Gone (Postpartum) Style: Unitards for all!

And we're back with another riveting episode of Postpartum Gone Style via Kin. This week, UNITARDS: my favorite wardrobe staple. You may recall the unitard's role in my pregnancy. Or at least until it exploded at thirty-one weeks:
Well. Postpartum I bought myself a new one (American Apparel) which I wear AT LEAST once a week. The following video shows three of my favorite (and most practical) ways to wear a unitard, which come in TOTAL handy postpartum. Viva spandex!

ED: This video was shot two months ago which makes me feel like I'm making some progress here in ye olde land of weight loss. I know I sound like a broken record MP3 but I can't help that my physicality is weighing (zing!) heavy on my mind right now. It's totally cliche and I hate that I'm not better at embracing my body, especially after creating two perfect little humans with it, but sometimes it's hard. That being said. I think every one of you is beautiful and in no way does me feeling self-conscious about my body suggest that for any reason you should feel self-conscious about yours. Apparently, that didn't come across in my last video/post and I apologize. Body image is a tricky thing and these videos are meant to help those of you in party boats similar to mine. xo



Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:19 AM

Love what it does for you!

OTOH, I have a hard time getting over the word "unitard."

Megan | 10:21 AM

Where did you get your "trusty" tunic, the one made out of sweatshirt material?


Tunic is from FLUXUS! http://fluxusbrand.com/ (They don't make them anymore unfortunately... it's a couple years old) but they do have AMAZING stuff. My entire postpartum wardrobe is FLUXUS. xoxox!

pdxhadey | 10:25 AM

Well, that's all well and good, but when you've got a unitard AND a dress on, how on Earth do you go pee? Do you have to factor in extra time in your day to get completely undressed every time you have to hit up the bathroom? (Which for me is A LOT.) Or is there some magical under-body vagina trapdoor with snaps that you're not showing us?

Nicole | 10:28 AM

I like the looks you put together but, what about using the bathroom? Wouldn't you have to get undressed to do so?

Erin | 10:31 AM

I love your blog and your perspective. I have a 7 month old baby girl so I totally understand your body image issues. Something happened about month 6 postpartum...my body woke up or something...and all of a sudden, I am looking more and more like myself! Hang in there! You're beautiful!


YES. You have to completely strip down which totally sucks. But I'm so used to it at this point I don't even notice. (I wore the thing while pregnant after all, which, PEE/STRIP central.)

Thomasin | 10:35 AM

Cute. Love the video. Don't think I can pull off the unitard whilst breastfeeding, though (or is it that stretch?) but I'm keeping it in mind for the future!


YES! Unitards rock for breastfeeding! Just make sure you get one that's low cut... just pull the boob out and you're golden. I nursed and pumped in my unitard the first six weeks postpartum.

(The Unitard Association of America should make me its spokesperson.)

Christina @busybmommy | 10:41 AM

First of all you're tres adorable. Like for serious.

2nd I totally relate to the whole "love being pregnant, look at my awesome human-making bod" ohmygodistilllookpregnantandihateit feeling.

Aaaaaaand I need a unitard for this 3 (almost 4) year old postpartum body of mine.

Would I like to be thinner? Yes. Have I learned to dress for this bod of mine? Yes.

Huge love to you always!

thebabywife | 10:42 AM

Aah yes, the old unitard peeing conundrum. Does it have poppers?

jenn | 10:46 AM

your moonwalk was amazing.

Jessi | 10:51 AM

I'm a year postpartum, and while I'm back to my pre-baby weight, I'm NOT back to my pre-baby shape. It was my 3rd child and the weight has chosen to rearrange its self in the least flattering configuration. I'd love to figure out how to dress my new and even less flattering shape.

How is it no one warns you about the 4th trimester or the way it can shape your body. I went from a flat-ish tummy to perma-pooch and my thighs are now the size of small buffalo. *sigh* Babies should be born with a placenta, handbook, and warning labels lol

Amy | 10:53 AM

You are adorable and gorgeous. And you completely changed my mind about unitards. One question - I have to pee about every hour or so. How does one.. ahem, deal with that wearing a unitard?

Elizabeth | 10:53 AM

Love these tips! I've put off shopping for my postpartum body because I just haven't known what to look for (and in turn, I look a little sloppy and still get asked if I'm pregnant about twice a month) but your looks are awesome and so flattering. Never thought a unitard could enter my wardrobe, but man-- I am intrigued and impressed by how you're rocking it. I might have to pick one up. And by the way, love the boots and booties!!

shutterbean | 10:56 AM


CP | 11:00 AM

Just read some of the negativo comments on your last post and I just wanted to say I think these posts are great! I, for one, am not fashion savvy and get so discouraged when I am not at the normal weight for my body - so these tips are really helpful.

MJ | 11:00 AM

Hmm, I'm intrigued. I'm breastfeeding an 8-month-old and wondering if I'd need to wear a bra with the unitard for extra support. I'm about a D or DD at this point (gah).

Anonymous | 11:01 AM

The only thing I dislike about layering these unitards under an outfit is that when you have to go to the bathroom you end up having to take off everything. Annoying!

sarah | 11:06 AM

ooo, love the brown booties, where?

Sarah | 11:11 AM

I just recently came across your blog...and I LOVE IT. My daughter is 8 years old...but it probably took me a good 5+ years to "accept" my new body after having a child. Now I love and appreciate my body more than ever at 33 years old. Thank you for your blog...it lifts my spirits! You have a great attitude.

Stef | 11:13 AM

So could one achieve this look with a pair of black leggings and a stretchy cami? Then no stripping to pee. ?

Glenda | 11:17 AM

You look amazing!! Love the 3 looks !!!

Sara | 11:22 AM

Genius. I've been living in American Apparel leggings so far this pregnancy, but the unitard is another dimension!

Anonymous | 11:28 AM

why are you so hot? love this post and you! i'm THRILLED your talking about weight loss bc i'm still waiting for the post you promised about how you planned on losing your baby weight. i may have missed it, if so, i wld love it if you would reply with a link :-). i just remember you mentioning in a post, while you were pregnant, that you'd post your eating/excercise plan for after your angels were born. thx. looooove your blog!

Kathryn | 11:51 AM

I need to get my postpartum ass some unitards STAT. I also want to send you some love re: the body image issue. It can be hard to reconcile your love of looking the way you want to and your feminist values, but I think you always do that really well. You're both a style and mothering inspiration to a lot of ladies, myself included. My perma-muffin top and I aren't offended in the least.

Anias | 12:06 PM

Can someone explain to me what you can achieve with a unitard that can't be done with a simple pair of leggings? I admit I'm intrigued by the unitard but I just don't see what it brings to the table.

Amanda | 12:35 PM

Ugh...why is it considered "unfeminist" to want to be a better version of yourself? If you were trying to morph into some size 0, plastic surgery ad then I'd see a problem. But you look fantastic, and you know what you're going to look fantastic when you get to YOUR goal. When people get all up in arms over a standard you set for yourself, I can't help but think it's a tad hypocritical because we ALL do it, be it weight, food choices, careers, partners, decor, etc.

Rock on with all yourselves damnit!

Humanist mom | 12:39 PM

I just bought one. I could not resist.


The difference between tank + leggings and unitard (for me) is that tanks ride up and unitards are kind of like (casual) spanx... they hold everything in place and if you can rock it can support boobs without wearing a bra.

Kathleen | 12:48 PM

This is so helpful - thanks! A nice alternative to my Viv & Ingrid camisole addiction. I hear you on accepting your body postpartum - it was hard for me too, despite my efforts to be laid back about it (the Bell's Palsy I got at 39 weeks did not help). You'll get there!

Julia | 12:59 PM

Love these videos!

I understand why some women might be sensitive to what you are saying, but for me (and I'm sure the majority of your readers), we understand where you are coming from and welcome your hip insights.

It's hard to talk about this stuff without upsetting some people, but you keep it real more than anyone. Can't wait for more style posts!

Robyn Devine | 1:20 PM

hi - larious! i've never watched one of your videos before ... man, i was missing out! now i want to run out and get a unitard and like five of those tunics made out of sweatshirt material! yeesh!

vickichristine | 1:35 PM

oh my goodness, i love this video. so fun and funny! i've had a unitard on my amazon wishlist forEVER. people must think im joking...im going to take things into my own hands and just buy it. today! yay!

Amy | 2:25 PM

aaaaaaand.... then the moonwalk.


Molly | 2:39 PM

Just wanted to say thank you for your on-the-money comments about body image. It's all about coming to terms with our own sense of self, which admittedly must be hard to do after pregnancy and birth, when our bodies change so drastically. And admittedly I was scared of the unitard before this, now it sounds like it could come in handy and look hot!

constance blizzard | 2:40 PM

OH, yes oh yes oh yes. I am still 25 weeks from being postpartum. No, I am bad at maths. I am really 23 weeks from being post-partum, and am still concealing things locally until amnio results arrive next week.

(But not on the internet. On the internet, Everyone Knows Everything!)

But so, unitards! I had run out of ideas (lose skirts with leggings beneath boyfriend's colossal sweaterthings) and fear people are starting to catch on due to fashion alone. Unitards! Saviour!

But then again, if I started moonwalking everywhere, they probably wouldn't even notice the ever-expanding pooch.

Laura Chavous | 3:45 PM

When you mentioned the previous post my curiousity was peaked and I went back and read the comments. Geez people are mean. And I think its so cowardly when people leave anonymous mean, judgemental comments. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself and I like your posts and your approach to this subject. I also LOVE what Amanda said "people get all up in arms over a standard you set for yourself, I can't help but think it's a tad hypocritical because we ALL do it, be it weight, food choices, careers, partners, decor, etc." SO TRUE. Standards are a good thing. And its no one else's darn business what your personal standard is. Also I am going to go change my comments settings on my own blog bc Ive noticed mean annonymous people wrecking havoc on other blogs alot lately. :)

jessica | 4:03 PM

So annoying that you have to apologize in advance for not feeling completely comfortable with yourself. I was always less than 125 lbs. and sometimes even less (115 ish) and was told to eat a sandwich. Now that I have 3 kids and am a cool 140 I am not comfortable with myself but since I'm 5'6" and it's a "normal" weight for my height nobody wants to hear how I feel like a cow. I am not saying that other people at my weight are fat- I'm saying that I, me, Jessica, do not feel comfortable at this weight and I (and you) shouldn't have to apologize!!!

Mama Smith | 4:24 PM

Of course I was going to ask the same question about peeing :) I feel like here in New England in winter the thought of getting undressed in a public bathroom with my one year old buzzing around is going to keep me in seperates but I like the idea! You look great.

Rebecca | 6:08 PM

How cute are you?! I love it. I'm not even postpartum and I want to wear a unitard now.

Anias | 6:13 PM

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for explaining!

Green | 7:28 PM

I think that second look with the big flowy hippy dress, would look better if you used a wide belt with it. Obviously you'd blouse the dress...

Unknown | 7:37 PM

Okay, still not sure if I can get past having to disrobe to pee, or the giggles I'm sure it will elicit from my husband, but I wanted to let you know that while I may not adopt the unitard, I do love your postpartum wardrobe posts.

I have two degrees in women's studies which means I know all the reasons why I should love and accept the body that made a person (I mean, that is pretty awesome) but that doesn't mean that I do. But, at least I am aware of the fact that I have succumbed to all the crap the world throws at us in regards to how we think about ourselves - though disliking these size K boobs is more an issue of comfort than self esteem.

That said, I really appreciate knowing that an otherwise sane, gorgeous and stylish woman also has the same issue with her postpartum bod.

Laura Negus | 8:59 PM

GGC, you are my 100% hero. I so appreciate you blogging about post-partum style rather than hiding out until you are back in pre-partum shape. It's like, life it a process and is always in flux. You are gorgeous as always :)

DM | 9:08 PM

LOVE the postpartum style tips. My second babe (aka the one who "ruined" me) is almost 8 months old and the advice really helps.

a serious girl | 9:51 PM

That was the best video ever! I would never have considered a unitard before, but now I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. American Apparel should thank you. And by that I mean pay you.

Whitney W | 11:15 PM

I LOVED this post! I never would have worn a unitard, but now...I must have one! I completely understand your postpartum body image issues. I have 5 month old twin boys and although I know my body did amazing things growing two perfectly healthy chunky little boys I still have a hard time with my postpartum body. Thanks for the fashion advice! Now maybe I can get out of my sweats and spit up covered T-shirts....sexy mental image huh?

Unknown | 7:25 AM

love this post! and i don't know if someone else wrote this already, but AA is having a sale on unitards right now!!

Anonymous | 8:10 AM

New to your blog and already addicted! I'm postpartum, still nursing and trying to pull off the leggings and tank thing...all to no avail. Leggings create a muffin top, tank rides up, bra pops out...ug. I NEVER thought of a unitard...but now I MUST get one! Thanks for the great advice from a real life mom with a real body!

tinyparticlesoflight | 10:43 AM

I love you and your sincerity Rebecca!!

P.S. You look amazing in every single look - I could have used your advice 2.5 years ago! ;)

P.P.S. I'm kinda coveting your "lunch look" dress - is it vintage or can I get one too??


Jenn - @jennabitbol | 4:29 PM

I love the looks! I wear leggings all the time, but I have never considered a unitard and I like it.

Dumb question - is it easy to get on and off for going to the bathroom?

Jenn - @jennabitbol | 4:30 PM

Ugh - Sorry, I have should have read the comments. You do have to strip down to go to the bathroom - still doable! :)

Heather | 5:22 PM

I was SHOCKED at how difficult it was to embrace my body image during and (esp.) after pregnancy. I think the pregnant and post partum body is lovely and amazing but when it was MY OWN body I had a hard time with it. Thank you so much for the series. It really helps and I love love love being able to feel beautiful even if my body has changed immensely!

Jen R | 5:35 PM

ha! Ilove it! Just came across your blog...and I just gave birth to baby #2 about 2 weeks ago...lovin' your inspiration for the liatard! My only questions....how do you breastfeed in it?? And what about going ot the bathroom???? lol!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Tiffany | 5:48 PM

I'm sure somewhere in the comments someone has answered this, but HOW DO YOU PEE!?!??!

April | 6:26 PM

i bought one when i was pregnant, but can't bring myself to wear it because of the pee factor. :-/

Anonymous | 4:14 AM

You are so gorgeous - and my favorite is the night look. LOVE all your boots! Oh how they (you) rock!

But I pee way too much to do a unitard, particularly when out in public, or at the office, and wouldn't want anything to touch the bathroom floors as I peeled down.

Darling though!


Blair | 11:20 AM

First - you have my favorite blog ever and it makes me sad that people were hating on you in the last fashion post because I love love love these! Please don't stop just because a few people are saying mean things!
I am 4 months postpartum and completely know how you feel about being anxious to get back to where you were but also trying to embrace what you have going on right now. I am heading to American Apparel to get myself a unitard!
You rock girl!

Miya Goodrich-Phillips | 4:04 PM

I didn't even have a baby, and I want a unitard. Like, I'm going to get one this week. :)

Anonymous | 8:31 PM

I'm glad others addressed the pee/strip down completly issue. Other than that, you look fab-u in all three looks.

Oana | 8:33 AM

Your video was hilarious and offered some great tips (if not for unanimously and enthusistically wearing a unitard)at least on dressing with confidence after one had a baby. Great job!

Tricia | 9:09 AM

I am now a fan of the unitard (besides the name hehe) but I have a question I hope isn't too personal: what size is yours? I'm almost eight months pregnant and definitely want one for after the baby but have no clue what size to order. Do they run big , small, just right? It says final sale on the website so I wanted a better idea of what to order. Thanks for any and all advice. You look awesome by the way and you are seriously stylish :)

i'm B. | 9:37 AM

that was so cute. you're awesome! and, honestly, i would never have ever considered purchasing a unitard until now. video goal--ACCOMPLISHED!

Outnumbered | 9:44 AM

LOVE it! Never thought I would want to head out and buy a unitard... but just might. I too have twins (identical boys) they are 2 and I am finally down not only baby weight but 10 years of weight! HARD WORK but well worth it! THanks for the new wardrobe ideas!

ashley d! | 2:30 PM

how does one pee in a unitard?!


Maternal Mirth | 3:42 PM

Your thumbs kill me. Who has two thumbs & is one stylish chica??? THISSSSS girl!

Life & Soles | 4:20 PM

I'm with ashleyd! - isn't a unitard a pain in the ass when you have to pee?

alex | 10:10 PM

ha. i watched this video and thought "ok! this might be for me! it looks so good on her!" then i tried on some leggings at a store and realized why i don't own any leggings (let alone a unitard). short n' stumpy legs and a big ass are noooot flattering in that sort of thing. no sir.

Anonymous | 12:48 PM

It's official. You put the tard in unitard.

Anonymous | 1:43 PM

I'm so glad you are doing fashion again.
You have the coolest taste.


Shireen | 7:25 PM

My unitard just arrived in the mail! Loving it already!! I have a 13 month post partum body :-/. P.S. American apparel NASA sale on unitards$10 each.

Unknown | 12:36 PM

I just started blogging and wanted to find some mommy blogs to inspire me and someone recommended this one. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to read more!