Liner Notes 1/23

"Orchid." Orchid is the baby Fable has kept in her shirt for the past week, refusing to remove her even at school. She sleeps with her, wakes, and promptly tucks her into her shirt or dress or coat, pulls her little face through so that her little head rests below her chin, chest to chest.
Fable has always been maternal but it wasn't until this week that she started wearing her babies on her person.

"Hey, how's she sleeping?"

"Good. She really tired. She sleep a lot."

"What are you coloring?"

"A spider heart!"
I took Fable and the babies to the Flea Market over the weekend. It was our first sojourn the four of us (five, including Orchid, who Fable wore in her dress all afternoon). We perused piles of discarded treasure, old barbies in orange crates, costume jewelry Fable insisted I try on, slap bracelets. I let Fable pick one for herself.

"What about Archer?"

... And one for Archer, too.
Every week I take pictures of the girls on the rug with the intent on making them flip books of their first year, but really, I just love dressing them up and taking their pictures. It's just... fun.
Boheme and Reverie had their four-month check-up last week, weighing in at twelve and a half pounds (Revi) and fourteen and a half pounds (Bo) respectively. It was the first time I took them to the doctor alone, and between shots, comforting after shots and feedings took three hours from start to finish. But we did it! We survived. I think I might even be getting the hang of this, manybabybusiness.
(Kind of?)
With Archer and Fable's help, I can get dinner ready on my own when Hal's working late. Archer has mastered the art of entertaining the girls:
"It's because I know their passwords," he says.

Indeed. So much so, I can FINALLY remove Bo from my body when Archer's home and set her up in her chair next to him. Chop some broccoli, stretch ye olde weary bones, etc.
An Archer and his Bo
The flowers came in the middle of a fight. The timing couldn't have been worse. Hal and I were mid-argument and then, all of a sudden. "Knock, knock, knock!"

"Delivery for... Rebecca Woolf?"

The bouquet was beautiful, an anniversary gift he designed himself, which of course, at the time, made me all the angrier. Because I wasn't finished being mad. I needed AT LEAST another hour of slamming doors and sweeping hallways. Because there's nothing worse than a beautiful bouquet of flowers when you're trying to be pissed off. It wasn't fair.

I refused to look!

"Do you like them?"


"Don't you want to read the card?"

"Goddamnit, YES."

We made up just in time for the sitter to arrive and later that evening, at our fancy anniversary dinner, I spilled an entire bottle of champagne in my lap. But not before we toasted to seven whole years and four perfect children and two full spider hearts.



Anonymous | 1:00 PM

I always leave your site a happy person. (Archer knows their "password". Love it.)
I really dig the rockstar vest on Bo. And covet the cardi with the roses.
Jen W

Kayla | 1:11 PM

I know I should NOT be saying this but is it awful that I have a favorite twin.. ALL of your children are beautiful and your family is such a loving and beautiful family BUT I want to keep Rev. I want to bite her and squeeze her.. (hides head in shame)

Congrats on your 7 years! Wishing you many more years of full hearts.


Bea, OT | 1:22 PM

I feel jealous of their lovely outfits! Is it legal to look so cute? Archer is just too wonderful! Wearing a baby at such a young age...Fable is destined to be a great her mommy! Gorgeous flowers to boot! Are you the fairy tale family? Even the argument looks cute in these surroundings!

Arnebya | 1:24 PM

Seven years is awesome. And holy crap look at the head holding up. Damn. Tell them babies to slow the hell down. And seriously. Who wouldn't enjoy dressing those cuties up?

Mid fight notwithstanding, you did have to admit those flowers are stunning. Dammit.

Zoƫ | 1:36 PM

Archer is the coolest! "I know their passwords" - the wisest words he has ever said. And is it okay that I did a little "whoop" for you that sweet Bo will now let you put her down? As for Mama Fable, and her mini-me, Revi, so so sweet! Lovely, lovely kids, and that includes Orchid too.

Unknown | 1:40 PM

You must take Archer to see this exhibit at LACMA - Metropolis!,0,3456229.story

Mama Smith | 1:40 PM

I absolutely love Archer's elaborate roadway ser-ups! He's brilliant. I still cannot imagine having four babies since one keeps me on my toes but it is amazing how over time you can rise to occasion. Great pics!

Unknown | 1:47 PM

That password knowing genius and baby wearing babe are PERFECTION! Congratulations to you and your husband xo

CP | 1:47 PM

cracked up at the flowers/fight timing. hilarious!
your family is too adorable.

Adrianne | 1:48 PM

Boheme's eyes are AMAZING! Wow, such a beautiful blue! I'd be taking pictures of my little lady in cute outfits all day too if I had your sense of style. Sadly my girl is stuck with MY style until she can develop her own, so there are no cute outfits (save for the ones other have bought for her!).

So....uh...yeah, if you're looking to get rid of any of those baby clothes anytime soon, I'll be happy to help you out! I mean, baby clothes take up lots of space, am I right?! :) Ha, just kidding.

Kind of.


Claire - Went last week and posted about it!


RJStewart | 1:53 PM

Those babies! Fable's baby! Archer! A BOA ON A BABY. MY OVARIES.

Kate | 1:54 PM

Anniversary you say? Didn't something extraordinary happen on your anniversary last year? Let's hope you um... took more precaution this time around ;) At least he GOT you flowers. The last time my husband got me flowers it was because i told him if he didn't for the specific thing we were dealing with that he was going to be out on the street... he also failed to get them from the place i specifically asked him to get them from, and if i bring up flowers again, he tells me "well now I CAN'T get you flowers because you told me you wanted them" i thought I married a romantic. Maybe I'll just send him a link to the shop again. Men, and their ways....

Nancy Van M | 1:57 PM

Archer saying he knows their passwords just made me cry.

Unknown | 2:16 PM

The furry vest is too much! And yay for Bo in the Bumbo with Archer! Oh, it's the little things that are so big sometimes, isn't it?

I always find the parallels between our fams. My 3 year old has put his backpack on backwards (forwards?) and stuck a doll in there, and my 4 month old weighs just a couple of ounces more than Bo.

Unknown | 2:17 PM

P.S. A belated Happy Anniversary to you and Hal! 7 years!

Clandestine Road | 2:41 PM

I love these posts.

Happy seven years. That is amazing. Here's to seventy-seven more!


A Brilliant Life | 2:45 PM

Fable and Orchid = Mama and Bo. I agree...Archer is genius. Love him. Love all of them. Glad you are feeling coomfortable with them out in public. You are doing amazing! Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous | 3:58 PM

Fable with her baby is the most precious thing ever. Also, Archer and his Bo made me feel like my heart was going to explode.

Elizabeth | 4:01 PM

An Archer and his Bo. God, I love the perfection of that.

siobhan | 4:02 PM

stop that, baby in a fur vest. so sassy miss bo! i love it.

Cally | 4:05 PM

I really wish Rev's cardigan came in my size.

Anonymous | 4:09 PM

I adore this post of yours, Rebecca- mostly because Fable is so, very, utterly hilare with her doll with her at all times. I love how kids' minds works... passwords, indeed.


SewPo! | 4:10 PM

I'm sure you know about this already, but there is an Ergo Doll carrier:

There is also a gray one with stars...

Raechel | 4:21 PM

And, Moby wrap minis!

Love seeing how great the older kids are with the babes!

kristin | 4:31 PM

So smart to bring a blanket to the dr - a "clean" space to lay down a baby and not on that horrible crinkly paper. Glad you're getting to put Bo down a little more. I always felt that I paid more attention to the twin that I was not holding - a weird phenomenon!

SalW | 4:37 PM

Congratulations on 7 years! And your 4 babies are so beautiful, you should be so proud. Those twins are gorgeous, each in their own amazing way. It's so cool seeing them grow week to week.

Am currently pregnant with baby #3 (it will be 3 under 3.5) and am alternating between excitement and anxiety... But I always come away from your posts with a smile on my face and feeling like I can do it. Love your work


Rebecca | 5:14 PM

The baby inside her shirt is just ... painfully precious.

Anonymous | 6:08 PM

"An Archer and his Bo" GENIUS! not only are your kids' names amazing in their own right, but i love how they have meaning even when you put two different kids' names together. my jaw dropped for a solid 2 minutes upon reading that caption.

Shelby Rice | 6:16 PM

I've been reading for a while, but have never commented. I loved everything about this post. Fable's maternal heart, Archer's discernment and wisdom, and the sweet reminder of the flowers in the middle of an argument- a reminder to refocus. Love it.

Anonymous | 6:46 PM

OMG, I am awful, as well.
I, too, have a favorite twin.

Love the flowers.

Glenda | 6:48 PM

Lil miss fashionistas x2 thanks to their mama with style :)

Fable and Orchid = priceless

Archer and his Bo = love

I'm glad Bo is a big girl on her chair and Archer the entertainer to give you a lil hands free moment.

Bo's piercing blue eyes= to die for!

Happy 7th to you and Hal ... And a lifetime of love, health and happiness!

oh, jenny mae | 7:25 PM

revi's got bangs!! haha!

Mad Max and Family | 7:41 PM

My Mommy and I just found you blog! Amazing and amaze family! What are your tips for keeping up w/ blogging and your beautiful photos?

-Mad Max and Family

Anonymous | 8:59 PM

Fable and that doll...that is the sweetest thing I have seen all week!! :) Happy Anniversary!!

Megatron | 11:03 PM

Such a sweet post. Photos of your older kids with the twins make me so excited to add another baby to our family. Our first is only 2 months so it will be a while. What is that chair called that Archer is sitting in next to Bo? I need one of those...

ivy | 11:21 PM

Your children are just so beautiful, I'm afraid I will get pregnant just by following your blog.

Susan | 12:24 AM

Um. I kind of want to wear Bo's outfit. Is that weird? She's rocking it THAT hard!

pennylark | 1:04 AM

Is it possible for them to keep getting MORE adorable??! Rev especially is looking "older" this week, and Bo is looking gorgeous as ever. I especially love the picture of them both looking up at you with the camera. They are getting SO BIG!! Love Fable and Orchid and "Archer and his Bo"

Abi | 1:22 AM

The twins look so much bigger than my 4mo! What are you feeding them? lol

Your kids are too precious. Love the fash!

Bless with a Boy | 7:14 AM

Congrats on 7 years! We hit our 22nd on 1/20. :-)

With four kids you guys will be there before you know it!

Love the update on all the kids. That Archer........he amazes me as always. Love Fable is wearing her baby. Congrats on getting the hang of multi's. I admire you. :-)

beyond | 8:09 AM

of course archer knows their password! love.

Liz @ MaybeBabyMaybeNot | 9:09 AM

I'm still trying to make up my mind about the whole having-babies-or-not thing, but it sure swings to one side when you see baby clothes as ridiculously cute as that!

Anonymous | 11:39 AM

Did the kids enjoy the yelling and slamming doors? What was the fight about? Why didn't you post pictures of what you wore during the fight?

Little Miss Moi | 6:29 PM

Hi Rebecca. In another ying and yang for Bo and Revi, their weights when converted to metric are 6.5 kgs and 5.6 kgs respectively.

We had immunisations last week. Harriet hated the oral one they give here, gagging and choking. Then a needle in each leg. I prepared for the worse, but one little cry after each one and then she smiled at the nurse. All while my eyes were squinted tightly shut.

The nurse told Harrie to give mum a cuddle because I 'looked like I need it'.

Survivors! Yah!

Ray | 1:21 AM

"It's because I know their passwords," he says.

Archer is amazing. Sigh.

Bo in that shaggy vest = AWESOME!

I love the idea of you making flip books, for the girls first year.

Happy seven-year anniversary to you and Hal!!

blu | 11:48 AM

happy husband and i just celebrated 7 in december and have 4 children (6 and under) as well, 2 being a set of twin girls...feels more like 14 years sometimes...sometimes like 2 or 3...the thing about multiples is fatigue and fatigue doesn't do a marriage any good but it is what it is. so keep loving and fighting, well fighting means that there is something worth fighting for...blessings to you and your crew. an archer and his bo...seriously?? too perfect :)