Liner Notes 2/21

Long weekends are the best and I'm having a hard time this morning, as one does, getting back to it. We were late to school again this morning, which is somehow always the case. Even if kids are dressed and lunches are packed by 7:30. There's always SOMETHING keeping us from leaving the house at 7:55. This morning it was a broken Burj Khalifa. Which had to be repaired on the spot or else THE WORLD WOULD SURELY END! And I suck at Legos. Oh, man, do I ever suck at Legos. I no longer permit myself to even try to help Archer build anything that requires directions because I cry. I cry and I yell and I become this insane person. All because of Legos.

And this morning as we were running late and Fable's piling on her third layer of clothing (complete with princess gloves, sunglasses and a skirt under a dress under another skirt), I reminded Archer that I'm not allowed to help with Legos anymore.

"Oh. Yeah. I forgot."

But we were still late. Because... of course we were.

At our school there are two very distinct groups of parents: the ones who have it all together, who are never late, who are camped out in front of the school with coffee-boxes and various tables collecting money, and then there's the "flaky late-dropper-offers". And the together coffee-table-donation parents are not our fans. I found this out whilst perusing the lost and found for one of Archer's six lost jackets. (The only jacket he hasn't lost is his brown corduroy jacket that I'm pretty sure he'll find a way to wear until he's ninety-six.)
Anyway. As I was perusing lost and found, one of the other parents was organizing... the lost and found...and she basically called me out on the spot for not being more involved. Which, she's right. I'm not. Last year, I vollunteered every other week in Archer's class but this year is a very different story and even if it wasn't, SOME PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO ORGANIZE LOST AND FOUNDS. And here's the thing, I am totally appreciative of other people's time. But clubs and committees of any kind give me anxiety. I am the mom at the school with her hood over her head. Perfectly comfortable among kids but basically terrified of their parents. I'd rather donate more than my share to the fundraiser than donate two minutes of my time to the committee doing the fundraising. And that makes me a type-A leper with the type-A moms.

Anyway, we were late this morning... again and as I watched Archer sprint toward the entrance of his school I wanted to cry. Because there he was again. Running. ALWAYS running, with his little backpack bouncing and his arms waving, parting the sea of socializing parents on his way through the door. Like every. other. day.

WHY CAN'T WE EVER BE ON TIME! Why can't I ever be on time!

"It's okay, Mom. I don't care," Archer says.

"I don't care either," Fable says but only because Archer said it first.

"But you're LATE every. single. day."

"But I can run really fast!"

Leave to Archer to turn my mishaps into some kind of positive in the category of... fitness?
Anyway. Back to this week's happenings. Much like last week, I spent a lot of time carrying babies around, in the below pictures' case, sleeping ones.
(rockabye babies on my she top)
We had our home inspection on Tuesday which went pretty well. We'll need to patch a few things here and replace a few things there but pipes and chimneys and roofs all in all are pretty close to grand.
(one of Esteban's two fireplaces)

On Friday I spent some time with the contractor going over what we wanted to (eventually) do with the house and get his estimates on what would cost where. (Garage needs to be completely rebuilt if we want to convert it into an office, which we do. Kitchen needs major renovation including the knock-down of a wall. Closets are all teeny tiny so we'll likely need to convert one of the closets into something... at least a BIT bigger. Windows needs some repairing, roof will need some re-do in a few years and we'll need to put in a new heating and air-conditioning system, fix a chimney base, do some retiling) But none of that scares me like I thought it would. I'm plotting and planning and sketching and searching and loving every minute of every walk-through with various contractorspector people.

I posted a metric ton of baby photos yesterday and I know I should probably leave it at that, but someday Bo-Potato and Revi-Coconut (which Archer and Fable call their sisters) will be huge and grown up and this will be all there is... so let's keep dancing.
(And Fable, who is still kind of a baby... ish?)
My parents came up for the long weekend instead of us going down to visit them. It's too hard to travel even short distances right now so they trek north every few weeks so we can all be together and my mom can hug babies until she's blue in the face.
On Sunday we took the big kids to The Lorax premiere, which we were fortunate enough to attend thanks to a friend of ours who worked on a film. You wouldn't know it by the below picture but we had a great time. Premieres are pretty exciting, especially when they serve cotton candy, cake pops and have cookie decorating stations.
... and face painting.
The movie was wonderful and intense and I cried through the whole thing because watching trees get cut down is the worst, even if they're animated trees that look like candy. And by the time the credits rolled and the words "unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better... it's not" rolled across the black screen, I was done for. Weeping in my 3-D glasses. (Warning: you might, too.)

The kids weren't familiar with The Lorax which was our fault. We should have read them the story before we saw the film as to brief them on what is and has always been, a very dark, upsetting story. Not that they were scared, just a little sad that "bad guys can be so bad"... But in the car, on the way home, we discussed the film and what was happening and what it meant and how sometimes "bad guys" are just "lost guys. Or girls..." Anyway. It was a great day and lead that led to an even greater car-convo for which I am very appreciative. (Thanks for the tickets, Jackson!)
Every evening we go on a family walk. It's become our version of the family dinner, which has become pretty much impossible these days with two babies, both of whom are awake and want to be held continuously between the hours of five and eight. But with Hal's new job and him being home most nights at four instead of 7:00 we have some time before dinner to get out for thirty minutes as a family and go 'a walkin.
just the eight of us

That's one of my favorite parts of being a grown-up. You get to create your own traditions, design your own family time, whether it's on a train or in a plane, in a house or with a mouse, on a boat or with a goat, late to school or in a pool, the possibilities are out there and they're endless.



Anonymous | 1:20 PM

FOUR. You have FOUR children, including infant twins. I promise that those coffee-box-donation-table parents don't dislike you, they're just in awe. Like the rest of us.

I find it amazing that you can even leave the house. :-)

Maria | 1:46 PM

Ok, you are adorable. As a professional photographer, let me also tell you that your eye rocks.
Can you tell me what kind of camera you are using for these shots on your site?

mommaruthsays | 1:47 PM

I can only imagine the sight of eight of you walking down the streets of LA.

There should be an entire section of tourism dedicated to families like yours that make it happen every single day out there - I feel lost just trying to juggle my TWO!

Anonymous | 1:53 PM

Just wanted to say that I'm also an "anti-joiner." There are...more ways to help a school than participating in one, specific, way such as the lost-and-found.

Also, I'm pretty sure the school board would rather have my $. You should tell that parent to tell her story to the Board of Directors. "I got Rebecca to give LESS money to the school! But bonus, we have one extra lost-and-found volunteer for an hour this week!" Lemme know what the BOD says about that ;-) .

I'm not snarking volunteering AT ALL, I'm just saying I'm pretty sure monetary contributions are valued, "also."

Isn't that what we're "supposed" to be teaching our kids, that everyone has different talents, can help in different ways, etc? Not everyone is an engineer, not everyone is an archeologist, not everyone plays badmitton, etc? Some give monetarily, some give with service, blah-de-bloo? Not everyone needs to be in the lost-and-found?

Anyway - I hear ya.

danika | 2:01 PM

Im totally with you on the volunteering. I toured a kindergarten for my oldest a few weeks ago. And I was so overwhelmed by the super type-A, enthusiastic PTA ("we have SO many opportunities for volunteering in the school"). Yikes. I appreciate it, of course, but it is so not my thing and I find it really intimidating. Also, hello? You have twin girls! Of course you're too busy to volunteer.

Unknown | 2:05 PM

Oh my lord...the pineapple glasses...

Allison | 2:07 PM

I've been reading this blog since before Fable was conceived and every time I read an entry, I love it even more. There's something so fluid and so poetic about your writing.

Also, all your children are just beautiful. Please keep writing and I promise to keep reading.

Connie | 2:10 PM

The home inspection is such a nail-biter, isn't it? I remember walking with the inspector, him pointing things out that I "might want to upgrade/replace someday", listening for deal-breaker words like 'termite' or 'mold' or 'flood plain', etc. And when he shook my hand, having NOT said those things, I wanted to hug him (I wonder if a client had ever hugged him before from a good report...).

That's a big huge checkmark on the list. Here's to you and Hal sitting at the big conference desk at closing!

And come on. You know we never get tired of seeing photos of your precious babes. Wallpaper us with 'em. We don't mind. :)

oh, jenny mae | 2:13 PM

do not let those type-a moms tell you you should do more for school. you're allowed some time off since you just had 2 babies, for crying out loud.

i still don't get to spend as much time at school as i'd like and i've only got 1 three year old at home to manage. the three big kids get the shaft for a couple of years.

Anonymous | 2:27 PM

Well, you absolutely have a first rate excuse for not volunteering more for the school so don't let them get you down.

But..... here's the thing. NO ONE likes to organize the lost and found or bring the fruit platters to the class party or drive to the field trip, etc etc. But there needs to be parent volunteers to do it. Or else the kids (and that includes the kids of the parents who just don't like to get involved on a committee) don't have as great a school experience.

It's like housework. No one likes to do it but some people are more disciplined about doing it. And just get down and get it done. I sometimes volunteer at my kid's school and I am definitely not a 'type-A' parent. But I know it has to get done.

So not to be a total d-bag but to the parents who use excuses like, "I don't have that kind of time" or "I'd rather give money" or "it's not my thing", guess what, no one has that time and it's not everyone's thing but some parents just do it because it has to get done. And yes, they resent the parents who like it being done for their kids but don't do it themselves. There would be less of a commitment for everyone if everybody pitched in a bit and just did their share.

Magic27 | 2:35 PM

Whilst I AM actually on the PTA (the secretary, believe it or not), I'm not really a "joiner" either. My kids are in a private school and I feel (socially, financially) inferior to most of the parents. But I joined the PTA because my girls wanted to see me around at school. I only take part in the things I want to - secretary involves me writing up the minutes to meetings from the safety of my home; doing the school newspaper is the same. I don't do the library or accompanying kids to sports stuff or any of that...
And, paradoxically, I'm ALSO one of the arrives-late-every-damn-day mothers... We usually arrive at 8.29 for an 8.30 start and every morning is a rush. And I don't have the excuse of two adorable newborn infants! My girls are older, too, so I'm really lamentable I guess... | 2:35 PM

Oh for crying out loud...

I AM a Type A volunteering mom, and even I say you get a pass when you have infants. Twin infants, nonetheless.

My youngest is 5yo and I just got back in to volunteering. 1,000,000 things can happen when kids are little from trying to get out the door and then the exploding diaper, to sudden projectile vomiting, to "missed a nap, day's shot to hell." I know how unreliable I could be when at the beck and call of a moderately unreliable small one wanted me on the volunteer list.

Anyway...if you do want to volunteer - when you have the time - try not to let the Evul Volunteer Moms make you feel like you don't measure up. Especially when it comes to having direct contact with the kids type volunteering. Kids need to have exposure to as many types of good/talented/caring people out there as possible to let them know that their own whackadoodle parents aren't the only examples of "grown up".

If you would have seen how I showed up at Kindergarten the other day to help with Kid Writing, you'd have thought I just came down off the mountain. But the kids like my sense of humor. Screw any eye rolling adults.


Anon - you are TOTALLY right. Nobody wants to do most of the volunteer work, I'm sure. And they still do. Because without it, our school would shrivel up and die. Literally. Because that's the state of our public school system. And if I could rock it this year like I did last year? HELL yeah I'd contribute my time but guilting parents who can't make the commitment is kind of a bummer, I say. Still, am I super duper crazy appreciative of people who help? YES. But the guilty stink-eye is uncool.

Issa | 2:43 PM

I kinda want to go yell at the mom giving you shit. You used to volunteer, right now you don't, because of you know TWIN BABIES! You will likely do so again when time permits. How hard can that be for someone to understand. I'd assume she's seen said two tiny gorgeous babies on your person at times. *eye roll*


Connie - YES! I hugged the inspector! I hugged him and did not let go no sir.

Kammy | 2:48 PM

Don't feel bad. My kids are almost always late to school in the morning, too. I am definitely always everything.

Anonymous | 3:04 PM

Who would all out a mom with 4 children including baby twins for not being involved?! (Who would call out anyone for that matter?). Volunteering is important because we have to support each other -- and that includes parents with little ones.

Anonymous | 3:06 PM

sorry that came out wrong -- i meant to say the "volunteery people" should be much more supportive of parents with little ones

Janel | 3:07 PM

Those people realize you have not one, but TWO tiny babies at home, right? They need to chill out. When you are a mom of small children, you need to be voraciously protective of what little time you have to yourself, to your husband, to your older children. Don't even worry about all that volunteering. There will always be moms out there that vocally complain that they are the only people organizing and running things, but secretly? They love every minute of it.

Anonymous | 3:14 PM


I could exhaust myself just THINKING about the demands of having twins, mentally and physically. So to the lady who called you out regarding volunteering... she should walk a mile in your shoes. (That's the nicest thing I could think of writing after an initial barrage of terrible names.)

And I'm sorry, but... organizing the Lost and Found? NOT a priority, for anyone, anytime.

Glenda | 3:30 PM

I'm so happy to hear that the inspection went well. Renovations are fun! The picking and choosing and making it yours.

I will never get tired of seeing pictures of the 4 kiddos.

R&B remind me of my 2 nieces. Night and Day/ Ying and Yang/ Zig and Zag

Anonymous | 3:45 PM

I am a type A Mom, a volunteer type, but I can assure you that the only coffee I am pouring in the morning is mine. I don't do it to be a hero of sorts. Rather, I do it to be close to my child, and I certainly do not judge other parents for not.

Kim | 3:45 PM

I am not a coffee table mom. I am not the "fundraiser" mom. I'd like to be the occasionally goes into the room mom, but instead I'm the works 20 miles away from school mom. Husband gets to drop her off. I get to drop off little boy. And that's about it. You have newborn/infant TWINS.

Getting out of the house is always a hassle, and I'm always late. I just blame it on traffic. But I find that if I give my older one a bribe, er, incentive, she's much more quick to get ready. Also, jealous that Hal gets home at 4:00. Family time is the awesome.

Also, so cool that you saw the Lorax. My kids saw some guy in Lorax costume and have been excited to see it since then. (And the billboard is right near son's preschool.) My five year old is counting down the day till Dr. Seuss's birthday/March 2nd, when the movies is released. I'll remember tissues.

Shannon | 3:46 PM

I am sorry anyone gave you the stink eye. Hello, you have 2 infants! I work in my kid's class every Wednesday (the whole day) and plan/teach art in the afternoons. I loathe PTA and any kind of committee and I hated it anytime I got sucked into it. So I have found that being in the classroom is my happy medium. It is helpful to the teacher, I get to spend time with my kid and really see what is happening at school, and the kids look forward to art every week so I CANNOT flake out. . . because they notice. Once you have some more freedom from the arms of babes just find a way to help that fits you. Offer to come in a read a story, or tell a story, or help the kids with journal writing. When you are helping with something YOU love, the kids see that.

Unknown | 3:56 PM

Best Blog ever. That just made my day. Thank you xo

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

FYI- I really hope you read this comment because I'm not an "involved" parent when it comes to school. I don't do PTO or volunteer or organize playdates.. I work full time. I feel bad when I'm around "those" moms, but I know that my daughter appreciates all of the time we spend together on the weekends. And I know that she doesn't mind being late, or missing an assignment every once in a while, or not participating in a school playdate. I know that she loves me for trying as hard as I can... And I know that she's going to grow up to be just fine.
You're amazing.

Mama Smith | 4:31 PM

My mom was ALWAYS late and never involved in school- I had to beg her to go to parent/teacher conferences. She was a wonderful and very present mom but she had a full life that was totally different than the other parents and just didn't march to that drummer. During my pre-teen years though I was mortified and totally pined over the organized PTO mom's with high waited jeans... and now I am a mom and I'm always late and I dress like a normal human being and not a "mom" and I'm the opposite of a joiner (border-line hermit!). Hope my little guy won't one day be embarrassed by my antics but we are who we are and being a parent is only part of that story. Love you and those kids as always!

Anonymous | 4:31 PM

I wonder if Ms. Why Aren't You More Involved would eb quite so sanctimonious if she had five month old twins.

Miss M | 4:53 PM

I cannot even believe that another mother would even *suggest* that you are not involved because hello FOUR kids and TWO babies! Even if you were just dying to be involved, it would be crazy to try now! You are nicer than me. I woulda told her to shove it up her organized a$$ :)

Lynae | 5:17 PM

I have three young children and I couldn't imagine how much more hectic life would be if my youngest was a twin.

And I am picturing my own son running into his school after the bell has already rang, which happens more often than I care to admit.

I am just pleased when I manage to get through the day without losing a child or my mind. Keep up the fantastic work.

sanctimomious | 5:23 PM

I tell ya, I have six earth side kids (and presently knocked to the up with triplets for crying out loud) and I don't join school things. I ATTEND them, I will go to Bingo night and enroll my school aged babes in the fundraiser extra curriculars, and thats it. I am not going to sell raffle tickets or buy $12 packets of pasta or stay til 10pm cleaning up after said bingo night. There is *always* going to be Moms who make you look and feel bad. I know them too. But you're rocking it right now. And the twins are SO young. My twins are 6 and I didn't feel normal til about a year- and I only had one older child at that time and he wasn't in school. Be kind to yourself!

JP | 5:38 PM

Man, I have a hard time with the judging mamas. Been on the receiving end of that for years.

You are ROCKING this. You support your school in the best way you possibly can. I, for one, am pretty damn impressed with what you accomplish daily.

Anonymous | 6:24 PM

People give the stink-eye because it makes them feel superior and righteous. In my 30 some-odd years, I have been involved lots of volunteer positions. Not once did it occur to me to harass another person about sharing the load. Methinks someone has a control problem.

Kudos to Archer for being sweet about being late, may he always have that kind of grace with the people he loves!

Molly | 6:39 PM

I guarantee you the children of that woman organizing the lost and found and criticizing you for not doing it are not as happy as Archer stretching his legs and darting into class!

B. | 7:12 PM

As a fellow twin mommy, I have to say that I am in awe of you taking care of all four of your children and getting them to school at all. I barely left the house year one. Forget volunteering at school! There just are not that many hours in a day. | 7:46 PM

on the subject of habitual tardiness. I too am in the ranks with you! If you are late 3x it counts as one absence at our school!!! UGH!
Everything you described sounds just like me. I am scared of the moms. But thats funny bc we r always late which means they never see me. Haha
I love this blog. so so m u c h.
Keep the baby pics coming. How could anyone tire of looking at beautiful baby girls? Nope. Never.

Arnebya | 8:26 PM

@ youaremynewdream -- Wow. Three tardies equal an absence? Well hell, we'd never survive there. I'm in DC. The city council is considering new legislation (recently adopted in VA) to prosecute parents for their kids' lateness.

As for stank attitude having volunteer moms, sometimes people don't take into account what another parent/family is dealing with. If I knew you'd had a baby, Rebecca, in the last year, let alone TWO, I would outright not expect you to be on the same volunteer level as the previous year. Some people just don't understand or get that some women know what they're good at and embrace it. I can't add worth a damn so you do not want me in charge of the fundraisers, but I will write a newsletter in a heartbeat.

dgm | 8:57 PM

I'm so not a joiner, and I totally own it, as should you. My son is at a little private school that requires mandatory volunteer time (which I'm totally fine with because I like knowing what's going on there), but there are certain activities I steer clear of because of their tendency to attract cliques. I do, however, love monitoring morning traffic circle, which allows me to greet parents and kiddos as they pull up. There are always a few parents that come screeching into the parking lot late and practically driving off before the kids are out of the car. It is frenzy and chaos and anxious faces and stewing parents. It makes me sad, not because they are late, but because being late seems to stress everyone out and steal the opportunity for parents/kids to say, "Bye! Love you!" to each other and really mean it. You never know when it could be the last time.

I guess what I'm saying is, so what if you are late every day? Just accept it as "this is how we are for now" and let Archer and Fable (who seem not to care anyway) see their awesome mom happy. I'm sure it would mean the world to them to start their day that way.

Anonymous | 9:32 PM

This is not particularly peaceful or even relevant, but HELLOOOOOOOOO TYPE A SCHOOL MOMS, THIS LADY HAS INFANT TWINS! What. Part. Of. That. Is. Hard. To. Understand?

It's impressive that the big kids make it to school, period, frankly. I can barely make it out the door with one baby, and almost never on time.

Anonymous | 10:53 PM

The attendance lady hates me so much because I show up late to school with my kid so often - and you have FOUR. The image of Archer running with his backpack made me tear up a little - that image is all too familiar to me, too.

Kristin Ward | 11:11 PM

Is it just me or is that pic of you all at the movie premiere make it look like you have a halo above your head? It totally looks like that to me..... because you might as well be an angel or a saint as a momma to four kiddos.


Don't let the bitchy moms get to you - they hate themselves.

Deb Stevens | 12:22 AM

Thanks for being brave, for being late, and for letting us celebrate moments of magic in life with you and your cute family.

Your stories and visuals help us be brave about being late too, and remind us to celebrate our own magic moments with our own cute families, whatever they may look like.


Juliet | 4:33 AM

Loved this post! I could look at pics of Bo and Rev all day, but I absolutely love hearing about life with Fable and Archer too.

As a "type-A" mom myself, I hope you don't have this experience with all such moms! Some are friendly; some are not, just like all moms. I genuinely LOVE to see other moms, whether they contribute their time or not (and that's putting aside the fact that you're raising twins!).

And, I'm sure they know who you are and think you are so cool. Maybe they are somewhat intimidated by your badassness?

Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Unknown | 7:44 AM

Ohhhh, Fable still has baby teeth and baby dimple-hands. Cherish those while she still has them! My son is barely clinging to his baby dimple-hands and I will be so sad when they turn to big boy hands. :-(

WrathofDawn | 9:26 AM

Yeah. Twins. Under the age of one. Who are child #3 and child #4. I'd be lucky if I got them all out of the house wearing clothes, never mind find time to faff about with other kid's lost clothing.

I think you're off the hook for volunteering just now. Ignore silly women like that. They are not from this planet.

Not everyone can or even should volunteer and she needs to check the meaning of the word VOLUNTEER. If that nut gets on your case again, tell her there's a highly annoyed menopausal woman in Canada who would be happy to go all postal on her a** is she doesn't leave you alone.

And you KNOW how difficult it is to rile up a Canadian, us being all passive and all.

P.S. - Great photos, as always!

Kim T | 9:49 AM

I could go on so much about school and the two different (or three or four different) types of parents there. But I'll spare you. Just suffice it to say "I feel you". As my oldest is now in 6th grade and my youngest in 4th - I'm finally kind of over it. My kids know I'm a good mom and that matters a whole heck of lot more to me than what the other parents think. As someone who works full time my contribution to society is in other ways than organizing the lost and found or the wrapping paper sale. But like you, I'm fine with giving money. I'd just rather gougue our my eyes than spend extra time at some of these school events or PTA meetings, etc. You're doing just fine - you can tell by how awesome your brood is.

Love is all you need | 10:33 AM

Wow you have your hands full! Such a lovely blog!

bbgHappY1 | 11:36 AM

I feel the same way about parent groups which is why I am in the club you belong to.

I am in the market for a new camera and am interested in your camera type.
Is it possible to tell me what type you are currently using?


Anonymous | 12:21 PM

I loved reading your blog, someone posted it on my facebook and I had to read it. I'm not married but if I ever do, I hope to juggle kids, marriage, and life as you do.

Tanna | 1:07 PM

Well said like always! Don't beat yourself up about not volunteering more! You have twin babies and two kids and two dogs. You will have time again soon and be able to. Shame on that mom for calling you out!

Anonymous | 1:21 PM

you are so lucky for having such a beautiful family, I also love your blog. please keep sharing,
rocio from

whoorl | 2:46 PM

Why are you not more involved? WHY ARE YOU NOT MORE INVOLVED? Someone ASKED YOU THAT? Are they aware that you have two brand new babies? And that you work? When you're not taking care of your family?

Bec, I'm annoyed! And you know I don't express my annoyances on the internet very often...


Shelley | 2:47 PM

I am soooooooo eternally grateful that you posted this. I am the *exact* same way. I've never really been as involved as some other parents and I don't even have the solid excuse of having two infants at home. Although, I am a full-time-work-at-home-mom with no fundage for nannies/babysitters so hopefully that lets me off the hook a little? Anyway, it's that but also the fact that I am painfully shy. The late thing I'm not even going to try and justify though. I don't have a good excuse for that one. Thank you again, I feel a little less alone and a little less bad now.

Shelley | 2:50 PM

And by work, I mean the work of children in addition to paid full-time work. So yeah. I would need to start doing meth in order to be more involved, which, just no.

Kelli | 3:22 PM

For the record, I think you are amazing and wonderful and I adore your blog. I just wanted to say I hope you don’t lump all the type A Moms in together. I am one of those Moms who gets to school early but it is really really really times infinity hard for me, and as I’m walking out after drop off and parents are rushing in, I’m not thinking ANYTHING bitchy or mean or judgy. I’m just thinking how bad I want to say “It’s ok! Don’t be stressed! The bell just rang!” or something along those lines. We all have struggles as parents!


@Kelli - GIRL. I think type A moms ROCK. My own mother is the queen of type A. She does everything and she does it well and I was never late for school ever ever on her watch. And she's my hero in life. I think that's part of the problem. I'm not my mother's daughter in a lot of ways I wish I was.


Oh! And to those asking about the camera, all of these pictures were taken on my iPhone via Instagram. xxoo

Clandestine Road | 5:03 PM

I love Archer's perspective. He is just sunlight, isn't he.

The kids are not going to remember if they were on time or how often you volunteered. They will remember how much you love(d) them. You are freaking amazing.

Incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing a day in the life.


Kelli | 5:10 PM

Well thanks! I am insanely jealous of the Type B Moms. It reminds me of when my Mom told me that all the girls with curly hair would kill for straight hair (I was crying about having what I thought was flat, ugly, straight hair and was desperately wanting curls). I look at your photos and read your writing and think, man, I need to let my daughter pick her own outfits more and let her be more creative and not try so hard to make everything so perfect all the time.

Anonymous | 11:03 PM

That's ridiculous. I'll tell that woman that you have NOT EVEN 6 MONTH OLD TWINS.

Ray | 12:44 AM

That photo of Rev's face resting on Bo's shoulder, and Rev's hand on Bo's belly....? OH SO PRECIOUS!!!!! I just want to snuggle them. =D

I'm so glad that you have twins, that you share with us.

Yay, for Hollywood Premiere's! Looks like a fun time indeed. Fable's mustache totally made me LOL! =P

Love your family.

Unknown | 7:12 AM

Oh. My. God. Your children are just too, too, too cute. Not the first time I've said this, but again--very nice work!

Anaflog | 8:54 AM

Everyone family has to find its own balance. Thank you for sharing how you struggle to find yours.

You can believe those other moms have their struggles as well. And anyone that gives a mother of infant twins a hard time, is a total jerk and should be ignored.

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

You are so stinkin funny I can't take it. I literally just belly laugh and then copy and paste to my mom posse. Your observations are just so real life; it's crazy. I found you back when I was pregnant with my 4th and my kids were getting their teeth cleaned. The hygenist is pimping you out in Encinitas :) She wanted to help me out with a baby name. Ever since I found your blog, I can't stop checking. My baby is two months. I'm living vicariously through you and even spinning my minivan wheels over to Blooming Bath to get the latest and greatest. Thanks for keeping this stay-at-home-sleep-deprived-puked-on-fellowmomoffour-entertained and lifted daily.

Estelle Hayes | 12:04 PM

Well, first of all your babies (all four of them) are so beautiful. Those lollipops on fables eyes? Crazy cute. What a ham. And Archer is so wide and cool. And those babies - ah those babies.

But mostly I have to say fuck those moms and their card tables and coffee boxes and opinions. Jesus, I want to slap them collectively in the face. Is that a bit too harsh? Ah, I just hate that kind of drama among adults. So lame.

Oh and your house - seriously those hallways look like a dream. So happy for you and your family.

Anonymous | 12:46 PM

I am loving the house. Gah. It's fantastic.

I am a silent worker bee at the school but not a leader. I had to give that one up. It's a hard needle to thread, some of those parents are tough to deal with, and I've found it's easier to say, "yes! I'll be there to set up for the auction/play/street fair" than do the real work of organizing the auction/play/street fair. I have 3 kids and a full-time job -- maybe in a few years I'll be able to do more. Class parent is another gig that isn't too hard -- again, not so many passive aggressive emails.

I sadly feel I can't contribute more than what's asked of me. I used to be able to, but now the PTA has to raise 1500 per kid and that's the number they'd like people to come up with. Now that I have 3 kids in the school, I do it, but I don't do more.

Anonymous | 9:18 PM

I understand that you have four children and will not share my view of that (except to say that I don't agree with all the people who think you're heroic for it). You state in a faux self-deprecating way that you're always late and even say this is a new family tradition you're starting. I get that something "is always coming up" but I don't accept it. At my school ten of thirty kids are consistently between five and thirty minutes late to class. I don't get that. If it's hard to get out the door because of infants or Legos or needing to take another precious photo then for goodness sake get up earlier. When your child arrives late for class it disrupts the class and interrupts learning. Of course you might say it's only a few minutes, but if that's the case why can't you make an effort to get him to school only a few minutes earlier? Would you accept it if the teacher were a few minutes late every day? You are teaching your children that they don't have to respect other people's time. Is that really a tradition you want to start? No doubt your adoring readers will decry me for being a hater. I am not a hater. I believe it is simple respect to get your children to school in time.

Samantha | 11:42 PM

Absolutely love this post. Beautiful.

To Anonymous I'm not going to "decry you for being a hater." It sounds like you have identified a big problem at your school. But, um, have you ever had infant twins? With only slightly older kids who need to be places? Because I have. And I can tell you that getting out of the house, no matter the time of day, no matter the importance of the thing to which you are going, and no matter how early you wake up, is a monumental task. Monumental. I hate to pull the "you don't understand" card because everyone has difficult things in their lives, but here it is - unless you have had infant twins and other young children at the same time, you cannot possibly understand. I'm sure Rebecca would love to have the type of morning that allows her to get him to school on time. Her "new tradition" comment was clearly tounge-in-cheek. Most of us are doing the best we can, and criticizing someone because their "best" doesn't rise to your standards is pretty ridiculous.

PS - Get up earlier? I have a feeling Rebecca is getting up pretty early. Like 12 am. And 2 am. And 5 am. BECAUSE SHE HAS TWO INFANTS AND A TODDLER. But yeah, she should totally sacrifice those last few minutes she has to sleep before her day officially begins because, for this very brief period in her (and her son's) life, her son can't be a few minutes late for school.

Anonymous | 7:19 PM

I'm running a bit behind on your blog, but seriously, anyone who has the stupidity to call out a mother of four with twins under a year old for not volunteering needs a giant smack upside the head.

Shannon from mynewfavoriteday | 10:38 PM

All the photos are so lovely. Love the part where you say, one of the great parts of being a grown up is that you can start your own traditions. Couldn't agree more and we have family walks too and they are one of my favorite times of day each day. Those traditions are like a glue I hold them dear as well. Your family is so beautiful and the images that you share with us are truly special.

carole | 10:26 AM

I read your blog pretty regularly and on my trip around the mama bloggie worlds I found a link for pretty amazing fiber/embroidery art looking at the experience of being a twin...thought of you instantly! The link for the blog entry is here:

and the artist is Leigh Loves You:

It's not my blog or my art...just thought you would dig it.

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse | 11:35 PM

The idea of the family walk is very poignant to me - I link to you here:

Mary Thomas | 7:42 PM


Anonymous | 8:33 PM

I am so disappointed after reading this post as i really thought you would be the type of person to be "above" that sort of B.S. -You know that L Rossevelt quote: "Noone can make you feel inferior without your own consent?" yeah well Helllooo? who cares what these Mom's think? By letting their crap affect you certainly does not make you a good role model for your own daughter --rise above it kid --as for some of the responses hear about respecting other's time - i agree- i have 3 year old twin boys (No other kids) but i work hard to plan ahead about getting up early etc. so we are not late & i rarely am - bottom line is this: if someone called you up & told you there was a million dollar check waiting for you at the bank but you had to be there on time i kind of think you would be there - No Matter What ---This is about priorities - your family is beautiful - your blog is entertaining but i need to call BS on this one - figure it out

dna | 9:53 AM

SHUT UP, I want to die your children are so beautiful!