Reverie & Boheme, Four Months

Every month, when it comes time to take their pictures, write a few words on all that's changed, I marvel that anything actually does. These days go by so slowly but somehow, the months seem to fly. Four months are faster than four days. I don't even remember what it felt like to hold them in the hospital, to dress them in the white newborn onesies long retired. In the beginning I fed Revi through a tube in her nose. Poured the bottle into a a syringe and let it drain down her throat into her belly. Two ounces on a good day. Now she drinks six. They both drink six in the tall bottles. No more preemie flow nipples for these girls.
Boheme: Transparent blue eyes flashing from the Ergo when she wakes to make sure I'm still there...
Bobolini (my appendage)
"I'm here, Bo. I'm here." Her hair is still light, blonde eyebrows. She is yesterday's Atlas, carrying upon her shoulders the weight of another world. The kids call her Bobo and I call her Bobolini and when she hears her siblings cry she does, too. She is sensitive and soft and in need of affirmation, touch, love. Her eyes tell stories. And in her sleep she paws my chest, my skin beneath nails I'm too nervous to clip.
She is strong for her age and big for her age and can almost sit up on her own.
She's mostly serious. Intense and serious. But when she smiles everything illuminates. Everything.
Reverie: Eyes as big as teacups, black hair that sticks straight up, olive skin and grey eyes...
...she is light to carry and light in name and light. We call her Revi Coconut for short for no reason other than that's the name that suits her. She's our coconut. Our smily face. She laughs in her sleep. Sometimes so loud she wakes herself up. (You would never know it from these pictures, but it's true.)
Revi Coconut
Aha! Got one:
She just started rolling over, crashing on her back with a smile, and when she meets a new face she makes noises that sound like, "Hi!" "Hiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeoooooo."
When we go on walks she stares at the trees and kicks her legs and faces out in the Bjorn. (Bo hates to face out. Revi hates to face in. Of course.)
"yo, yo!"
"chill sis, I got this."
Happy four months, growing girls.
Bo & Rev, one month
Boheme & Reverie, three months

(Our cup runneth over.)
(And over.)



Nicole | 5:08 PM

Happy four months beauties!

Sandra | 5:32 PM

Drink it in!

jkaye | 5:32 PM

They are amazing!

elizabeth | 5:38 PM

precious! where did you get their little dresses? my iris needs one

Amber | 5:39 PM

I would love to hear more about how the babies interact with each other... :)

Anonymous | 5:55 PM

Happy 4 months girls! Love Love Love watching and reading about you grow!

Alyssa Ashley | 6:02 PM

Happy four months! I cannot believe it's been that long! Reverie is really starting to look like you I think. I think she always has, really, but I see a lot more now!

Lauren Knight | 6:02 PM

I love this. The video is fantastic- all those kicky-legs. The funny thing is, I just put my kiddos to bed and sit here nursing a sleeping 5-month old. And what do I do? Look at YOUR babies. Crazy.

caitlin | 6:08 PM

What a beautiful post, what beautiful babies. Happy 4 months!

tracy | 6:57 PM

"These days go by so slowly but somehow, the months seem to fly. Four months are faster than four days." EXACTLY what I've been feeling for the last 6 months with my own daughter! Enjoy your beautiful girls, they are so sweet!

Mama Smith | 7:03 PM

It still amazes me how fast those early months go by and how much they change. They're both beautiful girls and look really big for twins (of course my guy is small so all babies may look big to me). Happy 4 months!

Anonymous | 7:21 PM

So precious. Stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll waiting haha on a post about what you're doing in the way of diet and excercise to get your fab body back. and if you're not doing it yet bc you're so busy with your angels, what your plan is. I just love to hear your plan and be inspired. Makes me think I can do it too!

Unknown | 7:46 PM

She is strong for her age and big for her age and can almost sit up on her own.

The picture of Bo immediately after that line reminds me of Archer. It's the smile. :)

cora d | 8:22 PM

So gorgeous

Emily | 9:06 PM

These posts make me all the more excited for the arrival of my singleton at the end of March ...

Desiree | 9:11 PM

Swoony babies! Such sweethearts :)

c is for cape town | 11:47 PM

My god the pic of them on their tummies together hit me straight in the ovaries.

Dinka | 11:56 PM

You are doing it! Time does move. The girls are scrumptious, congratulations!

Anonymous | 12:18 AM

They are getting so big! I can't believe they are four months! Beautiful babies!!

Janel | 7:41 AM

Oh my gosh. My latest daughter was born exactly a month before your twins, so I like when you do the monthly posts; it makes me reflect on how big my girl has gotten, too. Also, I adore them both, but oh, Boheme. Every time you describe her, I instantly think of my middle daughter, Bella. She's a handful, but she's SUCH a delight! If they truly are as similar as I suspect, I can't wait for you to discover what a delightful, unique personality you have on your hands!

Jena Nicole | 9:00 AM

This ALMOST makes me want another.
I'm a tough cookie, when it comes to behbees. But, yours are exceptionally cute.

alex | 9:05 AM

omygosh they are the CUTEST!

Glenda | 9:51 AM

Happy 4 months R&B!
They are gorgeous x2 :)
Love, love their eyes.
My daughter had grey eyes until she was about 6 mos and then they changed (they are med brown)

Have a great weekend!

jenifer | 10:12 AM

sigh... so beautiful! We are desperately trying for another and nothing seems to be working. At the moment, even the slightest glance at a baby makes me teary eyed. A happy teary because babies are so awesome and well, I cannot wait to have another some day! Happy fourth month to your girls.

Bea, OT | 5:49 PM

They are so delicious! Your description of Bo sounds so much like my son, who is now 9 months! Congratulations for making it with class!

I love their outfits!

WorkingMom | 6:39 PM

So adorable, don't know how you get anything done - I would just want to watch and snuggle them all day long! Enjoy every minute - I blinked and my Baby is about to be 4.

Robyn....but call me Rob | 8:27 PM

YAY! Great pictures!

shannon c | 1:29 AM

Wow, two beautifully different girls!! Loved watching them grow, happy 4 months to you all!!

Unknown | 3:50 AM

I like your posts...

Katherine | 3:55 AM

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Also, there need to not be little links here and there via other videos on your posts to that 'act three' of your birthing film. I SOB every single time, sort of weird, smiling through my sobs kind of sobbing. Your whole story (tough bits included) = BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous | 8:16 AM

Your posts seriously make my day! Happy 4 months to those sweet babies!!!

Tanya | 8:35 AM

They are so, so, so precious. Your cup runneth over, indeed!

SaraMinerva | 9:57 AM

Every time you post pictures of them, I am blown away over again at how utterly gorgeous they are.

Zoƫ | 11:33 AM

Those beauties are exactly one year younger than my sweet Violet, my third child (9/13 is a rocking birthday). And yes, we had a hard time those first few months adjusting to a life as a family of five, and now I can't believe I have a toddler in the house who gets excited over nap time ("Oh boy! Oh boy", she says, over and over) and who gets her own shoes. Like you, I am very blessed.

ps I love that your mini-me is the one who has to be with you all the time. It must be like looking into a mirror to your past all day long.

Chelsea | 1:20 PM

they are both so beautiful.

what a sweet sweet family you have!

Bridget | 1:40 PM

Happy four months, precious ones! Thank you for sharing their stories.

Unknown | 6:21 PM

dreamily amazing!

Amanda | 9:24 PM

They are beautiful! Happy four months!

Homegirl Quel in Austin | 7:19 AM

Beautiful photographs! Beautiful blankets. Beautiful names. Beautiful babies! <---There's a theme here. :-) Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Alex | 9:46 AM

they are some cutie pies!!!!

olliegraphic | 1:49 PM

This made me tear up a little! Of course it could be residual hormones from my first little one, born about a month ago. But I can't BELIEVE how much Bo and Rev have changed and grown in such a short time!


Lucy | 3:55 PM

This is perfect: These days go by so slowly but somehow, the months seem to fly.

I am new reader via babble (congrats by the way) and I am awestruck by your breathtaking baby girls and their beautiful names. | 4:58 PM

They have the most adorable wardrobe! My Eleanor is 4 months, too, but most of her clothes are generic PJs. Guilt, guilt, guilt.

lisafoose | 9:53 AM

love love love. they are just too cute. I remember just loving that age with my twins - those limbs flailing and the communicating. They are gorgeous. And your Bo is like my Zoe - *I* was her lovey, she had to be held etc. And now she is an 8 yo as independent as they come (though still a snuggler). Lisa

pam from ohio | 10:26 AM

Every time I open your blog, I smile. Those babies are so beautiful and are growing so well! Keep up the good work, mama!

Anonymous | 6:51 PM

New to your site. Your babes are absolutely beautiful! And your other kiddies. :)

Stacey | 5:28 AM

I can't believe how much the profile picture of Hal's mother looks like him. It made me giggle. Happy 4 months Bo and Rev!