Gone (Postpartum) Style: In Vest Wisely

photo via bethany winters circa November Kin shoot

Good day! The time has come for another installment of POSTPARTUM FASHION! Today I sing the praises of the men's vest. (Vest shown below belonged to my late grandpa Lou. I wear it often and pretend we're hanging out.)

Harem pants: American Apparel
White top: French Connection (purchased a million years ago)
Tartan top: Torn (also purchased a million years ago)

ED: There are some great mens' vests for sale on Ebay and even more at your local thrift shop.
pre-pregnancy in my dad's vest (and the same French Connection blouse in video)
In a thrifted military vest and top (also pre twin-preg)
P.S. I found this post (which I wrote four months after Fable was born) and now I feel inspired. I look pretty much the same right now as I did then. My body is VERY slowly losing the weight and I'm confident I will someday be able to zip my riding boots above my calves. In the meantime: vests and unitards, unitards and vests. (And accessories. Accessories always fit.)


Updated: Bag (above) is Mia Tote by: Ellington. My mom has the same one in black because we are twins.


Arnebya | 11:56 AM

I LOVE the military vest (and that bag MY GAWD!).

Lyz | 12:00 PM

I need me a unitard. Where do you find one?


American Apparel! (I'm sure they sell them elsewhere as well but the AA unitard is my fave.) xx!

Althea | 12:41 PM

Okay..."they do look like you pooped your pants BUT..."

LULZ, girl , but that's not gonna sell me on harem pants.

wowo | 12:58 PM

hey rebecca - did you see this blog post by jimmy fallon's sister (also a mom of twins)? yikes!

Jen | 1:27 PM

You're so goofy, it's fantastic. I dig the military vest.

Jen R | 4:40 PM

girl...you are too cute! wish I could rock your style! :) (well, minus the poop-in-u-pants pants..lol!)

dgm | 5:35 PM

I've hung on to thrifted men's vests for 20+ years, and I'm still loving them. My thirteen-year old has recently taken to them, in particular one I bought off the streets of San Francisco with (trademark-infringing) hand-painted pictures of the Cat in the Hat. She wears it with a tight black shirt and the red bow-tie my dad wore in my wedding. (He just passed away, so that makes the outfit even more special.) I just love the way she loves menswear like I do. And you do!

Amanda | 7:34 PM

I love, love, love the military vest!

Sus | 9:34 PM

I absolutely must tell you that theist you linked to is pretty much my favourite post of yours ever because it made me laugh so hard and for so long. Thanks for linking to it. I also want to say you area superstar and an inspiration and I have faith that you will lose the weight :)

Lauren Knight | 1:34 PM

The whole military vest outfit is gorg. Um... so is your hair! I too am postpartum (5 months) and finally starting to fit into old clothes- but I did not have twinsies. You will get there!


Postpartum Style = also very useful when you are newly pregnant and too big for your britches but too small for maternity pants.

Not that I speak from experience or anything.

P.S. I'm living in my unitards and AA high-waisted leggings. If only the weather would warm up!

Becca | 2:16 AM

You look wonderful with those outfits! you look like not on postpartum stage...
go MOmma!!

Anonymous | 6:03 AM

What a relief! Until I read this post I had no idea how to wear a vest.
A few times I tried wrapping it around one foot but it kept coming undone and getting stuck under the gas pedal when I was driving. I tried wearing it like a hat but that didn't work either. It sort of worked by putting my legs through what I now realize from your pics are arm holes and wearing it like underwear but it wasn't very comfortable.
Finally, thanks to you, I know how to wear a vest.
Can you do a step-by-step tutorial on how to look fabulous while removing the paper wrapper from a drinking straw?

Susan | 7:06 AM

I just want to say here as well, that I am SO thankful to have found your blog! I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and was desperate to find someone I could relate to in my situation. Your humor and candor is so refreshing Rebecca! ;)

This is great...I am already wondering what the heck I will be wearing after the twins, ah!

Connie | 7:07 AM

Swoon. I love vests. I wear vests all the time. They look so clean and professional at work. :) Whenever I haunt the thrift stores, I head straight to menswear and get searching for good vests.

Im wild about that military vest.

KatBouska | 10:06 AM

"Super slimming, even though it looks like you pooped your pants" Hahaha...best line.