Thing of the Week: Babycakes Mixes


A couple months ago, Babycakes NYC opened a (gluten-free! kosher!) bakery in my neck of the woods and OH MY GOD, THE DONUTS. The EVERYTHING, really, but there's something about a great donut. There just is. So, anyway, Babycakes opened a bakery and sent us a care package of goodies including two tins for us to build our own adventure. Which is perfect for me because I do not bake. At all. Ever. As in, I've never baked a cake or cookie in my life. It's true. I am NOT my mother's daughter in the baked goods department. ALTHOUGH. I am damn good at salads. And quinoa. And quinoa salads.

Anyway. Now that you have lost all respect for me as a mother who has never baked a cookie in her life, let's talk about baking mixes and how THIS WAS GOING TO BE MY CHANCE! To finally bake a brownie all by myself! I even said to my mother (who was visiting a couple Sundays ago with my dad and grandparents), "Mom! I can make these! These are so my speed!"

I retrieved all the necessary items from the pantry while my mom pursued the crossword puzzle in the dining room.

Vanilla: check!
Vegetable oil: got it!
Applesauce: hell yeee-uh.

And then, as I have a tendency to do, left the kitchen for ten minutes to see about some crying baby action.

When I returned the brownie mix was gone. The applesauce was empty. The vegetable oil was put away.

My mom had gone ahead and cooked the mother-effing brownies. Apparently it was an accident and she couldn't help herself. And then we both cried. (No we didn't. But we wanted to. We both really wanted to cry. Me: because I suck at baking. Her: because she sucks at NOT baking.)

In the end, all was well. The brownies were amazing. AMAZING amazing. One would never in a million years know that they were sweetened with applesauce and vanilla and completely gluten-free.
Thanks, Babycakes. We heart you.