every outfit, yet its oval shape and matte finish still make it dainty.

bek77 | 6:54 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a my engagement ring. I need to get it fixed b/c some how I bent it! My husband says I'm the only girl in the world that is strong enough to bend platinum. (which makes me not want to fix it!)

CourtneyLyn | 7:01 AM

my favorite piece of jewelry is this super chunky silver necklace, it looks like and overgrown string of pearls. Love it.

Tami in NY | 7:01 AM

I have a moon stone necklace that is natural stone not a manufactured and has the most deep blue in it. I love it.

Kacy | 7:01 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It's timeless and beautiful! Even after 9 years I still love it and always will!

Emily | 7:10 AM

My Grandma's wedding band is my favorite. They were married 65 years until separated by death and they are a source of inspiration for me!

Michelle | 7:23 AM

My favorite piece is a pocket watch that I turned into a necklace. I love wearing it with a really girly dress or shirt!

Ethel | 7:33 AM

well...my favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that belonged to my great grandmother...it has a filigree band, a large rectangular piece of onyx and a small diamond smack dab in the middle.

Amy J | 7:38 AM

My favorite is a jade ring that was my great-grandmother's. I have trouble finding rings that are big enough for my fingers, but this one fits me perfectly. So, it's gorgeous and also a reminder that I got these big (strong!) fingers from someone, you know? I dig it.

BrownEyedNewlywed | 7:44 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagment ring. It's very non-traditional and is something that my husband had made just for me. Can't go anywhere without it.

Courtney | 7:52 AM

My favorite accessory is definitely my engagement ring/wedding band. My center stone was my great grandmothers and I love the setting my husband chose, it's simple but sparkly and goes with everything!

BBG | 8:01 AM

My favorite accessory is long necklace with the word "Karma" on it that my husband bought for me.

Emily | 8:05 AM

First of all, you have the most gorgeous eyes!

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring my grandma had made for me after my Grandpa died. He got precious & semi-precious stones for each year of service at his job so she made each of us grandkids a ring out of the stones he had received. Mine is a gold swirly ring with a little diamond in the center. It is very dear to my heart.
emiy at nimold dot com

Ashley | 8:23 AM

My favorite is my claddagh ring that my boyfriend gave me.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Sarah | 8:30 AM

My great grandmother's first engagement ring is my very favorite piece of jewelry. When my great grandfather proposed she threw the ring out the window and into the snow because it didn't have any diamonds (she was a sassy one!), but I love it!

Wading Patiently | 8:40 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry... the necklace from my wedding. It was inexpensive and super sparkly!

Rebecca N | 8:46 AM

My rose gold Michael Kors watch. It helps me to feel polished even when I haven't brushed my hair in a few days.

Emmeline | 8:56 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a chain which is has an elephant pendant from my boyfriend and a cameo carved out of amber from my mom. They are the two people who I always want close to my heart so I wear this necklace everyday.

Amber P. | 9:07 AM

My favorite accessory is my tiny silver elsa peretti bean necklace. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first I always called him "bean" and even though I'm now cooking baby 3, every time I wear the necklace it makes me think of all the things related to becoming a mother. It makes me sentimental. And I love it.

Rachel | 9:09 AM

Cheesey, but my wedding ring. I'm not a big accessories person (although I am totally signing up for jewelmint because I NEED some jewlery!), but my wedding ring is so special. My husband designed it himself with the help of a jeweler. It has a green square-cut diamond in the middle with two white circular diamonds on the side. The band waves up and down through the three stones. It is unique and i love it.

Sadie | 9:41 AM

Like you, my favorite accessory is my engagement ring. I don't have a wedding ring because my engagement ring is an antique inspired ring, complete with filigree and lots of texture details on the edges. A wedding band would be had to fit with it. It is the perfect engagement ring for me, my husband could not have found a better ring if he tried.
Sadly, after two babies it doesn't fit very well anymore and I am too stubborn to get it resized. So until I lose some finger fat, I can't wear it.

Berit | 9:42 AM

Right now, mine is a gold chain with a small horse charm on it, given to me by a dear friend. My son loves it and has named it Marble, after the horse at the farmer's market.

Amanda S. | 9:42 AM

My fav, besides my wedding ring, is the fingerprint pendants I wear around my neck of my two boys. They are priceless and unique.

positivelyhopefilled at gmail dot com

Ashley | 9:44 AM

I wear a vintage Mardi Gras doubloon around my neck. It kind of looks like a bronze medal and since I wasn't much of an athlete growing up, it feels rewarding. :) Also, I love New Orleans with all my heart and it keeps me connected to my favorite place.

jessica kz | 9:49 AM

It depends on the day. One thing that doesn't change is my teeny tiny nose ring. It's a pink stone and pink = great!

Margaret | 9:50 AM
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Lisa | 9:51 AM

My current favorite is my silver owl necklace. It goes with everything, and it can be dressed up, or down when paired with the right earrings and outfit. I've gotten lots of compliments on it, I just wish I'd thought to have bought a back up!

Lou Lou Belle | 9:52 AM

what great choices you made!

it's a tie between my little silver claddagh ring, a silver tree of life pendant I've worn nearly every day for almost eight years (sometimes paired with an amber pendant I bought in chiapas, mex), and a little silver love knot that has recently replaced it as my go-to necklace choice!

I've also found all kinds of great things on etsy - a really beautiful custom ring and some great chunky beaded necklaces. I get sucked into etsy for hours.

Margaret | 9:52 AM

Lately it's been my mama charm necklace. An initial for each of my boys, one that says mom, and a heart. It reminds me of my lovely family every day.

onedesigner at yahoo dot com

Madeline Wilson | 10:16 AM

My wedding band. It has white gold and silver bands that fuse together in a pattern that looks like a tide or wood grain.The two separate metals represent my husband and I and together they are more beautiful.

trista | 10:21 AM

My favorite accessory is my watch. It is a fossil watch and the band is made up of different sized circles. I wear it every day and I would be lost without it.
tristamj at hotmail dot com

Brooke | 10:33 AM

My favorite accessory is my wedding ring. My husband and I picked it out together and it's the only piece of jewelry I always have on.

Maggie | 10:45 AM

Right now my favorite accessory is my hammered sterling silver bangle. I love it because it is oval shaped, and so rests perfectly on my wrist when my arms are down either typing or writing... it's totally gorge too!!

Grace Miller | 10:50 AM

My favorite is an antique "sun" bracelet that my husband bought for me on my first mother's day in honor of our son that I gave birth to just two months prior.

Greta | 10:56 AM

I cherish (and wear almost daily) a pair of gold, hexagonal stud earrings with tiny diamonds in the center. They were a gift to my great grandmother, Adele Smelster, from my great grandpa Albert... the first little luxury they could afford after he found work in Pennsylvania coal mines during the Depression. "Big Grandma" gave the earrings to her daughter, Beverly, my great aunt, whom I adored beyond words. I always admired these studs when she wore them. In 2006, Aunt Beverly succumbed to breast cancer, and the earrings passed to my mother, Adele... that Christmas, she gave them to me. Hopefully, there will be another girl down the line to share them with!

Meghan Elaine | 11:23 AM

I have a special gold necklace with three crosses and a bird that hold the word hope. It was a gift and I love it because it's beautiful- and because of who it's from.

nicole | 11:25 AM

My favorite accessory is my engagement ring! Thanks for the chance to win. Like you, I am not so skilled in accessorizing and rarely buy jewelry for myself. Thanks again! xo.

p.s. You're a rockin' jewelry model! I especially love the Lunar Blue necklace.


Txbrenna | 11:45 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a vintage heart charm (on a necklace) from my granny's charm bracelet. It's got a dutch milk maid on it. Sentimental and cute!

Evi | 12:05 PM

My favorite piece of jewerly is my wedding ring!

Anonymous | 12:13 PM

Silver hoop earrings - they go with everything!


Katsb | 12:18 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my Patricia Locke pendant necklace that I got in Las Vegas.

Unknown | 1:06 PM

Mine is most definitely a ruby ring that belonged to my namesake, my great grandmother on my mother's mother's side. It is gorgeous and I love pulling it out for special occasions.

Amy | 1:20 PM

My favorite statement jewelry is a pendant necklace that belonged to my great-great aunt Amy Fox (my namesake). It's a large leaf green bakelite drop shape with a turquoise bakelite bead set above it hanging on a doubled antiqued brass chain. I get so many compliments and it makes me feel so confident when I wear it.

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