Makeup with Molly: I Rock the Line (3/3)

First of all... Guess who was awarded Makeup Artist of the Year!!!????
Molly with friend and client, Mandy Moore @ Hollywood Style Awards

I just want to take a moment to stand and ovate because our girl? Is a rockstar, not only as an artist and woman (and mother) but as a friend. I'm crazy lucky to call her mine and so totally incredibly proud of her. Anyway! Here's our third of three eyeliner tutorial videos, this time featuring some hot liquid liner action. We'll be shooting some more of these suckers soon and as always, would love to hear your recommendations for upcoming installments.

For more on how-to-apply liner, here are videos 1/3 and 2/3. Faux lash application tutorial is here. Follow Molly on twitter here and tumblr, here. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



Christen | 11:00 AM

Love this video! I'd love to see tips on how to get that contoured, glowy loveliness you both have. Please do tell!!!

rachel | 11:41 AM

Seriously, I love Molly. I get so much enjoyment out of watching these and I haven't even used any of the tips yet!

Christine | 1:06 PM

I love this series, and you guys are so adorable.

Stephanova | 1:48 PM

Did you say you want suggestions? I would like recommendations for good brands of make-up...and an explanation of what we're getting when we pay more. Is it worth it? Also, recommendations for dealing with skin that gets a little oily would be amazing. Thank you goddesses!

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

Congratulations Molly what an amazing accomplishment! You are approachable, spunky and beautiful. I don't even wear liner and I watch your videos!


PS I like Stephanova's suggestion. I always wonder if a 6 dollar blush is essentially the same as a 25 dollar blush


I adore Molly! I want to take her home with me!

I've decided I'm going to stop shying away from bold colors—because they make me so happy!—and I would love a red lipstick how-to.

Kathryn | 9:38 PM

Love it! For those of us without sisterly examples at home growing up, and too shy to ask complete strangers to show me their beauty routines in PERSON, I know I'd appreciate even a silent film on someone (Rebecca, ahem!) doing their (daytime) makeup.

Or eyeshadow "crease" work for ladies who probably will use their fingers (Me, ahem!) to apply it.

Or have Molly visit me in Portland and use me as a "how to" guide for 30-something moms who like a natural look on the skin, but want killer eyes and courage on the lips.

That last one is my favorite idea...And C-C-Congratulations on the awesome recognition and award!!! - Kat

Anonymous | 3:05 AM

Congratulations Molly! Very cute photo, too!

I second the request for a red-lipstick how-to, that would be great!

jessica | 9:25 AM

I am deathly afraid of liquid liner!! I don't want to look like 13 year old 1980's me. (except i'd love to have my 1980 boobs back! )
Anyway, i don't think i will try liquid BUT i did go back and watch the pencil video and i will try using it on its side instead of straight forward the way i always have.

question: everytime i sharpen my pencil it breaks!! the tip falls right off (ahem) do you have any recommendations on a particular sharpener or sharpening technique???

Anonymous | 7:30 PM

Love this - you ladies are so fun to watch, plus I get great tips.
Look forward to more!

Missy | 8:23 AM

I also would love brand suggestion and can you tell us what we SHOULD splurge on and what's okay to buy cheap?

Oh, and tell us how to pick the right shade of blush and how to apply it to look like all glowy and healthy.

LOVE these videos. you guys are hilarious together. and congrats on the award! You deserve it Molly!

Amy | 10:41 AM

Congratulations Molly! You seem like such a lovely, fun, awesome, genuine person.

Molly R. Stern | 5:36 PM

I love everyone in the Girls Gone Child world!!
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful well wishes. I CAN'T WAIT to do more tutorials. All great suggestions so far. Keep them coming!!

Allison the Meep | 8:25 AM

I would really find a concealer tutorial helpful. Like, what are the best tones to use to hide blemishes, or some under-eye zombie funk because my kid never sleeps?

This series is the sauce of awesome. Way to go!

apricoco | 7:40 PM

Love the videos!


Dianna | 12:35 PM

Congratulations to Molly! This series was great, some really good tips. I'd love to see how to do the smokey eye. I always have trouble with it so have just given up. I'm awful with eye shadow and knowing how to put the darker color in the crease and whatnot. A video on that would be awesome!