Tonight we go to... Vienna! (House Hunters International Style)

The following post/giveaway (as well as tonight's live tweet) is sponsored by HGTV's House Hunters. Thanks, House Hunters!
Hey, friends! Just a reminder that tonight at 10:30pm Pacific, I'll be live-tweeting the series premier of House Hunters International and it will be CRAZY. There will be so much drama! And architectural details! And "somethings" to think about! And bidets! Maybe?

If you're a fan of the show and would like to join me and a few other lovely blogger-friends on twitter, please do so tonight. We'll be tagging our tweets with the apropos #househunters hashtag and each one of us will be giving away a free iPad2 that includes "HGTV's To Go" app for those who wanna click o'er here. Contest will be open until tomorrow, February 17th at 6am EST. Rules and regs here.

See you tonight when House Hunters International travels to... Vienna, Austria!



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