Muffin Top Skinny Jeans and All

So the love letter I wrote to my skinny jeans? It worked. After months of eating like a true Hollywoodista, I'm down 30 pounds from October 2nd which means I have ten pounds to go (15 to my goal weight but we'll see how that works out...)

I have been unable to get to the gym since Fable's birth and though I do walk quite a bit and hike once in a while, my exercise these past few months has been menial. I will credit most of my 30 pound weight-loss to my diet which I invented and will hereby deem "the almond diet" or "the almond and Quinoa and grain" diet or perhaps more specifically "the substitute all snacks with almonds, eat grains and fruit for breakfast and quinoa and vegetables for lunch and dinner and drink one cup of green tea a day" diet, which is the easiest diet ever if you love almonds, quinoa, vegetables and grains for breakfast. Which I honest to God do.

Of course, just because I'm back in my skinny jeans does not in any way mean I look good in them. In fact, I look pretty busted can't be trusted no way in hell I'm putting on a bikini or wearing any fitted shirts out in public* in my current state of Ab Flab. But! Who the hell cares so long as ALL OF MY JEANS fit me again! Plus, I figure it took about four months for me to get back into them, it should take me at least four months more before they look good on me. Right?

Back in my red skinnies, again...

...and I feel ABsolutely FLABulous!

Sure, my belly flab is rolling over the waistband of my jeans like a fog but fuck it, this is how I look in my current state, en route to the City of Slim Abs, population 6pack*.

As for now? I'll rock the shit out of my muffin top because guess what? No more panel pants or elastic waistbands. I be rockin' my skinny jeans, bitches. I be rockin' my skinny jeans.


*Don't you love how I just said I'd never wear a bikini and/or a fitted shirt in public in my current state and yet I just flashed the entire Internet my postpartum pot belly? That makes no sense whatsoever.

** Don't think a six-pack is in my future but operation lose 15 more pounds starts now and with it? 200 belly crunches daily. Watch out, Britney. I'm making a comeback, too.


...And In other news, I'm the proud owner of a Mirena IUD. Read all about it, here.



Hello from Canada! Your determination is inspiring. I just had a baby too. He's 13.

Katy | 10:42 AM

Um. If I kind of don't have a new born baby, or kind of "never had" a baby, unless you count " alot of beer" as a baby, do I have an excuse for having a bigger belly than you do?

At least I live in Ohio. We're all fatties here, plus it is freezing and I can LAYER.

Thank the heavens for layering......

What to do, what to do? Yoga? Or eat more brownies??????????

***good for you! 30lbs in three months is nothing to shake a stick at, plus you is teh pretty! Hooray GGC!

Anonymous | 10:46 AM

You are amazing!! First, for losing that weight so fast and second for sharing how you fit into those pants. Thanks for being real.

The Panic Room | 10:56 AM

super awesome on the skinny jeans!

I am going to start the Christian Bale Machinist Diet soon.. ha kidding. (sort of)

We were HUGE fans of the IUD around this house let me tell you. good luck with it.

meowsk | 10:58 AM

You are so cute.

I have never even had a baby and my muffin top looks about like that. So feel good about yourself!

Scary Mommy | 11:06 AM

You are my hero! And my muffin top could kick your muffin top's ass. Seriously, awesome job. It's so hard!!!

Anonymous | 11:23 AM

oh my word... i have so much to say.
1. i wish i looked that good in my skinny jeans.
2. all u need now is the cuff bracelet and feather earrings. just saw the feather earrings at target yesterday. darling and so u! u prob already have both given that u r such a fashionista!
3. pls. pls. pls. elaborate on the diet. i love almonds. not sure what quinoa is and is that seriously all ur eating. no snacks, no treats.
4. u rock. xoxo

Kristin | 11:28 AM

Nice. That's awesome that you lost 30 lbs! That's huge!

Also, you are a trooper for posting yourself in you skinny jeans. I have a little bit of a belly...and am now 16 weeks pregnant...and I have been STRUGGLING to take a decent and cute belly shot. I think I'm going the GGC route...FUCK IT!!


re: the diet

They sell individually wrapped bags almonds at trader joes in a great big bag. I shove my diaper bag/purse with them and when I'm hungry between meals, eat a bag -- it wards off cravings like nothing else. I cook up grains the night before (or make a big batch for the week). Kashi makes a great one, here:

I heat it up with soy milk ( I stay away from dairy unless its goat cheese/milk) and serve topped with fresh berries and persimmons.

The quinoa i cook in vegetable broth in bulk and mix with cooked greens (chard, spinach, roasted peppers) and keep that on hand. Have for lunch and serve with salad and occasionally fish (tilapia) ...

I also allow myself one dark chocolate bar a week (eat a few squares after dinner) and the occasional splurge obviously... I'm not that crazy. Oh! And one cup of coffee a day. (I drink mine with a half mug of soy milk heated.)

Almonds though? All you can eat... they're filling and satisfying and though high in fat -- far better for you than any other snack in your cupboard.

And substituting Quinoa for all rice/pasta will TOTALLY rock your diet. You can find it at all grocery stores for sure.

Anonymous | 11:37 AM

Hurrah! Your enthusiasm for fitting back into skinny jeans is fantastic! Thanks for sharing (and so honestly) about this small milestone :)

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 11:51 AM

Good on you! x


Wow! You don't look like you weigh a pound over HOT DAMN!

And somehow? Your no-fitted-shirts-but-hey-Internet-here's-my-belly stance makes TOTAL sense to me. I'm right there.


P.S. Cute shoes.

Anonymous | 11:58 AM

Ha! Congratulations on the skinny jeans! My diet goes like..Raw granola & soy milk for breakfast, lean cuisine for lunch, reduced fat wheat thins for a snack and then 1/4 of whatever portion my husband slaps in front of me for dinner. I've lost about 15 pounds in a month, so it's working. Too bad I always always want to eat EVERYTHING on my plate for dinner haha.

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

love u, thank u for the details.. i'm on it!

kelli(q) | 12:06 PM

This is why I love you. My belly looks exactly like yours, and I am almost 6 months PP from second baby (except I think I have more stetch marks than you, but who cares).

And let me just say... the Mirena is the best $650 I've ever spent. I cannot remember to take a pill daily to save my life (okay maybe if I really did need to save my life). Pain-free, light periods? No condoms? Relaxation through ovulation? Sign me up!

MissAnna | 12:25 PM

You completely and totally rock.

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

I love that you posted those pics. I am down 27 lbs from Clara's birth, but those last seven pounds have been hanging around (that second kid was way worse on my midsection post-partum) and now I know why: no almonds! I am hitting the store today.

Anonymous | 12:53 PM


You are gorgeous...every inch of you. I love your attitude and your style! I am almost 11 weeks with twin babies (thank-you IVF #5) and have been telling my other half to take a hard look at my mostly flat stomach for it may never be seen again. Flabdomen here I come.


PS you do know the top of the muffin is the very best part right?

Anonymous | 1:06 PM

I can only wish I had the balls to wear RED SKINNY JEANS.

You rock them!!! Muffin top and all.

Congrats on the 3lbs!!!! HAWT MOMMA

Diane | 1:12 PM

AHHH..."and I feel ABsolutely FLABulous!" too the word play!

Jules | 1:14 PM

That is SO GREAT! You are inspiring. My baby girl (3rd baby) is 10 weeks old now and I haven't even attempted to try on my skinny jeans...but I think I will today now just to see how far I can pull them up. I'm wearing maternity jeans daily still, but at least they're 7 jeans, thanks to your recommendation, and they don't look like maternity jeans :)

Keep up the great work!

Kendra | 1:23 PM

You look fantastic! And way to show us what a real (and beautiful) woman looks like after she's had kids. I feel way better!

My #3 is almost a year, and I really have to get on the weight-loss train. So far I'm using the "I'm nursing" excuse, but that's running out of steam. My mom likes to say that the dr. told her not to exercise too soon after her kids were born; it's been 27 years, but she doesn't want to push it!

Katie Bonk | 1:23 PM

You look INCREDIBLE!!! Skinny Jean fittage has definitely been accomplished. Congrats.

Kere | 1:45 PM

hilarious. great job on losing 30 pounds! I'll come to you after I have my next baby!!

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

Well, you look better than I do in skinny jeans if that makes you feel better :) I lost 5 pounds and then gained them back with "reward food", so I am in awe. Your diet sounds good though, I'll give it a try.

fallgirly | 2:16 PM

Woo Hoo for skinny jeans!! 4 months ain't bad and you look great. In 4 months it will be June. Just in time for bikini's. You planned this child perfectly!

radiolariat | 2:22 PM

So, I know that where you live you have Kate Bosworth and her ilk running around in their skinny jeans, but where I come from? If you never got any closer to ab-town than you are today, the girls would still be jealous...

SP | 2:31 PM

I love it!
Good luck Girlie.

And you are lovely rockin that muffin top.

Anonymous | 2:33 PM

you look great and i think it's awesome that you posted photos!!! this doesn't give the illusion that "yes ladies, fable's a day old and i'm as skinny as can be with no flaws" because that does happen to some but not many and would do major damage to some self esteems out there. thanks for being real. and i hope that comment doesn't take anything away from your accomplishment because you actually look pretty awesome!!!

Amber | 2:40 PM

you look great...

Motherhood Uncensored | 2:47 PM

You look amazing. I'm on the chase three kids around and hope to remember to eat diet.

Not working since I remember to eat lots of yummy carbs at night when they are sleeping.


And no gym just yet. However, I have noticed my jeans getting smaller -- but only in the my thighs and ass, which means I'm still wearing the same size, but now the pants look terrible.

Up Mama's Wall | 2:48 PM

My muffin top wouldn't even let your muffin top sit at her lunch table.
You look FAbulous in your skinny jeans. Truly.

Anonymous | 2:49 PM

you look awesome! And yes on the quinoa. that and barley make up my diet with a little egg and cheese thrown in there. My stomach never recovered from the 100 lbs i gained 4 1/2 years ago but whatevs, i recovered from my all consuming early 20's and still get on a bikini even though things are a little muddled in the mid section. nothing like going from 110 to 208, ha. you look fabulous as always!

mamanurture | 2:51 PM

I had my baby 6 days after you, and I'm totally flabulous/yet wearing pre-preg jeans/ yet have more weight to lose before reaching my ideal. A strange place to be, but good. I just started doing pilates in earnest a few days ago and I already notice a difference--give it a try.

*Tanyetta* | 2:56 PM

You look AWESOME! Best part of the muffin top, it held a beautiful beautiful gift.

BOTH of your babies :)

Catherine Just | 3:09 PM

THAT IS AWESOME! Love your determination! I'm a month away from having my first baby and gearing up to give up all sorts of things I eat now and get back to how I was eating before I got pregnant. ie: no wheat dairy or sugar. I may fall over from withdrawl.


I think its important for women to see what is real and know they are in good company on their weight-loss missions. I'm a very confident chickadee, flaws and all and feel just as good about the way my body looks right now as I feel motivated to get it back to the way it looked pre-baby.

By hating my imperfect body it will only hate me back, right? So, I will continue to write it love letters no matter how flabulous or fabulous... And hopefully come summertime, look good in a bikini once again.

HeatherK | 3:23 PM

uh-mazing. seriously. jealous.

Anonymous | 4:06 PM

You look better than I will ever look!

If you could post a quinoa recipe sometime, that would be awesome!

I am a proud owner of a Mirena too - love, love, love it!

JessicaToday | 4:42 PM

you are SERIOUSLY FREAKING AWESOME for showing yourself like this because god knows the vain bitch that resides in my self esteem would cut me to pieces if i ever even thought about flashing my muffin top on the internet. and trust me, i had quite the muffin after the baby. "good for you" doesn't cut it but really, GOOD FOR YOU.

Tammi | 5:10 PM


I seriously cried the day I could fit back into my "normal" jeans.

Anonymous | 6:00 PM

I love my red skinnies too! Mine are from the first Kate Moss for Topshop range in May 2007, a little sad I remember the date but whatevs. Aaaand I have an extreme innie belly button like you,I can't find the end when I poke my finger in it, and although I've never been preggers I am curious to see whether it will pop out or not.

Congrats on losing 30lbs that's incredible, and you look fabulous.

Sydney, 21, London (a new recruit)

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

ok this is so weird because i just wore my prepregnancy skinny jeans for the first time today!! it is the first time i dared to try them on! and my son is just a hair over 5 months!!!

and i have the same flab problem but i don't CARE because I FIT!! they button and zip and everything!!

we are awesome!!

(cute jeans by the way!)

Anonymous | 6:18 PM

"Watch out, Britney. I'm making a comeback, too." << Loved that line. Hehe. And I like those red skinny jeans. ;o) Congrats on the 30 pounds lost in 4 months. That's great. Especially since you just had a baby.

Fairly Odd Mother | 6:19 PM

I've had a bag of quinoa in my pantry for about a year and have no idea what I want to do with it. And, my son is 4 (sigh) and I STILL have a muffin top, so you are definitely rocking it. I can fit into almost all my jeans, ('cept for the size 4's) but good god, I could smother a small child with that roll around the middle. It's hard to have much incentive in the middle of winter in New England. Maybe I should move to LA and get freaked out by all the perfect bodies all over the place.

Little Ms J | 6:26 PM

Girl, rock them badass jeans with your muffin top. I haven't had a baby yet, but I gained 12 lbs after I got married and just now got back into my skinnies. I realized it was time to do something when I had to use a safety pin to keep my skirt on at work.


Anonymous | 6:27 PM

Inspirational for this girl who is having her baby next week and wants her body back in four months time too!

pamela | 6:55 PM

yay! you look wonderful... obvs. but it's hard work i know. i'm 8 months pp and i still have about 5 lbs to go. i feel great though and am acutally very proud of the fact that i was able to stay so healthy throughout it all. you look wonderful, happy and healthy.. what more could you ask for???

clueless but hopeful mama | 7:35 PM

Love that you posted the pics!

I lost my first baby weight by focusing on eating veggies for meals and snacking on almonds and apples. It's pretty simple but it does work. You go girl!

Anonymous | 12:45 AM

You rock those skinny jeans, rock 'em!

I am pretty sure my muffin top has yours beat though. Not only in size but age too. ;)

Anonymous | 12:55 AM

you are one sexy lil thang missy :)

love everything about you Bec

and i hope you will enjoy your mirena as much as i do mine!

love ya lots


Avalon | 4:25 AM

30 pounds in 3-4 months is not only impressive, it's also very healthy. you're doing great!

Anonymous | 8:11 AM

nice work, mama. makes me want to keep it real and post a photo, too.

muffin tops, unite!!

J. Murray-Szarvas | 10:36 AM

I just read your last comment and I am amazed at your positive attitude towards yourself and your body. It has inspired me to get off my muffin ass and do something about it. I've been so unhappy since giving birth and realize you're right. I have to stop hating my body. You are a most awesome new find as far as blogs go!

Hailey | 11:21 AM

Go for you! I'll be rockin' my skinny jeans too and my ab flab hangs WAY over my jeans. I don't give a shit though. I will still "rock my skinny jeans" so suck on that bitches.

Anonymous | 5:08 PM

Congrats to you! And thanks for the honesty. I am 5 months post partum and had someone tell me the other day that I wasn't doing enough to lose the baby weight and it broke my heart. Especially since I am actually only 3 lbs away. But boy oh boy do I have the muffin top going on. here's hoping we can both wave goodbye to the muffin in the near future.

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

totally off topic- re: pics on flickr: do your dogs not go crazy when hal plays guitar? i can't even play guitar hero in the living room because my boxer goes nuts. she's a little crazy. did you have personal training, dog classes, both or none? and how is cooper doing? and your eyebrows are fabulous! i've never had thin eyebrows- always big brooke shields ones. they come back in style every few years so i'm okay!

Anonymous | 6:43 PM

Wow, you look fabulous! Excellent job on the weight loss! My baby is a month older than you and while I lost twenty right away, I uh, put ten back on. So yeah. I have a ways to go.

Abby | 8:28 PM

Yay, for baby weight-loss! You look amazing, and I heart the red skinnies :)

Jump Mama Jump | 8:55 PM

I just got back into my prepreg skinnies, too- the kid's about 3 1/2 months. Gotta love the fact that skinny jeans pair great with loose tops- perfect for hiding the muffin bits! I just started going to the gym this past week, so hopefully that'll tighten everything back up.

Stephanie Greenwell | 9:29 PM

"Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man"--yeah, he's the one who knocked me up and gave the most precious children and a little "muffin-top" reminder.

seriously, GGC, that's awesome that you posted pics of yourself. i would die, even though i make frequent jokes of my muffin top to my friends, but have only flashed it once! my baby is now 2.5, so i really need to get with it. On a diet, fallin' off a diet, on a diet, fallin' get the picture.

thanks for being frank & honest, and totally rockin' the skinnies and the flats. you are a style vixen and fabulous!

kittenpie | 10:55 PM

Aren't you doing so well! You look aweseome, and it will only get better.

I had lost 29 pounds, with 7 to go, until this week, when a nasty stomach bug hit and I lost 4 pounds the ugly way, so I'm almost at pre-baby, but my goal weight is still 16 to go. That will mostly wait a bit though, since it is too damn cold to leave the house to go for a decent walk right now! Come spring, I'll get on that, but I can't deal with icicles hanging off my nose. I fit my skinny-ish jeans the week before the germs hit, though, so I was pretty happy with that, too.

I am TOTALLY envying you your weather right now! Keep up the good stuff, lady, and by summer, you'll be in the bikini for sure. Me, well, I'll be happy if I get into my old board shorts, let's just say! Our wading pool isn't really bikini territory...

Anonymous | 3:10 AM

Congrats on the weight loss! I admire your persistence and determination for sticking to your diet.

On the other hand since I am too fond of cheese and cocktails to commit to such a thing I opt for rocking my curves and strut my stuff in fitted shirts and bikinis all the time.

But then again I don't live in HOllywood.

Anonymous | 7:31 AM

Totally admire your progress, your attitude, your humor and your determination.

Reminder in case you have forgotten- you ROCK!

Now- we need some tasty Quinoa Recipes (for breakfast, lunch, dinner) that you eat. Could you create a quinoa-related post? That grain scares the sh*t out of me. It's so intimidating in it's non-instant (i.e. oatmeal) form.

Congrats on the IUD!

Anonymous | 7:58 AM

Congrats on losing all that weight! I cannot wait to get out of these damn maternity jeans. Next time around, I'm splurging on nice maternity jeans for sure. I refused to spend a lot on them, and I'm totally regretting it. They're hellish!

Anonymous | 8:24 AM

You look great!! I am confident you're gonna rock the heck out of those pants in a couple of months sans pastry top. yay!

WasStephHere | 8:46 AM

You look awesome no matter what! I'm totally jealous that you can wear skinny jeans in the first place. Some one told me in high school to do as many Quad/Hamstring reps possible on the machines...which now leads me to my current HUGE thighs! I hate them, and skinny jeans hate them too.

Anonymous | 12:40 PM

Yeah, Rebecca! I can honestly say your stomach's about half my size and I've never been pregnant. Congrats on the skinny jeans! My own eat-healthy-exercise-daily (CLEVER) diet starts tomorrow and you'll no doubt be a source of inspiration.

minniemama68 | 12:54 PM

You are doing great!!!!

I wish I looked half as good as you!

Thilie | 4:40 PM

You look awesome :D muffin top and all.. you are wearing your skinny jeans and your baby is just 4 months old!!!

My baby girl is 6 months old and I still have so much weight to lose.. and I`m moving to LA to live at the beach.. OMG.. I`m totally doing your diet from now on :)

You know what`s the good part about gaining all that weight?? The happiness and love that came as my baby :) and the fact that when we go out everybody looks at her and not me :D I`m a mom now, baby scars (aka stretch marks), muffin top and all.. but I don`t care, I know I`ll lose weight and look good on my pre pregnancy clothes again :)

Congrats on losing all that weight!!! I know how hard it is :)

Anonymous | 7:28 PM

You are looking much better than I would. What the hell happened to my body...oh yes, 3 kids happened. 3 huge boys.

Congrats to you on the 30 pounds lost.

:--) Nell

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 8:18 PM

I am so happy that you posted that pic.

Women everywhere feel validated.

April | 7:07 AM

you look fantastic! i'm 10 months pp, well under my prepreg weight and still have major abflab :-/ thinking it's here to stay. ah well!

Ali | 7:50 AM

we are HUGE fans of Quinoa at our house. it really is amazing for you.

also? you are awesome. that is all.

Gibberish Momma | 9:44 AM

Awesome!! My little one is two and I still have about ten pounds to go. I really like to eat! I didn't lose most of my baby weight until after the first year. You done good!

Thanks for posting the pics, that was brave, not sure I could have done it. You are an inspiration!

Shannon | 2:13 PM

I needs to get me some Quinoa. You look great! Congrats on your loss of 30 and your quest to lose 10 more.
I'm a new reader :):)
Your babies are gorgeous and I love the color of eye shadow you have on in the "Dont "f" with me about formula" video.
-Shannon in Austin, Texas

Summer | 5:03 PM

I am so in your shoes.

I have an almost 4 year old son, and a 3.5 month year old daughter. I am praying for the day I can wear my cute jeans again. I refuse to buy fat clothes with elastic. ;-) P90X has been my saving grace....I "BRING IT" every day....

Now the IUD. I love. love, love, love. As I will never. ever. I repeat ever. Birth another child again.

Anonymous | 8:11 PM

Awesome. I am 7 months post-partum and am still sportin' my muffin top. Those last 10 lbs are a bitch I tell ya.

kimbrali | 11:03 PM

that shit was HILARIOUS!
my son is nearly three years old and my muffin top kicks your little muffin tops ass.

i just discovered your blog and it brightens my day.
youve got balls to put this all out on the internets :)
i like.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:08 AM

YES! Thanks for posting this. I'm 6 weeks postpartum from my first baby, 7 lbs from my pre-baby weight, and mourn my erstwhile sixpack, which has been replaced with this mushy cushion of skin, stretchmarks, and fat.

A word of caution here: Work the transverse abs for many weeks, to fix the diastasis, with lots of planks and cobras, before you do any crunches whatsoever.

Also, the Mirena? Is nice. Wasn't for me because I actually like knowing when my period comes. I opted for the Nuvaring this time around.

ZDub | 9:31 PM

I think I heart you for showing the world your fabulous post baby bod.

Rock on, rad momma.

Anonymous | 12:03 AM

I just read your post on skinny jeans. You GOTTA see this little short movie. (3 minutes) I am a mom and actress at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles... And this sketch is all about skinny jeans, post baby belly (I call it a "booty belly") and... SPANX! It's embarrassing but ..pretty funny. Please post or spread around if you like.

AmyAnne | 4:38 PM

"PS you do know the top of the muffin is the very best part right?" - rebecca

Love it.

Let me just say congratulations to everyone who has been even marginally successful in losing the-award-that-is-given-for-all-the-damn-work-it-takes-to-make-that-kid weight loss. Yay you, I mean us!!

But I hate the fucking muffin top. HATE it that every time I sit down I have to tuck my goddamn muffin top into my goddamn jeans. I mean, ewwwww. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the only way I'm gonna totally get rid of this is to go under the knife and I don't know if I'm totally ready for that yet. Oh well.

Thanks for sharing though. I feel like I belong to a muffin top club of sorts.

Ida | 9:51 PM

Thanks for telling it and showing it like it is. I too am back in my skinny jeans DO they look great hell no. But that is why God invented plastic surgeons. Rock on love your blog.

baby&sofia | 9:24 PM

You just made my day. My baby was born on October 11th, and while I am not looking so hot in my skinnies, I AM IN. And that is alll that matters. Sure, I've got a solid 15 pounds to go (10 more for pre-preggers skinniness) but if I can stuff myself into some of my pants, I don't really care how they look. It just feels so good to not wear the saggy-crotch maternity pants. I'll take my bulgy muffin top any day over the hell of maternity pants. WAY TO GO, REBECCA!