Boheme & Reverie, Two Months

Two insane months. Two perfect babies. Words escape.
We love them so much it's ridiculous.
Ed: Bo and Reve's bunny socks were a generous gift c/o the lovely and kick-ass, Heather and are available here. Aren't they off the rails cute? I know. I can't even...


...And on Babble: Tomorrow my mom leaves. Hold me.



ashley rex | 4:30 PM

those socks!!! where did you get those?


Beautiful—and I forgot how tiny 2-month-olds are! Fable looks like such a grown-up lady next to little Reverie.

Hoping For Hunter | 4:54 PM

It's been two months already?!? No way! They're perfect and adorable, and I want to smoosh them. :)

Anonymous | 4:55 PM

Two months already! They are the mostest adorable babes EVER! Almost -almost- makes me want to have one or two more...

Wendy @ mama one to three | 4:57 PM

Oh loveliness! I remember and sometimes miss both the insanity of the early days and the overwhelming love for 2 new tiny people.

The Chapins | 5:07 PM

just beautiful!! all of you :) and i love, love, LOVE the milk face. that just took me back to the early days with my Salem..some of my favorite days!

Greta @gfunkified | 5:15 PM

Oh my goodness, they are the sweetest. Love these pictures, so much. My baby is seven months old, and this STILL made my ovaries hurt.

Alex | 5:25 PM

Where did that cute purple blanket come from?

Anonymous | 5:39 PM

Oh, good grief! I'm not equipped to deal with the cuteness. That fat roll on the back of Bo's neck=the greatest thing ever.

Amy | 5:41 PM

Oh wow, they are so sweet. Can't believe it's been 2 months already. I stand in awe of you!

Anonymous | 5:42 PM

They are so adorable! I'm a newbie to your site and have been catching up on everything for the past few days.

Happy 2 months Boheme & Reverie!

P.S. This makes me want to have babies bad lol

findingmagnolia | 5:42 PM

Two whole months! Unbelievable! They really are just perfect; your whole family is. Perfect for each other.

PS--LOVE Bo's back-of-the-neck chub.

Trisaratops | 5:46 PM

OMG, the backs of their necks. I just want to snuggle them!

They are absolutely adorable.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 5:54 PM

Oh they've gotten so big, and even more adorable.


Noelle Spooner | 6:09 PM

Beautiful. Love all the family pics. I can't believe they're already two months old.

bbgHappY1 | 6:09 PM

I remember when my mother was leaving after staying with me for a few weeks, when my youngest was born.

I hugged her so tight that I think I cracked her rib cage.

The first few hours after she was gone I felt so lost. I seriously called her every 1/2 hour to ask her where stupid things were.

But then Grace and I got to know each other and we began to bond which made all that the more precious and endearing experience I could have possibly had.

Anonymous | 7:04 PM

What brand and color of lipstick are you wearing? I've been looking for that exact color for ages!

You have a beautiful family.

Mara | 7:22 PM

Your post made me tear up..for many reasons...1) cause I have known you since you were a 15 year old girl staring out your bedroom window 2) you are a beautiful mother who sent Paige the Madonna book when she was born 6 1/2 years ago and 3) cause you have twin girls and I am a twin with a sister who I adore so much...

I LOVE You and your beautiful kids!

Monkey | 7:50 PM

Too much cute!!

Steph(anie) | 7:51 PM

They are so incredibly beautiful. You and Hal make beautiful babies/kids/people :)

L.L. | 8:09 PM

So cute! You have those thick, quilted burp cloths, I can't seem to find anywhere - the stores (brick and mortar and online) just seem to have the thin, gauzy ones. Which ones are those?

Dying over Boheme's chubby neck...nom nom nom

Anonymous | 8:43 PM

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these photos. They are making me VERY excited to meet my own 17 days or less.
-Mary in PDX

Muffin Cake | 8:50 PM

Ahhh, SO sweet. And your post about your mama leaving almost made me cry. What an amazing family you have!

PS: At some time, if you're taking requests, would you be willing to talk about feeding those two? I know you've mentioned pumping and nursing, but I'm curious how that works with 2 newborns, 2 young kids, and others helping during the day. Thanks!

LauraLowe | 9:01 PM

Bo's little neck rolls kill me. I'm in love

Into the woods | 1:18 AM

Ditto on the neck rolls!!! Too.much.cuteness!! I can't wait to see how they grow and what they'll be like when they're arch and fables age soooo beautiful xxx

laura | 4:15 AM

they are beyond adorable =) also, another lipstick request...that color looks amazing!

Alex | 4:22 AM

Looking at your pictures is the best motivator of all times (especially when facing your 6 week of hospital, 36 weeks pregnant with twins and sometimes feeling a little hopeless)Thank you! :)

Korinthia Klein | 4:52 AM


Tara | 6:11 AM

Bo's neck roll is just too awesome for words.

Such chubby-baby goodness...

whoorl | 7:02 AM

I love them so much it is ridiculous. (You were missed greatly this weekend at Camp Mighty, mama.)

Boston Mamas | 7:39 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE. So thrilled for you all! xoxox

chesapeake | 8:53 AM

I love you and your family so much.

You'll do great without your mom. You just gave birth to twins, girl! You can do anything.

Entwined Essentials | 9:30 AM

Loving your beautiful family, thanks so much for sharing your life!

Sarah | 2:08 PM

Gorgeous girls, all of you! You shine. Wondering if you'd comment on the girls' dresses? I'm loving the corduroy one in particular. Thanks for the pics update!

Unknown | 2:36 PM

Happy 2 Month Day to Bo & Rev!

That pic of Fable imitating Rev's pose is too much. Love.

Debra Burrows | 3:15 PM

They are such cuties! I am sure that they would enjoy the Recordable Christian children's book "I love You from Head to Toe" that is just one of the prizes in our FREE gift under the Tree giveaway. (The other gift is a Men's Christian Leather watch) Entries must be made by November 21st God bless!

Haley | 3:18 PM

They look so much alike in the last photo! The same profile and twin-like! And yet, so individual from the front. They are both so beautiful!

Anonymous | 3:29 PM

Each picture should have a caption... Love.


Glenda | 4:04 PM

Beautiful family. Bo and Rev are getting so big. Love their eyes!

Claire Gibson King | 6:56 PM

the babies look so much like Fable! So darling! Good luck with your mom leaving!

Denise | 6:58 PM

oh my goodness. I LOVE that last photo of you three.

Clandestine Road | 7:08 PM

They are so beautiful. Love just seeps through the pictures of you and the girls, your mom and the girls, etc.

Jessie May | 9:50 PM

Oh man, your girls are just beyond gorgeous! And they are so lucky to have parents and siblings who clearly adore them to the moon and back. Rev's eyes are amazing, whenever I see a photo of her all I can think is "Those eyes..!" Lovely, lovely girlies, you must go nuts from all the cute.

Molly Minks | 12:57 AM

Those ar esome really cutie-pa-tuties! I found your blog on babble's top 50 mommy blogs, congrats on that distinction. I love your article. I hope you love my blog at where we have a great crib sale.

lisafoose | 9:39 AM

Gorgeous x 2. Really so gorgeous.

Suzanne | 6:56 PM

They are gorgeous and you look gorgeous! The red lips are a great look for you but hello, my babies cheeks would be so red about a minute after application. I am sure you can relate. Happy two months to you all!

oh, jenny mae | 4:01 PM

such beauty and love

Nicole | 12:24 PM

They are perfect! I am so happy for you! I love that dress!!