Caught Smiling: Boheme

At nearly ten weeks old, Boheme and Reverie started (really) smiling this week. The average baby smiles much earlier (Fable was pretty much born smiling) but Bo & Rev were a few weeks early so their developmental milestones are calculated a bit differently. Well worth the wait, though, watching their little mouths curl upwards, eyes flashing and all those inside-out squeals. I look forward to posting a similar montage of Reverie as soon as I can capture her smile on camera. In the meantime, how amazing is this face?
There is nothing better in all of life than watching a child express happiness. Especially when it's happening for the very first time.



And today on Babble: Adventures in Sleep Deprivation!!!


Veronica | 5:42 AM

The photo with her tongue out is pretty much the best thing ever - thanks for sharing!

Kels | 5:48 AM

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this sweet transition. It makes me even more excited to visit my tiny nephew this week.

Emily @ Journey to the Center of Manhattan | 6:18 AM

AAAHHH Could she be any more adorable????!!!!

Katie | 6:23 AM

She is gorgeous! Seriously, an adorable baby!

angie | 6:43 AM

You make SUCH cute kids!

Mom101 | 6:48 AM

Smiling or not, you and Hal sure do make some fine looking children, my friend. Put that on your resume.

Jackie | 6:57 AM

She is so sweet! They're worth every bit of that sleep deprivation, huh?! Seriously, I know you are a super woman, but go take a nap when that nanny is in the house! You deserve it! :)

Oh and just wondering, is Bo your only blue eyed child?

Anonymous | 7:00 AM

Your last two sentences say it all. You & Hal make some GORGEOUS babies!!!!!

Meghan Elaine | 7:05 AM

So sweet! She looks like Fable in these pictures :)

Erin | 7:25 AM

What a smile!!!

Sadie | 7:42 AM

Beautiful! Looks like Bo has red hair! Love!

Tracie Nall | 7:46 AM

So very cute!!

Clandestine Road | 7:49 AM

The photo with her tongue just makes me happy. What a lovely girl.

Allison the Meep | 8:06 AM

OH MY GOD, THE MILKY DROOL! (So sorry for the all caps shouting, but it had to be shouted. Your children are so cute it makes me physically ache.)

Unknown | 8:13 AM

These photos made my morning. Oh-em-gee, look at those cheeks!

c is for cape town | 9:46 AM

It's the eyes! Watching the smile develop in her eyes way before it hits her lips - wondrous.
Isn't it always when you're at your tiredest that they hit you with the first smile? Survival instinct I tell you!

KateFitz | 10:04 AM

Beautiful! Is she a bit red headed or am I seeing things?


Her hair is reddish (strawberry blonde?) yes! Fable's hair was, too, before going brown. We'll see if Bo's does the same!

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From | 12:05 PM

Magic! What a beauty!

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

This melted my heart and has put me on a good foot to start this horrible rainy day :)

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

This melted my heart and has put me on a good foot to start this horrible rainy day :)

rachel | 2:32 PM

I keep tearing up with the milky-face baby pics - also think I might start lactating again, ha! some more unsolicitated twin advice - get those babies on the same routine! maybe they are? both my girls slept through the night for the third time in their lives last night (they are 20 months) so I know it's hard. but if you have any way to do it, I suggest you try!

Rebekah Amy | 2:40 PM

What a beautiful babe. Such a gift. Love that little face. Makes me want my little man to STOP growing for a moment...

Ellie D | 3:53 PM

Bo's hair looks RED here! Actually, she looks all around different. Older than 10 weeks.

bbgHappY1 | 7:05 PM

you are right, definitely nothing better than watching this !!!!

Justine | 7:24 PM

That tongue sticking out is precious.

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

Gorgeous! Such a beautiful face and smiles. Just precious.

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? | 1:52 AM

10 weeks?! Where has that time gone?

So beautiful x

lisafoose | 11:37 AM

she is stunning. I look forward to hearing how they start *really* interacting with each other, it's so amazing.

Gwen | 12:09 PM

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!! This is helping to remind me to enjoy my kids, my little girl is so big now (18m) hard to believe she was so little just a short while ago.

Billie | 4:24 PM

From the day she was born all of the way until today Bo looks like my Sage! Right down to the red hair. I just can't get over it. Congrats Bec, you sure do make cute bebees!

Naz | 2:55 PM

Gorgeous :) Thanks for sharing!

Unknown | 7:49 PM

So, so gorgeous!