Liner Notes 2/13

First, I want to thank everyone for their awesome kindness and high-fives on the (fingers crossed!) house. Tomorrow's inspection day and I couldn't be more excited to spend Valentines day on my knees with Esteban and my... hard... hat.

We have an awesome agent we adore and have spent the last week driving past the house daily to blow it kisses and send it love and affirmations (in case it's having doubts). I've already had two dreams where we were all living in the house, Archer's cars peppered throughout the hallways and me tripping on them as I do, here, all day long.
Today Bo and Revi are five months old and I'm totally lagging on taking their monthly photos (complete with kicky-legs video action). This is because A. up until two days ago my camera was broken and B. time has bastardly hands. And yet...FIVE. MONTHS. Five months! My babies are five months old with giant five month old faces and smiles and eyes and bubbles andandandand...
...Even crazier, I only found out I was pregnant last Valentines Day. So one year ago today I was just chillin' with a couple'a kids and a couple'a sore boobs and BOOM, one year later, here we all are. Sitting in car seats and wearing polka dots and eating each other's pajamas.
This week I took my ten year old dogs to the vet where both of them received clean bills of health -- HUGELY relieving when you have old dogs, specifically an old Boxer who was given six months to live four years ago.
my dogs kiss.
(they kiss)

We're getting better at leaving the house as a team. I took my first SUCCESSFUL solo mission with all four kids the other day. We picked up dinner and dessert, visited some of our local shop owners who in the past couple of years have become dear friends. We sat in various windows and doorways and watched the traffic go by.
Speaking of outings, we were finally able to get out of the house this past weekend and spent Saturday afternoon at the public library downtown, one of our favorite family haunts. It was the first time we were all six of us there together and minus the half dozen bathroom changing table trips, was surprisingly relaxing and really kind of wonderful.
A few other things that happened. Fable and I went to the swap meet on Sunday where she picked out a pink skull bracelet made out of a belt...
... Bo became a world record holder for most-hours-spent-in-one-Ergo....
... and I finally bought a new camera lens this weekend after procrastinating for the past two weeks. (I've been shooting on my Olympus PEN which I received as a participent of the PEN READY project and have since become obsessed with its awesome. So obsessed that I already broke it. But it's fixed! It's fixed!)
reading books with Fable before school
I got in a car accident this morning. The woman's response to crashing into us. "But my blinker was on?" Everyone was fine, of course, minor damage to my car and her but I was suddenly so overcome with rage for her hitting us and putting my children in danger and then NOT owning up to her mistake that I flew into full on hysteria and broke out in hives. Lady would not hand over her drivers license and insurance information so I got into my car and did what was expected of me according to apple commercials: I asked Siri to help me. Maybe it's because I just got an iphone and still don't know how to work the thing but Siri was EXTREMELY unhelpful. She didn't know how to call the police. She didn't know how to take notes or listen to anything I had to say. She didn't even know how to respond to my questions! And then my hives got worse.

Woman stayed in her car until her husband arrived so that he could... I don't know, help? Meanwhile, I tried to turn the ordeal into a really fun adventure! Hey, we're on the side of the road! DANCE PARTY! Woohoo! We all get to be late to school! Let's pump us some Biebs!

In the end, everything was fine. Information was exchanged. I didn't need a husband or Siri to help me through the situation. The kids were happy as clams watching everything transpire through the window as I explained that "when you get in an accident, you exchange information and write down numbers and then when you get home you call your insurance blah blah blah blah blah..."

Later, in the car, as we merged left and back onto the road, I saw Archer and Fable flash each other smiles I couldn't read. They reminded me of faces my brother and I would have made after a similar situation. Like, "that mom, she's a real piece a work, eh?" Like, only THEY knew what this moment was like, as spectators in their mother's freakout fest. They were a team, rolling their eyes at me and my poor attempt to entertain them while flailing around my glove compartment, crying and yelling at my phone like it was a person.

"You guys okay?"

"We're fine," Archer said.

"Yeah. We're fine." Fable said.

And then Archer laughed.

And then Fable laughed.

And I still haven't the slightest idea what was so funny.



Unknown | 12:00 PM

I think people's IQ's suddenly lower about 50 points when they are responsible for something that they do not want to be responsible for. I'm glad everyone is okay.

However, I didn't until now, know you have dogs - two dogs. Dear god, woman that is a lot of small creatures poop to take care of.

Anne | 12:03 PM

Wise words from my lawyerdad: Always get a police report. Always.

Accidents suck, my sympathies.

JP | 12:09 PM

Your kids are rad. I just love it.

Good luck with all of this! Especially Esteban!

Kris | 12:20 PM

Glad you're all okay, maybe even a whole lotta wonderful. Fingers crossed for a smooth, drama free day with Esteban tomorrow!

Amanda | 12:24 PM

Congrats on making is out of the house with all four kids by yourself!

And you dogs look so sweet! I'm glad they got a clean bill of health.

c is for cape town | 12:35 PM

Sibs - gotta love them. I'm sure the novelty will wear off but right now I'm loving watching them and their inside jokes.
Can't believe your babies are nearly 6 months tho! That Rev has really changed in the last little while.
Enjoy V-Day on your knees - good girl :)

Arnebya | 12:36 PM

So glad everyone's ok. Also, babies! Babies babies babies! Five month old babies! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? I know how it happens, but seriously, I think it's the actual assigning a number to them that just makes me GAH FIVE MONTHS.

And babies eating other babies' pajamas? Too damn adorable. Esteban will be lucky. Lucky I say!

Erma | 1:06 PM

Sorry you had to deal with "woman." Car-related things always put a damper on my otherwise happy days. I'm glad everyone's ok! I love the photos of the babes and Archer and Fable and I can't wait when the weather here gets warm again and I can take my little guy out on fun adventures like yours. :D

tinyparticlesoflight | 1:59 PM

GEEZ! Scary - but glad all are good. I love the exchange you caught between Archer and Fable. When they're all grown up one day I wonder what their version of this story will be. ;)

p.s. Siri is dumb.


rachel | 2:49 PM

just want to tell you happy your blog makes me. seriously. I know your life has moments like mine - but I like thinking my life has lovely moments like yours, too.

Rachel @ Little Kitchen, Big Bites | 2:56 PM

1) that story about archer and fable in the end is too cute for words

2) you have two dogs too?!!? they're adorable! how did i not know this?

The Hojo Family | 3:07 PM

Moments like Archer and Fable had in the car are my favorite with my kiddos. One of my favorite pictures of my kids are them sitting at a table outside of a coffee shop together. My husband and I were inside, but they wanted to go to an outside table, just the two of them and have their drinks. I let them since we could see them right through the window. I watched them sip their hot chocolates, talk and laugh. It was the best.

Glenda | 3:27 PM

Best of luck with Esteban.
Kiddos x4 are so gorgeous!
Happy 5th birthday to R&B :)

Mama Smith | 3:49 PM

Happy that you guys are all okay! Sounds like you all are getting in the groove of this big family thang. Stories if eye rolls always make me want another baby :)

Red Stethoscope | 4:11 PM

Warning: I am about to judge a stranger on the internet...But, I hate women who call their husbands to come to their aid after an accident. Like, you can't handle the mess that YOU made by yourself? It gives the rest of us (competent and responsible) women a bad name. And, for the record, my boyfriend is a lawyer and I would NEVER have him come to the scene of the accident just for intimidating purposes. (If I was hurt, obviously that would be different.)

Claire Gibson King | 4:11 PM

Ohh man, I am so sorry that you got into an accident. They are just the worst and stay with you for a long time. Its amazing that the kids were so calm. Good good good luck on the inspection tomorrow.

Miya Goodrich-Phillips | 4:14 PM

Glad you're all okay!! You're a super hero. Kids, dogs-it's a lot!! Love you and hope I see you soon, :) The pictures are beautiful...

Kristen | 4:49 PM

Ugh, I can't stand women (or men for that matter) who cannot handle any situation without their significant other. Like they actually just want a parent instead of a partner.

Bea, OT | 4:59 PM

Aw! Glad everyone is okay!

Kids...what do they were totally right to get upset! ; )

You might want to check your owner's manual on the car seats and see if they need to be replaced. Some recommend changing it even with minor accidents. Poo!

scharfhunter | 5:19 PM

I'm about to have twins myself sometime in the next 3 weeks or so--boy and girl--making my two already-here-children into a large party of four...I'm sure it sounds familiar. I have to say, though, that I am given courage by the thought that you all can manage a group outing at 5 months!! Maybe I WILL be able to do more than walk the two blocks to kindergarten and back each day. I'm sure you are validated by comments and friendly notes all the time, but really, your posts give me hope as I face my new reality of being a mom of four. PS: Sorry about the accident. I would have totally freaked out on that woman. xoxo.

holly | 5:36 PM

There are some awesome photos here! I can't believe you have dogs on top of 4 children, crazy lady!

Car accidents suck, glad everyone was okay.

Rebekah Wallace | 6:54 PM

I read all of your posts Rebecca and for some reason, this was one of my favorites. Maybe because it was a snapshot of everyday life that gets lost without writing it down. Or maybe because I have a younger brother with whom I still exchange giggle fits (we are 28 and 26). Blessings on your new home!!

Shelly... | 7:51 PM

I'm very biased but Boston Terriers are the best! I have two old guys that are 11 and 13...glued to my side as I type, farting away...gotta love the smooshy face breeds!
P.S. The kids are pretty cute too! ;-)

Jess | 8:01 PM

A solo outing with 4 children? You are a brave and strong mama! And those giant five month old faces are adooooorable!

fallgirly | 8:21 PM

The end of this post is so awesome. I couldn't help but picture their expressions. I love how close Fable and Archer are!

jessica | 8:43 PM

i agree with anne, always call the cops. i know in NY that's number one on the list of things to do. Then you have to submit that report to the ins. co. otherwise it's just your word against theirs.

And wow your pictures are gorgeous. And my boxer was given weeks to live with a mistaken diagnosis and i cried for about 2 weeks straight. then she had a really expensive surgery for something way more minor and she's fine and will hopefully live a long and smelly life!

Simple Island Living | 11:41 PM

Good god, if I had hit a car full of kids I would be groveling at your feet begging for forgiveness! Especially babies in the car...holy hell. Sadly, I have a relative who would act that way.

Gorgeous family, five-month old babies...amazing. Good luck with Esteban!

sahara | 12:33 AM

What a beautiful post. I love how you turn ordinary life events into an amazing, full, colourful story. You have a way of writing that makes me feel as though we are sitting in a coffee shop, having a conversation. Thank you for sharing your conversation with me.

Silvy | 5:13 AM

great post!!!

Silvy | 5:14 AM

ps love the doggies!!

Tiffany | 6:07 AM

ESTEBAN!!!!! I know I'm on the East Coast, but I'm pretty sure he heard me.

bbgHappY1 | 8:20 AM

Kudos to you with the amount you have to take care of in your household...
please give online lessons to mother's like me who are not as great in handling "life situations" like you...I will be the first to sign up...

The dogs are adorable... a clean bill of health is fantastic news.

Rebecca B | 1:10 PM

Definitely use the opportunity of an accident, no matter how small, to get new carseats! The law is that the insurance company has to reimburse you for new carseats. My kiddos were sitting in their seats when a lady hit my parked car (a very small accident, really, she just clipped my open door), and now they have $628 in new carseats. I was even able to move up from an infant seat to a convertible for my baby, since he was about to outgrow his infant seat. It seemed a little wasteful to get new seats, since I had old ones, but the technology keeps getting better so the new ones are safer (and not grody - yet). And fixing the damage from the accident was enough of a pain in the butt to justify getting new ones for me. Plus, I was able to go to a LOCAL shop and get their advice on the best ones and buy local, instead of scanning the Internet for hours to find the best price like I usually do.

Gretchen in Brooklyn | 4:06 AM

I can't believe how much Bohème looks like Hal! I'm glad you all are okay.

Anonymous | 4:51 AM

sweet post - me (36) and my sister (33) still do that eyeroll and laugh at my poor mum! Then she laughs and says "you girls are so mean to me", then we laugh some more and hug her and tell her that we love her. Families are the best xx

Nicole | 9:20 AM

I am so glad you guys are okay!

Happy 5 months to the girls!

I love your ERgo! The colors are just so pretty :)

Ray | 8:58 PM

First off: Thank God you all were okay! Dumb, incompetent lady!

Adorable photos, as always, of Rev and Bo. Yay, for family of 6 outings to the Library. And Archer and Fable are just the cutest with their sibling connection. ;o)