And... We Have a Winner!

A quick announcement to say... Congratulations to Liz Cubilette for winning the IPAD c/o HGTV. (Liz, if you're reading this? You will hear from HGTV within 48 hours with more info!) Thanks to everyone for live-chatting and hanging and reading and having fun with me/this. If you want to check out the new season of House Hunters, you can do so pretty much every single night from now until the end of time. (I know that because... my DVR is overflowing with a billion and five episodes.)

Once again, congrats to Liz and thank you all for participating! House Hunters on, Wayne!

P.S. The above photo was taken Friday during our home inspection. Esteban has himself a pretty dreamy hallway, no? Very Casablanca(n?) dreamboat. House number three, whut WHUT!


These posts/chat/giveaway were sponsored by HGTV who also provided the iPad. Thanks, HGTV!