Happy Valentine's Day from me and my Boo

This week on Momversation, Hal joined me for an impromptu video about Valentine's Day that we shot at 12:30am last Tuesday and accidentally cut off part of our heads. Tre profesh.

Our (real) plans for tonight involve Banana Pudding from Magnolia, a movie TBD and a baby on each of our chests.
And (later) perchance a kiss with tongue. Not a lot of tongue, though. Just a smidge. A tiny little bit of tongue. Did you just throw up? Don't worry. I was just kidding about the tongue. Tongues are gross.

So then!

Happy Valentine's Day, people who enjoy Valentine's Day! And a very happy Tuesday to everyone else.



JenMarie | 12:27 PM

I like Valentine's Day. My hubby's really good about getting me flowers delivered at work. He gets that's it's as much about the thought as the flaunt in front of the co-workers. Ha! :)

He alway knows to get me some of my favorite chocolates.

We go out to eat, something Italian with wine and I get to dress up. Not necessarily on V-Day cause of kids, but hey.

In return I wear something naughty for him.

Win win!

Emma (Glitter and Gold) | 12:31 PM

you are hysterical! love the movie with babes on chest! our night sounds the same except it will be one babe on the chest and the other babe being told to get back in her big girl bed a hundred times : ) ... loving your blog (esp cause your in LA too!)
would love you to stop by

Connie | 12:32 PM

Today we aren't doing anything: my husband is in grad school and so we are scarfing down some frozen pizza before he rushes out the door to class...

BUT. We celebrated in style on Saturday: cooked an elaborate breakfast (which we shared with the dog), went to an arcade, went out for dinner a little dressy, and came home and made smores using a candle (Cuz it's cold outside, yo!). Very sweet.

I have nothing against Valentine's Day. And I didn't when I was single. It's nice to have a holiday to stop and consider how many people you love, and how you are loved. Yes, you should do it everyday, but I see Valentine's Day as a harmless day to be a little noisier about it. :)


Cute, Connie. I like that. :)

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From | 12:37 PM

Hubby and I officially celebrated Valentine's Day last night, because that's when we could get a sitter for our small twins. We went to see the Muppet Movie and laughed our heads off. Unofficial official Valentines night will be much like yours take-out and a movie - but with babies asleep upstairs... hopefully!

Kris | 12:39 PM

I made my husband slutty brownies! http://simpleislandliving.com/2012/02/14/valentines-day-slutty-brownies/
That's about as much Valentine's Day that is going to happen around here! Maybe we'll curl up and watch a movie when the baby goes to sleep.


Kris - HOLY BROWNIES WHAT? Those look amayyyyyyyyzing. Damn, girl. Damn.

Snaps | 12:43 PM

I WAS a florist for 12 years, so I hated Valoween and still have nightmares after being out of the business for 5 years. Now I can enjoy it and secretly laugh at the agony my formal business partner must be feeling right about now!
Have fun with your honey and remember, too much tongue can lead to more babies!!

Pati | 12:50 PM

You guys are so frickin cute:)
Not a big deal in our family...nice supper, some chocolates...My husband called me from work and left me a card and chocolates.He is more romantic then I and I am blessed<3.
Happy Valentines to your beautiful family!

eva | 1:01 PM

I wrote mine a story, but I gave it to him on Friday. Partly because we wouldn't be spending tonight together, and partly because I was nervous about it, so I wanted to get it over with.

Tonight I'm making the super fancy mac and cheese with the good cheese for me and the baby, and adding red food coloring to the bechamel. We had a long convo this morning about whether that would be awesome or gross. Couldn't decide, so I guess we'll see.

Maternal Mirth | 1:01 PM

Let me know how the zoo goes ;o)

Anonymous | 1:02 PM

Oh that pudding! For those not near Magnolia or want to make your own banana puddin' with the same recipe they use..it's super easy and a hit with...everyone. Even banana haters.

Natalie | 1:06 PM

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Every holiday can be considered "commercial". No one gets butthurt over St Patrick's Day because it glorifies drinking, yet St Valentine's Day gets a bad wrap because people are bitter about love? This day is to celebrate love of all kinds, and whether or not I'm single, I think it's a fun day to reflect on the people I love the most in life!

You can make the same debate about Mother's Day or Father's Day, too. Shouldn't we show them love year round? Of course! But why not have one special day to REALLY honor them?

This year, my boyfriend and I are going to trivia with my best friend, because that's what we do every Tuesday. He has to work, I have Tuesdays off, so I'm making dinner (as usual) and then we'll go out and try to dominate at trivia at our local sports bar. I'm lucky I get to spend today with two people I love the most!

that' my two cents :)

House of Lovelock | 1:11 PM

I am sorry to probably be the millionth person to tell you this, but I cry/pee my pants I laugh so hard every time I read your blog. Ahhh, life with 4 kids is just so entertaining!

Arnebya | 1:15 PM

A little bit of tongue is okay (sometimes I like more, like during the quick bathroom rendezvous because the kids are always underfoot...oh, wait. My bad. Just a little tongue is fine).

We don't do anything on Valentine's Day. We actually SAID Happy Valentine's Day to one another today and found it hilarious.

And Kris -- holy crap! We may not do anything special for the day, but damned if I don't want to be a slutty brownie eater tonight. Possibly in the bathroom. With a lot of tongue.

Claire | 1:16 PM

Hubby and I will do Valentine's Day for about 5 minutes or so after he gets home from work, in between taking turns going in to pat the baby on the butt and telling our 6 year old that it's now 3 hours past her bed time and no she may not have another glass of water.
I am excited about the 5 minutes tho, I got hubbby a piece of reclaimed wood that has our initials carved in it with a heart surrounding our initials. I can't wait to give it to him! Oh, and I special ordered his favorite sushi and picked it up this afternoon!!

Kris | 1:36 PM

@ Arnebya: don't forget the ice cream. :)

Michelle | 1:37 PM

Hal needs to be in every GGC video henceforth. This video was great.


Aww, I love you guys!

I got Valentines inspired by horror movies this morning. And it was awesome. No, really!

Meghan Elaine | 2:03 PM

You guys are about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Seriously. Enjoy your night. Mine will be about the same...only my twins are now almost THREE, so they'll be tucked in bed and we'll watch a movie alone :)

Steph(anie) | 2:07 PM

I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. I was too busy thinking how freaking cute you two are.

Anonymous | 2:28 PM

You guys are so out of the montage of couples talking on When Harry Met Sally. Love it. Hal is hilarious.

Unknown | 2:30 PM

You guys are too fun. Weird side note: does Hal do voiceover work? His voice sounds familiar.

Neither my husband nor I make a big deal about V Day. He usually gets me a little something and I usually get him a card, but we usually stay in and do the movie thing. Mostly because we're both terrible at planning anything in advance. It's sort of shocking that we managed to plan a wedding.

Glenda | 3:04 PM

You guys are so cute.

Hubby and I officially did Valentine's Day last night. We went to dinner and saw Safe House.
We got each other cards. Today he's working late so it's a normal Tuesday to us.

Happy Valentine's Day to the 6 of you!

Christen | 4:16 PM

I love your pink lipstick. We are enjoying a bottle of molly dooker and the final season of six feet under.

Christen | 4:16 PM


Anonymous | 4:43 PM

Awww!! Cute! Ohh you should make a memory box/binder like I did. Check this out!

My best friend made one for each of her kids and used baby pictures on the cover. : )

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian | 5:46 PM


Jen and Suki | 6:35 PM

That video is hysterical. I have nothing against V-Day, I'm just not into it. I'm pretty sure my husband thought it was a trap at first. But really, we show each other we care on a regular basis and I don't need flowers or chocolates or a fancy dinner on this one day to know that he loves me.

Ross, Kerry, Saia, and Emma! | 7:10 PM

My parents always made Valentine's Day about the whole family - so we do, too! We pick a big box and decorate it on February 1, then spend the next two weeks filling it with handmade crafts and valentines, as well as little treats and gifts. We have a fancy family dinner on 2/14, followed by our special Valentine box! Our daughter loves it, and so do we!

I'm not a flowers and chocolates girl, I just told my husband that he's my every day Valentine (and I didn't even throw up while saying it!) Seriously, what's more romantic than a man who does laundry, changes diapers, cooks dinner, still makes me laugh after 10 years and takes excellent care of me and my daughter every day? NOTHING.

Love this blog, love your writing, love the photos, love the recipes and music, love it. Thanks for all you do!

mpotter | 8:04 PM

So very funny.
Loved the video.

My husband traveled this year for work. And after not feeling well myself for a few weeks, adding also some hints (and guilt) about wanting flowers this year--- which is always SOOOOO RARE....

so i bought myself a $4 bouquet from Publix.

he didn't even take that hint.

so, over the years, i guess all the hype has fizzled.


(but PS- thanks to my wonderful in-laws who had foresight, they came in this past weekend to watch little j so we could go out to dinner. which, for the record, was very enjoyable)

avb | 9:10 PM

Thank you for recognizing what Magnolia is REALLY about: Banana Pudding. #nom

dgm | 5:32 AM

First of all, you and Hal are so cute!

Second, yesterday, I saw him--the old guy shuffling down the street, carrying a little floral arrangement in a rectangular box, headed toward the senior center. (I'm normally not a big VDay person. We do handmade cards with a "10 Things I Love About You" poem, and grill heart-shaped steaks. But that old guy . . . AWWWWWW.)

Jaim | 8:18 AM

Again, laughing...a lot!

Usually my husband and I divorce for the day and then make up the next day only due to my expectations and his lack luster love of all things valentine's. On our honeymoon road trip I kicked him out of the car on Valentine's day and told him to catch a bus. We were in the Gila wilderness in New Mexico...I did eventually go back for him but not after a good wait.

Thanks for the laughs.

KateFitz | 9:33 AM

I think Valentines day is a bit goofy and also a little mean spirited to any and all lonely people. Which I remember all to clearly being one of those sidelined folks. And I really resented it for making me feel like a sad sac malcontent.

Which I think is a little disappointing to my husband who is very much a romantic. But we've reached a good compromise place with it. We have a nicer then normal dinner...more hugs. And I let him go whole hog on our wedding anniversary. Which is a much more meaningful day to us...not generic sticky sweet LUV because hallmark is throwing up red and pink hearts all over the world.

Laurenn | 9:54 AM

Hahaa that was great. My hubs and I both think it's a bit silly (thankfully) but we don't like to rain on everyone's picnic so we usually keep our feelings to ourselves and laugh at the day in the privacy of our home/car/texts. Hope you and yours had a great Tuesday!

Kim | 10:03 AM
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shannon c | 12:19 PM

How cute are you guys!!!??? Hope you had a great night, did you make it through the whole movie? I find it's hard to do since having kids :) Since Valentine's day is over, I will just comment on your gorgeous pink lips! I swear, not 2 seconds before you mentioned it, I thought "Wow, cute lipstick, she always pulls off these really cute looks. I'd be too nervous to try it." Maybe I'll give it a try, what were you wearing?

Dahnks | 1:41 PM

Totally Off Subject of this post..
I'm kinda freaking out here and I needed to tell someone who has had a bit of experience with this..

I just found out that my brother and sister-in-law, who have 2 very super crazy and fantastic kids are now pregnant.. with TRIPLETS!!

They are only 6 weeks along right now but HOLY WHAT DO WE DO!?! We are super excited and scared at the same time. The whole family is in shock right now. They are going to need so much and, well at least we have time to try and figure it all out. I hope..

I'm going to have to go back through your postings to help find items to help them along the way.

Know anyone who gives away free houses and minivans?? jk :)

Wish us all the luck and all the health!

meredyth | 2:13 PM

This is slightly late but here was our V-Day: Husband comes home from work to me in a pretty dress and a dinner that I scrambled to prepare. Filet mignon, sauteed spinach and kale, DELICIOUS mashed potatoes AND a card I spent about a day making. It was a mad libs valentines day card. He sent me a someecard that mysteriously never made it to my inbox.

We cancelled on movie plans to make out like teenagers to slow songs and then right when we fell into bed we discovered blood on the sheets. We thought it was from our dog who is bored because she's having heartworm treatment and maybe taking it out on her forearm. Nope, it was from a head wound my husband got from a branch and reopened in his sleep the night before. And thus, the mood was killed. Happy Valentines! I think I deserve flowers and a restaurant next year. :/

Heather | 7:57 PM

I just loved you uys together in this video so muh. Super cute.

I celebrated Galentine's Day this year :)

Unknown | 12:18 PM

Your video with Hal made me giggle. Could you be any cuter? Barf. :-)

V-Day also happens to be my birthday, which totally sucks if you are single. Thankfully I'm not which means I'm always guaranteed to get something. Not that it's about that. But I am a girl.

Hope you guys had a great V-Day!

Dianna | 9:10 PM

Awww, I kinda love you guys! I loved V-Day when I was in a relationship...better luck next year!