From the Vault: Fable Laughing

I found this video yesterday, while comparing photos of Fable and her sisters at four months old:

Fable was a couple weeks older than Bo and Revi here, and we were in our old house and Auntie Ang was visiting and I almost forgot how I used to prop Fable in the corner of the couch and she'd just sit there smiling all day (kind of like Reverie does now) and I was like, "this is EASY. I could totally have 42 kids!" And then I met Bo and realized that EVERY baby is (wonderfully!) different.
(Oh, hi Bo.)

This morning, Fable insisted on feeding and burping her baby in the car before we went inside to school.

"Just need to get this last burp out, okay? Okay, mommy?"

"Okay, mommy."
The Drooling Closet Day 19
Fable, four months x 3 pictures
Drooling Closet Day 20
Fable, four months + 3 years



Jen | 11:44 AM

Beautiful!!! Where did Fable's purple striped dress come from? My 4 year old would love love love it.

mommaruthsays | 11:44 AM

How does time get away from us like that? It does not seem wholly possible that she's the second-oldest. She was just the baby yesterday.

Boys II Men had it down pat: it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

Maternal Mirth | 11:54 AM

I melted into a puddle of estrogen and baby giggles! Don't you LOVE looking back at those lost little moments?

Nikkiana | 11:55 AM

I think that video of Fable was just what I needed today. Too funny!

Tilly | 12:07 PM

Oh those little giggles never get old.

wonderchris | 12:09 PM

Fable is 50% Bo and 50% Rev....and 100% awesome!

shelly | 12:54 PM

So cute and fun to watch! I'm curious as to what Fable's reaction to this was. This is a reminder for all of us to shoot way more video!

Jes | 2:00 PM

Wow! I was looking at the first picture and I though, oh, that's Rev, no, that's Bo...Fable is a complete beautiful mixture of both babies! How fun to compare!

Anonymous | 2:25 PM

OMG- Fable at four months is exactly 50/50 Bo and Rev!

jessicapea | 3:07 PM

Fable is so gorgeous! I love the way she is wearing her baby in the front of her dress in that pic - just like mummy!

Allison the Meep | 3:08 PM

That video is so joyful that it could be used as a tool to coax someone down off a ledge. So perfect.

Desiree | 3:32 PM

Oh gosh, I started reading your blog JUST as Fable was born. Hardly seems possible.... (my OWN daughter will be three on Sunday. Shit son. We've come a looooooooong way!)

Glenda | 3:52 PM

OMGoodness... Fable at 4 mos... the first picture looks like Bo the last one like Rev... adorable girls you have x3! <3

And Fable with her baby hanging out her top is priceless :)

Amanda | 7:11 PM

There is nothing more beautiful than a baby's laugh!

Jeane M. | 7:40 PM

My what a sweet little bunch you have there. She totally cute in those dress it makes me smile.
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Anonymous | 8:51 PM

When did her eyes turn from that crystal blue to brown?

Ray | 1:29 AM

Oh dear sweet, Fable! What a beautiful baby you were, and what a beautiful and precious little girl, you are now. <3

In that photo of her dressed in pink, I can see Rev. In that first photo...? Bo. ;o)

Finally caught up with all the blog entries I've missed on here. PHEW! I made it.

Anonymous | 2:55 AM

I have been taking classes in Mandarin, and yesterday the teacher explained a bit about names and how important the choosing is- so much so that there's a whole industry of people who study possible names to help parents choose ones that will give their children the best chances in life. I thought of you and the lovely names you gave your children.

FSURia | 5:50 AM

She's such a doll, and I love that she's a little mommy wearing her baby too!

Kerry | 6:07 AM

Fable is seriously cute! I also think Rev looks exactly like her dad. : )

Adrianne | 9:08 AM

Aw, I love this! Yours was the first blog I ever read and this was right around the time I started reading. I just remember thinking that Fable was the cutest baby I'd ever seen:) And now you've added two more!

Red Roof House | 9:36 AM

So freakin' cute! You have beautiful children!! Love the giggling video and I can't believe Fable just sat still like that!

Anonymous | 10:37 AM

You might just have to get Fable an Ergo Doll Carrier so she can be just like mom!

Melanie | 10:57 AM

just showed this video to my 10 month old. result? baby laughing hysterically while watching baby laughing hysterically. thanks!

Unknown | 11:34 AM

dude, fable needs this:

Jennifer | 3:42 PM

Your family is amazingly beautiful. And your mom is incredible! Can I have her please?

Pico Sepulveda | 2:51 PM

"LET ME BE YOUR BIRTH CONTROL" Please tell us you REALLY did that!!!

Anonymous | 8:55 AM

HuffPo had the giggle video linked today. I hadn't read the caption (via Girl's Gone Child) until I heard her say "Fable."
Fable? Rebecca's Fable? *click click*
this was wonderful. baby giggles make the world go 'round