She Radiates

Next week Fable will be four months old. Her infancy has escaped her and us, replaced by a baby who can sit up unassisted for a whole five seconds before she tips over. I've taken almost 2,000 photos of her since her birth because she's so damn beautiful I can't stop staring at her. Touching her porcelain skin. Nibbling the drool off her chin.

For the past month she hasn't napped. She prefers to stay up all day, perched on my lap, hooting and waving her hands, howling at me and suckling, smiling. Kicking her little legs, watching me work and smile back at her behind glasses, thanking her for coming into my life with her light and her sparkling eyes.



Hailey | 6:43 PM

She is too cute! Love her outfit,


A Christmas present from my mom (from Janie and Jack.)

The dress looks like its gone from the website but the hat is here:

Erin | 6:59 PM

So cute!

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

She is really beautiful like her name :)
LOVE her outfit - the colors are so pretty on her!

Jess Kiley | 7:07 PM

She looks just like you, when not doubling as a GAP baby. Loved the drool nibbling, could practically taste it myself. Awww, newborns!

Scary Mommy | 7:14 PM

She just GLOWS!!! What a sweetheart. She's making me want another baby girl. I'm leaving NOW! ;)

pamela | 7:24 PM

I'm done. She's so precious. I love the little faces that reveal their inner personalities just waiting to come forth! Why does this stage fly by? I'm laying here next to my little babe just wishing she would stay right here with me forever! *sigh*

stephanie | 7:34 PM

I can only echo--she is a beautiful little person!! And that hat is fantastic. :)

Desiree | 8:35 PM

Ah! She is so damn cute.
I can't wait to hold my daughter -- she's FIVE days overdue today. How rude!

Anonymous | 8:56 PM

sweet sweet Fable!

Anonymous | 8:59 PM

i could eat her in one bite. but i would use a spoon for propriety's sake.

(my verification is facce -- as in kissing yours in ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!! AHIFHUSHFBNRWBNWNBEJASHDBIASGHI)

Anonymous | 9:00 PM

omgoodness! i just died! she is the cutest little munchkin i have ever seen!!!

Anonymous | 9:02 PM

just like when they trace a huge baby boom to a blackout 9 mths before, the census people will find this post and understand why 12 trillion babies were born on october 28.

Anonymous | 9:08 PM

ditto bluejeanamy... hilarious. fable is canceling out my best efforts at birth control. how did you create such a beautiful baby AND a movie in ONE YEAR!!!??? holy crap you intimidate me. and fable is bossing around my ovaries like there is no tomorrow.

Anonymous | 9:11 PM

Damn that's a cute baby ~ she's just about as cute as my kids were at that age :-)

How to Party with an Infant | 9:21 PM

My God, seriously cute, and I usually don't think babies are cute.

Anonymous | 9:45 PM

So, I never comment. Ever. I'm a total lurker. But I am at work at 1am after a 16+ hour hard-at-the-office-for-the-man day and just happened to check to see what you were up to.... and Fable totally just LIT MY UP NIGHT.
Seriously. She (and your whole fam damnily) just make me happy! Thanks for sharing your soul and heart and skin with the world. I totally appreciate it.

Anonymous | 10:06 PM

She's beautiful. Sigh! I miss the baby years!

sarah | 11:21 PM

hi rebecca, frequent reader but never commented before. i just couldn't hold back - i had to chime in, she is seriously the most beautiful baby ever (but i don't have any of my own yet, so...)! i LOVE looking at all of your photos of her

Mommynightowl | 12:14 AM

she is beautiful and as usual her clothes are adorable, you have such wonderful taste

Carrie @carrieloves | 4:47 AM

OMG she is beautiful, I especially love the 5th picture. Sweetness.


She outta be in movies...

kittenpie | 5:54 AM

Ach, she's just lovely, Bec. I love her expressions! And yes, OMG yes, the skin on babies is awesome. How could we possibly keep our hands away?

Wicked Step Mom | 6:04 AM

So cute! I love her outfit!

My Bottle's Up! | 6:54 AM

good grief... it's like she knows how adorable she is and she just wants to torture you (and us) with her gloriousness. IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!!

Jess | 7:01 AM

Oh my goodness, such a cutie. I have the baby rabies so bad right now and this doesn't help at all.

New reader to your blog, I absolutely love it. I'll def be back :)

Kere | 7:03 AM

She's adorable! Love the outfit!

(new reader)

Leigh | 8:56 AM

Indeed, she is sweet perfection!

Unknown | 9:00 AM

Fable is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Those lips!

Gina | 9:09 AM

Agreed she is radiant! She just gets more beautiful by the day. Glad you are savoring every moment!

minniemama68 | 9:40 AM

Your children are beautiful!!!

Steph(anie) | 9:45 AM


kelli(q) | 9:53 AM

I want to nom nom on her! She makes me miss my little 5.5-month-old yummy at home :( work sucks. But posts like this help me make it through the day!

Anonymous | 10:01 AM

I love the outfit! If only I could get my little girl to pose so well for me. She sees the camera and just frowns at it. The minute you turn it off she starts smiling again!

Hannah | 10:49 AM

Rebecca, first off- I LOVE YOU! Weird, since I don't know you but I love everything I've encountered that you've had your hands on. I'm reading your book now and am already wishing it were longer- it is so enjoyable and refreshing. So- THANK YOU! Your children are gorgeous, you are incredibly beautiful and your husband is adorable. Keep it up! Have a beautiful day.

Anonymous | 11:02 AM

I want one.

jamiegirl | 11:26 AM

She's so adorable, truly edible!!! I haven't had a baby crush like this, ever!! Just love all your pics of Fable and big brother, Archer. Thanks for sharing them. xoxoxo

Anonymous | 11:52 AM

Hmm, she's a blondie? Fable wears so many hats, I just assumed she had dark hair like her brother.

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

your author info on doesn't mention you have a daughter.

mish | 1:05 PM

your site (your life) makes me smile and get in touch with the warm-fuzzies deep-down.....

thank you :)

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

She is so very adorable.

Overanalyzer: | 2:58 PM

She is SO beautiful. What a little doll. We bought that same dress for our (unborn) niece Davis. I love Janie and Jack, best stuff.

Fable is seriously the most beautiful child I've laid eyes on! Her eyes and mouth - stunning. She is going to be a heartbreaker!


AW, thanks you guys. I have to keep myself from turning this blog into a PHOTOS only blog because I just can't. get. enough.

And Carly, she IS a blondie. Actually she's a redhead. Well, she was... Her hair seems to getting blonder these days. I was a blonde child. Blonde teen. In fact, my hair didn't go brown until my early twenties.

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

She's beautiful but you know this! Love the 5th one down...the look says "Yeah, I know I'm adorable. And?" Precious!

JessicaToday | 3:33 PM

either you have an incredible camera or you have a child who is really so sweet shes radiating actual sunshine. i have a feeling its the latter. really though what a stunna :) | 4:21 PM






EdenSky | 6:16 PM

Wow, she doesn't nap, and yet you still love having her around and aren't yet tearing your hair out? lol, she must be an amazing baby! The cute, well that's a given, just look at the rest of her family.

Mom101 | 6:17 PM


I so see Archer in her which is such a nice thing. My girls look so different we're convinced Sage was switched at birth while Nate surreptitiously photographed the placenta.

Sara Maria | 6:18 PM

Im sure you get this alot but oh my gosh you have the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Maybe its your awesome bangs! I should grow some before a kid! lol :)


Edensky-- Trust me. I'm very aware of how lucky I am. There's a reason I haven't blogged about it. Don't want anyone to punch me in the face. She's the easiest baby in the universe. Sleeps through the night. Cries MAYBE once every three days and other than that just smiles, giggles and watches the world happen. She's seriously magical. I have to remind myself daily that she's real.

And I know! It's crazy how much F and Arch look alike. Definitely sibs, those two.

Anonymous | 6:44 PM

She is just DELICIOUS.

Nakia | 10:18 PM

She is adorable. I love the hat. :O)

Cate Subrosa | 1:18 AM

She really is so beautiful. I love your sharing of how much you love her. Warms my heart.

Robyn | 6:13 AM

I read regularly but rarely comment ... but that bambino is so damn beautiful I couldn't spend another day not telling you.

Keep the photos of Fable coming. She brightens my day!

Loukia | 7:16 AM

She is breathtaking! Your blog continues to be the best thing I've ever read!

Allison | 7:48 AM

I just finished you book (Amazing by the way) and have been reading your blogs for a few months now. As a newly married newly mommed 22 year old I just wanted to let you know you've really been a light at the end of all of this.
My daughter Lucy is about a month younger than fable and I've loved catching you the second time around with a baby.
I really just wanted to let you know how much your writing has meant to me and my sanity. Thank you from our whole family.

P.S. your kids are beautiful!

Anonymous | 7:57 AM

That is one well-dressed baby.
Love that outfit.

Anonymous | 8:40 AM

She is beautiful. I miss those days. I wanted to say I am reading your book and it is great. It brings back a lot of feelings and memories that are so on target it is amazing.

Cam and Ange | 9:29 AM

This is my first time visiting your blog and I LOVE IT! You are very real and that ROCKS. Momversation is fab. I just watched the one on swearing. Effin' hillarious. Your daughter is precious. I just had my first and she will be 4 months on the 9th. Her name is Liberty. Anyways, I look forward to following your blog.
Take Care

Andrea | 5:43 PM

She is so beautiful! I've got two boys...and to be honest was more than a little terrified that I might have a girl, but your sweet little one makes me think that I could deal.

Anonymous | 7:46 PM

Fable is so precious! Bless her. I love the way you write about her. It's so sweet. ^o^

jhnyoliv | 9:02 PM

Fable is just too dang cute, Rebecca! My girlfriend wants one just like her now!

Anonymous | 11:41 PM

omG! I cannot handle how cute your child is. This first time commenter could not resist!D

Le laquet | 5:02 AM

I love the outfit - she's gorgeous!

Anonymous | 8:04 AM

She sure does radiate! And she's totally styling in her outfit. Both of your little ones are beautiful!

Anonymous | 6:33 PM

She is so beautiful!

Nell | 7:30 PM

I'm really far behind I guess...a little --- okay way late in wishing you congrats on the new baby.

I'm quite taken with that little face and those big beautiful eyes.

She is lovely and the name is totally rad!

I do think my baby Dash would be so in love with her. I think he's going to dig older women ;)

:--) Nell

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 7:09 AM

Oh my God - that hat! It's so freakin cute!

Where did you get that outfit? It's adorable.