Liner Notes 1/30

I have no idea what has happened in the last week. Days happened and hours happened and things happened within those days and hours. Everyone came down with colds. I met a friend for lunch. Everything was crazy and awesome and crazy and then suddenly extremely stressful and then awesome followed by the awesome kind of stress I like to call strawesome. I joined Instragram because I am so fashionably late I'm out of style. I also bought an iphone because my brick finally died and after fighting the purchase for several years, I finally gave up. Two days later I'm an iaddict with its innoying. I don't know how anyone gets anything done with an iphone in their pocket and am giving myself one month to learn to live with this thing without letting it live me. ONE MONTH, iphone, YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD. In the meantime, it takes it some pretty pictures, it does.
In this week's baby news, Reverie decided she'd like in on the action and became a little more outspoken in her needs. She experimented with crying occasionally like a normal baby human. I'm relieved in a way but also frustrated that I don't have two laps and four arms. Whatever, biology.
The girls started grabbing for each other's faces and hands and while Reverie has ditched the paci in place of her thumb (which, regardless of its orthodontiacussions is the cutest thing of all time) and Bo has taken to sucking her sister's hands because they're ... there.
I took the kids out for a walk to get smoothies over the weekend. We survived the walk TO the smoothie place but on the way home, not so much. Babies woke up from lack of movement, both of them SCREAMING and me unable to remove them because I had two other children to hold the hands of as we crossed the various streets. And then Fable tripped and face-planted on the sidewalk, smoothie explosion fest 2012. She was bleeding and crying and Bo and Revi were screaming and all the young, hip couples walked around us on the sidewalk and straight into the convenience store to stock up on condoms as I held my open arms to the sky and said "LET ME BE YOUR BIRTH CONTROL!"
Luckily, all bad moments must come to an end. And then, the goodness appears like in every terrible quote that references rainbows. We made it home. The bleeding stopped. The babies calmed. We all held hands and sang kumbaya around the invisible fire.
In the last few days our house hunt has reached a fever pitch and I've spent every last bit of energy weighing pros and cons of home ownership, meditating, praying, playing with crystals, rubbing dreamcatchers all over my body and following Archer around with a notepad to write down his every word in case he says something home related that will serve as a sign. I'm dying to write about our adventures in real estate right now but cannot. Yet. Because, yeah. In the meantime, here's a blurry photo of something that might be more than something and my stomach is doing flips right now while I type this because holyshitthisislikeebaytimesamillionandthenihadapanicattack.
P.S. Today Fable went to school dressed like a fairy.
(Fingers crossed for some magic.)


Arnebya | 1:38 PM

Oh, fingers and toes crossed for magical endings. Them there are some cute kids, the lot of 'em. (Especially ones who say rather manipulatively, if you loved me, you'd let me eat you).

Mama Smith | 1:53 PM

I just joined instagram too and it's really tough not to get addicted. The images always look so great and I find myself documenting every little thing. Your pictures are wonderful- I'm obsessed with Archer's obsession with traffic :)

Anonymous | 1:56 PM

Going to school dressed like a fairy is awesome. I wish I could go to work dressed like a fairy. It would make the day so much better.

Robyn....but call me Rob | 2:01 PM

Good luck with the house buying. It's stressful, but for sure the most awesome purchase of our lives. It'll happen~!


Such a lovely little fairy! Here's hoping there's magic afoot...

Emma | 2:08 PM

My twin sisters did the communal hands thing, too. And they used to perform an endlessly entertaining cycle of pacifiers disappearing from mouths, tears, realization, consideration, and blatant grabbing. Rinse and repeat.
25 years later, they finish each others sentences but they still can't share. And I still love telling everyone that story about how they wouldn't have their own pacifiers but just kept stealing each others, so Fable is gonna LOVE this week in a couple of decades. You are doing an ace job, mama.

Lauren Knight | 2:12 PM

I am cracking up. How you are so charming and hilarious in the midst of all the chaos is beyond me. You are inspiring.

Love the pictures of the babies with their chubby bellies. They are growing so beautifully! Hooray!

And... I think Archer may have an eye for graphic design, no? All his creations in play look like art. Holy cow that kid is a genius.

wonderchris | 2:15 PM

Following Archer around with a pad and cute!!

Boriqua | 2:21 PM

I have no idea how you do it. :) And the kids are all so beautiful. The twins' bellies -- so stinking cute!

Unknown | 2:21 PM

Your sense of humor in the middle of all the madness is inspiring. And entertaining! And the baby bellies! My 3 year old would be singing "babytown, babytown" because that's what he does around naked baby parts. I'd be following Archer around with pen and pad every day anyway. And hope fairy Fable can grant you the house of your dreams!

Holly | 2:22 PM

I just found your amazing blog through a friends. I must say, I completely and utterly envy you! I have b/g 2 yr old twins and I don't know how in Gods name you hold it together. Way to go! All four of them are equally scrumptious!!!

Tilly | 2:22 PM

I love this post :) also, you make beautiful babies!

Makyo | 2:25 PM

From one renter to another I wish you the best of luck with your house hunt! My head has been full of dreams of a home of my very own for so many years now. I hope you find (and get!) what you are looking for.

smask | 2:27 PM

I have 0 chidren (save for the ones I teach of course) but I absolutely adore your blog. You make me laugh out loud every time! 10 imaginary points for being rad!


Thanks, guys. Trying not to overthink... if we end up renting again that will also be okay. If it's meant to be, the house will happen.

Que sera, right? (Although it feels more like QUE SERAAAAHHHHHH! right now.)

Holding my breath. Will keep you posted if/when there is something to post. xo!

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

good lord! your babies are just too beautiful for words. your blog/photos makes me cry almost every single day. i love your family - and i love your spirit. you are an amazing mama. hang in there.
thank goodness for iPhone - once you are over it - you will wonder how you lived without it. you can't. you simply can't. you have four kids. you NEEED that thing! if for nothing else, instagram LOVE.

Cyn | 2:30 PM

Fable is painfully adorable! I love that you let her choose her insanely cute outfits for school.

Its a shame that fairy wings and sparkles are only socially acceptable for small children. If adults could dress up like this on a daily basis, going to work would be alot more fun!

agirlandaboy | 2:32 PM

That first photo is one of the most exquisite twin shots I've ever seen. Wowzas.

Anonymous | 3:15 PM

Minimizing stress/real estate is key and difficult! Your perfect home will happen, you're doing what you can to be ready for it.

Anonymous | 4:10 PM

OMG!!!! Your kids are super, mega-awesome! They have such great clothes. YOU have such great clothes and your life must be, like, so great! Because cute clothes are the numero uno (that's French for "number one") most vital thing in existance.
I am 14 and I'm dedicating my life to being just like you. I told my parents I'm not going to college and they were all, like, "Oh yes, you are!" and I was like, "Uh-uh! I am so not going."
Instead, I'm using my college money to get breast implants, and a nose job, and a booty lift and tattoos that say deep stuff like "Sift the dream sands" or "Be the beingness of now."
You are my role model, even though you're old.

JP | 4:21 PM

I need Fable's wardrobe and haircut in my life. There is so much awesome in that girl. (And the rest of your kids, too.)

Good luck withe everything!!!

Chara | 4:29 PM

Fingers crossed for you. We're house hunting and it's nerve wracking (wracking? racking? I hear they're interchangeable but I don't believe it.)

Bea, OT | 4:47 PM

I want an iPhone, please! Those are amazing pics! I was just wondering where you were because I was needing a beautiful family pic post! Thanks!

Kelli | 4:52 PM

Aw I miss the square-ish sort of belly days. Too adorable.

Tara | 5:00 PM

I am also a million years behind and refuse to buy an iphone. It's not that I don't think they're seriously awesome, it's that I don't trust myself with one. All that information, all those apps right at your fingertips, I would probably never see my friends or family again. Ha! Your photos sure are beautiful though. Damn that iphone! <3

Shannon | 6:05 PM

Oh Bec you are a dag.
Thanks for the laugh and i'll hop on the bandwagon and say "you're kids are adorable!" each and every last one of

17 beats. | 6:53 PM

my goodness, your little Fable is simply the cutest thing ever. if you get sick of her preciousness, you can ship her off to live with us for a while ! i could use some sunshine.

Kris | 8:42 PM

Oh my goddess in heaven, those baby BELLIES! Squeeeee!!

As a former real estate person, I still feel like the biggest believer in "if it's meant to be". When you're meant to find Your Home, everything will come together and magic will happen.

~*~ Here's hoping for you. ~*~

Amanda | 8:49 PM

Fable looks so big now! Fingers crossed for the potential new house!

Molly R. Stern | 9:01 PM

YOU ARE AMAZING. plain and simple.

Lara | 9:10 PM

I don't understand how you can have two babies who look nothing alike and yet are both equally the cutest thing EVER. How does that happen?!?

Janel | 10:59 PM

I've been reading your blog steady since 2009, and just now looking at your pictures, I STILL thought, "Oh my GOD, she had TWINS." Like a random "Oh my God that really happened" moment. I'm sure you never have those.

Glenda | 11:24 PM

Keeping fingers crossed for some magic!!!

Beautiful kudos x4

Welcome to the ifam :)

Marti | 11:35 PM

Ohmigosh, this post made me laugh out loud. THANK YOU. I needed that. Good luck with the house hunt. :)

CupcakeKarate | 5:49 AM

Ugh. Homeownership. We bought a house last year so I'll be feeling all of your feelings until you're safely nestled into a home that's all yours and maybe not what you first thought you wanted, but just perfect all the same xoxo

Adrianne | 5:57 AM

When you first posted that your landlord wanted the house back, my immediate thought was "this is a door and it's opening." But you said you would remain renters (in that post). I still really felt that no, something would change and this would be the opportunity that you all have been waiting for to buy. I still believe that. I'm no Archer, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think your "Steve" is out there and waiting and when you find him, the stars will align and it will all work out. You've met a lot of Charlie's and David's and Richard's, but Steve is out there!!

Also? HUGE fan of instagram over here! Love your pics as always:)

Thrifty Vintage Kitten | 5:58 AM

Fingers, toes, elbows and cats crossed over here for you!

Kerry | 6:41 AM

"...She was bleeding and crying and Bo and Revi were screaming and all the young, hip couples walked around us on the sidewalk and straight into the convenience store to stock up on condoms as I held my open arms to the sky and said "LET ME BE YOUR BIRTH CONTROL!"


Chrissy | 7:20 AM

When they get bigger you can get them one of these:

House buying is cah-razy. I don't miss that experience, though I do watch HH and HHI like an addict. If there was an American version of "For Rent" you all should totally go on it. Scripps LOVES bloggers, as you know. :) :)

Leslie | 7:53 AM

Your children are SO BEAUTIFUL. That Revi is the cutest thing on the planet. I am sorry she has learned from Bo, but glad that you are relieved? Hope Fable's feeling better, crossing fingers for blurriness, and enjoying all of your posts, just like usual.

I want all of Fable's shoes. My guess is they are not as cute on adults... :(

loodles | 8:51 AM

I love Fable's dress and whole aesthetic. I would seriously wear a version of that outfit. She always looks so strong and feisty.
And the babies look delicious. I think months 4 and 5 are divine: so social but not yet mobile. I wish I could go back in time an revisit my babies at that age.
I agree with some of the other commenters that Archer has a painterly eye.
I got an iPhone two weeks ago and...well let us just say I am a little ibsessed with it. Instagram!
I laughed so hard at the hipsters on the way to the 7-11 to pick up condoms.
Good luck with finding Casa de G.G.C., be it a rental or otherwise. We are all rooting for you!

Bless with a Boy | 11:01 AM

It's hard having 4 kid's. But, so rewarding.

You are smart to be following Archer around. That child is just .... increadable.

So, her Fable has her baby and leaves it home so MOM can care for it. I guess she is persuing her dream of being a fair which is good as well. She needs to keep her options open.

Your dream house will come along and knock you on your tail. Just like your husband and all 4 kids. But, in the end it will be the perfect place. Be sure to let Archer have a walk through before you sign anything!

Best wishes on finding the perfect home. You already have the perfect family. Flaws and all. That is what makes them perfect. :-)

Kerewin | 12:29 PM

dude i need your IG name so I can ooh and ahh on instagram as well. My user name is Kerewin come visit!

Amber S | 2:12 PM

Love the photos! I, too, just joined Instagram and am addicted (username adstorm), though I wish I could save photos without posting them on the feed and overwhelming everyone with millions of pix. Good luck with the housing situation. Oh and I'm making your mom's red lentil recipe tonight, wish me luck!

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse | 4:03 AM

You've got your magic right there.

Miranda | 10:35 AM

Amazingly cute kids. Love your daughter's style! Her little dress is amazing.

- Miranda of Wishlist4Kids

Maya | 6:23 PM

That walk to the smoothie place?
You are living my life.

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

Gosh, they are growing by the second! I have been crying my eyes out all week because my youngest is three and almost a half...really? I. can't. take. it. !!!!

I do not have an iphone...I will not go there!! dangerous I say!!! :)))

Unknown | 11:19 AM

I gave in and joined the iPhone club a few months ago. I have no idea how I functioned without it. I'm kidding. I mean, I do know how I functioned... I just love the stupid thing.

Productivity tip: Go into settings and turn off all notifications (except for texts, because I suppose those are important, sometimes, kind of). I have Pinterest, Instagram, Words with Friends, and Twitter on my iPhone but none of it distracts me because I turned off their happy little notification sounds and banners.

Deb | 5:25 AM

Because I could not leave a comment on mix tape 106/ it is. That song/group is the embodiment of The 5th Element.

Ray | 9:30 PM

Those photos of the babes are just precious! My goodness. Fable going to school as a fairy = Awesome.

Good luck with the house-hunting! Panic attacks be damned!!

Nicole | 10:05 AM

I so want to be an iphone addict simple for the instagram! I hate that Droids don't have that :( Your pictures are amazing