Boheme & Reverie, Five Months (And one week)

This is a week late. And photo heavy. And text light but I feel like every post is just me repeating myself about how fast the baby months go. How much the girls are changing, how different they look and act and feel...
In the last few weeks the girls have taken notice of one another, and watching them touch each other's faces and suck each other's fingers and converse back and forth with coos and cries is a wonder. Everywhere I go there are twins. Twin children. Mothers of twins. Grandmothers of twins, women pregnant with twins. They're everywhere and they're wonderful and supportive and positive and it's a pleasure hearing the stories of sisters who shared wombs and rooms and still live together as roommates, who "call each other a hundred times a day." And I love being a part of their club.

Then there's the "are they identical?" comments, which almost EVERYONE asks. It's silly! And I just... don't even... I mean, come on, people. COME ON!
Revi, five months
Bo, five months
Their differences become more pronounced every day but every once in a while they look alike to me. Something in the chin or maybe the cheeks or how they both raise their eyebrows.
Or maybe it's just that for all their differences, I love them just the same. (I'm pretty sure I wrote that already. I'm pretty sure I wrote ALL of this already. And I'll probably write it all again. And again. And again.)




*edited to add: Fable, Bo and Revi's dresses were handmade by my mom. Thanks, mom!


famousamy | 1:15 PM

Love this! Thanks, as always, for sharing pictures of these beautiful babies. I never tire of them.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From | 1:23 PM

They are just beautiful! The twin club is the BEST!

mommaruthsays | 1:24 PM

I don't tire of this series. It was a pleasure to watch you document their growth inside, and it's even more a joy to watch them grow out here in the world.

So, thank you, for sharing them with us every chance you get.

Sarah | 1:51 PM

Love the girls' matching dresses!

Anonymous | 1:55 PM

a friend has twins and gets asked all the time if they are identical. besides not looking exactly alike, one is a boy and one is a girl. come on people!

Adrianne | 2:04 PM

Happy 5 months, Bo and Revi!

So, I know that parents aren't supposed to have "favorite" kids, but does it seem at all that Archer and/or Fable have a favorite sister? And "favorite" probably isn't the right word...just more of a bond with one over the other or do they seem to react to both of them the same? Totally just curious how that dynamic has worked out:)

robin | 2:12 PM

It's funny you said their differences seem more pronounced everyday, because there have been a couple pictures lately where I can actually believe they're sisters, if not twins! Of course they look different, but every once in a while you throw a pic out there where I think, hey, they look alike!

Mara | 2:17 PM

Marisa and I had a secret language when we were toddlers...My mom said we would sit across from eachother and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh..... Must have been so neat to watch! xxxoooo

Bekka Ross Russell | 2:19 PM

Those chubby baby legs could not possibly be more perfect and adorable and delicious looking. Makes me miss my babies' thighs even more! Give your girls a good nibble on my behalf :)

-Bekka from

Jack's Mama | 2:19 PM

I am a twin :) I've told you before. I was at my son's preschool playground after school and i started talking to a mom that had twin daughters. She loved asking me questions about our relationship/friendship/growingup/advice, etc. It felt great to be a wealth of knowledge!
AND my sis is 5 inches taller then me, skinny, dark brown hair, light skin, freckles, brown eyes, beautiful! and I am short/a little chubby/blonde hair,green eyes, tan skin and also pretty :) People ask us still all of the time if we are identical. I am like do you know what the word identical means!!!! But i actually find that lots of people don't know the term "fraternal" so it is kind of their default to ask if we are identical?

S.T. | 2:21 PM

I'm seeing a LOT of you in Bo. They're both gorgeous!

Kris | 2:26 PM

Heavens to murgatroid, your children are delicious!!

Heather | 2:33 PM

I love looking at photos of your kids. I don't see how people can ask if they are identical. To me, they look like a tiny Hal (Rev) and a tiny Rebecca (Bo).

teamaldrich | 2:36 PM

They're gorgeous - congratulations! And while the, "are they identitical?" question seems ridiculous to you ... Parents whose twins ARE identical, get awfully bent if you assume/query otherwise. Just like parents get crazed if you remark on baby's size (big or small), hair/lackthereof, botch the pronouns, etc. Wait - just ignore baby and engage w/adult? Nope. Sigh ...


Are they identical? SERIOUSLY? Your girls are some of the most NOT identical twins I know! Of course, they're both sweet and gorgeous and kiss-all-over-able.

Anonymous | 3:23 PM

I think if someone actually looks at your twins, they will not need to ask if they are identical. If you put Fable's and Reverie's pictures side by side at the same age, then maybe, but not Reverie and Boheme.

Unknown | 4:28 PM

I have heard people ask if a set of boy/girl twins were identical. So, Clearly people don't understand what identical means. All of your children are stunning. Happy 5 months!

Anonymous | 5:05 PM

Identical only in cuteness! I cannot stop smiling when I see those legs kicking on the 'grass' rug!!!!!

Jessica | 5:29 PM

Did your mom make the fabulous coordinating outfits that the girls are wearing in the last group shots? The fabrics are great!

Anonymous | 5:32 PM

Snow-White and Rose-Red.

Grandpa Norm | 6:17 PM

Thank you for the looksee... what a pleasure to see the family.

Jenny Rae Rappaport | 6:27 PM

It's totally silly, but I must know where you got what Bo and Rev (and Fable) are wearing. I want it! =)

Stacey | 7:04 PM

The girls are lovely. So sweet and vibrant. The last post about Fable is is exactly how I hope my children will be. You are a wonderful mother for raising them with so much love.

Jill | 7:59 PM

Bo and Rev are GORGEOUS!
My favorite question when out with our B/G twins-are they identical? My answer: Why yes, yes they are! Thanks for noticing.
The bond ours share is amazing. This ride only gets better.

Leslie | 8:05 PM

I love these. LOVE looking at these lovely pictures. Did WWW make the lovely matching-and-yet-not-identical outfits for F, B, and R? LOVE. Those babies just look so cute and snuggly. And also...totally not identical.

Anonymous | 8:35 PM


Katherine | 8:42 PM

they're beautiful and growing so so fast. Are the dresses handmade? Adorable!


My mom made the girls' dresses, yes! Just updated the post with that info. TOTALLY flaked on the mention when I posted this. xoxoxo!

robyn L. | 10:24 PM

Those dresses are fantastic. And I know I've said *this* before, but Reverie must be Fable's clone. :)

Lies | 11:29 PM

They are sooo lovely! The girls, I meant, but the dresses too. And I really don't understand why people would ask if they are identical, I don't know any twins that look so NOT like each other :-)
Although you're right, in some pictures it IS hard to see which baby it is. But not if you see them side by side...

Therese | 6:16 AM

Your children are just beautiful. I just laughed at your statement about the "are they identical?" question happening all the time. I have a twin, we are exact opposite in every way including the fact that I'm a girl and he's a boy. You wouldn't believe how many times in my life I've heard the "are you identical?" question. I try to always politely just say "No, we're nothing alike." when really I want to say, "Identical, are you serious? For one, he has a penis!"

Molly | 6:20 AM

They are so adorable! And the three girls' dresses are gorgeous! I think Archer needs a complementary hand-sewn something too.

Arnebya | 6:41 AM

Of course I was marveling, loving on the dresses (I love your mom!). And believe me, say it all a million times if you want; we'll be here, soaking up every word, smiling at every milestone and picture.

Dragana | 7:16 AM

SOOO beautiful. With so many colors and patterns on their little cloths, they look like beautiful little gipsy babies from my neck of the woods :)

am | 7:45 AM

I have boy/girl two year old twins. Nate wears shorts and graphic tees with sneaks and Leah wears dresses and bows and girly sandals. Nate has brown hair and leah is as blonde as they come. People ask me ALL the time if they are identical.

Amber S | 8:06 AM

Can your mom make my girls some dresses?! Size 3T and 3 month please, address to follow ;) I get people asking if my 3 month old BOY/GIRL twins are identical, after we discuss that they're BOY/GIRL. Ha! I think most of the time people just don't think before they speak.

Elizabeth | 8:41 AM

I just love love love seeing pictures of your gorgeous babies. I cannot get enough. Thanks for sharing! :)

Glenda | 9:01 AM

Beautiful girls x2 plus 2!

Love the dresses!

Happy 5 mos R&B :)

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

The girls are so beautiful! You have a beautiful family.

kristofer and ivy | 10:14 AM

They (all four!) are so, so beautiful! I love all the photos! We are 10 months in with our surprise third baby. I'm still up every night with someone, but I finally feel like I can breathe again and I'm ENJOYING all these little people now instead of just SURVIVING.

I think it's really cool that the babies look so different, it's like they are each others' missing pieces.

Where did you get Bo's red ruffled dress??


tinyparticlesoflight | 11:50 AM

Can your mom make dresses for me too?? ;) I love them and the girls look beyond cute in them.

p.s. I totally get it about twins being everywhere - including stories, personal opinions, and crazy questions. ;)


Shannon | 6:03 PM

Your children-all of them are absolutely gorgeous,as I am sure you well know.
But Bo's eyes are just divine.They are so feminine and etheral.
Then Revi's cheeky little face is so endearing also.

Lucky,lucky you xo

Shannon | 6:03 PM

Your children-all of them are absolutely gorgeous,as I am sure you well know.
But Bo's eyes are just divine.They are so feminine and etheral.
Then Revi's cheeky little face is so endearing also.

Lucky,lucky you xo

Nicole | 4:49 AM

pshhh OBVIOUSLY they are identical!

Unknown | 5:04 AM

I think there's a thing, isn't there? Like, the Olsen twins are technically fraternal because of how they were grown (dizygotic), but they seem to look exactly alike. My 21 year old twin sisters, on the other hand, are 'identical'(monozygotic), but M1 is two inches taller than M2 and has a completely different bone structure. Genes are fun things, eh?

bbgHappY1 | 11:22 AM

I am looking for a new camera and am very interested in what type you used for this shoot?

Great story, the LORAX...


@bbGHappy - It's an Olympus Pen -


Tricia | 9:20 AM

My twin boys are 7 and look nothing alike but people still ask if they are identical. never ceases to maze me.

Unknown | 9:15 PM

They look like dolls.