Makeup with Molly: I Rock the Line (1/3)

About a week before I gave birth, I went over to Molly's house to see about some makeup videos. Naturally, it's taken some time to get them posted but alas and behold, here they are! (I'll be rolling all three vids over the next few weeks!) Behold video part 1/3 exploring the wild and wonderful world of proper eyeliner eyetiquette c/o makeup genius and beloved bestie, Molly R. Stern who eye love.

Want more Molly? Me too, yo.

Makeup with Molly: Eyelash in a Flash


Once again we'll be taking your makeup requests in the comments. Personally, I'd like to learn how to successfully apply a "pink eye" a la Mary Kate.
How about you guys?



Jess | 11:37 AM

i am such a spaz with eyeliner but this actually makes it seem achievable.

Dahnks | 11:40 AM

I can't for the life of me do a cat eye.. or a smokey eye.. i try and fail every time.

Nikkiana | 11:51 AM

What a great tutorial. Totally didn't know that about the angles and putting on eye makeup. Can't wait to see the rest!

Diurla | 11:52 AM

Ahhh! Please, PLEASE do a cat eye with liquid liner. I can't get that down no matter how hard I try, it always comes out uneven haha.

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

Ditto on the smoky eye. Mine always look more like black eyes.

Redband | 12:16 PM

Love it. I hope you guys talk about do's and don'ts for lining the lower eye/waterline. I tend to do a "Pippa Middleton"-esque fully lined eye and I'm told it's too severe, but if I don't line the bottom I look like a!

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

Rebecca, I totally second the "pink eye". I've usually only seen on blondie girls with blue/green eyes but what about us brunettes with brown eyes? I've got fair skin so I worried people would ask me if I was ok if I tried it. Maybe I need to go with a peachy color instead? Can I rock this sick look without looking ill?

Help Molly Wan're my only hope.

Anabelle | 12:29 PM

Fun post! I'd like to have a tip on how to make my blush stay all day... Thanks!

Nannette | 12:33 PM

I concur with the plea for liquid eyeliner/cateye!

L.L. | 1:47 PM

An easy , everyday, natural stay at home mom look!

Sarah Y | 2:04 PM

I started using Nars Blondie thanks to Molly. LOVE. IT!!

It's totally different (but not too different) from my regular look. What other (miracle) product suggestions does she have up her sleeve?

Glenda | 2:22 PM

Love this tip...

kateypie35 | 2:55 PM

Love it, I am definitely going to get myself a flat brush! I have a question ... I love the look of "cat-eye" eyeliner, where the end goes SHWOOP and gives that great pinup look. Alas, I have laugh lines (NOT crows feet, they are laugh lines ahemmm) around my eyes, and every time I attempt any kind of thick liquid eyeliner, my wrinkles (er, LAUGH LINES) make little spaces or dips or bumps in the clean line of the liner. Did that make any sense? HELP! Do I just have to accept that a cat eye is not for me? Any other sassy sexy look you could recommend?

Anonymous | 3:10 PM

Mary Kate creeps me the hell out but should you want to, it's ridiculously easy to achieve her Scary Anorexia Look.
First, exist on two packs a day of Marlboros, Twizzlers, and a crapload of crystal meth.
Next, slap on loads of makeup without first removing the previous day's makeup.
Then, drink a bottle of Tequila and put on whatever clothes are lying in a heap on the floor, pausing to snort a giant rail of cocaine and contemplate a photo of Heath L, your one true love. Cry a little and do some more coke.
Then you're ready for a night of high class superstar fun!

Anonymous | 4:22 PM

I would love to see any tips Molly has for achieving a smoky or cat eye look, but for someone who has very light skin/very dark hair. Anytime I try either of those looks, I end up looking goth. Definitely not a look I'm going for! Any advice would be appreciated!

Jamie Elizabeth | 6:17 PM

I feel like I'm pretty competent when it comes to eye makeup, but when it comes to lipstick- anything beyond chapstick makes my brain hurt.

I'd love to know how to pick what shade looks best with my skin tone, and what type of lipstick/gloss/whatever is the easiest and least annoying to use.

loodles | 7:31 PM

I fourteenth,or whatever, cat eye por favor.

Molly R. Stern | 8:14 PM

Yay to all the questions! Stay tuned for tips about the wet line and liquid. It's a coming. If it isn't detailed enough for some of you on the serious cat eye you are requesting, we will do a follow up...Note to self about the easy stay at home Mamma look and lipstick choices...exciting. As far as the red/pink eye, I'll be happy to explain the use of color in another video. Thanks for tuning in.

Shannon C | 11:37 PM

Bash the lash~ can't wait to try it in the a.m.! It just might be life changing. Can't wait to see more, thank you :)

Sarah | 10:31 AM

Another request for a smoky eye tutorial - I can't ever get it right!

Anonymous | 2:54 PM

Smoky eyes please!

Margie | 5:29 PM

If the smoky eye tutorial comes out, could you please say a little something about what those of us who have too little upper eyelid real estate for a traditional smoky eye? Anytime I try a smoky eye or dark liner on my top lid I get serious bedroom eyes in a bad way. I typically do a swipe of a champagne-ish shadow up there if I do anything, to keep my eyes open, with mascara, but I'd love any idea for the nighttime version of that! Thanks for the help!

Amy | 10:09 PM

Molly, I tried the liner trick today and it was so much easier! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks Rebecca for sharing Molly with us. I have a question/problem that may be a bit too specific for the masses... I have very VERY fair, neutral skin. A shade or two too fair for any foundation I've found (and I've visited every makeup counter I can think of) - and they are all too dark and too yellow or too pink for my skin tone. (I mourn the loss of Prescriptives custom blend!). There are so many beautiful fair skinned celebrities and I wonder - what do makeup artists do with them? Those actresses can't be carrying around a little bottle of custom foundation to every shoot. So, what do you do?

Anonymous | 6:46 PM

I thought I was fairly awesome at doing my liner. (i also thought that liner never looks particularly good on--me--) So, imagine my surprise when I tried the Molly way and the liners looked totally BETTER. It looks more natural, which is the point obvz. Thanks ladies!! :)

Anonymous | 6:47 PM

I thought I was awesome at doing my own liner. (I also thought that eyeliner never looks particularly good on--me--) So, imagine my surprise when I tried the Molly way and the liner looked totally BETTER. It looks more natural, which is the point obvz. Thanks ladies!! :)