Gone Style: Jewelmint Love (& Giveaway!)

The following post was sponsored by the lovely folks at Jewelmint. Thanks, Jewelmint!
Apparently I'm the last to know that you can subscribe to a fashion (or in this case accessory) website and receive monthly accessories. Kind of like those middle-school book clubs we used to have. Remember those? I LOVED those! Anyway, fashion subscriptions do in fact exist, in this case BeachMint which is a VERY cool company with a genius concept and all-around good-peeps making it all happen.

Under the BeachMint umbrella lives JewelMint which immediately drew me in because I am TERRIBLE at shopping for my own accessories, especially jewelry. I haven't bought myself a pair of earrings since the Cold War and although I pride myself on being a great shopper, I am terrible with knowing what jewelry to buy where, when and for how much.

Here's how it works. Subscribe for $29.99 a month and every month you get to choose a new piece of jewelry. OR. If one particular month you're over it, you can skip it. ED: IF YOU'RE OVER IT, PLEASE REMEMBER TO CANCEL WITHIN THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF THE MONTH OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED AND THAT WOULD SUCK MAJOR. It's kind of like subscribing to an accessory-stylist, ideal for those looking to treat themselves to a monthly some'in-some'in. Which is important if you're like me, struggling with postpartum blahs, in need of a little pretty. (Nothing spruces up a postpartum wardrobe of spandex and more spandex than a great necklace or a cool pair of earrings.)

I digress. After joining Jewelmint and taking their "style quiz" I was recommended a page of great pieces a la my love of Alexa Chung, Isabel Marant and shoes with mohawks. From there I chose my top-five:

(Pieces can be worn separately or together.)
Jewelmint is offering 50% off your first piece with discount code CHILD (from now until November 30th.)

I also have one piece of Jewelmint jewelry (of your choice!) to offer a reader! To win? Tell me about your favorite accessory. Mine, hands down, is my ring. Winner to be chosen next Thursday, November 17th. Good luck! And thank you, Jewelmint, for letting me play dress-up with your jewels. You ladies are fun.


updated: congrats to #260, Steph! And thanks to everyone for participating with your lovely comments!


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Amy | 1:20 PM

My favorite statement jewelry is a pendant necklace that belonged to my great-great aunt Amy Fox (my namesake). It's a large leaf green bakelite drop shape with a turquoise bakelite bead set above it hanging on a doubled antiqued brass chain. I get so many compliments and it makes me feel so confident when I wear it.

oh, jenny mae | 1:23 PM

mine is also my ring. an estate sale find from my grandma. gorgeous beyond belief.

Leah B | 1:55 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace my grandfather made out of the button stud from his set. I love that it is something he use to wear.

Unknown | 2:20 PM

My engagement ring. It's nothing over the top, but it's dainty and sparkly and the nicest piece of jewelry I own and actually wear!

jenmanuele | 2:32 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a scarab necklace that reminds me of the giant scarab rings my gypsy grandmother used to wear. I channel her every time I wear it.

Ed | 2:33 PM

Gorgeous pieces.

Shelley Senai | 2:54 PM

I have many but the one I wear most frequently (other than my wedding rings) is this gold Ethiopian necklace my mother-in-law gave me as a wedding present. It's bold and gorgeous and goes with everything - I love it!

Laura Chavous | 2:58 PM

you are lovely :)

Mae Bryan | 2:59 PM

My favorite is my engagement ring. It sounds cliche, but my husband completely surprised me and designed it himself, and I smile every time I look down at it.

theresa | 3:26 PM

I have a mother's ring that my husband gave me maybe seven years back. It was really cool because our two children share our birth months so the two stones kind of represented all of us and really seemed like a family ring to me and not just a mother's ring. Three years ago, after being told I could have no more children, I was blessed by the birth of our Lucy. She has her very own birth month and I have yet to have a stone added to my ring. I've not worn it since her birth. It doesn't seem right. It is still my favorite accessory because it reminds me of what our life was for six years...the colors of our family. It also reminds me that there is room for one more and it makes our rainbow so much more beautiful. Now to add that amethyst. lol.

Laura B. | 3:56 PM

My mother's diamond solitaire necklace. It will always remind me of being a little girl and my mom always being there.

kristin | 4:04 PM

My wedding and engagement rings. And today is our 4 year anniversary!

One | 4:11 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is my father's Navy ring. He had a pretty rough childhood and so for him the Navy was really the first best years of his life. He passed in 2002 and I began to wear his ring when I really missed him. It is big, even on my middle finger, but it really makes him feel close when I wear it. (On the tough days I accessorize it with one of his sweatshirts!)

P.S. Rebecca, the Victorian Charmer Necklace looks amazing on you! Love it with the black, it took my breath away!

P.P.S. Never mind judgmental people about your babies. You are a great mom whose babies are loved and supported. 'Nuff said!

Myssie | 4:54 PM

My favorite (second to my engagement ring) is the ear rings I have been wearing for 3 or 4 years. I got them on estsy. They are perfect everyday funky and comfortable silver earrings.

April | 5:29 PM

Sounds kind of like Columbia House (remember that?) but for jewelry instead of CDs! Hee!

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring--a narrow rose-gold band I bought on Etsy--and the aquamarine and white gold pendant my husband bought for my birthday before we got married.

Beckie | 6:55 PM

My wedding band. It is not one I would have picked out for myself since wanted more bling but I loved that the hubby really wanted them to be identical.

Abigail | 7:02 PM

Heyyy! I have my tragus pierced, too!

Haha, sorry. Seeing that you had it made me excited.

Kara | 7:08 PM

My oversized pearl necklace. It looks a little punk rock with jeans, or pretty pretty with dressy clothes. Love it.

Ida Mae | 7:57 PM

gotta say my engagement ring. and with babies back to back, I haven't worn it much. (it scratches babes :(

RSilvies | 9:01 PM

Favorite accessory is a purple monarch butterfly print silk Pineda Covalin scarf!

moose | 1:08 AM

My favourite accessory is a 99-cent necklace I bought at Kohls on a whim. It's the most ridiculous dog tag-style necklace with a little peacock embossed on it, but it's been with me on 4 continents and has all the rust and wear to prove it.

yes yes | 8:42 AM

My grandmother had five kids, and had a ring made with all five birthstones. Somehow it ended up looking amazing, and when she died, my grandfather gave it to me.

Anonymous | 9:45 AM

My favorite piece is an amethyst heart necklace that my Dad (RIP) gave me when I was about eleven. Miss you Dad! Happens to be his brithday today, 11/12. Mwah!


Misha | 10:16 AM

Pick me, pretty please! It's my birthday tomorrow!

Jenny | 10:36 AM

My favorite accessory is my wedding ring. My husband and I designed it and a dear friend made it for us.

Jenny O | 11:41 AM

Mine is an enameled bird pin that belonged to my great grandmother. I'm named for her but we never met (missed the chance by just a few months!) so I love having something of hers as personal as jewelry to try to imagine what she was like.

Flora R. | 12:21 PM

I rarely leave home without my vintage silver bakelite bracelet. I hope nothing ever happens to it!

JLF | 2:02 PM

My husband gifted me with a silver bracelet after my son's birth 4 years ago and it's my favourite piece of jewelry. It was completely unexpected (I had not heard of the concept of "push presents" then) and I absolutely love the style of the bracelet - both classic and edgy at the same time. After a long labour, he had placed the gift - it came in the oh-so-famous blue box with white ribbon - on the bed of my hospital room, and in the post-labour haze, I didn't even notice it for at least 15 minutes. Wearing it just reminds me of the joyous feelings of becoming :)

Kay | 4:38 PM

Is that a lachrymatory on the Victorian Charmer necklace? Gorgeous! I've never actually seen on in real life. =)

New reader, and I LOVE your blog. And your adorable children. You totally make me want to go have a flock of my own (even though that should probably wait until my husband's out of school. But, you know, planning, whatever.)

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring, because we found a man's ring to match it in a completely different place than we found mine, and it was just too serendipitous, you know? I love perfect moments like that.

yanswim888 | 4:39 PM

My favorite is the butterfly pendant necklace that I boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day of our first year together! I almost never take it off because it's so perfect for me. It's beautiful, dainty, and breathtakingly simple. I love how he picked out such a great piece for me! I love him :) Thanks for doing this giveaway! My email is yanswim888@gmail.com

Drama Mama | 4:46 PM

My favorite jewelry piece is a necklace my husband gave to me when we got engaged eight years ago. It is a white gold chain inlaid with tiny diamonds which he always calls "diamond shrapnel". Babies have yanked on it, diamonds have fallen out and been replaced, and it is still the prettiest necklace I have.

Kirsten | 10:50 PM

Other than my wedding ring, my favorite piece of jewelry is a single black pearl necklace. Unfortunately it's broken and hope to get it fixed so I can start wearing it agin.

Unknown | 2:29 AM

My dragonfly earrings ...they were a gift from my Scottish family and I love them ( the earrings AND the Scots)!

Elita | 7:33 AM

My favorite accessory is my Pandora charm bracelet.

Emily | 8:19 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ginormous turquoise ring I bought a few years ago. It was over $100 (and the most expensive wearable thing I've ever purchased) but it's gorgeous, I wear it all the time and I feel amazing when I've got it on.

Miss Leach | 11:53 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace my boyfriend gave me our first Christmas together. After the chain broke my dad bought me a new one, so I have a necklace that is from my two favorite guys. It is a delicate diamond cross with a chain that catches the light so nicely! It is by far my favorite piece of jewelry.

Maternity Clothes | 2:29 PM

That is a cool idea actually. And you look very pretty.

Natalie | 5:58 PM

My favorite is my charm necklace with my initials on it. My best friend and I each got them to match at the same time.

Aimsterjane | 6:32 PM

My James Avery Four Seasons necklace. My sister gave it to me as my all year present for the year I spent in Japan almost 20 years ago. I get so many compliments on it, it's crazy.

Natalie | 8:07 PM

I have of course a couple stand bys but of course like most women my favorite is wrapped in a memory and story. I have a bracelet my husband brought me home from Brazil when he had to go there for a couple weeks. He had it custom made with each of our birthstones. All ( then 3) of the kids. however because it was a pricey purchase made overseas the cc company called me and asked if i had just bought a large ticket item in Brazil..so i ruined his surprise when i called 2 minutes after he walked out o the store to pay for it and head home

Anonymous | 8:40 PM

My wedding ring. I love it. -VP

mairim | 2:44 AM

My favorite is a ring given to me by one of my best friends for my birthday.She's a recent friend, and to become so close in a few short years has been a wonderful surprise. She had a silver ring I very much admired and constantly borrowed, and knowing how much I loved it, decided to find me a silver ring for my birthday. What made it so special is that I am notoriously hard to shop for [I have very specific taste, I love it or hate it with no middle ground] and the second I saw the ring I adored it. To have someone intuit my taste so well made me feel like she really knew me, feel so cherished and understood. I think of her every time I wear it.

Unknown | 3:30 AM

My fave accessory is my Phosphor Appear Crystal Watch! :)


--- Nicole

Anonymous | 5:02 AM

I love my tiny diamond earrings. They never are removed,only to clean, from their second hole in my ear ;).
I love,love,love your family group portraits.

Kristie | 6:06 AM

I've gotta say, fun and simple James Avery jewelry tends to be my go-to stuff...but I'd love one of these pieces!

De | 7:20 AM

My simple wedding band. It is engraved with "To be loved, be loveable." It isn't flashy and most likely goes unnoticed by most, but it makes me happy.

Jeannie M Bruce | 8:14 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is actually 2 that one day I will make into one. I have my Grandmas origional wedding ring that got too thin to wear and so she received a new one for her 40th wedding aniversary. On my 17th Birthday she gave me her origional ring. Also on my 17th Birthday I received her husband(my Pappap's) origional wedding ring that is in pieces as it was cut off of him during the WW2. One day I will have the pieces melted down and made into either my wedding ring(if I get married) or a locket to wear with their pictures.

Ellen Finch | 9:02 AM

Currently my favorite jewelry is a pair of earrings made from an old vinyl record.

Elizabeth B. | 10:06 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver tulip ring my grandma gave me over four years ago. I've worn it every day since she gave it to me.

FSURia | 12:20 PM

My engagement ring -- it's my every-minute reminder of my wonderful husband!

Anjale | 1:16 PM

That's an easy one - the ring my husband gave me the day our first son was born. In the hospital. Custom made. Yes, I still owe him for that one ;)

Justine B | 3:02 PM

My favorite accessory is this fantastic square purple stoned ring (way cheap...so its probably plastic or something)lined all around the outside with lime green stones. For me, its totally crazy and out there. Its so different, but I love it!

Sarah | 4:18 PM

My fav accessory is the gold band that was my grandmother's wedding ring. I borrowed it from her when I got married (it was my old) and when she passed, my mom gave it to me. It fits my right hand perfectly and has an inscription from the 1800's. Its priceless and I absolutely love wearing it because I feel like my grandma is with me when I do.

tongue-tied | 6:58 PM

My favorite accessory currently is a round, carved wood pendant that I wear around my neck. Simple and earthy, like me. :-)

Melanie | 7:01 PM

Favorite to wear would probably be my cool blue owl earrings my husband got me from etsy, favorite that I don't actually wear is a cross my great-grandfather had made for me and sent from Germany when I was born, which has my name spelled wrong on it and which I cherish the crap out of.

allie | 11:08 PM

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring I bought on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. It's silver with a big blue stone and it is absolutely gorgeous!

SaraC | 11:19 AM

On my very first Mothers Day my little sister gave me a cross necklace with my sons birthstone (aquamarine) in the middle. I wer it every day. He likes to play with (he's almost 5 now) and because he knows that it represents his birthday, he always asks people "whose birthday" is on their necklace :) warns my heart!

Maria Louise | 11:51 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is also a ring. Not an engagement ring, though. This ring has an amber stone and I bought it for myself at a market. It has become part of me and my story, since it has 'survived' three boyfriends and two break-ups, my finger has a pale spot where the ring sits, because I only take it of, when I sleep. And even then it feels like it is still on my finger.

Starhoney111 | 1:02 PM

Mine is my pandora bracelet!

Steph | 1:30 PM

Besides my wedding band and engagement ring - which is like a no brainer - it would have to be a gold cuff bracelet. I just love the way it looks.

Katya | 3:02 PM

I am totally going to sign my roomie up for this! Then she can find a ring she loves as much as my jewel encrusted giant daisy!

ayesha | 8:10 AM

Besides my wedding ring, my fave is a pendant that my husband made for me. It has a piece of amber in it that he had had since he was a little boy.

Christy | 11:04 AM

My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace my husband gave me for our 4th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is flowers, so my husband found a beautiful necklace with a flower pendant, and I am reminded of his generosity and love every time I wear it.

Rachel | 4:57 PM

My favorite piece is a dainty silver bracelet I have.

niina | 12:21 PM

My mom's Finnish Kalevala Koru earrings -- these, but in silver: http://www.cloudberrymarket.com/media/01/a20792912b7d73ccf3ec6f_m.jpg.

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