Makeup with Molly: I Rock the Line (2/3)

We're back! With another eyeliner tutorial video! And I'm still pregnant! (In the video, not right now. Obviously. No more pregnancies for this girl. Dunzo. Done. Game over, the end, no sequels. ) This next video is all about applying pencil liner (which I totally suck at, by the way.) Molly, on the other hand, does not suck. At anything. Without further ado, pennnnnccccccillllllll liiiiiiiiinnnnneeer! And go:


(ed: liner tutorial 1 of 3 is here.)


Natalie | 2:36 PM

Love this. Thanks for the great tips, Rebecca and Molly! I am pretty inept with eye liner and always hold it straight down on my lash line instead of flat. Going to try this out for my dinner date tonight and see how it goes. :)

Elysha | 5:57 PM

That is one likable chick!

Anonymous | 6:54 PM

So useful. THANK YOU!

Glenda | 7:49 PM

Molly is so cool... I always use eye liner pencil on my bottom lid. I do have a MAC Gel with the brush but the pencil is quicker for me to use. With the brush I'm slooow :)

Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous | 9:29 PM

So...what does Rebecca use if no pencils are in the repertoire? I've noticed she has some great makeup on a lot of the Momversation pieces. - Kat


Hey, Anon! I use an eyeliner brush and dark brown shadow AND sometimes liquid liner on the wet part of the line. I'll talk about it in the next video!

I also did a makep tutorial vid A THOUSAND YEARS AGO that is ten-million minutes long:


Anonymous | 12:39 AM

shout out for the music, loved the sexy guitar sound!

Molly R. Stern | 8:33 AM

Love the shout out for the music!! It's courtesy of my amazing husband, director, editor, music supervisor, dj, David Schlussel. Glad you guys are digging the tips. Oh p.s I love Rebecca, and she doesn't "suck" at anything.

chantalart | 9:17 AM

That was so great! I haven't worn eyeliner in over 10 years and this has inspired me. Especially the tip about forgoing black for an easier, less harsh tone. I may actually go out and buy an eyeliner pencil!

EvilCleopatra | 9:47 AM

umm, so wow. it seems like a simple suggestion to use a "raisin" or "plum" colored liner instead of black, but i can't believe what a difference it makes.

i'm always looking for something to make my eyes appear larger, but have been messing up with a black shade. just changed my mascara color from "classic black" to "brown-black" and switched to a "raisin" eyeliner. all of a sudden my eyes pop! thanks molly and rebecca!! :)

Dorie | 11:33 AM

Love this! I just started trying to do liner on my top lid to maybe make me look a little less tired (I'm a 33 yr old mother of 3, ages 15 months to 6). I haven't perfected it yet but this really helps. Also, I've always worn brown liner but now I'm totally going to try a violet liner. Thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait for #3! BTW, your babies are adorable!

Mandolin | 11:57 AM
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sweetbugfarm | 1:17 PM

You BOTH rock the line. Serious amounts of cutie mama going on over there. Thank you!!!

Unknown | 2:01 PM

I totally needed this! I love pencil eyeliner but I have been doing it all wrong. No wonder my results are always so sporadic! Eyeliner is something I seldom leave the house without, so maybe now I can start rocking it as it was meant to be rocked! Thx <3

Anonymous | 7:23 PM

This is adorable, and very informative!


Sally | 6:03 PM

This is exactly what I've needed! The make-up tips on YouTube are so complicated and over-done, I couldn't figure out how to do a basic every day look.

Thank you so much. I've been wearing nothing my entire life and decided it was about time I start to look like a grown-up after 30 years.

Raechel | 8:17 AM

Love these videos! I've just started wearing some make-up (mascara and eyeliner) after spending most of my life being pretty against the idea. You're so helpful, Molly and Rebecca! I'm starting to feel a little less ridiculous about being in my late twenties and not knowing anything about make-up application and a little more confident :)

Can I request a little glossary or something with the next video, though? I got a little lost in the wet line, inside, outside, etc.

Susan Kelley | 5:21 PM

Love these! You guys are so fun together,

Marika | 11:23 AM

Thank you and Molly for these! I've been wearing makeup for years, but never really knowing how properly to do things. And you and Molly make it look so much easier!