Liner Notes 1/9

A lot went down this week so allow me a moment to untangle the past seven days and write about them coherently. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Bo and Revi who will be a whopping ONE -THIRD OLD this weekend.
Bo's hair seems to be getting lighter and Revi looks like she may end up with curls like her Auntie Roo...
They are a full size apart, Boheme already wearing 6-12 month clothes while Revi's still rocking 3-6. Bo continues to be a challenge and looking through photos I'm starting to realize how many more there are of Bo because she's always. with. me. I'm making an effort to wean her off and out of mom-mania-mode but I'm not getting very far. I pick up Revi, Bo screams, I put Revi down, grab Bo (screaming stops) and four hundred pictures later...
Lately, the only way to spend alone time with Reverie is to take her out with me on errands. Every few days we go on Mommy-Rev dates where we can hang just the two of us, at Target or wherever and I can catch up with her on the latest goss, share secrets, rock out to the 90's satellite radio station and just. be. together.
And when we come home? Bo's waiting, screaming her little head off, stopping instantly when I take her back.

I started looking at houses this week and of course, fell madly in love with the first home I saw because I am impossibly emotional and also a sucker for Spanish tile and stained glass. And also because house hunting is overwhelming and my soul is a delicate flower.
I called Hal crying from the car. BECAUSE OH GOD, THE WOODEN BEAMS! THE HAND-PAINTED DOORS! So what if there's a large skyscraper in the front of the house?

"...This is our home!" I said sobbing.

"Bec. You said that about the last house you saw."

"But this one REALLY is our house!"

Hal thinks I'm the Woolf who cries Wolf but COME ON, look at these details. They are STUNNING:
Hal begged to differ.

Unfortunately, even with it being a buyer's market we cannot afford a home in our neighborhood (unless it's a fixer). So we're looking at homes that need work in our zip code and homes that are finished in other neighborhoods.

I've already seen one of each (both 1920's Spanish) and am leaning toward the "different neighborhood" scenario only because I'm not the fixer-upper type. Renovation scares me. Especially with four kids. Don't get me wrong, I love WATCHING renovations take place but dealing with them sounds... slightly terrifying,


I spent a good chunk of the week packing for our weekend sojourn to Santa Barbara. We left Friday evening, during rush hour because we are masochists. Just before leaving, Fable took to the floor with her markers and began drawing madly.

"Fable, come on let's go. You can finish that when we get back."

"No! I have to finish it before we leave!"

"But why?"

"Because I'm drawing it to bring to Santa."
Santa. As in Santa Barbara. Fable thought... yeah.
We spent the weekend in Santa Barbara the six of us. I contribute to The Four Seasons' family blog so was able to take my family on a weekend trip to their Santa Barbara location. Unfortunately, a vacation with four small children, two of them being infants isn't much of one, no matter how beautiful the grounds.

After three hours of screaming-in-car-in-traffic-me-with-both-pacifiers-trying-to-calm-both-babies-behind-me, we finally arrived in our room where we (for the most part) stayed put for 36 hours, unable to rally the troops between feedings/poop explosions. And then there was the whole, all-of-us-in-one-room-no-sleep-for-any-of-us scenario...

This is what pretty much all of my photos from the trip look like:
And this:
We did leave the hotel room (once!) and managed to make it to our very first out-to-lunch outing as family of six about a mile up the road from our hotel.
On the way home to LA, we decided to stop for lunch in Malibu. I stayed in the car to feed Boheme while Hal and the other kids went to find a table. The day took a turn when I realized Bo had peed (and pooped) through her clothes, all over her carseat and Hal was in the restaurant with my diaper bag and cell phone so I had to take apart the trunk with a crying/naked baby in front of a restaurant valet line all while my car was being waited on so the valet could move my car...

"Ma'am, we're waiting."


It was a baaaaaaaad time. One of my least favorite moments everever. But of course, as all moments do, it ended and ten minutes later Bo was fed, clean, my car was moved and all was once again right and fine in the world... until I walked into the restaurant. There below was Hal trying to break up a fight between Archer and Fable as Revi looked on. I arrived just in time for Rev to excrete an explosive poop all her own. As Hal worked on separating Archer and Fable, I tucked Bo in the Ergo, whisked Revi over my shoulder and hauled ass into the restaurant bathroom where I waited for ten minutes with two babies on my person. Because (of course) the ONE bathroom stall with a changing table was occupied by a the ONE woman in the bathroom who wasn't even USING the bathroom but rather making herself at home a la trying on several outfits whilst humming show tunes.

And so. Because, duh frustration, I cried.

When I returned to the table with the babies, Archer was hunched over on his side of the booth.

"I feel like I'm going to throw up..."

Check please.

... And all the way home, the babies screamed. SCREAMED.

Stopping off in Malibu for lunch = Never again.
Later that night, as Hal and I sat down on the couch with the babies, both of us still recovering from the day's events, Bo and Rev made each other laugh for the first time. It started with them facing one another, cooing, babbling and then, Revi smiled. Bo smiled back and giggled. Revi giggled. Bo's giggle turned into a laugh and then Revi joined her, their little voices in joyful duet.

"This is definitely one of the greatest moments ever," Hal said.

It was.

And once again, because duh perfection, I cried.


Steph(anie) | 2:22 PM

I suddenly find myself wishing that my grandmother had a blog when my mom was a baby, and her mother before her... all those moments lost to memory.

Amber | 2:33 PM

You. Incredible. Your kids = even MORE incredible. Wowza. And you know what? Somehow you make a poop story sound like something I want to read! How do you do this?! Love you xo

Michelle | 2:40 PM

Fable's dress on the way to lunch in Santa Barbara!?!?!?! Where is it from?? I love it!

Luisa | 2:58 PM

Archer's little hand around his baby sister kills me dead. What an amazing big brother. He's going to be such a great daddy one day.

Anonymous | 3:02 PM

If Cava is the only lunch you managed in Montecito... there are worse things.
You're doing great.

Lara | 3:03 PM

'Sir I'm covered in poop'

*love* it :)

pearmama | 3:38 PM

Awww. You just made me remember what it was like juggling my babies. I didn't have twins but all six of my kids were less than 18 months apart. They were Mexican twins! lol My husband and I had so many scenarios like that and they ended with me in tears, exhausted and defeated, feeling like I would never again have a normal life. But guess what, you do. And thank the heavens that little rays of hope and sunshine fall through (the giggling moment). It makes everything else survivable. :-)

Barb | 3:41 PM

I love it. I love it all. You are in the trenches (like me) and you are writing the real moments. I'm grateful to read them now and you'll be grateful to read them later. And I am totally taken with how different Bo and Rev are. Magical.

Kim | 3:47 PM

I'd say your situation calls for the Property Brothers! I love me some renovation too but am too scared to think of taking it on myself. But if there are two brothers (I think they're twins--even more of a reason!) willing to fix it up for me, I'm all about it!

Kim | 3:58 PM

I want to hug you. You are a total awesome mom, because I want to have the guts to yell at some guy, "I am covered in poop." After our last trip to Napa with what ended up being three of us carsick/vomity, I decided let's not try anywhere nice for awhile. Just low-key with the kids. I think we might go camping, except not sure little man might want to go off into the woods and find a bear somewhere. Love that Fable thought Santa lived in SB. So cute!

And I'm sure you know this, but look into foreclosures and bank owned properties, short sales, etc. And Burbank is a pretty good area to live in too.

Meghan @JaMonkey | 4:15 PM

I can't get over hor different they sweet

Wendy Woolf | 4:53 PM

Michelle...the dress is made by Lemon Loves Lime and was a present from her Gooey for Christmas! :)

Laura Chavous | 5:02 PM

I love that you shared this. SO MUCH. That sounds so familiar....only we had one kid (I know mere childs play compared to four of them) My daughter who is now almost 6 was 8months old when she had a poop erruption in Ikea.She was sitting in the cart. We didnt realize it until we stepped in it. It was bubbling like lava out of the back of her diaper and dripping onto the floor leaving a trail behind us. HUMILIATION. Fun times. HAHA I have two girls and 9 hr roadtrips=torture. A symphony of "whaaaaas" Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet....
So I completely sympathaize. And you do it with 4 little darlings. You are a super mama!

Mama Smith | 5:37 PM

It is so impossible to travel with one baby so I'm impressed that you even tried to do it with the whole crew. It will get easier as time goes on! Of course :)

Melissa S | 5:41 PM

My husband always uses the line (semi stolen from Varisty Blues) "And then Melissa cried, because she is a bit of a crier..."

I also cry because it is perfect, cry because it isn't and cry because it is the first time and cry because it might never happen again.

Sarah c. | 6:09 PM

Oh, girl. I unfortunately just had a flashback of a Santa Barbara trip when my twins were wee ones - complete with multiple diaper explosions while in the midst of that horrible traffic. I did what any self-respecting twin mama would do in that situation. I cried. A lot. Then changed those nasty diapers on my lap. Yep. It gets better, I promise.

Janel | 6:51 PM

My middle daughter was exactly like Bo in terms of separation: I couldn't put her down for two seconds, or EVER let anyone else hold her (including my husband, grandparents, etc.) without immediate wailing. Give her back to me, and the crying stopped like flipping a switch. As she got older, I realized she fit the characteristics of a spirited child (Dr. Sears calls them "high needs", but same thing, and I like the term "spirited" better). Not that I can assume to know Bo at all...anyways, if you're interested, here's more info:

Lindsay | 7:28 PM

I really enjoyed your description of them laughing together. So great. I hear you on the vacation is not really a vacation. Kudos to you for going.

Glenda | 7:32 PM all of this pictures x4 beautiful kiddo's. Bo's eyes = gorgeous!

My daughter being the youngest was like Bo. Had to be with me 24/7 till she was about 3 at which age she went to Pre-school and was just fine. No anxiety at all!

siaci | 7:48 PM

Poop. It sure does happen.

Estelle Hayes | 8:19 PM

O.k. well, I don't even know where to begin with this one. First up: I love these posts. Just had to say that and the bit about the babies making each other crack up - amazing. Truly. Thank you for sharing.

As for the Biltmore. That place is one of my favorite places on the planet and my husband and I spent the worst night of our lives there last year with our 2 1/2 year old. She threw the biggest fit (screamed in one of those beautiful rooms for 2 hours straight). It was awful. i was sure security would show up at our door looking for abusive parents.

And Cava in Montecito, huh? Yeah, we tried to stop there in November on our drive back from Disney with our now 3 1/2 year old and she threw the biggest fit and I'm pretty sure I ended up saying something along the lines of "you're ruining everything". Not my finest moment. Santa Barbara seems to bring the worst of her out. Can't understand it considering it's where I would chose to live if I could swing it. Anyway, had to share. Hang in there. May there be countless more nights of blissful baby giggles for you and Hal.

ChefSara | 8:51 PM

Bo sounds a lot like my younger son. He's 9 months old now and still won't let anyone else hold him if I'm around. TOTAL mama's boy. A complete change from his older brother, a Mr. Independent since day 1. It's hard. But the baby carrier is your friend :-)

robin | 9:28 PM

I cannot get over how much Revi and FABLE look like twins! They are all so beautiful, fighting and poop and all.

Amanda | 10:02 PM

FYI, you have become my most FAVORITE blogger EVER. And I'm not just saying that because your Bo and my Sydney are twiplets {would be twins if Bo wasn't already a twin so sort of a triplet}. You are so real and I just adore you. Keep on keepin' on, Mama.

Nana | 10:28 PM

I was looking forward to reading about your heavenly idyllic trip to Santa Barbara. Then comes this classic, poopy tale instead. Painful but oh so human, and the way you wrote it up HILARIOUS! (But I sympathize with all you must have felt.) And then, those babies, having howled their heads off in the car, ruined the weekend, and screwed everything up decide to sit there and LAUGH at each other for the first time. And Hal says it's the best moment ever. Thank you for a truly great read. XXOO

Anonymous | 1:32 AM

I'm so, so, so grateful that you wrote about chaos and your older two kids arguing. Honestly, I thought sibling rivalry didn't exist in your family and that everything was a constant paradise (well, except for the colic and sleep deprivation, obviously...) with just minor hiccups that you managed with a blink of the eye. I feel so much better now! Thank you :)

Anna | 4:11 AM

While I think you do an absolutely fabulous job of finding the beautiful (and positive) side of things, I am most definitely hoping things get easier for all of you soonish. In the meantime though, you are a wonderful writer and you have a beautiful family :-)

Aussiemum | 4:57 AM

Ah, another beautiful post. I've been following your words for some months now, and just had to comment today.
I can't believe how much Bo has changed all of a sudden! And WHOA, what a horrible Malibu-lunch experience. That would have been bad enough with one baby, let alone two, and then another two kids in tow.

You are a brave and strong woman, and I admire you so much.

Thoughs from Australia!

Arnebya | 6:55 AM

Oh, the "we're waiting ma'am." It burns. Because I've lived it. Same scenario w/the car, poop ON ME, and I'm literally in line in the garage with a line of cars behind me. Am I supposed to drive poop stained? With an uncomfortable, poop on her person baby? Drive around the corner and come back? Um, no. I'll be quick. But dude behind me in the Lamborghini (what's the point of driving it in DC in stop and go traffic anyway, dummy?) just had to call me a time zapping bitch. Cue tears (and some not nice words to him when I was done).

Gosh, they're beautiful. Not just the babies, all four. And that house! The first picture makes ME want to be a kid w/the doors b/c they all look like they lead someplace magical. That hall would probably be my favorite place.

Babies making each other laugh is perfection indeed.

Jennie | 7:35 AM

I totally just stated to tear up reading about the girls laughing. Isn't that just what is so beautiful about having kids? One minute you think you are going to freak out and the next you are reminded why you did it in the first place. Also, don't you just have to wonder if they were laughing with each other about all the shenanigans earlier in the day?

Dorothy | 8:56 AM

Rebecca, I cried along with you, and I only have the one baby. My first and I love him dearly, but oh he is a handful. I've taken to blasting white noise on my iPhone in the car, as it seems to be the only way to keep him from going totally insane. Works like a charm, but I do feel somewhat inadequate that STATIC can calm my child better than I can!

Alt-Mama | 9:11 AM

Road trips with four kiddos turn out to be exactly as I imagined ("vacations" with even one toddler mostly take place in the hotel rooms for us, too... Worth splurging on nice hotels for that reason alone. We at least rock out the room service!). Sounds like you all held up magnificently, though; I'm impressed. Santa Barbara looks to die for. And that house? I'm with you. Beautiful details. And everyone always says their renovation budgets got blown pretty close to even beginning, so why pop that can of worms if you don't have to? Will stay tuned to see how y;all play it out. xo

Kris | 10:14 AM

We all need to hear that someone else spent most of a vacation stuck in the hotel room, or that a lunch outing went totally sideways. Blogs are great and all...but sometimes the styled pics and carefully selected reveals do a number on our heads...just more fodder for how we aren't keeping up...or even managing to keep a blog! I would crumble a little if I thought you had 4 young kids in the bag on a daily basis. I really enjoy reading here. I like that you mention your lovely support system and family too...a blessing everyone should have. Thanks for keeping it real!

Kris | 10:47 AM

Thank you for writing this, and not glossing over the family getaway as postcard perfection.

Your family is beautiful . . . but your realness is so refreshing.

Amy | 10:53 AM

Thank you so much for posting this, Rebecca. I was actually thinking about writing you a tearful email and asking how it is your kids never seem to fight. You just normalized my life.

BLH | 11:22 AM

I was beginning to think we had nothing in common after all, then you mentioned that Fable and Archer were fighting. Thank you.

Jen R | 12:49 PM

omgosh, girl...I am so lad I found your blog!!!
You crack me up...and this was sent at JUST the perfect time...we just had baby #2 the other week and my husband is feeling a little overwhelmed and we were sitting at the dinner table and he rubbed his face in his hands and goes "this is gonna be rough," as i'm reading your post. And I busted out laughing at your restaurant scene (I know, it's not funny while in the midst of it, but afterwards, you can sit back and laugh, right?!). So I had him read your post and he was feeling a little!
And yes, that house is GAWgeous!!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

Um...when did Fable go from cute toddler to young lady?! Also, in the first photo of Archer and Fable goofing around in your hotel room, Archer is perfecting a perfect "Mick Jagger Dance Move", is he not?! Adorable sorry, adorable family.

A Brilliant Life | 2:04 PM

This is why mom's of twins are a speical club! Oh the mania and the beauty of it all. I have always sais it is the hardest but the most beautiful thing I have ever done. That is mother hood in general though, nt just motherhood of twins. I would cry over the house as well and the bathroom and the laughing. And yeah, Fable = gorgeous!!!

Robin | 2:07 PM

I hope that I am half the mom you are. What an incredible

Anonymous | 2:20 PM

So beautiful, Fable is gorgeous! As for the travel, I am laughing as we also found out very early with the twins that going anywhere is anything but soothing. I no longer desire to be "normal" as with twins staying home is a perfectly normal thing to do as is being pooped on, screamed at and then watching them lie on your bed as they do quietly being the most precious beings on earth. Your trip was harrowing! I am exhausted just reading about it...but that Four Seasons is beautiful and thank goodness the rooms like the grounds a lovely!

Unknown | 6:19 PM

I would have cried, too... both times, because I am a crier, and I am okay with that.

vertigob | 6:17 AM

Oh man. That reminds me of our, "Hey, let's stay in a hotel over night while the rugs are cleaned"-style fiasco! We now refer to it as Hotel Hell. It is easily one of the most harrowing/funny things that we have been through as a family. Classic.

macsimcon | 6:53 AM

What Vertigob left out on our Hotel Hell trip was the guy in the room next door pounding on the wall all night due to the racket our kids were making. As if we couldn't hear our own kids screaming and crying!

Most people have had children, but it's funny how quickly they forget how things can get out-of-control.

bbgHappY1 | 8:20 AM


Been there done that x3. I always say, that there are those people in this world that understand and there are those that don't ... c'est la vie..

Crying is an absolute normal emotion and guess what you are human..

It's all over now and your back to "your normal".

Sarah | 11:05 AM

poop explosions are awesome. we had one this past weekend which led to me carrying a naked screaming baby through chick-fil-a because, alas, i went in to change her without the diaper bag full of extra clothes. LOVE reading your blog ... thanks for putting it out there and letting other moms know we aren't alone.

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

I have to admit, I like this post because your blog is always so full of beautiful pictures and wonderful stories about your children that it made me wonder if you EVER have frustrating moments. Some bloggers like to paint this portrait of perfection and it sure makes me feel like I'm doing everything wrong. So I appreciate you writing about crying with frustration and your kids fighting, it reassures me that that's normal life and not just my crappy parenting.

So thanks for that. And well done surviving the Malibu lunch.

Anonymous | 2:47 AM

I suddenly want to live somewhere that has soft tacos and strawberry smoothies on the kids menu. And where you can wear shorts in January (it's 8.6 degrees F here this morning which may be contributing to this decision, a little). You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous | 5:28 AM
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Diana | 7:45 AM

I love Bo and Rev's onesies in the first picture...le crabe and the circle ones. Do you mind sharing where you got them?