Thing of the Week: Noise

"You are getting veeeeeeery sleeeeeeepy..."
Uh. No, I'm not.

After all that talk of quiet, it's noise that's keeping me sane these days. As per your advice, we purchased a sound machine for the nursery and both babies have (more or less) slept through the night ever since.

Don't let its homely looks fool you. It's what's on the inside that counts: EIGHT WHOLE HOURS of sleep.

Thanks to many of you for the outstanding recommendation. You are my very favorite people.




Unknown | 3:17 PM

My daughter is almost 2 and she still sleeps with white noise every night & naptime

Rachel | 3:21 PM

I looooove my SleepMate. If I don't turn it on at night then I will without fail wake up at 5 AM to my early-riser upstairs neighbors clomp-clomping around. I'm 26, single, no kids. We could all use a SleepMate!

Meghann | 3:23 PM

I use a fan for white noise. I just can't sleep otherwise.


TOTALLY. I wish I would have purchased myself one of these bad boys during my five years of insomnia pre-kids. (I sleep like a rock now c/o a sleep machine called "exhaustion".)

Jana | 3:42 PM

YES. I'm glad you got one, and that it's working. My kids rely on their noise machine (and therefore so do I). Ours, however, has a creepy setting called "Heartbeat." We put it on sometimes and play Poe.

Stacey B | 3:47 PM

That is awesome! I'm sooo glad it worked for you :o)

Meg @ Mr.C and Me | 3:50 PM

So not shocked by this, and so glad it's working for you and you're getting more sleep. That's insanely important. Since I was a baby until I was about 14 I listened to music every night to fall asleep. In college I learned to sleep without it for awhile but wasn't getting the rest I needed, now at 22 I sleep with a small fan on by my bed. Cannot sleep without it - White noise rocks!!

Kristen | 4:37 PM

Super happy for you! We have a non-sleeper and the white noise machine made zero difference in our house. :( Also, who does Boheme look like?!? She's gorgeous x10, but unlike with your three other gorgeous kids, I don't see so much as a smidgen of you or Hal in her face! Does she look like a random extended family member? My son looks nothing like me or my husband but is a clone of my mother! Genetics are crazy.

Sabrina | 5:09 PM

She is so adorable!!! Those eyes, swoon.

Archer | 5:40 PM

Box fan. $10. Mom and Dad can party it up after boy is asleep. You know, until 10pm.

Sarah | 5:45 PM

Yay!! I'm so happy it's working for you!! My four year old still uses hers, the baby has one, I'm the only one left out waaa!

Rebecca | 5:55 PM

Realizing you already know this, but seriously ... those babies are edibly adorable! How do you not slather up a couple of pieces of bread with mayo and eat them for lunch? They are simply yummy.

lonek8 | 5:56 PM

I have slept with a fan on for white noise my entire life - and as a result I totally can't sleep if there is a completely silent room. I have four of those exact white noise machines for traveling (in case the kids and I have separate rooms, yeah right) and they are fabulous! Totally worth any room it takes up in my suitcase.

So glad to hear you have found a solution!!

Delania | 6:13 PM

Love this machine! We've had the same one (as in the original one we bought)in my daughters room for 10 years.

Kate | 7:34 PM

Yea!!!! I've got two running in my house right now. They are worth their weight in gold, as you now know. So glad you followed the advice of your smart, smart readers. ; )

Mia | 7:42 PM

Oh, the sleepmate! My ENTIRE family uses sleepmates. This goes back as far as my grandparents purchasing them for my mom and aunt as babies, to all of the kids in MY family using them from the time we were born. I am 27 and still need my sleepmate to fall asleep.

Somewhat related, funny story: My parents divorced when I was 6 and my mom moved out of the house. I was required by my school to attend some counseling sessions. My dad met with the counselor after one of these sessions, who then told my dad that I'd been expree=ssed concern that my mom wouldn't be able to sleep in her new house without her sleepmate. She thought I was referring to my dad.

Lauren Knight | 7:50 PM

Hmmm... I'm thinking of getting one of these. With three boys under the age of 5, the youngest barely gets in a nap it's so loud around these parts! Are they expensive?

whoorl | 8:04 PM

We are crazy white noise people. I can't sleep for a second without one, and I'm pretty sure my kids won't be able to either.

In fact, when Malou joined Derby in their bedroom, we took white noise to a whole new level. Hooked an iPhone white noise app through some Bose speakers. It's like a freaking whooshing vortex black hole up in there. Love it.

Unknown | 8:26 PM

Okay, I finally forked over the $55 bucks to stop using our fan. Please, oh please, let this work.

Aussiemum | 8:59 PM

Was that all it took? Who would have thought... Good on you for getting some sleep. Best wishes!

Zakary | 9:36 PM

Gah, she is just gorgeous. I can't figure out who she looks like though...I'm thinking maybe your side, your dad? (I'm totally being serious)

erika | 10:10 PM

We have a fancy air filter which does the double duty of cleaning dust and cat from the air, and making a nice din to which our girls sleep like a couple of rocks. I guess we'll have to invest in another one once they move into their own bedroom in a couple of months. They're 14 weeks this weekend and sleeping in a crib in our bedroom. When does one move them and break out the baby monitor, I wonder? Any advice interwebs?

NodToStyle | 11:40 PM

Not only for children, but insomniacs too!
This white noise machine as changed sleep for me.

Nakia | 5:34 AM

Hmmm. I wonder if that works on women who are 35 weeks pregnant and now unable to sleep. Because if so, I'd probably do a handstand. I may have to invest in a few of them and run them simultaneously.

robin | 10:30 AM

Ohmygod why did no one ever recommend one of those for me??? How have I not heard of it?? I'm on kid number 3 of 3 who sleeps like poopoo-caca (he's 11months and only occasionally sleeps through the night) and I wish I had purchased one from the beginning! I'm glad it's working for you, because sleep=sanity!

Jennifer | 12:16 PM

We bought one when my shitty sleeper was 4 months and we have never looked back. I am proud to say that he is turning 5 and still uses it. It means in our tiny bungalow we can live a normal life without having to jump the creeky floorboards by his room. It also means we can travel anywhere and with the machine, he sleeps anywhere. So good. Our has all kinds of settings; crickets, thunderstorm, birds. We use crickets for story time, birds for quiet time and ocean waves for sleeping. He turns it on at 7:30 to waves and I don't hear from him for 11 more hours. I could be a spokesperson for the thing!
PS. the last pic of Boheme is beautiful.

nemens | 1:20 PM

Yay! Happy the noise machine is working for you. That's the one we use... even pack it up and take it on vacation with us. Yay for sleep!

jamie | 7:07 AM

i'm jealous. i have a 6 month old who is up every 2 hours at night. enjoy your 8 hours and know we are very, very jealous of you :)

Motherhood on the Rocks | 9:53 AM

I need to go get one of those! Seriously. My overtired, delirious self will hopefully be back to thank you!

TwinMama | 11:56 PM

Isn't is just the best?!!! So glad you got it! We have 2 of them. One for our twins room and one for ours! Can't say enough about how much I love it!

Unknown | 10:43 PM

All of my kids (5 of them) sleep with fans going in their rooms. It all started because babies sleep in our room & my husband SNORES! Totally thinking about switching to this little machine though. Fans & allergies are not a good combo!

FSURia | 5:49 AM

Can I just say that I have pics of my own almost 4-month old baby (boy) all over my desk and desktop, but I look at the "Uh, no I'm not" picture of Bo and smile a lot. She's adorable, and she kind of reminds me of my Liam sometimes. :) All your kids are beautiful and I admire how you are able to take care of them all, AND your hubby, AND blog...I feel like a failure in all aspects of life since I returned to work...and I only see my baby when he's awake for maybe two hours a (week)day. :( This is why he'll be sleeping in my room until he's 12. Sigh.

Izziiee | 2:06 PM

Ha. I got a SleepMate when I was probably six or seven and ten years later I still use it. The same one! They last forever, apparently.